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Posh Chairman Issues Statement on Behalf of Six Clubs Including Town
Thursday, 14th May 2020 20:14

Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony has released a statement he has been asked to relay on behalf of six clubs - including Town - who want League One to be played to its conclusion ahead of a conference call tomorrow.

It’s understood that Leagues One and Two are almost certain to be brought to a premature end with most clubs favouring curtailing the campaign with many unable to afford to stage games behind closed doors or the cost of the large number of coronavirus tests which would be required.

MacAnthony has threatened legal action if the division is cut short and placings, relegation and promotion are decided by one of a number of proposed methods. Peterborough are sixth, three points from the automatic promotion places.

In a series of tweets, McAnthony wrote: “I have been asked to relay this message on behalf of Oxford United, Fleetwood Town, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Ipswich and Peterborough United to the EFL and the media ahead of the Sky Bet League One meeting tomorrow morning.

“We as a collective are united in our goal to finish this season. We have no desire for voiding the season, PPG [points per game] scenarios/letting a computer decide our footballing fate.

“For our fans/staff and for the integrity of our sport we are all looking forward to completing our pending fixtures/season under guidance from the EFL at a time it is deemed safe to do so. Thank you for your time.”

Town, 10th, seven points from the play-offs, have always maintained their preference for the campaign to be played to its conclusion and owner Marcus Evans has written a letter to the EFL reiterating that stance.

As previously reported, League One clubs are set to hold a conference call on Friday morning where the future of the 2019/20 campaign will be discussed, although with formal confirmation of its anticipated early end not expected until next week.

Meanwhile, the EFL and Premier League have been given the Government OK to resume the season in June.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden hosted a video conference with the chief executives of the Premier League, EFL and FA earlier today.

The football authorities were also told to agree a deal with the TV companies to facilitate the screening of free-to-air games.

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ITFCsince73 added 20:48 - May 14
And the other 17 clubs will have there joint statement.....and so it goes on.

grumpyoldman added 21:37 - May 14
Does that mean if none of the others want to stop, we could play the other five home and away to decide who is promoted? At least that way we would finish in the top six, win the playoffs and be promoted. Better still just cancel the season and start again when it is safe to do so, my preferred option

Northstandveteran added 22:00 - May 14
Like your old optimism grumpyoldman.

I wouldn't bet on us getting enough points from those fixtures.

Agree. Cancel it.

ronnyd added 22:15 - May 14
It seems that, as ever, it's vested interested over safety for life and limb.

ronnyd added 22:17 - May 14
That should read "interest" lol.

algarvefan added 22:23 - May 14
There is not a single solution that is fair apart from completing the games, every other scenario I have heard will end up with some clubs suing the league probably.
I say either play it out which is fair to everyone or cancel the season which is unfair to everyone, at the end of the day it all comes down to finance.

Either way Town will still be in Division 1 next season.

Mark added 22:24 - May 14
Finish it now on an average points basis. Why do we want to continue our misery? We are usually complaining about too many matches anyway.

Cloddyseedbed added 22:25 - May 14
I am a fan and you do not speak on my behalf. In the interest of human health do not play anymore games this season.

midastouch added 22:42 - May 14
The guy just to the right of DMac has clearly had enough of this season, just like the rest of us!

OwainG1992 added 00:52 - May 15
There we are.
Those 6 sides have a shoot out!
10 matches? Or 5 at neutral venues.
Whichever is easier.
Top 3 go up.
Happy days.

Bluearmy_81 added 05:32 - May 15
Sounds better algarve but if you're using 'division' we are division 3. Also rans in Division 3 of 4. Maybe we could have a 'staying in division 3 party?' Weird

Saxonblue74 added 06:57 - May 15
I am a 25% shareholder in a ltd company, my wife a director. The company is suffering as a result. I sub contract as a self employed worker to that company, my income has suffered considerably as a result. If any one of my customers say I cannot return as they are concerned about Corona virus what will I do? Sue them for loss of income? No, I respect their very real concerns for their wellbeing. If any football club tries to sue the football league, spending huge sums of money in the process, then I hope they're laughed out of court. The only people who stand to benefit from any form of legal action would be lawyers, as they do from virtually every scenario!

slade1 added 07:33 - May 15
These 'free to air' matches, does that mean free on normal tv such as BBC or ITV etc or does that mean free through Ifollow?

Dissboyitfc added 07:53 - May 15
You can guarantee that new rules will be written in to next season and beyond for this if it ever comes up again!

Life and sport will never Be the same again after this!

bobble added 07:54 - May 15
of course if the boris johnsonn led british government had heeded the advice of the WHO ,there would not have been a massive health crisis, 10s of thousands of deaths and the leagues could have finished properly

ArnieM added 08:09 - May 15
The EFL need to grow a pair .

Dissboyitfc added 08:11 - May 15
The decision to ignore the WHO has backfired enormously because it would have based around money, now look what it has cost so far in terms of lives and money!

DurhamTownFan added 08:26 - May 15
Sounds like a few of the bigger clubs trying to force everyone else into something they don’t want. I just can’t see it being played out, and I don’t know what Town hope to gain from being included in this group. We can’t get promoted by any sensible measure of how to work out the table, so why not just simmer down and show some solidarity with the clubs in our league who are really struggling..?

leftie1972 added 08:29 - May 15
Lives over livelihoods, 2 up and 2 down as it stands from this season and go again next year.

COYB11 added 08:30 - May 15
The trouble is, if League One decides to resume the season, then we'll spend the next 2 months deciding on the terms of the renewed season - and the whole neutral grounds, 5 substitutes, 30 minutes half nonsense starts all over again just like has been going on with the Premier League!

There'll be teams who can't see the bigger picture and dig their heels in for their own self interest - like that bunch up the road - and not only will 19/20 be delayed further, but GOD knows what happens with 20/21 then!?

The key is that none of this is fair. Sadly, someone is going to have to lose out somewhere and that may just be the teams who are relegated via PPG...

Radlett_blue added 09:01 - May 15
There will be quite a cost in playing games behind closed doors, at a time when clubs are already hugely impoverished. These game will have a small added risk plus be taking away scare resources e.g. ambulances. Just promote the top 3 based on points/game. Whatever you do, you're not going to please everyone.

rabbit added 09:02 - May 15
A "staying in division 3 party" Bluearmy_81 ? Always nice to be invited to a party eh Blue?
Although whatever is arranged we all know you won't turn up, don't we !!!!

dirtydingusmagee added 09:14 - May 15
Let Bluearmy sort it out ,He has the answers to everything, [he keeps them to himself though] first of all Evans would have to go though, thats for sure. LOL,

Michael101 added 09:20 - May 15
Wish I had paid more attention at school . The lawyer's must be rubbing there hands right now. While the team's keep fighting each other in court football will never restart.if we are not carefully and keep putting greed before lives it could be the end of the game .

alfromcol added 10:17 - May 15
Players could all wear full ICU PPE that would make for interesting television??

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