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Norwood: It's Part and Parcel of Football That People Move On But It's Sad to See Them Leaving
Friday, 7th May 2021 14:00

Town fans may be preparing themselves for a summer of change at Portman Road, with manager Paul Cook preparing to release several senior out-of-contract players, but stand-in skipper James Norwood admits he will feel sad to see so many colleagues departing for pastures new.

Assistant manager Matt Gill and goalkeeping coach Jimmy Walker have already moved on and Sunday’s final game of the season against Fleetwood will soon be followed by a club announcement as to which players will be joining them.

Regardless of who joins the exodus, Norwood still believes there will be sufficient talent left behind and that they, together with the players expected to arrive at the club in the close season, can all have a major impact next term.

Supporters have been speculating for several weeks as to who might be deemed surplus to requirements, with many in favour of sweeping changes, but Norwood said: “It’s very easy for fans to say that about players when they have their own jobs and people are bringing in presents for them, saying it’s sad to see them leave. You see it on Instagram all the time.

“Imagine if the roles were reversed and we turned around and said ‘What are you on about? They’re terrible at their jobs’.

“We spend virtually every day together and we’re really good friends. It’s part and parcel of football that people move on and others come in, but of course it’s going to be sad to see them leaving and I’d hope to be able to stay in touch with them as much as I can.”

Norwood’s deal still has a further year to run, while the club also retain an option to retain his services for an additional 12 months after that, so he is one of several familiar faces who will be back towards the end of June when Town’s pre-season training will get under way.

He added: “I don’t just want to be here, I’m very excited about what can happen next season. I’ve had that feeling since the gaffer came in and made it clear he wanted to play attacking football. As a striker it excited me to hear what he had to say.

“It’s a striker’s dream to be getting crosses into the box and chances to score goals. I’m going to have to work hard over the summer to get my hamstring problem sorted and when I come back I’ll be fighting for my place again. That’s a big part of football and I’ll be looking to prove a point.

“Some people appear to think it’s going to be a whitewash of players – 11 out, 11 in – but I don’t think that is going to be the case if I’m honest.

“People are under contract and people are good enough to play here. I think we need to add in certain areas but that’s about it really.

“We’ve got a lot of good players that could flourish here after a good pre-season and a full pre-season under this manager.

“Obviously, it hurts this season that we’re not challenging for promotion and particularly for the senior players. But at this point in our careers we’ve been through stuff like this.

“If you’ve been in the game for some length of time it’s inevitable that you will suffer some sort of disappointment, sadness and situations you’re not comfortable in.

“For us it has been more frustrating than anything else but it’s not something that will mentally affect us in the long term. We’ll be ready to come in for pre-season ready to start again. I think it’s important to learn to let things go.

“Yes, once the season has finished, be disappointed for a week or two and then realise that there’s a whole new season on the way.

“As you get older you start to realise the seasons are starting to run out and you can’t sit and mourn over the season that’s just gone. You have to put it to bed and wait for the next opportunity.”

Norwood is also encouraged by the fact that young homegrown players like Andre Dozzell, Flynn Downes and Luke Woolfenden are set to stay at the club and be part of Cook’s bid to win promotion back to the Championship.

He continued: “What these guys have been through will be character building going forward. Last season was probably the first time the lads had experienced the amount of pressure that they did.

“In the Championship they were young and weren’t expected to be among the top players. But coming down to League One – and don’t forget there was Premier League interest in them – it brings a new kind of pressure. It’s very hard for a young player to come into that and have to deal with it.

“They are going into the prime years of their lives now and they will be better for the experiences of the last two seasons. If we go up with them in the team they will have promotion under their belt and will know how to achieve it.”

Photo: Matchday Images

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afcfee added 14:10 - May 7
I don't think I'll say the same when he's contract up in 12 months

SouperJim added 14:24 - May 7
afcfee, again in English please?

I think the fans who Norwood is critical of are probably the same ones who can't string a sentence together on here...

tractorboybig added 15:10 - May 7
well mate you are crap, lets hope you pea off to.

therein61 added 16:30 - May 7
All good friends eh, classic tongue in cheek diplomacy!!

Suffolkboy added 17:35 - May 7
More sensible comment and depth than we might have expected,but all credit to JN for his very human views !

BettyBlue added 18:05 - May 7
So no-one at ITFC has to pay the price for this shambolic destruction of our club this season.

Lambert walks with millions, Cook can't do no wrong and all the players are great lads and deserve more money and contracts.......

