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Blue Action to Trial Cobbold Stand Move
Tuesday, 17th Jan 2023 13:48

Town independent supporters group Blue Action will be trialing sitting in Cobbold Stand A Block at the FA Cup fourth round tie against Burnley on Saturday 28th January.

The group, which was formed in 2018, has traditionally sat in Section 6 of the Sir Bobby Robson Stand, although recently moved into Section 5 for the Rotherham cup tie.

However, a subsequent survey suggested the move wasn't popular with all fans, hence the switch to try the section of the Cobbold Stand occupied by the Fortuna Dusseldorf fans during the Plymouth match.

Photo: Matchday Images

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DavidDymondSuperfan added 13:54 - Jan 17
Why did they not announce this before existing Block A ticket holders had already had the chance to buy their tickets in the same place?

DavidDymondSuperfan added 13:55 - Jan 17
Are they front or back of the block?

tivo added 13:57 - Jan 17
DDS just call the ticket office and move. Why are people so inept at taking care of themselves ffs lmao. It's a one game trial for now... it's on here, EADT, Twitter. Do you need me to cut your food up for you as well?

ThatMuhrenCross added 14:25 - Jan 17
What's the point? Not everyone wants to go to football to sing. If that's what you want, go to a concert. Some people are happy just going to watch their football and they shouldn't be chastised for doing that.

chepstowblue added 14:41 - Jan 17
After a bout of pneumonia I haven't sung for years. My breath is far too valuable to waste on singing moronic football songs. As for waving flags....this seems to be the fad for those who've spent too much time watching silly little ultra videos on YouTube, and for those who need to belong in a group with those of a similar ilk. In my 48yrs of supporting the club its become evident that the noisiest people are actually those that care the least, but have an overwhelming desire to be seen. Each to their own, but if you wave a flag in front of me and obscure my view, it'll end up lodged in your rectum !!

Bert added 14:53 - Jan 17
Based on what I have seen at other grounds I'm not convinced this will help cohesion of “singing”but no harm in giving it a go. I remember the time when home and away supporters were in separate sides of the former North Stand but alas the inevitable separation occurred making half time very dull !

terryf added 15:07 - Jan 17
I remember that too Bert and in those days it created a great atmosphere. Unfortunately those days are long gone for many reasons.

Stewart27 added 15:39 - Jan 17
That Murhen Cross

A lot of people do like to go to football to sing and join in with the atmosphere. This isn't radical and has been happening since the start of time.

So the point is that Blue Action are respectfully considering other fans here whilst trying to create a positive atmosphere and be the 12th man for the team. And it's just a trial for the cup game.

As for people like you - you can just continue to be seated in the 90% of the ground that does not sing. Which is absolutely fine by the way.

billythefish added 15:39 - Jan 17
Any effort to create a bigger and better atmosphere is a positive and good to hear you are respecting some ticket holders in the lower North Stand. However, on your move to the Portman Rd stand, you have to respect others around you, in that not everyone will want there view of the pitch obscured by someone's banner.

Scuzzer added 15:44 - Jan 17
I think you'll find all that happens is the volume will be dissipated. Ca t see this working...the away fans will just think we are even more of a library.

ArnieM added 16:31 - Jan 17
Bloody hell, there's some wet wipes on here isnt there! Just go with the flow and see how it goes. But give things a chance. If you don't want to sing, Don't bloody sing, but don't stop others doing it. BA are doing a good job in my view of trying to establish a better atmosphere let's see where this goes shall we.

Bazza8564 added 16:50 - Jan 17
omg why is everybody so negative and miserable on here?
I'm 58, spent many years in the North and love my away days with the boys, it's amazing fun.
These days i like a high half way line seat so it's magnus for me but we join in too at times
People need to understand noisy support is just what the team crave, why do you think they head to the drum after every game. It's quite literally the heartbeat of support they adore.
If you want to sit on the quiet frankly head for the library, the club adores the noise either get with it or don't come
And i've been following 52 years, it can't be noisy enough for me!!

grubbyoik added 17:00 - Jan 17
Its a great place to watch from.. and you have the added entertainment of the north stand next to you.. Go for it boys.. its a shame your positive support is not shared by insessant moaning on this site..

essexccc added 17:04 - Jan 17
I think this idea is worth trying and can't see why it shouldn't be - if season ticket holders in Block A can be catered for. Lincoln's singing fans are similarly situated and make a decent noise.

