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Town Aim to Pack Out Portman Road Over Christmas
Friday, 12th Nov 2021 08:32

Town hope to pack out Portman Road over the Christmas period having announced a three-match ticket promotion for the festive season.

Adults can watch the home games against Sunderland, Wycombe and Lincoln for a total of £40 with tickets available from 10am today.

Under-12s can watch the three matches for £12, under-19s for £7.50, under-23s for £12.50 and seniors aged 65-plus for £20.

The Blues host the Black Cats on Saturday 18th December, the Chairboys on Wednesday 29th December and the Imps on New Year’s Day.

For those that unable to attend all three games, the individual matches prices are £15 for adults, £1.50 for under-12s, £3 for under-19s, £5 for under-23s and £7.50 for seniors aged 65-plus.

Sale windows:
Friday 12th November - 10am - Ultimate members
Saturday 13th November- 10am - Silver members
Monday 15th November - 10am - Gold members
Monday 15th November- 2pm - Season ticket holders
Tuesday 16th November - 10am - General sale

Tickets for the games can be bought online here.

Season ticket holders will be rewarded with a TeamCard bonus as part of the scheme which could earn them up to £37.50.

The scheme and works on the basis that the more tickets Town sell for the games, the more TeamCard points season ticket holders will receive. The incentive will run for each game individually. Full information can be found here.

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dingus added 08:37 - Nov 12
Think this bit might be wrong:
'Under-12s can watch the three matches for £12'
The club website says U12s for £3.

bugblatter added 08:49 - Nov 12
This is brilliant — it was always said that the club couldn’t do many deals on matches thoughout the season as it hacks off season ticket holders (which I never thought was the case). Offering compensation is, imo unnecessary, but a welcome solution to the perceieved issue. Looking forward to even bigger crowds.

ImAbeliever added 08:50 - Nov 12
Brilliant initiative. The times they are a changing.

Edmundo added 09:04 - Nov 12
Well thought out and a great incentive. Well done, Town! Customer service at the ticket office is significantly higher imo as well.

Bazza8564 added 09:17 - Nov 12
Yeah im totally with bugblatter, this is great and the fact we get a bit of a reward too makes this win:win in my humble opinion :)

Europablue added 09:21 - Nov 12
If I were a season ticket holder, I'd see more value in larger crowds, also getting more people in could bring in more fans in general in future, which would be very good for the club.

slade1 added 09:24 - Nov 12
Excuse me for my naivety here but just asking on behalf of my father who is a season ticket holder, he is 82 and doesn't quite understand the teamcard thing.
Would I me right in saying that
1/ any teamcard points awarded will be automatically put onto his season ticket?
2/ you can spend these points in the club shop?
3/ can you spend them anywhere else?
Thank you!!

Umros added 09:25 - Nov 12
If they could see there way to removing the ridiculous £1.50 per ticket fee they might help themselves still further, with a family of 4 who wants to pay £6 booking fees? A London show or concert as an irregular occurrence yes, weekly football ? Na. Even if it s £1.50 per booking it would be more palatable.

dyersdream added 09:41 - Nov 12
Cmon 30000 😬

Europablue added 09:45 - Nov 12
As I understand it, the new management is stuck with the old contract for the booking fees. To me, it seems ridiculous to have a ticket price plus a booking fee. If there is no way to buy the ticket without the booking fee, there should just be a flat price with the booking fee included.

Marcus added 09:57 - Nov 12
Packed out in December. Hope everyone is vaccinated.

not_a_witty_name added 10:35 - Nov 12
slade1, I'm not a season ticket holder but a Silver Member and I had to register with Team Card before I received any points. After that they go on automatically.

not_a_witty_name added 10:36 - Nov 12
This is fantastic, they have even thought about supporters who can't go to every match.

Razor added 10:49 - Nov 12
Crikey this is well thought out and good see but still a long way to go.

We need a ticket office you can actually RING UP to get tickets (not everyboder is puter literate and/or lives in town) and the highway robbery of £1.50 admin per ticket is just scandolous and even applys to coach tickets-------at leasr Dick Turpin wore a mask.



Razor added 10:50 - Nov 12
Crikey this is well thought out and good see but still a long way to go.

We need a ticket office you can actually RING UP to get tickets (not everyboder is puter literate and/or lives in town) and the highway robbery of £1.50 admin per ticket is just scandolous and even applys to coach tickets-------at leasr Dick Turpin wore a mask.



tempzzzz added 13:03 - Nov 12
Great to see! As a season ticket holder myself I couldn't care less if people get a deal as long as it packs out the ground and gets the atmosphere going, we are still much better off overall especially if you used last seasons refund to bring down the price of your season ticket. Great to see a little incentive there to get points though, might encourage more to get friends involved. I'm off to Sunderland next week and just purchased tickets for Charlton away as well :)

Agreed with @Umros about the booking fee thing though, needs removing, we're not Ticketmaster! Seems like a Marcus Evans idea that one lol

@Marcus let's keep this to football shall we? It's not a politics page for discussing other peoples vaccination status, something that is no one elses business!

Orraman added 13:27 - Nov 12
As a season ticket holder I am in full agreement with this scheme as the atmosphere, should we reach the 28000 mark or more will be electric. The guys and gals in the commercial department are really making great efforts this season to guide everyone back to the good times

ButchersBrokenNose added 19:55 - Nov 12
I agree with everyone else here: this is a great idea. More importantly to me, however, is that this shows that the back-of-house operation at PR is in a different place than it was last year. Mr. Ashton clearly has a vision for how he wants the club to operate as a business, and he is pushing that vision with his staff. For the first time in years, I'm very optimistic about the future.

braveblue added 08:38 - Nov 13
Proper management strikes again. Evans and his yes men could not come up with this. Be great to see some 25000 plus crowds. Brilliant idea.

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