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Evans Joint-188th in Rich List
Sunday, 17th May 2020 10:17

Town owner Marcus Evans is ranked the joint-188th richest person in the UK with his wealth having dropped £50 million to £750 million, according to the 2020 Sunday Times Rich List which is released today.

Last year, £800 million put Evans joint-174th in the annual Rich List, which is based on "identifiable wealth"; land, property, significant shares in publicly quoted companies and other assets, but not bank accounts, to which the compilers don’t have access, or small shareholdings in private equity.

According to The Sunday Times: “Evans’s Ipswich Town dropped into the third tier of English football for the first time since 1957 at the end of the 2018/19 season.

“The London-born entrepreneur has a conferences business that operates in 59 locations worldwide and his agency, The Artists Partnership, acts for stars including James Norton and Naomie Harris.

“In 2018/19 the group’s profits rose slightly to £34m ($43m). Because of the impact of coronavirus and the relegation, we pin Evans, 56, this year.”

Town sources have previously dismissed Rich List estimates of Evans’s wealth as highly speculative.

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Bluearmy_81 added 10:45 - May 17
Sell up and move on, whatever the price needs to be. There will be a buyer at the right price. You are killing the club

Bluearmy_81 added 11:03 - May 17
No one made Me buy town. We were out of administration, finances were improving and there were other suitors. When he did buy he took on a duty of care to the club and the fans. He has failed miserably in this regard. As a fan of town all that should matter to fans is that we are a joke club now, also rans in division 3. Unless you're 80+ you've never seen us placed so low yet some of you defend the man?! Of course he saves tax by offsetting Town losses on group gains so with the prolific selling too, maybe he hasn't invested as much as you think?! I cannot work fans that still back Evans out, you baffle me. I know Everton fans who have hated Kenwright in the past, Newcastle fans hate Ashley, and they are Premier league!! Some of you need to try setting the bar a bit higher for your club, at present you'd win the limbo World championship.


dirtydingusmagee added 11:54 - May 17
voted up by mistake, I was laughing to much because i knew the first post would be BARMY slagging Evans, lol

Bluearmy_81 added 11:56 - May 17
Classic!! 😂 Thanks dirty, I knew you were on board really. 😂Done any limbo practice yet this morning?!!

dirtydingusmagee added 12:03 - May 17
Barmy , give us break, soooooooooooo boring, no answers ,no idea, just ''Evans out'', like a frickin Parrot . Do us a favour stick to Face Book , NOTICED not many [if any] new recruits to your army on there , you are not convincing anyone , with your constant whinging and whining. SAD little boy.

Bluearmy_81 added 12:09 - May 17
Sorry you are so apathetic and resigned dirty. Tragic to see in a fan really. Fanatic?! 😂Give me a break. Where has the fight, passion and pride gone from fans that invaded the pitch demanding change when we were bad but no where near this bad under Duncan? Hope you get you pride and passion back one day.

Bluearmy_81 added 12:11 - May 17
You may be bored of me but frankly I don't care, I'm going no where. I'm far more bored of Town being a joke club, irrelevant also rans in division 3. Have a great day

TheTrueBlue1878 added 12:28 - May 17
In other words, he’s fecking minted.

Dissboyitfc added 12:29 - May 17
Bluearmy.... you would be really dangerous for this club if you were involved in anyway at all. Your suggestion at selling to anyone at any price could and probably would be disastrous! Somebody buying us at a discount price is probably not the person with the money to take us forward! But don’t let that thought get in the way of your Evans out Campaign!! You need to come up with a proper plan!

Terry_Nutkins added 12:45 - May 17
TheTrueBlue no where near minted enough to throw money at a football club. This is total asset stuff remember. This is NOT cash he has to spend. Whatever your view on Marcus he is never going to be able to bank roll us to success.

