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Record consecutive seasons points
at 06:56 1 May 2024

Morning all, and what a morning. I've been reading and watching everything I can on last night since the minute I woke up and it got me thinking.
A while back someone mentioned getting 90 points for consecutive seasons and what an achievement it is. Does anyone know what the record points total for consecutive seasons is? 90 has been achieved a few times in consecutive seasons in the prem (Chelsea and Man City have done it).
New book
at 20:11 20 Oct 2023

After a year or so of (very slow) edits, my third novel in the Paddy McAlpin series is now available. Many years ago, with the massive help of TWTD, my first book hit number one in whatever category it was in at the time. Whilst I'm not expecting anything like that this time, if one or two of you decide to give it a try, I'll be very pleased. There are a few characters named after town players, so added enjoyment for you there.
Thanks for your support.
MK Ticket available
at 13:48 22 Feb 2023

I managed to get two tickets to the match this weekend. Unfortunately, the friend of mine who was going to come with me can no longer make it, so I've got a spare adult ticket. If anyone is still after one, just let me know.
Equivalent fixture analysis
at 09:59 30 Dec 2022

Inspired by Nthsuffolkblue's Statistical Analysis thread, I've taken the time to compare our equivalent fixtures with Plymouth and Sheffield Wednesday. I entered all our fixtures onto a spreadsheet and then entered the results Plymouth and Wednesday got from the equivalent fixtures that they've played.
Our record compared to Plymouth is very similar. In the 10 equivalent fixtures, we have amassed 19 points and have a G.D. of +8. Plymouth have amassed 18 points and have a G.D. of +2.
Our record compared to Wednesday is a bit better. In our 11 equivalent fixtures we have amassed 26 points and have a G.D. of 12. Wednesday have amassed 19 points and have a G.D. of +6.
What does all this mean? Probably not a lot, but I thought it was worth considering how we do against the same teams when home/away as compared to our rivals. At the moment we are just edging it.
(I haven't checked the results more than once, so I may have made a mistake in the Plymouth/SW results, but ours are 100% correct.)
Australian fan here for Bristol game
at 15:37 21 Aug 2022

Hi all, sorry for the long post, bit I've got a bit of a back story to this post.
My wife's step dad is a Man United fan, but had a soft spot for Ipswich through me. We've been to a few have together and he always looks out for their results. He never knew his own dad and for literally 60 years his mum wouldn't tell him. He eventually managed to track his dad down to find out he had emigrated to Australia. After going out to meet him, he discovered that his dad is a Town fan and that he has a half brother who is also a Town fan. His half brother is now visiting and we're going to come to watch the Bristol Rovers match in a couple of weeks. I wondered if there would be any way to make it more special than just attending, seeing as he's come from the other side of the world to visit Portman road. He went up to Shrewsbury yesterday as well and had a great time.
I'd love to try to arrange something nice for my father in law and his brother if at all possible. Any advice gratefully received.
Help a fellow TWTDer
at 08:30 2 Aug 2022

Hi everyone, I'm hoping you might be able to help me out a little bit. My book cover is in a competition for cover of the month which is decided by public vote. Top 100 go through (out of 326). I'd really appreciate it if you could take 20 seconds to follow the link and click vote
I'm not too far from the top 20 at the moment and it would be fantastic to get into it.
Thanks in advance, and if I do progress, I'll let you know about the next round.
Looking for a Richard A
at 14:40 27 Jul 2022

A bit of a long shot perhaps, but I'm looking for a Richard A (or at least someone who reviewed my first book on Amazon under the name Richard A). I'm looking for reviewers for my second book and thought it made sense to ask the people who reviewed the first. If you are the mysterious Richard A and would like a free copy of my second book to review, please PM me your email address and I can send you a copy.
If you aren't Richard A but want a free book in exchange for a (hopefully good) review, you can also PM me.
The Flames That Lick At The Shadows
at 09:29 1 Jun 2022

Hi all of TWTD, I just wanted to let you know that my second novel is available now on Amazon (here -> )
The kindle version is only 99p for the launch week (until 08/06/22) so if you feel you can spare that to help boost my chart ranking and get it more visible I'd really appreciate it.
I feel bad about posting it on here, but have found more support and effective promotion from TWTD than from anywhere else (including specific book promotion sites...)
Thanks for your support.
(Phil/Gav, feel free to pull this if you feel it is inappropriate.)
Book reviewers wanted
at 18:49 13 May 2022

With the season over (for us), you might need something to occupy your time. Luckily for you, my second book is about to launch and I am after a few individuals to send a pre-release copy to (ebook only I'm afraid, but I can send it for pretty much any format) so they can upload a (positive...) review to Amazon on or soon after launch day, which is likely to be June 1st.
It will be about 400 pages as a paperback, so it's not short, but if you think you could help me out, please PM me and we can arrange "delivery".
TWTD was incredibly helpful with my last book, getting it to number 1 in's free books list for a brief time, so hopefully there are a few of you out there who might like to help.
Free Book
at 19:06 4 Apr 2021

Well, only if you have a kindle. My book, A Cloud Can Weigh A Million Pounds, is available on the Kindle store for free for the rest of today and all of tomorrow as well. If you like light-hearted crime and a protagonist who is a former Ballon d'Or winner... well you've probably already read it as it's quite a niche market.
There are a few Town references in there and as I've had some good reviews so far, I don't think it's total rubbish, although you can be the judge of that.
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