Only Evans has to take a hit. And he's a bigger man than Bertie "fist pump" Chambers.

BettyBlue added 18:07 - May 7
I wish Norwood could have done his talking on the pitch instead of on twitter in the ring and in court.

RobsonWark added 18:57 - May 7
“People are under contract and people are good enough to play here."

Yeah!! That's why we are mid-table in division 3 you muppet!!

Bert added 18:57 - May 7
All very sound. Easy for fans to sling abuse from behind a keyboard. Ipswich fans are better than that but there will always be cowards hiding behind their anonymity.

BlueBertie added 19:27 - May 7
'Yes, once the season has finished, be disappointed for a week or two and then realise that there’s a whole new season on the way.'

2 weeks christ, try 2 decades.

BettyBlue added 19:38 - May 7
" Easy for fans to sling abuse from behind a keyboard "

What else can we do??

Order a bus, put some bunting up and cheer the worst Ipswich team in the history of the club around the Town????????

jas0999 added 19:55 - May 7
Norwood is one of the better players - when he is fit. But he needs to understand that many have coasted for years and will rightly be leaving the club in the summer

dirtydingusmagee added 21:16 - May 7
was rather hoping he would be one of them departing to be honest.

afcfee added 21:40 - May 7
He will pull a hammy by October anyway

Bert added 22:03 - May 7
@Betty Blue most of your posts are comical and sarcastic which is fine but there are some who simply define themselves as abusive posters ie personal rather than objective. An argument is never won or an opinion valued when it is said with malice. Footballers are human just like us so Norwood is right to call people out for social media abuse of the personal and nasty kind. TWTD has lost many posters because of it.

RobsonWark added 22:18 - May 7
Yes Bert - footballers are far too fragile these days. When we were Kings of Europe the junior players used to clean the boots of the first team players - wouldn't get that now because of woke people like you saying it's degrading. Now players have to be clapped and praised even when they have a bad game because of idiots like you and that is why we are in Division 3!!

Bert added 23:40 - May 7
Thank you RobsonWark for proving my point that people like you just don’t get it so you call people wokes, happy clappers and idiots instead of putting forward a reasoned argument for not being civil. I’m talking about personal and vile abuse not clapping players off when they don’t deserve it. I’m sorry that you don’t understand the difference but hey ho.

RobsonWark added 00:01 - May 8
Bert added 23:40 - May 7
"I’m talking about personal and vile abuse"
Where has there been any vile abuse on here? You are a typical woke sh#te who can say what they like but don't like it when people disagree with you. You just want to cancel them. Guess what. We live in a democracy where free speech is allowed. Or do you want to be ruled by a state like China?

Kickingblock added 09:22 - May 8
I don't care what he pulls, as long as he scores more goals.

Bert added 11:37 - May 8
Most of the vile abuse is taken down fairly quickly so perhaps you have missed it RobsonWark. Yes to free speech, satire, humour and debate but you do yourself no favours with your language and insults.

EricsGate added 17:46 - May 8
Most of the people who post on here are 🛎ends and that I’m lures posters on this particular thread

Marinermagic added 18:28 - May 8
Well that's it for me. I have never read so much sh1t on a website for so called supporters. I just pray that when I am next in the ground none of you lot of self appointed experts are sat near me voicing your ridiculous opinions. I am all for differing opinions but to qualify for this a brain cell or two would no go amiss. These are potentially exciting times for Town with a whole host of positive changes coming and yet you numpties still moan. I'm outa here, be careful where you sit next season.

stiffy501 added 22:00 - May 8
Well who know's even the player's still under contract might be off if the right offer come's in and a better replacement lined up. I think the next few weeks are going to be very interesting.

blueboy1981 added 23:12 - May 8
There’s one thing that spoils this facility - and that is brain dead non constructive posters.
And there is far too many of them - it has definitely got worse - maybe more should be done in removing these kind of posters and posts, otherwise the end result is that is all that will be left.
Is this what the editors of TWTD really need, or want ??
A difference of opinion yes, but abuse, name calling, and lack of respect should never be tolerated.

BryanPlug added 07:10 - May 9
“I think we need to add in certain areas but that’s about it really.”

So do I. First off we need a striker who is professional, and looks after himself. Secondly we need a striker who doesn’t pull a hammy every other game. Thirdly we need a striker who can head the ball, who can score one on ones, and can take a confident penalty.

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