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Cook: We Are Working Very Hard to Get Better and Going Forward We Will Get Better
Wednesday, 24th Mar 2021 10:57

Blues boss Paul Cook says the week of intensive training got off to a good start on Monday but admitted that Tuesday was more low key than he would have wanted.

The week is the first midweek since Cook took over that Town haven’t had a Tuesday game and he has been looking forward to getting the chance to instil his ideas at Playford Road over a number of days.

“We’ve tried to do three days, we wanted to cram [as much as we could] into a week, we were doing three double sessions, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,” he explained.

“We trained really well on Monday, we did train really well, but obviously then through the modern-day sports science, the reaction to the players, the players probably weren’t strong enough to train again the second day like they did the first day, and that was really, really disappointing.

“There’s nothing you can do about that, there’s nothing I can do, so we had to have a bit more of a down day yesterday. So as you can imagine, we’re going to go for it again today.”

What can be realistically be achieved in such a short period? “Win on Saturday, that’s realistic. That’s what I want to achieve, that’s what all Ipswich Town fans want to achieve.

“We’ve got a large hill to climb, of you like, and we can take our first steps on Saturday by winning the game at Wigan.”

Normally an intensive few days’ training with a new manager might include some element of team binding, however, given the current limitations imposed by the pandemic there will be none of that.

“Team bonding is right up my street guys, let me tell you. Right up my street!” Cook laughed. “For these lads and Ipswich, it’s been very much a tough period of time, hasn’t it? I know from the fans, I’ve watched from afar what’s gone on and the reality is that we’ve all got to let the past go. We must concentrate on having a bright future.

“As a manager I can’t come on here threatening players, threatening this, people want to see actions. Even from my interviews now, it’s important.

“Our fans can only know two things. We are working very, very hard to get better and going forward we will get better. That’s two things I do know.”

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trncbluearmy added 11:27 - Mar 24
Really interesting that the players could not handle two hard sessions,always thought we looked physically second best in this league from the moment we were relegated.
All sort of ties in with suspicions Town fans about the (lack of) fitness regime at the club


braveblue added 11:31 - Mar 24
Players should be ashamed of themselves.

Beattiesballbag added 12:51 - Mar 24
As you get older you have to pace yourself ......maybe all the players are copying Chambers ?

itsonlyme added 13:28 - Mar 24
You have to say how disappointing it is to know the squad are not that fit, although we all suspected it from watching them. I just hope PC puts in a rigorous training schedule from now on and gets everyone pulling in the same direction. The fans are right behind you Paul, we have great faith that soon we will be looking upwards instead of the pit of despair that we’ve been looking into for virtually the whole of MEs reign.

Suffolkboy added 13:46 - Mar 24
Unbridled enthusiasm , energy and commitment ! We shall get there !

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 15:18 - Mar 24
I don't believe in the "hair-dryer" treatment and evidently PC doesn't either. A firm, honest, but very motivational approach is much more likely to work. We are in very good hands.

cromwellblue added 15:20 - Mar 24
Link this to the article about being ready to offer contracts and I think we can assume not too many will be up for grabs at the moment

This is truly shocking admission from Paul Cook and disturbing but only adds to my belief we have a good man in charge now. We must be patient with him as turning this bunch into a good team is going to take a while.


Woodbridgian added 16:23 - Mar 24
Tells you why we can’t string 2 descent halves together in most games. Sounds like the level of overall fitness is below what Cook expected. Very disappointing but given results for last 18 months probably not surprising

Marinersnose added 16:49 - Mar 24
I’ve thought for two seasons that this squad lack the fitness to perform for 90 minutes and the person who sits in front of me told me that’s rubbish it’s confidence. Whilst I accept that the team lacks confidence they also lack pace and fitness which is why the team struggles with a high press. Time to be ruthless and get rid of those who can’t manage to run 7-8 k in a 90 minute game. We also need more quality which again is clearly missing. PC for me has already identified the main issues with this squad of players.

