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Another thought on why Villa have . .
at 13:45 10 Jul 2024

triggered the match the fee clause.

I’ve read most threads but may have missed it if it’s been mentioned before. If so, apologies.

With our double deal it’s not been transparent what the fee split is. By triggering that clause, Villa have to know what the actual and real split is, to ensure they receive the correct 20% value.

I guess they could even query it if they feel the split has been made in an unfair way for them.

With this agent involved, maybe Villa have told him that they don’t really want him, just triggering the clause to ensure they get the real 20%.
While ultimately I liked the new kit . .
at 14:29 6 Jul 2024

I thought the launch video was absolutely dreadful.

I get that today’s style is fast, flashing images, but crikey, the point of the video was to show the kit properly. I think they totally failed to do that. I actually felt nauseous watching it.

While TownTV is a great concept, my opinion is they’ve got so much wrong. The interview with Ashton was obviously pre-recorded and painful to watch, the ex-players looking at old kit was frankly boring and then that awful video.

Having said that I’ve ordered both home and away shirts . . 😂
Ecuador were unlucky last night . .
at 15:26 5 Jul 2024

Took Argentina to pens, having missed a pen in normal time themselves.

Magic played the first 76 minutes then was subbed.

Messi missed the first pen in the shootout then Ecuador missed their first 2.
They’re quicker and sharper than us . .
at 17:20 30 Jun 2024

Embarrassing . . Can see Bellingham getting sent off now too
Being an old git and I’m sure you guys of
at 10:34 18 Jun 2024

Similar age will feel the same - Ipswich v Liverpool still has a real ring to it.

So many great games against them at Portman Road, like the 1-1 Emlyn Hughes screamer, Alan Brazil scoring a winner, but best one for me was the Whymark header from David Johnson no. 1’s cross.

Boom . . ‘Av it . .
Wan-Bissaka, mom for me . .
at 17:50 25 May 2024

Absolutely superb defensively, showed the winger down the outside every time, great ball control and superb distribution.

Talk is Man U want to get rid. If so, we should get him.
It even has Royal approval . .
at 07:27 17 May 2024
With all this McK to Man U speculation it does put the club itself . .
at 07:05 16 May 2024

in a tricky situation on how to handle it.

Ashton and McK have obviously built up a tremendous working relationship over the last couple of seasons. I'd like to think enough of a relationship where they can be open with each other. McK wouldn't be human if his head isn't somewhat turned by all the media covering this speculation and I'd hope that McK and Ashton can have a frank discussion about it.

The main reason I hope this is the case is because if they haven't, what do Ashton and the owners do? No doubt quietly the powers that be will have discussed the "what if's", in fact, as a matter of course, as in every business, they should be doing regular risk assessments and top of that risk assessment for ITFC would be losing the manager that's got us 2 successive promotions.

But how far do they take it? Sure, put a list together, but can they take that any further? By that I mean having confidential, off-the-record conversations with people at the top of that list? That's a risk on it's own, as if anything crept out publicly it would damage the club and no doubt McK wouldn't think highly of it.

So I hope the McK and Ashton discussion has taken place, very recently. It could be they both know what the outcome of all this is going to be and are planning accordingly. Us, as fans, will obviously speculate, which again does no good and just stirs things up further (I do see the irony).

As other posters have said on other threads, the ideal would be for McK to come out (not in that sense) and clearly commit to ITFC. Yes, he's said he loves it here, is proud to be manager of this football club and that the club has some exciting times ahead. That's really nice to hear, but it's not committing to stay and see it through.

If he doesn't do that, the speculation is obviously fuelled.

A really tricky situation and I don't envy Ashton and the owners having to deal with it. Catch 22 in many ways and if it wasn't Man Utd perhaps easier to handle.

As an aside, the RedCafe Man U fans site is actually very good. A sensible thread on "Tuchel or McKenna", which is a really sensible discussion amongst their fans with some good points made. One that struck me and could be a factor in Keiran's decision (if it does go that far) is the likelihood that the Man U "manager" or "head coach" or whatever he's called is unlikely to have much say in recruitment. I would think McK would not be happy with that at all. At ITFC he has far more "say" in what goes on, in all aspects, than he would at Utd, which could therefore impact his overall performance and ability to do the job the way he'd like.
Quite rightly there’s euphoria everywhere around ITFC, but there’s 1 ex play
at 15:53 13 May 2024

that I wish was part of it . .

