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Pop up Ads
at 16:04 22 Mar 2019

Hello! I’ve not posted on here for ages and now I’m having a moan! 😊

Is anyone e being bothered by a Pop up claiming to be from BT saying I’ve been randomly chosen to win something or other?

For what it’s worth
at 08:32 14 Mar 2018

I haven’t posted on here for ages. I didn’t renew my ST this season - I was one of those who was told I couldn’t have a concession ticket after having one for three years, but had to buy a full price ticket. That and having been bored rigid last season pushed me to turn my back on Portman Road after over 30 years - 15 of which I was a ST holder.

I have not misssed going to the ground, and as the season has dragged on I’ve not even turned the radio on to listen to the commentary.

The owner in my opinion needs to take a long hard look at what has happened to the club over the years he has been in control. Anger from fans is one thing, it means they care, but apathy is in my opinion far more concerning. Can I see myself buying a ST again? In all honesty , no. If fans get out of the habit of attending games I reckon it would take a minor miracle - or an attractive, successful team - to get them back.

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Even old Auntie has written a letter. Things must be bad...
at 14:24 23 Mar 2017

Having read a number of your excellent emails/letters I felt I had to rouse from my slumbers and stop being one of the silent ones. So this morning I've written to the Club in the vain hope that if enough placid, easygoing ITFC fans protest they may, just may, reconsider this ridiculous pricing policy and the heavy handed way they've treated loyal fans.

FAO Mr Ian Milne and Mr Marcus Evans

Dear Sirs
I am taking the unusual step of writing to you to make a heartfelt plea that you reconsider the decision to immediately increase the price of my Season Ticket. I have had an over 60 ticket for the last two seasons, having had a full price ticket for the previous 13 seasons. Along with that full ticket I also paid for my daughter's ticket for those 13 seasons - child, student and adult.
When I was able to get a concession ticket aged sixty I was pleased that the club appeared to value older and loyal supporters. Over the last two seasons the entertainment provided on the pitch has been dire, and I have been considering whether to renew for next season. The only thing that was in the club's favour was the cost of the ticket and the sense that I was a valued supporter whose loyalty was not taken for granted.
And now you want me to pay full price- an increase of almost £200.00. I feel you are slapping me in the face, all you want is my money. Please reconsider your decision and strategy regarding us over 60s. If you don't then there will be no doubt in my mind - I shall not renew. The club then loses the whole cost of my ticket - full or concession price. The feeling of ill will among my friends who are in the same position is caused by the knowledge that the Club has lost any sense of 'family' and does not value us long term valued supporters. If you have to increase the age limit to 65 then please don't insult those of us who have already been paying the concession price by pulling the rug from under our feet and insisting on making us pay full price - even with the 'carrot ' of the club funding some of the increase. The monetary increase is unfair and the moral principle quite frankly stinks.
I look forward to hearing from you although I guess I will get the same 'copy and paste ' reply others have had. If the Club does not take seriously the thoughts of the silent majority it will find a sea of empty seats next season.

Yours sincerely
Disastrous PR exercise
at 08:51 17 Mar 2017

The club have managed to alienate the huge percentage of current ST holders
Well done

Entertainment value is nil.

I'm 61 and now I have to pay more to watch this

Forget it...

Will the club respond to this disquiet???
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