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Pack out PR may not be such a good day idea now.
at 22:31 1 Dec 2021

Lose to Sunderland and on top of the 18000 already fed up town fans we will have 8,000 roll ups expecting a win

All in front of the owners.

It could be the final nail for Cook
We have the players for 352
at 20:51 29 Nov 2021

Hear me out....

Provides 5 in midfield and natural width - 3 in centre mid, can have a deeper player when defending - We have the defenders to do it and would mean 2 up top which would see less turnovers from high balls we presently hit to Bonne on his own (not his game but he does well considering) and we get a proven striker on the pitch

My team would be:


JD Fridge Burgess (Across the 18 yard box)

Burns / Aluko Evans Mors Fraser Celina / Edwards (When one side goes, the other stays. More crosses for headers (Pigs) and feet (Bonne)

Pigs Bonne (

If all 4 wide players were fit, I would ask the starters to run at them as often as possible, work their socks off and replace when getting tired

Two up top

[Post edited 29 Nov 20:55]
He has lost the crowd.
at 18:30 28 Nov 2021

Rotherham was as flat as pancake as very few honestly thought we would get anything from the game ( would have been for the players to have least tried)

Today, v a team bottom of the league, the crowd never really got going and the atmosphere at PR is poor again.

Goals apart, that was a poor performance against a side we could / should have put to the sword

I can’t remember the last time a crowd booed a winning team off

Seems yet another false dawn for the long suffering town fans.
[Post edited 28 Nov 20:41]
“Pack out PR” to see us drop just above the relegation zone
at 23:17 23 Nov 2021

Got a bad feeling about a packed out PR if we play anything like that that tonight.

Getting dicked in front of 28,000 and all the owners could end up being the end of Cook !
Makes Tuesday even harder now
at 17:22 20 Nov 2021

We really needed to go into a really tough game Tuesday on the back of a decent result today.

A late winner in a game we should have got something from is going to a killer.

Yes they can bounce back from it but we have got to start taking those chances
I love my club again.
at 13:41 17 Nov 2021

Whilst we have not “won” anything yet, my feelings towards the clubs, players and fan base continues to improve.

The owners “get it” the plans we have for the ground are the polar opposite to ME in his day, mark Ashton has impressed me already, there is a passion for our club I’ve not seen or felt in years.

The support at home plus the incredible away support shows me that most fans can see where the club are trying to be. The recent initiative to pay for fans who may struggle financially (now matched by the staff and players) is another indication of just how different things are at the club

If we can get promoted, the momentum will be huge

I can’t wait for match days and I’m trying very hard to change my work to get to Charlton away, will get a ticket some how !

Anyone else or is it just me!
[Post edited 17 Nov 13:46]
What English league would San Marino be in?
at 20:28 15 Nov 2021

6-0 up before half time, wait til they get tired !
League one refs.
at 19:25 13 Nov 2021

The level of officiating in this league is a just awful

The inconsistency was just so bad, conned by time wasting and play acting it was embarrassing for him. I genuinely think they can’t cope with our big crowds

Yet another reason to get out of this league !
Toto in a nutshell today
at 19:21 13 Nov 2021

Big / strong and won most of his battles

Distribution woeful at times.
Wins v top 10 teams stat
at 19:16 31 Oct 2021

Karl Fuller has tweeted that since we have been in L1 we have played 41 games v teams who finished or are in the top 10.

We have won 6. Yes. 6

32 points out of a possible 123

That is just awful.
Mental fragility
at 11:47 31 Oct 2021

There is clearly a weakness with regards to this team / squad.

Yet another lead squandered and inability to to do the basics and manage a game

Just can’t decide if it’s the manager, the coaching staff or the players at fault.

Possibly all 3
Wycombe parking
at 20:01 27 Oct 2021

It’s going to be tight for me getting to Wycombe Tuesday on time.

What is the parking like there ? (No Gatwick jokes please)
Taking close to 1500 away to Plymouth.
at 20:01 26 Oct 2021

That’s a fantastic effort.

The scum didn’t take that to Chelsea, although you can see why!
Graham Taylor - The impossible job
at 00:22 26 Oct 2021

I watched must of it from behind a cushion, god that was a tough thing to watch.

The room full of old farts at the FA, through to the strange choice of coaches he surrounded himself with. I had forgotten Phil Neal just repeating everything Taylor said. Lawrie Mcmenemy ?

Yes it’s a tough job but sadly one he was not equipped to handle and allowing the tv cameras in like that made it even worse
at 21:49 19 Oct 2021

Great result.

Let’s kick on Saturday!

Good for you PC.
Amanda Staveley nailed on to run on the pitch if Newcastle win
at 16:27 17 Oct 2021

Modern day football eh?
Pompey getting dicked 4-1 Good or bad thing for Tuesday ?
at 10:29 17 Oct 2021

Bounce back? (the crowd will certainly relish us being in town)

Or Low on confidence ?

I think its going to a very tough game, would take a point

The most damming statistic of all
at 08:43 17 Oct 2021

I’ve seen we have thrown 18 points away from winning positions so far this season

Is this down to tactics, lack of lack of fitness, poor mentality / players who just can’t see a game out?

Or a combination of the above ?
Bullied again
at 17:06 16 Oct 2021

Awful 2nd half. Can’t cope with any physical players.

The team is “too nice”
at 01:05 3 Oct 2021

When we are up against it, do you ever see us smash a few players, get stuck in and make a point? I don’t want us to be a dirty team but sometimes it’s needed.

We knew they were going to be physical so we have to match that and then the quality should come through

Cook talks about character etc well show some when the chips are down

The bare minimum our fantastic supporters deserve is 100% effort and desire on the pitch. Too
Often we just roll over. Feck sake grow some you lot!
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