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20 league games left
at 20:48 1 Jan 2019

and we need around 30 points.
My head says it's do-able if we were able to recruit enough of the right players - but it needs a turnaround of such mega proportions
My heart, especially after today, asks why any decent players would want to come to us in this state. I'm expecting Elder to be OK (cos PL wants him), and hoping he'll be brilliant.

Just wondering - is it legal for PL to hypnotise the players he wants into signing contracts?
January window and those rules ...
at 22:18 29 Dec 2018

Everywhere I've looked on the web seems to say that these are the rules that apply to Championship and EFL Clubs. I'm happy to be proved wrong but please do some research before posting 'corrections' such as "we can sign as many loans as we like" - we can't !

- The window opens at 00:01am on Tuesday, January 1, 2019.
- The window closes on Thursday, January 31 2019 at 11pm in the UK (midnight in Europe), although some deals may complete after this deadline - as long as all the necessary paperwork is submitted before the deadline, transfers can be completed afterwards.
- The emergency loan window no longer exists.
- Free agents could join the club outside the window.
- There is dispensation should clubs suffer a goalkeeping crisis.
- Championship and EFL clubs are allowed to have eight players on loan, but can only pick a maximum of five loanees in their match day squad.
- They can only sign a maximum of four players from a specific club, of which only two can be over the age of 23.
- Recalls can only occur during the transfer window.
There’s also stuff about players signed on Jan 1st not being able to play for 3 days but that seems to be a Premiership agreement – so perhaps we can sign six players before breakfast on Jan 1st and see them line-up against Millwall !
Now TV - Sports day pass
at 19:39 28 Nov 2018

will that work to see tonight's game ?
Or just give the main channel and not the Red Button action?
Don't want to spend £7.99 and be disappointed ....
I have Sky but a subscription to Sports channels - what other options for tonight (wife out!)?
Retire Number Six
at 22:33 26 Oct 2018

On the thread today about Kevin Beattie's funera a TWTD user called Tufty had such a simple, yet brilliant, idea - retire the number six shirt!
No-one at the club today comes close to Kevin Beattie and that is, truly, no disrespect.
I've no idea, in this age of social media, polls, instagarm, etc., how to kick this off.
But it could be part of a new beginning - Lambert in as Beattie retires, it just seems ... right.
Mustn't let it go to our heads ...
at 19:21 1 Aug 2018

It's an exciting pre-season, a few in , a few out and news of a few more that may come or go. However, as optimistic as it may encourage us to be we have to remember a few things:
a) many of our recruits will lack Championship experience and take time to adjust
b) over the next season or two we want opportunities for Woolfenden, Downes, Dozzell and Nydam (maybe others) to grow into the excellent players we all think that they can be
c) other teams are strengthening too - few teams will lay down before our mighty Blues

In other words, even if we do get a few more in, even if we do keep Waggy, we must expect a season of ups and downs and keep supporting Hurst and the team through those moments. No jumping on a player's back when he makes a few mistakes - let's be the twelfth man and make our new players especially glad that they came to Portman Road.

I'm happy with a five year plan that begins like this season!
IFollow apology ... hmmm
at 18:43 30 Aug 2017

I've just received the apology email following the IFollow service outage on Saturday.
Addressed to "Dear Steve".
My name is not, and has never been, Steve.
It's good to know they can get the basics right!
Look on the bright side ...
at 08:52 30 Jul 2017

6-1 defeat lessens the chances of anyone nipping in to buy Bart, Webster, etc.
Even a hard fought 0-0 v Brum will be a positive.
We might get a loanee in to improve the squad until this time next year.
It can't get any worse ...
Season starts next week.
at 08:37 24 Jun 2017

Players report back for training.
Contracts typically expire on July 1st so there'll be a flood of players available (according to those who've been saying "the window doesn't open until...").
We'll go off to Ireland for pre-season with one new player (Garner, hopefully better than Samuel), one loan player (hopefully to have same impact as Lawrence) and a re-signed defender (Spence, as good as Spence).
Whilst not forgetting that pre-season doesn't count, Milne promised squad strengthening signings in mid-June. Hopefully just the date was wrong and our season really starts to take shape next week.
Phil - sort it out!
at 06:55 7 Jun 2017

Election, Trump, terror - all on the so called 'Football' thread.
I come here to get away from that - we need a bit of policing here, I reckon, never mind the streets of London (Ralph McTell, 1969).

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MIngs in trouble ...
at 18:46 19 May 2017
ME's five point plan - we're 20% of the way there already
at 20:14 8 Apr 2017

ME's five point plan is not really a plan - it's a set of actions for ITFC management to chase down. A plan would have an aim, an outcome e.g. gain promotion to Premier League within 3 seasons, finish in top 10 of Championship each season, maintain Championship status (just) ....
The only part of ME's five point plan that's on track is number four so we're 20% of the way there.
1 – ‘To provide a significant ongoing financial commitment to the club’s academy, enabling a steady flow of players into the first-team’
2 – ‘To provide a sustainable and competitive squad salary budget’
3 – ‘To make annual investment funds available to purchase players in the early stages of their career and to assist in their development’
4 – ‘Maintaining a stable management and coaching team’
5 – ‘To develop a team to play attractive and exciting football’
As in 'real' life ...
at 07:07 1 Feb 2017

As in 'real' life, having pots of money doesn't MAKE you happy but the opposite, where you're scrounging off people to survive, invariably causes misery ... that's us, that is.
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