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Edwards Hoping First Goal Will Lead to More
Thursday, 2nd Dec 2021 11:02

Winger Kyle Edwards admits the wait for his first Town goal is on his mind but believes netting one may lead to more.

Edwards joined the Blues in the summer after leaving West Brom and has now made 11 starts and seven sub appearances but so far without opening his account.

The 23-year-old felt last night’s on-penalties Papa John’s Trophy defeat to Arsenal’s U21s was a tough result to take with the Blues having looked all but home and hosed at 2-0.

“It’s disappointing” he said. “Every game we play we want to win. It’s a good competition and a chance to go to Wembley, so we’re disappointed.

“In the first half we had control, but I think in the second half maybe we dropped off maybe a little too much, they’re good players, maybe we didn’t get as tight to them as we should and in the end they’ve got chances and they’ve put them away.”

Edwards, who played in the final of the competition during a loan spell with Exeter, says exiting the competition is a frustration as it gives players who aren’t in the League One side a chance to play.

“Sometimes the players that aren’t playing in the league, you need games so games like this are important,” he said. “And obviously the chance to go to Wembley is always a good opportunity as well.

“We’re disappointed. The chance to go to Wembley is always a big opportunity so everyone’s a bit disappointed about that.”

He says the U21s teams in the competition present a different challenge to the league teams, the likes of Colchester, who Town faced in their final group match.

“They’re very different, more technical players and they just want to pass the ball, whereas when you play teams like Colchester they’re not like that,” he reflected. “A different game and it’s hard to adapt.”

Regarding his own form, he added: “I’m doing alright, I’m doing OK but for me personally it’s just about trying to get that goal now, get that over the line and try and help the team a bit more.

“It’s on my mind, but you try to put it to the back and hopefully it just comes naturally, you can’t think about these things too much. In time they’ll come.”

“If you overthink it sometimes you rush things, sometimes you do things you wouldn’t easily do. You’ve got to stay calm in these situations and hopefully it will come. Trust in the process and trust in your ability as well.”

He says he knows he can provide goals: “Definitely. From my younger days I was always scoring goals so I know I’ve got the ability to do it. Hopefully it will just come soon.”

Edwards came close to that first goal in the second half against Crewe on Sunday when he brought the ball from deep before missing the target with his shot.

“It was an alright run, to be fair, it would have been an alright goal, but I guess I’ll just have to try it again next week and put it in the net this time,” he continued.

“To be fair, I’m getting into positions now, I’m getting chances and opportunities, it’s just for me now to just put it away.

“Everyone’s saying that as soon as one comes they’ll all come, so hopefully that’s how it will be.”

At present Edwards is far from the only player looking for a goal with his friend and fellow former Baggie Rekeem Harper also looking for his first for the Blues, although the midfielder wasn’t far away with a strike which was well-saved against the young Gunners.

“Me and Rekeem are close, these are the things we talk about. We’re both waiting on it now and hopefully it will come,” he said.

Looking ahead to Saturday’s FA Cup second round tie at home to League Two Barrow, Edwards said: “It’s very important, the FA Cup, it’s a big competition and the players that haven’t played as much in the league might get a chance to play in the FA Cup. For us it’s always important to stay sharp and stay fit. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity.

“We’ve got a big squad full of good players, so no matter who plays at what time, we can rely on everyone.

“We’ve got good players all over the pitch, including in my position. We just push each other. If someone’s playing well, you congratulate them and it pushes you to play better as well.”

Photo: TWTD

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johnwarksshorts added 11:26 - Dec 2
Keep working hard and I'm sure it will pay off with a few goals. You're getting closer to a goal I'm sure of it. Good luck.

Cloddyseedbed added 12:53 - Dec 2
FFS it's not all about him scoring a goal!! It's whether he can attack and give us some pace in a largely pedestrian team. When Edwards arrived he had a hell of a talent and terrorised defences with his direct running and he used to create chances for others. Now he just runs into traffic and gives the ball away a lot of the time, as does Celina. Celina is a luxury in our team, who produces a glimpse of magic but most of the time not worth a place. Last night a classic example. They all go on about how hard they work, everytime I watch them they are slow pedestrian and only produce a part performance for 45 mins. Wake up you lot, time for talking is over. If you call the last few games working hard you are in fairy land. After the last few games and last night I am beginning to despair at performances and attitudes from players management and goes without saying coaches.

midastouch added 12:53 - Dec 2
He's got bags of potential but sometimes his decision making and end product is frustrating. Gwion Edwards looked world class when we first signed him and he soon went off the boil, hopefully Kyle will turn out the other way around! Keep working hard Kyle and the rewards should come.

herfie added 13:21 - Dec 2
Appreciate player interviews are part of the PR game; however, their comments, assessments and declarations of intent fail miserably to match their words when it comes down to individual and collective performances. It runs like a major fault line throughout the club and is something that needs sorting - pronto. Perhaps the coaching/management approach needs to get a tad nastier!

