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Mr Kettle
at 20:07 7 Mar 2020

Had a poor game today but who has the best "kettle" joke about his performance ?
Mr Kettle
at 20:06 7 Mar 2020

surely there is a name for a ref that can be a p!ss take?

Any ideas
I am dreading Saturday
at 22:10 5 Mar 2020

Any things less than a win will see yet another stab into the heart of the club we all love

I am past frustrated and angry

It is all so sad, so very sad
I just dont bounce back any more
at 21:52 22 Feb 2020

I cant take much more, false dawns, sound bites, excuses, bad luck, injuries, stupidity (KJ,wtf?)

we just don't have belief in what we are doing. There is something seriously wrong within the club, in the background.

I went today not expecting to win when even after previous seasons of being here before, I just didn't "feel it" even after last weeks result , (Burton were a poor team) I am just fed up with coming out of the ground and trying to work out why we are where we are.

PL or ME? The players? Tactics? Shape? Key injuries? I am sick of it

After 50 years of following town, I just don't bounce back any more and perhaps even more worryingly, I think worse is yet to come should we stay in this league

I get fed up when we lose and always have done but this is more than that

Sad times
Community Trust
at 20:55 15 Feb 2020

Doing fantastic work since being brought back into the club this season.

6,000 players engaged every week via coaching in schools, courses, skill centres and holiday courses. Expanding the scouting network to feed into the Academy, encouraging young fans into Portman Road with tickets through selected schools each week.

It will continue to grow and support the club, just makes it more incredible it was ever disbanded but now its back

"We go again"
at 21:36 8 Feb 2020

been said by anyone yet?
Put the plug sockets back in!
at 21:41 1 Feb 2020

Obviously upset the Posh players not being able to play FIFA
Well the fans are doing their bit
at 18:50 1 Feb 2020

Big numbers home and away, Junior Blues numbers up, Community Trust back working in schools to encourage the next generation, etc etc

Yet the team really is not cutting it is it? Not beaten a top 6 side yet and whilst I accept there are 15 games to go, it just dosnt feel right somehow. There is not the level of belief to match the spin coming from the club.

We clearly need a couple of people in to freshen things up, that takes money so sell Dozzell who is either on the bench or rarely in the 18 some days PL clearly dosnt have a place for him yet "bigger" clubs would like him We have missed a chance to get some money in to bolster the team and also make one of them a big'un !!
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Judge playing well as a number 10
at 20:22 11 Jan 2020

Good to see him play well and score today and recently he said he is in a better place off the field

He has the ability to be a class act for us and here is hoping this recent improvement continues for the rest of the season
[Post edited 11 Jan 20:37]
Post match bingo anyone ?
at 17:28 4 Jan 2020

"Big club" Is 10/1
Warnock incoming ?
at 18:44 26 Dec 2019

now that would be interesting!
Toto International call up
at 18:36 26 Dec 2019

Only a matter of time

How the hell he starts in front of Wilson is a mystery

Just an awful CB for a man supposed to decent at this level

PL took Donacian off when we went to a back three, when he has said in the past he sees Donacian as a CB not a FB.

Baffling at best
That back 3
at 22:41 21 Dec 2019

I’m ok with 352 (hence the name)

But the players used today just baffles me.

Woolfie a right footed LB

Toto CB ( just no)

Chambo RB where he is not comfortable

Where was Wilson ?

Why not Donacian RB?

Just looked so wrong and when toto is hooked (he was going to
be sent off so right decision but why start him? ) we put Skuse RB

I just don’t get it.
[Post edited 21 Dec 2019 22:42]
Wheel nuts coming loose?
at 22:45 10 Dec 2019

It is surely becoming a concern for the most die-hard fan how we are playing recently

7 changes again tonight

Suspect as many v Brizzle on Saturday

Just feels if it slipping away from us
what did I just watch?
at 23:25 26 Nov 2019

Bang average team top of the league

worst officials I have seen in years and that's saying something

patches of simply awful head tennis

no goal threat

This league is poor yet we don't seem to be as good as we think?
Enjoyed that today
at 20:20 26 Oct 2019

Roots Hall is a dump etc(The toilets / food bar were just awful) but the atmosphere created between the 2 sets of fans was funny at times, thought our support was very good throughout, very loud at times

Game wise, Southend are clearly a poor side lacking confidence and if we had followed the first goal up with a 2nd then earlier another pasting was on the cards for them. We do seem to play within ourselves rather then kill teams off at times, then the 2nd went in everyone gained a yard and we looked good.

Decent day out all round

[Post edited 26 Oct 2019 20:22]
Rock Band in the Fan Zone
at 20:06 13 Oct 2019

There was a band 3 or 4 matches ago in the fanzone, playing Rock covers.

I cant recall their name but they had a lady playing Bass (called "Spider" I think)

Can anyone help with what they are called please
When it all clicks ......
at 20:33 31 Aug 2019

Someone is going to get a right thumping off us

We are doing well results wise but not playing well as often as perhaps we should at times but the best is yet to come. We have both a good team and a squad that has competition in all positions My gut feeling is that Gabbett will replace Kenlock

There is a real positivity about the place, on and off the pitch and I am enjoying the ride !!
[Post edited 31 Aug 2019 20:38]
Bolton ticket help
at 17:56 23 Aug 2019

Managed to get 2 for tomorrow (thanks Paul)
But one is u18 and my mate is an adult.

So can anyone swap an adult for u18 (just to get in) or if anyone has an adult ticket spare happy to buy it off you

I tried contacting BWFC but their ticket office not answering phones as so busy selling tickets over the counter I did speak to the reception who said the club shop is open tomorrow but confirmed what I knew on that they are not selling any tickets to home or away tomorrow

If you can help please pm me.


2 Bolton tickets wanted. 2 seats in car spare
at 14:22 23 Aug 2019

Went straight to PR from Holiday but tickets all gone

We are driving from ipswich ( if we can get 2 tickets) so can offer lifts
There and back for free

Please pm me if you have any tickets.

One or two


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