Linkboy13 added 19:33 - Mar 24
Cook will get a good idea of the players he wants to keep in these hard training sessions. Players who don't show the right attitude in training don't generally do it on the pitch . I expect one or two players will be conveniently be getting injured when it gets tough.

coolcat added 22:17 - Mar 24
This is what this current squad/club needs. This will sort out the men from the boys. He's already said in another interview, they've got to want to play for this club. I like seeing this approach been a long time coming and much needed.

ArnieM added 22:25 - Mar 24
Brave blue: it’s not the players fault . It’s the coach staffs fault . They’re the ones who dictate the training regimes . I’ve said for years something I’d wrong with it. The strengthening/ conditioning has to be wrong for do many players to constantly pick up injuries ( often in training ) sndctskd months to recover . It’d been like it for a long long while now .

Hopefully PC will get on top of this now .

Cloddyseedbed added 11:45 - Mar 25
Last game against Portsmouth it was so evident. for the 1st half we were full of energy, closing players down and playing and moving really well. Then we died. Like a battery that had run out of charge. For Cook to come out and be brave enough to tell us what many of us had thought since Lambert has been here is refreshing, but a damning report on the previous regime. What the hell did they do and expect to achieve with a huge average squad and lethargic approaches. Shake em up Paul Cook!

TimmyH added 11:48 - Mar 25
Best of luck Paul...I think we've been watching a team not just this season but maybe others where there hasn't been 100% effort and certainly not up to fitness levels required. I think a number or players have been fooling themselves.

Juggsy added 12:20 - Mar 25
I seem to remember Paul Hurst came in and immediately questioned the fitness and mentality of the team and lost the dressing room quickly because of it.

Hopefully Paul Cook is strong enough of character to see it through as the dead wood in this squad needs an axe taking to it.

Radlett_blue added 12:21 - Mar 25
More standard stuff from a new manager - "These players aren't fit enough".
Let's hope the more intensive training doesn't crock more of our players, although I have long felt that the whole fitness/sports science department needs a complete shake up.

slimjim added 12:21 - Mar 25
Strange admission in a way surprised he’s gone public on that effectively accusing professional players of being unfit ! I am sure Mick had them fit. Next 3 games defines our season have to return at least 7 points to make up for his first 5 games...

Edmundo added 12:53 - Mar 25
bviously then through the modern-day sports science, the reaction to the players, the players probably weren’t strong enough to train again the second day like they did the first day, and that was really, really disappointing.

“There’s nothing you can do about that, there’s nothing I can do..."
There is and has been a worrying lack of fitness, conditioning, hence all the groin/hamstring/back injuries. PC has it now. He's hardly what I'd call a "Wenger" style manager, but clearly we have sunk so low that he can see it.
It IS up to the fitness and conditioning guys, but equally it IS up to the individual players to be bothered to show up: train hard, but also recover properly: hydrate, eat the best nutrition, sleep/rest (no midnight XBOX sessions, you're not kids anymore), etc etc. In the current climate, all of that is up to the individual player. In other words they need to be PROFESSIONAL.

Billybobblue added 13:33 - Mar 25
Its not surprising but what an admission from the manager....
The players should be embarassed, professsional footballers and over halfway through the season they arent fit enough for double sessions.
Then again glad some contracts are up for these deadwood players, personally I think we shouldnt even think about promotion this season and instead just think of how we plan for next year. recruitment will be very busy!

RobITFC added 14:17 - Mar 25
Wow, Cook has found out already that the players do not have the right mental attitude and are not fit enough , I do not think many of them will last very long under Cook's regime. The all have been given a chance to shine and prove themselves to him but seem to be failing. they cannot be upset when they are out of work this summer.

RobITFC added 14:20 - Mar 25
I suppose having a fitness coach based in Scotland didn't help ?

bluelodgeblue added 14:27 - Mar 25
Robitfc I agree with everything you say but does Evans?

sixtyblue added 14:31 - Mar 25

vanmunt added 14:33 - Mar 25
Not pointing fingers but Norwood looks physically worse as each week passes. It would be interesting to see how much timber he has put on whilst being here.

multiplescoregasms added 15:23 - Mar 25
You have to laugh at the fact that they can't handle 2 days straight of hard training. Not sure if that is down tp the club or just the way modern day footballers are. I just asked my boss if I can have an easy day tomorrow as I worked hard today.....he said no.

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