Bert added 12:54 - May 17
No doubt Bluearmy 81 is no longer a season ticket holder or attender if he thinks the club is a joke. Perhaps he could confirm or deny so that his opinion can be considered in the right context.

rabbit added 12:57 - May 17
Ok Bluearmy_81 let's just examine the facts behind your second post on this article:
In 2005 ITFC lost

Bluearmy_81 added 13:02 - May 17
Diss, I have never said sell to anyone at any price, ever. That would be foolhardy. Thanks

Bluearmy_81 added 13:04 - May 17
Bert. I live in the North West so no am not a ST holder. I have however supported town at 46 away grounds up and down the country and abroad. Yes I still go to away games but seeing us play at the likes of Accrington and Fleetwood breaks my heart.

rabbit added 13:17 - May 17
Sorry for previous post, I will start again.
Ok Bluearmy_81 let's just examine the facts behind your second post on this article:
In 2005 ITFC lost £3.2mil 2006 £2.7mil and in 2007 would have lost a similar amount had it not received the sell on clause of £2.6mil for Darren Bent.
David Sheepshanks advised Norwich Union they would not be paid unless he could find a buyer for the club as the financial situation was untenable.
There was only one tangible buyer.
So please be quite precise here with your financial argument,

1 How were the finances of the business improving?
2 Who were the other suitors ?
3 How much do you calculate his tax saving to be?

You don't have the courage to turn up at an anti Evans demonstration despite you jibing at us ITFC supporters as being Suffolk throwbacks to feudal times and no better than serfs, you have called us pathetic and gutless to name just a few of your inexplicable dire tribes against genuine people so please have the courage to answer the three very relevant questions.

rabbit added 13:21 - May 17
Bluearmy_81 your excuse to not attending matches is where you live, pathetic there are plenty of genuine supporters who make trips as long if not longer.....

Bluearmy_81 added 13:33 - May 17
Dire tribes!! 😂😂Brilliant. You know I don't converse with you bugs for good reason say you were right (which you're not) what would your point be? That the sale to ME was a good move?! Things could be worse? Comedy gold, Monty python stuff

ITFCsince73 added 13:34 - May 17
Based on the wealth. Him using the furlough for his staff takes the p##s.

rabbit added 13:49 - May 17
What is funny about dire tribes? excuse my ignorance Bluearmy_81 but I am from Suffolk so please help me to understand.
Oh and by the way you just have conversed with me, but you simply don't have the bottle or the knowledge to answer my three basic questions.
Three basic questions Bluearmy_81 that's why you choose not to converse when you can't answer.
Oh and as far as my point goes lets get to that when you give me the answers
Prove me wrong I dare you, come on you fail to initiate any action which you said you were arranging you don't have the bottle to turn up when there is some activists.
Have some courage in your convictions man, you are 45 years old you need to start soon.

Bluearmy_81 added 13:58 - May 17
It's diatribe. A dire tribe is a bunch of ITFC fans who are Evans apologists 👍🏻😀

Dissboyitfc added 14:05 - May 17
on the contrary Bluearmy you imply that all the time, if there was the right buyer come along Evans would sell without a shadow of a doubt! And to oust him which is your idea would open the door to any old buyer!

Bert added 15:04 - May 17
Living in the north west should make Bluearmy understand that compared to other clubs in his area with much larger populations, we are fortunate that Ipswich supporters will have a club to go back to when football returns. Evans may not be putting massive sums of money in but he is paying the bills. Bluearmy is entitled to his opinions but he should respect those who remain loyal to our club if he wants to be taken seriously.

rabbit added 15:08 - May 17
Still no answers Bluearmy_81, who so ever bothers to read your utter drivel can quite clearly see you are an empty vessel who spouts information with no base in any fact.
Yet more insults from you to any ITFC supporter who does not share your misguided baseless thoughts.
You once claimed ( claim being the operative word ) to be a psychologist and as such you deal in facts, if this is the case I challenge you again to make good your claim and answer my questions 1,2 and 3.
Or are you really just a keyboard kid that is too insignificant to back up his own words.
You set the agenda Bluearmy_81 you are only being asked to substantiate your points, nothing more nothing less, question is are you capable or not?
We will see, but my guess is you will avoid it!

Carberry added 15:08 - May 17
Rabbit, have you noticed where we are since your saviour took over? In the 3rd tier of English football with debts of £100m and a budget that will not see us improve and make our way up the Leagues. Evans bought the club as a vanity project that's gone badly wrong, he can't get rid of it and is trying to spend as little as possible. What do you think is worth defending about the multimillionaire and what do you see in your crystal ball?

Bluearmy_81 added 15:21 - May 17
Nauseating Carberry isn't it/he?!

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