As for the singers caring less, I'm 65 years old and have supported Ipswich since I was 7. I still love to sing and shout and also hope that this is doing my bit to create atmosphere. Any inference that I care less because I do so is frankly absurd.

happybeingblue added 17:25 - Jan 17
seeing some of the replies to this i know why i hardly use TWTD anymore

bringmeaKuqi added 17:40 - Jan 17
This trial makes a lot of sense. Section 6 will sell out with other fans very quickly. Block A will always be one of the least popular areas to sit. So moving BA to that area means there is more space for them and fills a good chunk of the ground. I agree the acoustics will be better too. No harm in trying it.

Cakeman added 17:46 - Jan 17
It's always going to be difficult to increase the volume/involvement of support given the layout of our stands.
Basically we lack rounded corners which help with noise generation. Celtic's curve is a good example.
I do appreciate the efforts of those that try though.

Taricco_Fan added 17:50 - Jan 17
Some depressing replies, here. The atmosphere inside Portman Road can be quite underwhelming, even with a capacity crowd. The club should do all it can to accommodate Blue Action and push them front-and-centre of the North Stand. It's a change that needs to happen for the good of the match day experience. I hope that, one day, safe standing can provide the solution to getting the people who want to create an atmosphere in the right place.

DavidDymondSuperfan added 18:51 - Jan 17
Tivo, not sure on the correlation between not wanting to sit behind a massive flag & not being able to chew my own dinner? Clearly not difficult to move seats but also hardly controversial to say that if the club had announced it before people were able to buy their own tickets to begin with, it would then save people the admin of having to change it after the fact. Just seems obvious, no?

buckleshamblue60 added 20:11 - Jan 17
A good idea worth a go IMO. If it cranks the noise up a bit, then that's a good thing. Also, as Taricco Fan says, Mark Ashton has mentioned the idea of the re-introduction of "safe standing" into the stadium somewhere. The obvious place would be the lower deck of the North, where presumably, this would increase the capacity and therefore the noise and colour - anybody know anything more about that?

Dab added 21:27 - Jan 17
Got to be honest and say that I'm such an old git that I remember the "good old days" of the away supporters being in the North Stand and both sets of supporters trying to out sing/antaganate each other. Those days are long gone! I was at the Portsmouth game at the start of the season I was in the SAR end and all you could hear was the Portsmouth fans... The sound from the North stand doesn't carry that far.
I am all for Blue Action trying to generate more sound, well done all of you, and it has taken soooo long for any of us to have this enthusiasm and long may it last. I will always be North Stand, thats where I grew up and thats where I will die, but if sitting in North and Blue Action are generating sound in Section A that noise is filtering elsewhere I will be truly grateful.
Things move, times change, embrace it or we my as well look back on the Mick Mac days as being heaven

Millsey added 22:38 - Jan 17
I'm 68 but still like to sing since the bad old days of the 70's when it was exciting!!! Ffs get a life and get singing💙💙

itfc_jew added 23:20 - Jan 17
I love how blue action took the hard work from a few of us in section 6 along with the original drummer and took it for their own clout. They moved into section 6 when it was already buzzing.
They haven't really improved any atmosphere, nor bring the sbrl together as one, just look at the end of game videos. E i e i e i e i e i o 😂.

HighwoodsBlue added 00:00 - Jan 18
In other (just as interesting) news my Uncle Frank will be moving from Churchman's lower to upper for the Cup game. It means he gets into Beattie's quicker after the game.

PMK added 07:36 - Jan 18
If the club wants to improve the atmosphere, then stick the away fans in that block next to the north stand. If they won't do that then the BA group should all move up to the churchman's or what ever it's called now.

They are to far apart from each other to really get any banter going, as they can rarely hear each other.

I've watched videos from the away end and from the north stand after being at games. You would think neither existed sometimes.

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