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Talking Town Podcast
at 14:03 9 Mar 2021

I've posted about this podcast before on here and have given it the time of day over the previous month and found it's grown on me. Some good content and a worthwhile listen alongside Blue Monday and KOA which have been favourites of mine for some time...

However, this week we seem to be back to old habits of having a pop at the EADT and KOA podcast unnecessarily to try to enhance their own status which doesn't sit comfortably at all. Straight after this conversation they begin trying to formulate a legitimate argument for scrapping the offside rule in football completely!

Stick to what you're doing and improve your own listener stats before slating other, more established podcasts.
Lee O'Neill
at 21:55 11 Feb 2021

What is the issue with Lee O'Neill? Genuine question as I've never understood the constant negativity and criticism that comes his way?

All I ever seem to read is 'Evans puppet' (let's face it, ME is his boss and clearly he will therefore take instructions from above) and 'P.E teacher'. I personally think he comes across as a thoroughly decent guy, always speaks well and honestly in the media, clearly very knowledgeable on the football side of things too and he has something a lot of our past CEO's or whatever title you want to give them didn't have - a genuine love for the club.

I genuinely find it intriguing how certain people at the club are portrayed from the outside in various ways. For example O'Neill gets dogs abuse purely because he works closely with Marcus Evans yet Bryan Klug is seen in a completely different light when in reality we as outsiders know very little (I appreciate their roles within the club are very different but it's purely an example of how we see people from the outside).
Sky Sports Packages
at 18:49 7 Feb 2021

Thought I'd try to use this forum as a force for good. I'm currently looking to change to Sky and of course would need Sky Sports channels included. If anyone would be willing to let me know what you pay per month with Sky it would be greatly appreciated. Thought others may also benefit from this too. Cheers
Talking Town Podcast
at 17:56 11 Jan 2021

Just had a listen to this weeks Talking Town podcast after seeing all the Twitter controversy yesterday.

What a load of nonsense! I agree with some of their points but calling out EADT specifically for 'not asking the hard questions' is laughable. Clearly EADT have to tread a fine line between voicing fans opinions but also keeping connections with the club. Stu and Andy will have sources within the club, they get press passes to the all games and press conferences all of which they could easily lose.

Clearly both Stu and Andy have both said when the time is right, the paper will act and call for Lambert's head. Clearly now is not the right time. We're not even half way into the season with numerous key players on the brink of coming back to fitness. I'm not saying I think we'll be promoted this season but imagine a scenario whereby the EADT run a campaign for Lambert to be sacked, all the players come back to fitness and we pick up and get promoted as there's plenty of time for ups and downs this season still. As they say, it's all about timing and the time is not now.

Also, I'd like to hear some examples of these 'hard questions' which should be asked as from what I saw on Twitter, Stu asked 'Cruncher' and he couldn't answer?
Full Capacity PR
at 14:56 1 Jan 2021

Looking ahead in 2021 what are our best guesses as to when we'll have full crowds back inside PR? March/April, start of next season, 2022? Let's all get excited for a while...
Writing the season off already
at 17:17 12 Dec 2020

Season after season we find ourselves writing a season off thinking 'it could be better next year' before the first half is even over. This season is no different and it's bloody depressing...
Oli Hawkins
at 11:06 6 Dec 2020

Seen a lot of negativity aimed at him since he joined but if anyone is wanting to know why he was brought to the club, watch our second goal from yesterday...

Never going to be a prolific goalscorer, neither does he have to be. He was brought here as 3rd/4th choice and has started more games than anyone might have thought due to injuries. As a different option off the bench though he can be a real weapon.

We've not got another striker at the club who would have the strength to get in front of a defender and hold him off in the way he did yesterday for the second goal. The size of him in the last 10/20 minutes of games attracts defenders attention leaving other players free in the box. Exactly what happened for the second goal and don't forget the chest down. Lovely touch.
at 18:15 27 Oct 2020

Does anybody know if it's possible to watch a full game back after the event?

Can't watch live tonight but would like to watch later/tomorrow?
Caught in two minds
at 18:36 24 Oct 2020

Having taken an hour to digest the game and calm down I'm caught in two minds.

On one hand I thought the performance was much better than Donny and these two away games were always going to be tough (the build up to Donny was far from ideal and Lincoln are one of the most in form teams currently). I also thought the team selection today was as good a team as we could have picked based on players available...

On the other hand we cannot keep losing to direct rivals. Yes today was a very even game but we still find a way to lose it. It happened so often last year and we need to break the habit whether we play well or not. I see comments such as we need 9 points out of the next 4 (Gillingham, Crewe, Sunderland and Shrewsbury). In theory I agree, however if the loss is to Sunderland then we again drop points to a direct rival.

I think Lambert criticism today is a little harsh too. Such a level game, both sides had chances and good spells. One unnecessary foul and the game is gone. Not sure you can really blame PL for that as we'd all have taken 0-0 today I think (a point, clean sheet and a recovery from Tuesday)
McGuinness vs Woolfy
at 22:20 22 Oct 2020

No doubt the one of the CB's will change this weekend (probably Toto) so who replaces him? Interesting one this as you'd assume some pressure from Arsenal to play MM but Woolfy is one of our own
Don't Panic
at 14:11 21 Oct 2020

Seen a lot of negativity following last night and whilst I agree that it was a poor showing, let's not keep harking back to last season. It seems we have learnt from last year based on the new continued formation, players keeping places and patterns/style of play.

Everyone has off nights (Hull lost 4-1 to Fleetwood last week) and they've recovered easily enough. Let's not hit the panic button yet, big test at the weekend but one I'm confident we'll overcome
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