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Brilliant tactical switch by MM.
at 14:50 7 May 2017

Not laid a glove in them after the 2nd goal so need a change. Fair enough. McGoaldraight is injured(again) so put the tall lump up top and hoof balls into the box for him not to win


Brett Pitman must one pished off player.

Losing as we did today was a surprise to no one.
Spurs fan on radio logic
at 11:12 7 May 2017

doesn't want their manager to win anything as other clubs such as Real, Barca, etc will come in for him

Wants to have "good seasons" but not win the league, fa cup, do well in champs league etc

How flawed is that logic ?
Final position?
at 16:32 1 May 2017

Will it be the warm, comforting old friend of 15th or lower?

Could be as low as 18th

So what exactly did we learn about today's game v Riotherham ?
at 20:45 22 Apr 2017

Who played well / average / badly?

Anyone played themselves into next season? (Assuming mm stays)

What would the reaction be if Douggie scored v Wigan? (At the right end)
at 01:20 4 Apr 2017

i realise his goal scoring record is almost non existent with us, but what if he scored?

Would the massive anti Douglas group be pleased? Would they clap and and cheer?

Because you know as sure as hell MM will mention it. Over and over again

If he was to get an og then I could imagine things being a tad toxic!
Points required for safety ?
at 16:42 12 Mar 2017

What do people think we need to get to be safe, points wise?
MM departure V season ticket sales
at 07:58 8 Mar 2017

The timing of when he goes (sure not if now) could be a factor for ME. The options being :

Sack him now

Get us safe and bomb him?

Announce he is going at the end of the season

He sees his contract out.

There are many who won't renew if he stays but surely if the club want to try and retain as many Sr holders as possible they need to make the decision soon

Or will fans ignore the early bird pricing and stump up if we get a new man in.
Has anyone ever seen that before?
at 22:47 7 Mar 2017

Play stopped because a defender does up the gk's laces

In a pro game
Some observations from today's game.
at 19:51 4 Mar 2017

We appear to have had a team of Ray Wilkins today' - sideways, sideways sideways.

Moore was beaten in the air by a 5ft ginger midget ( who was decent by the way)

The crowd ( never 15,800 ) was so quiet - got served at half time for a change !

The officials, all 3 of them were bloody awful. Petty ref, blind linesmen ( both ways I might add)

Lucky point. I thought the clearance by Kenlock was over the line

[Post edited 4 Mar 19:54]
Planet Blue Fail
at 13:42 2 Mar 2017

Just bought 3 tickets for the Brentford game.

No mention of the 50% off for Tuesdays game at all by the staff.

I knew about it and I'm actually going corporate but upselling is a big part of any business

They didn't even ask if I was interested

The first goal will be Hooge bah
at 19:50 25 Feb 2017

if we can score first tomorrow I think we can go in and win the game. I really do.

If we conceed, it's going to very tough.

Let's have a right go at them

Warburtion resigns from Rangers
at 21:08 10 Feb 2017

coming to itfc.

Def info

( ok perhaps not)
Looking at the fixtures coming up
at 21:41 29 Jan 2017

how many points do we need to be safe?

Feb looks a shocking month!
Jack Whitehall
at 13:13 28 Jan 2017

Apologies if already posted but did anyone hear him being less than complimentary about the ITFC players at his concert at the Ipswich Regent on Wednesday?

I saw them there but can't comment as if what he said was true
Which poster has the best name?
at 22:15 23 Jan 2017

You can't vote for your own
Got good players have Lincoln
at 17:15 7 Jan 2017

Come Mick, say it!
I have some question please.
at 18:29 2 Jan 2017

Didn't go today so can't comment on the performance etc. but....

Was Kenlock injured hence the sub? ( seems to me that Knudsen will play somehow)

Why can't Bru play 90 minutes again against a team who had 24 less rest than him?

What is the difference in playing Dozzell last 20 today than v Brizzle?

Is MM being grumpy again?
Douglas / Knudsen
at 11:34 2 Jan 2017

I hope MM doesn't consider putting either of these two back in the starting 11 today

God forgive if both!
I hope Mick just takes the win and moves onto qpr
at 21:41 30 Dec 2016

no fan baiting
[Post edited 30 Dec 2016 21:42]
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