Cookycrew added 13:41 - Dec 2
Cloddyseedbed I agree with you. We cannot continue to accommodate luxury players such as Celina & Fraser who go missing for large parts of the game and seem unable to tackle, track back with speed & help our defence. We are currently unbalanced with PC trying to fit in 3 number 10s in the first 11 (Chaplin, Cellina & Fraser).

BlueySwede added 13:49 - Dec 2
Cookycrew Did you actually watch the game vs Crewe? Celina was all over the pitch and helped out in defence as well.
Edwards has so much talent and tricks up his sleeve, but he simply needs to be more effective.

Bazza8564 added 15:24 - Dec 2
Reading above just goes to show how all differently everyone sees things. I agree about the surplus of number 10s, (some people wouldn't play any and want Pigott and Bonne together which i find bizarre) and the other phrase i like is "no end product". Beating players is great and some of the passing sunday 2nd half was better, but Kyle (IMO) needs to learn when to let go of the ball at times.
As for the comment about players doing interviews, well i kind of struggle with that considering we are avidly reading and commenting right here...

SpiritOfJohn added 16:37 - Dec 2
Isn't Barry also a number 10? Cook and Ashton managed to get some of the 10s in fairly early but then couldn't resist 'upgrading' to get Celina. Now we have an embarrassment of riches and Cook is trying to find a way to play them all (except Barry), while refusing to try Pigott and Bonne together. We are too lightweight with Celina, Chaplin and Fraser in the starting 11. They are all good players but we need to pick the best team, which isn't necessarily the best 11 players.
Edwards has lots of ability but he should be putting the team first - he should be more concerned about his number of assists (zero) than his lack of goals.

BlueRuin69 added 17:00 - Dec 2
Not convinced by for Arsenal u21s and Colchester present different problems and hard to adapt comment, garbage. Both those teams are poor. When does an under21 actually win trophy, only 4 out of 20 made through 1st round in spite of most league one teams playing 2nd string. More pathetic excuses....simple truth is we are a poor team not because of skill but we are fragile under pressure.

ringwoodblue added 17:37 - Dec 2
I’m not holding my breath Kyle. Like many of our old and new squad, you promise much but deliver very little.

Happy for you to prove me wrong though!

Linkboy13 added 18:28 - Dec 2
I think if he had an end product he would still be at WBA. The number of times he comes inside and over hits his cross. I might be wrong but so far no goals and no assists reminds me of another player who played for us.

Saxonblue74 added 20:59 - Dec 2
Edwards seems to be the kind whose performance level is commensurate with his confidence level. A goal or two and he'll fly. As for Celina, he'd be nailed on for a start every week for me. A real talent the likes of which we've not had at PR since......well, last time he was here!!

algarvefan added 22:23 - Dec 2
I have said this before, we are in Division 1 (Third Division old money!) and we don't need fancy players, we need players who work hard for the whole 90 minutes, concentrate for 90 minutes and don't keep giving away winning leads to other teams. Edwards has had plenty of opportunity to prove himself and failed. It's time to bring the grafters in and win ugly if we have to. Ipswich Town for too long now have been a soft touch, pretty football is for the higher leagues, for God sake lets get out of Division 1 first.

Saxonblue74 added 22:35 - Dec 2
So Algarve, are you suggesting another major overhaul to get out of league 1 then another to build a championship team after promotion? It's STILL to early to judge this squad, it takes time and less than half a season is nowhere near enough.

Linkboy13 added 22:53 - Dec 2
Spot on Algarvefan Celina, Aluko, Fraser, Chaplin, Edwards and Coulson what have they got in common correct they are all lightweight. We have to get the balance right Ipswich seem to have this tradition of buying good little players. Our player recruitment is still not very good. Rotherham although not blessed with great technical players were just too fit and strong for us and they had a great work ethic and the ability and discipline to play to a plan which we are sadly lacking.

harlingblue added 04:57 - Dec 3
Edwards has so much skill and pace, but having created the chance or killer pass, musst just slow down a milli second to make all hiis work create a goal or scoring chance for teammates. I have worked as a coach at a local level and seen this work.

Saxonblue74 added 06:42 - Dec 3
Linkboy, what do Nsiala, Burgess, Harper, Edmondson, Walton, KVY and Donacien all have in common then? Too lightweight?

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