Kieron Dyer.

He’s Ipswich through and through, so it makes me hugely sad that he’s not been involved in our celebrations.

Ashton has done brilliantly involving ex players, quite rightly so. For the older fans, Butcher, Osman, Burley, etc. etc., put together with the guests on Life’s a pitch (Crawford, Reuser, Chambo, Warky, etc. etc. has brought every generation of Town fan together.

There’s obviously some kind of issue hanging over, such as Kieron being peed off about McGreal taking temporary charge at one point and his comments about young players not being able to break through. But Kieron bleeds blue and white, ITFC is in his genes.

While he’s had success at Chesterfield, I’d have loved to see him involved in our celebrations and I have no doubt he’d love to be giving it large locally.

Time to clear the air, put any issues in the bin permanently and have him celebrating our promotion with us.

Suggestion to Mark Murphy - get Kieron as a guest on Life’s a Pitch asap as a means to bury any ill feeling so we can have our Kieron back.
I’ve heard that we’re in for
at 18:24 9 May 2024

this brilliant right winger . .

I’ve not come across him before personally, but strong rumours persist that 28 year old Finidi George is on Town’s radar . .

It’ll be a tough negotiation as apparently he has a successful millinery business, but we’re told he would choose Town due to him being in his prime from a footballing persoective.
If we could replicate the Exeter result and . .
at 15:49 3 May 2024

It finished Leeds 0 Southampton 1

We’d even beat Leeds on goal difference too . . 😁
Anyone see The Football Show on Sky News?
at 11:29 1 May 2024

They did a “piece” on Town, showing the possible permutations for Saturday, then going over to these 2 oiks, no idea who they are, who gave their thoughts on how we’d do in the Prem.

It was laughable. They didn’t have a clue about us.

The funniest two were:-

Ipswich are really good at holding a lead;


They’ll probably buy a new centre forward.

You couldn’t make it up.
A big difference between Chelsea and Ipswich . .
at 18:51 16 Apr 2024

Conor Chaplin gave the ball to Al Hamadi for the penalty at Millwall when the game was already won.

Chelsea players openly scrapping with Cole Palmer, the designated penalty taker and the player who won the penalty, to take the ball off him, when the game was already won.

A knitted, cohesive and together team v a bunch of prima donna individuals.

Interesting possible scenario . .
at 11:49 16 Apr 2024

Pinched from the Southampton fans forum.

If the top 4 win all their remaining games, except Leicester who can’t if Southampton beat them, the table before the final day fixtures would be:-

Ipswich - 95
Leicester - 94
Leeds - 93
Southampton - 93

What a final day that would be, especially as it’s Leeds v Southampton.

Don’t think my heart could take it . .
For those who can't be there tonight, where will you be watching it from?
at 11:02 10 Apr 2024

I reside in Thailand now, so I'll be watching it via TownTV in my condo overlooking the Gulf of Thailand in Jomtien, just outside Pattaya.

It's a 1.45 am kick off here, so a nice dinner, few glasses of red then get to my condo that has a few Singhas already cold in the fridge.

Come on you blues. So wish I could be there, my positive spirit will be cheering the lads on.
Reminds me of Sheff W away last season when
at 15:50 17 Feb 2024

IFollow screwed up and the game wasn’t shown at all.

I’m just as angry with TownTV.

I’m in Thailand and have found another stream, with crap commentary. Should at least see the 2 goals I missed at half time.

Got TownTV on my laptop, still frozen ffs.
El Miz
at 21:20 6 Feb 2024

has put Leyton Orient ahead tonight. Good lad.

I wonder how his future is going to pan out.
Black shirts back in stock
at 10:22 16 Jan 2024

Got my email at 10.03 informing me of that, ordered by 10.06.

Have missed out every time these have been available so far, thank goodness I caught it this time.
Is it just me that can't get the live TV coverage from
at 14:21 12 Aug 2023

Ipswich TV?

Spent £170 for International, I'm in Thailand, logged in from Thailand, but not giving any option to see the TV build-up, so presumably therefore the game too.

It shows "match centre" but not option to view, just "minute by minute" and "build up", which goes to text pages . . .

Grrrrrrrrrr . . .
I wonder what Joe Pigott is thinking right now . .
at 10:51 10 Jan 2023

Glad there wasn't a recall or worse still a "send back" clause in our loan agreement with Pompey . . .
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