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MK Dons Confirm Keogh Signing
Friday, 7th Aug 2020 10:29

The MK Dons have confirmed the signing of Blues target Richard Keogh.

On Monday, TWTD revealed that Town had made a move for the former Derby County skipper while a number of other sides were also keen on the 33-year-old Republic of Ireland international, who was a free agent following his sacking by the Rams last October.

Last night it emerged that the League One Dons had won the race to sign the one-time Blues academy schoolboy and ballboy and, having undergone a medical yesterday, Keogh put pen to paper this morning.

I’m delighted to be here,” Keogh told iFollow MK Dons. “Once I spoke to [manager] Russ [Martin] and saw the vision and playing style he has – it just felt like the right fit for me.

“I can’t be more excited, it’s a fantastic set-up here and I really believe in what Russ is trying to build here - I think it’s going to be a perfect fit for me.

“When I saw he got the MK Dons job I was always keeping an eye out for how he was doing, to do what he did in the short space of time, to change the philosophy and the culture in that period was fantastic.

“We want to play an exciting brand of football and when you do that – people buy in and feel excited about it. I can’t wait to get on the shirt and I’m looking forward now, I’ve missed a lot of football and you’re getting someone who is going to be excited, hungry to play and push this team forward.”

Boss Martin added: “I’m really pleased, this is one we’ve worked really hard for. Once I knew he was available I was desperate to bring him in. I know how much he’ll bring on and off the pitch, I think he’s exactly what we need in terms of the dressing room, and I think he’ll bring as much off the pitch as he will on it.

“I’ve talked a lot about the culture we’re trying to build being just as important as anything and he’s going to add a huge amount to us. He was desperate to come here and sees the project we are trying to build – that’s so important that someone wants to be part of this football club.”

Former Norwich defender Martin says Keogh would have rebuffed clubs willing to pay him more money with the Blues almost certainly in a position to have offered better terms than MK.

“He probably turned down more lucrative offers to play here and, for me, it’s a massive signing and it’s a statement from him to say he wants to be part of it,” he continued.

“He’s been my number one target in that position for a long time – so I’m delighted to have it over the line.”

Keogh is currently still sidelined with the knee injury he sustained when a passenger ex-Town loanee Tom Lawrence’s car in the drink-drive crash which led to his sacking and two-year driving bans for both the Wales international and team-mate Mason Bennett. He expects to be back in action in October.

Photo: Action Images

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Wickets added 10:30 - Aug 7
Big Big gamble ?

BlueArrow added 10:44 - Aug 7
Oh dear what a pity never mind lovely boy 😅😅😂

bobbyramsey added 10:52 - Aug 7
He probably couldn't abide the thought of playing under Lambert for a club with no ambition.

NorthLondonBlue2 added 10:57 - Aug 7
This is a shame, but a bad knee injury and not fit until October?

I think we can do better.

Bluearmy_81 added 11:04 - Aug 7
Agree Bobby. No half decent player in their right mind would. We are an unambitious, unaspiring joke. 'Fans' are fine with that though.

Cheshire_Blue added 11:12 - Aug 7
Are these people who comment on here SUPPORTERS of ITFC ? I suggest they read the definition of the word in the dictionary.

ArnieM added 11:23 - Aug 7
Watch him play the whole season for them now !

Bluearmy_81 added 11:24 - Aug 7
Keep supporting the current status quo blindly and without criticism all the way into league 2 Cheshire. Great support...

ArnieM added 11:28 - Aug 7
Cheshire Blue : have a look back over Towns recent history ( or the last decade to 15 years ), see how far we’ve fallen from grace , how much the debt has risen , how little evidence of actual Club building there has been , and you tell me what there is to be positive about ? There’s only so much for hard fans can take , and in the grand scale of things I think Town fans have been remarkably patient , and season upon season without fail things have dropped yet another notch and got worse. Yet STILL this Club has sold close to 10k season tickets . That’s fans SUPPORTING their Club .

