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Oddly fascinating and expertly done digital artists impression...
at 04:13 13 Jun 2021

...of improved capacity/redeveloped football grounds in England and Scotland

Shame we don't feature on there though, but a good watch nevertheless
Whereabouts does ‘the north’ become ‘the north?’
at 21:54 21 Apr 2021

After reading the thread on Northern based ITFC fans..it got me thinking

It has to be anything in line with Chesterfield doesn’t it? Purely because Sheffield is just 12 miles north of Chesterfield and Sheffield is traditionally considered ‘up north’
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If I had a quid for every time an ITFC player came out over the years...
at 13:09 19 Apr 2021

... we are capable of doing ‘such and such’ when we clearly won’t do ‘such and such (and haven’t ever done ‘such such’).. I’d be a very ri- well you know the rest.

Today’s latest effort- Stephen Ward. I of course get that they have to be optimistic to the Ipswich fan public but after following Town over the last 15 years in particular you get to the point where your just like give it a rest lads. Let the football do the talking. And sadly it never does.
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Looking forward to more episodes of...
at 17:53 17 Apr 2021

‘Norwich not cutting it in the premier league’. Is this is the sixth or seven series since the turn of the century? I’ve actually lost track. All the episodes seem to merge into one anyway.. SPOILER ALERT: they fail miserably! The last few episodes of the last series that aired after the mid season covid hiatus was particularly enjoyable 😀😀
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700m ring-fenced in cash
at 14:01 12 Apr 2021

For ITFC according to Mark Steed- the chief investment officer of the pension fund on Twitter

I think I need a beer and a lie down
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Time for Blue Action again?
at 17:15 27 Mar 2021

Or are they keeping their powder dry after what happened at the training ground?

Now the season is clearly heading into an abyss would be good to see them focus their attention to Evans again. I’m happy to contribute funds for this as life under Evans is killing me.

[Post edited 27 Mar 17:18]
So we’ve gone from ambitious and exciting new investors
at 19:35 3 Mar 2021

Back to Evans and his ‘bUt I’vE imProVed CcTv CoveRage oN MatChday’ with one massive bump

Deary me shoot me now
[Post edited 3 Mar 19:36]
When we are sitting 12th in the national conference...
at 13:25 19 Feb 2021

... do you really think being told ‘but there are still games and points to be played for’ would ever wash?
[Post edited 19 Feb 13:26]
Xbox series S...
at 13:12 20 Dec 2020

A few have come available for click and collect at Smyths in Ipswich if you are quick off the mark.

I had it in my basket but opted against it as I know I’m just settling as my heart desires a PS5
Ipswich Town Supporters Trust (or whatever it’s called)
at 11:23 29 Nov 2020

I trust they are standing up and being counted and proactively liaising their concerns and worries with ME in regards to the predicament we are in? The outcome of this will of course be fed back to us wider supporters?

Or otherwise.. what’s the point of them?
[Post edited 29 Nov 2020 11:26]
So just to clarify...
at 13:58 26 Nov 2020

Blue Action got behind a new manager two years ago.

2 years later..said new manager has clearly not worked out.

Now Blue Action are calling for said manager to leave.

That was then. this is now. Why is so hard for some people to grasp? I don't understand why BA are being vilified?

The criticism aimed towards BA all seems a bit dim-witted to me.

[Post edited 26 Nov 2020 13:59]
I’m a celebrity get me out of here MEGA THREAD...
at 21:55 20 Nov 2020

...only joking

But in all seriousness, whats is everyone’s thoughts on it thus far? It’s got to be Shane Ritchie or Jordan North as early front runners to win surely...

Some years I’m totally apathetic towards it and other years engrossed by it. I thought I’d give it a go this year with it being in a castle n all. It’s been solid if not spectacular so far in my opinion... but I’m finding it entertaining and a light reprieve in the evenings during these long dark days of working from home.

[Post edited 20 Nov 2020 21:57]
Live music...
at 22:56 6 Nov 2020

Christ alive I miss it. It almost feels like a sensory deprivation. Sadly, I see no signs of it changing anytime soon either.

The atmosphere. The sound. the escapism. It is what it is I know but everything about it I miss. Gigs/concerts I can’t see ever going back to the way they use to be either in the ‘new normal’.
Kane Vincent Young...
at 18:17 23 Oct 2020

What happened to him? It’s been almost a year out now.
[Post edited 23 Oct 2020 18:19]
Anyone remember that famous scene in the film The Warriors...
at 17:17 10 Oct 2020

*inserts 3 fingers into 3 glass bottles* Blubfish.. comeeee out to plaaaaay... BLUBFISH.. COMEEEE OUT TO PLAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!
[Post edited 10 Oct 2020 17:21]
Never mind the poor performance from us yesterday..
at 15:24 4 Oct 2020

The commentary from MK’s BBC Home Counties on ifollow was akin to what I would have expected for a game up the Crown Meadow. They were so amateurish. We tried listening to it with the volume down and radio suffolk on the DAB but sadly Ifollow was quite abit behind.
[Post edited 4 Oct 2020 15:25]
South Suffolk or North Norfolk?
at 21:38 25 Jul 2020

Wells Next-The-Sea, Holkham, Holt and Little Walsingham are absolutely fabulous places aren’t they? Who needs to go abroad for a holiday ?!!

Also it was good to see Suffolks finest Adnams flying the flag for East Anglia’s better half everywhere in deepest darkest North Norfolk.
[Post edited 25 Jul 2020 21:50]
Craig Forrest not even getting mentioned in these best starting 11’s...
at 10:32 19 Apr 2020

263 appearances for us over 12 years.

Was he actually not that good?

(He was way before my time)
[Post edited 19 Apr 2020 10:44]
Post apocalyptic thinking (no football this weekend!)
at 00:02 15 Mar 2020

And cause I’ve had a few shandies and this question got my brain whirring..

If say I offered you a million pounds to go watch Norwich every home game for 10 seasons and this task was duly completed.

By the end of it, would you be a Norwich fan?

You’d resent it and be overly critical of them at first.. but if you were watching them every home game, herd mentality would kick in and after 10 seasons you’d be rooting for Norwich wouldn’t you? You would have adapted to the team, club, fans- 10 years is a long time. 10 seasons of watching Norwich fans get up and celebrate a goal would have an effect on your psyche- surely? Would it not? You would surely be more that way inclined than Ipswich. This scenario works vice versa for Norwich fans having to attend Ipswich games for 10 years too. Surely it would have some effect wouldn’t it ?

[Post edited 15 Mar 2020 0:08]
What would you rather...
at 12:07 6 Mar 2020

Norwich win the FA cup but still get relegated?


Norwich don’t win the FA cup but stay up?

I know we are all Ipswich fans and don’t give a toss what they do up the road so just treat it as just a lighthearted Friday afternoon thought provoker
[Post edited 6 Mar 2020 12:08]
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