Have a nice day 👍

aas1010 added 11:29 - Aug 7
Too old , Wel get a better signing ... move on ... next !😉

rabbit added 11:41 - Aug 7
Bluearmy_81 just to make it clear is your opinion that ITFC should have done more to try and sign this player?

blues1 added 11:57 - Aug 7
Bluearmy81, Arnie m. Think ur both missing the point of Cheshire blues comment. Yes, we all know how far weve fallen, and none of us are happy about it. But if u were a fan, u wouldnt just constantly moan and whinge. Look up the meaning g of support. Dont think you'll find anywhere in the definition, constantly slagging off the club. And what makes it funnier, is a few days ago, when it was announced, we were interested in keogh, mostfans including you, said we shouldn't sign him. Now its posted that hes gone elsewhere, and you use this post to slag the club off. Pathetic. That's not support. A true supporter is proud to be a fan of his club, regardless of where they are. Doesnt mean ur accepting of the situation. But it's our club, and will always be the best club in the world. Even when things on the pitch are as dire as they are now. Really believe we have the only fans who simply desert the club, just bcse things are going badly. Why not do what I'm doing. Put the past behind you, theres nothing to can do about that, and put some positive energy into the future. I'm sure if things font go well this next season, we'll all be making our feelings known. But up till then, let's just get behind them.

Marinersnose added 12:05 - Aug 7
MK Dons will be a very competitive team this season. Keogh is an excellent player but it’s a massive gamble with his fitness

BlueArrow added 12:19 - Aug 7
Some people have no sense of humour eh aas1010

Bluearmy_81 added 12:21 - Aug 7
Who's talking about deserting the club? I'll never do that. It's the passive, apathetic acceptance from so many fans such as you that has hugely contributed to Evans feeling he has carte blanche to sell sell and sell some more, without reinvesting, trying to run the club as close to break even as possible. It's footballing suicide. Literally no where else would fans just sit passively by and watch a degeneration of such huge proportions, no where, it's actually sickening. Part of supporting your club is standing up for it when it's being harmed so. Town fans have verged on a dereliction of duty in this respect. I cannot convey just how frustrating supporters such as yourself, with your mindset, are to my mind...

ThaiBlue added 12:35 - Aug 7
Think we dodged a bullet with keogh.

blues1 added 13:06 - Aug 7
Bluearmy81. Total bull. I'm not accepting of it at all. But please tell me, what good is constantly slagging the club off on sites such as this doing? Those who apparently want to do something about it( marcus Evan's out group), do nothing but that for I stance. They arranged a protest before a game this season, and not 1 of them turned up. If fans want to do something about it then great. But do it, not just whinge on here and fb. To say Evan's hasnt invested in the club tho, is just the usual pathetic rubbish. Hes invested well in advance of £100m, and without him wed have gone under after this virus. Doesnt mean I dont want him to go. I do. But 7until some1 comes in with a suitable offer we're stuck with him. So my point is, why not just get behind the club for now. Rather than just slag them off. Trust me, if we mess it up next season, I'll be the 1st to complain

Bert added 13:18 - Aug 7
You can stand up for your club and show dissatisfaction at the way things are run but to do so with such immaturity and repetitiveness suggests a lack of nous in how to influence things. For what it’s worth, I’m very happy that this particular player has signed for another club.

Gilesy added 13:19 - Aug 7
Bluearmy81 - far far FAR more supporters find your vacuous populist words, unaccompanied by any rational alternative as frustrating as you find the club's "apathetic" supporters, as you call them.

Bluearmy_81 added 13:48 - Aug 7
Blues, sorry you don't seem to understand football or being a fan. We finished 11th in league 1 (division 3,) our lowest position in 60+years. There is no sign anything will be different this season. As a fan of ITFC that's all that should concern you. I don't care how much he's invested, (your figure is debatable) it's evidently not enough. No one made him buy the club. When he did he took on a duty of care to the club and fans and he has failed both miserably. Again, as a fan of ITFC that's all that should concern you.

Bergholt_Blue added 14:15 - Aug 7
Bullet dodged thankfully

peteswindon added 14:30 - Aug 7
So now we cant even beat MK dons to a has been injured. Not one sighing and tbh I am not expecting any diference. Can see us in league 2 this time next year.

aas1010 added 00:58 - Aug 8
Blue arrow nope no sense of humour at all lol 😷

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