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The 20-goal striker
at 01:38 9 May 2022

We always seem to talk about finding a 20-goal striker and it got me wondering how many score 20 in their first season and how many need a season to settle in before scoring 20. Looking at this season, here are those in League One who scored 15+ league goals:

Will Keane (26 goals) - already there
Ross Stewart (26) - new signing
Alfie May (23) - already there
Cole Stockton (23) - already there
Matty Taylor (20) - already there
Scott Twine (20) - new signing
Michael Smith (18) - already there
Sam Vokes (17) - new signing
Lee Gregory (16) - new signing
Ryan Hardie (16) - already there (on loan last season)
Callum Lang (15) - already there
Sam Smith (15) - new signing

That's 5 out of 12 who were new signings and 3 of them didn't actually get 20 goals. Most of them were already at the club. Which makes me wonder whether it's worth giving pigott or macca one more chance instead of taking a punt on someone new. On another note, who of the above would you have been excited about us signing? Twine yes, unknown striker from scotland (stewart) maybe, lee gregory and sam vokes, nope.
Brenner brenner brenner...
at 13:40 18 Apr 2022

Blaming morsy's performance on the fact that he's been observing ramadan instead of blaming it on the fact that rotherham had 3 in midfield against our two. Not sure i like that.

Also, i think we're going to struggle to keep hold of woolfenden in the summer. Amazing to think given his status at the start of the season.
Shame baggott wasn't on the bench today
at 17:27 9 Apr 2022

He wins that high ball for their goal and clears it. We win 1-0. No centre backs on the bench when your game plan is very wedded to 3 centre backs and you know their plan B is to go long? The halo is definitely slipping a bit. Hope we all learn from this going into next season.
FAO mckenna/ashton/whoever's buying the players
at 11:43 24 Mar 2022

Just watched a left winger by the name of kaoru mitoma take australia apart for japan. He plays for brighton but is on loan in belgium at the moment. Get him in here.
KD: Simpson just wants to see a pathway
at 21:56 22 Mar 2022

Sorry if this has been covered in joe's thread.

Can we put this one to bed now? Phil said the same a while back - said it was the same with gibbs.

We're going to miss out on the playoffs this year having given none of the all-conquering u23s a chance. I can handle missing out on the playoffs if we're building for next season. I can handle giving none of the 23s a chance if we're top of the league.
at 13:50 18 Mar 2022

The longer you keep that rant from that guy as your signature (or whatever the post-text bit is called) on every post of yours, and the more we win, the funnier it gets.
Federal Environment Minister does not have a duty of care to protect children
at 06:47 15 Mar 2022

from climate harm: court

Has anyone seen this story? That headline alone is an incredible sentence. Some teenagers took the government to court.
Well done thompson
at 17:09 12 Mar 2022

Bit of fire in the belly and played very well today. Maybe someone needs to sit behind him with a danny cowley mask on and flick his ears for 10 before kick off next week.
Great article on ukraine's options
at 09:16 1 Mar 2022

Big decision 2 was interesting. Surely it would be ideal for the ukraine if russia starting attacking NATO arms shipments. It would drag us into it and we'd inevitably win. Unless china takes the opportunity to make its move on taiwan at the same time and the US decides that takes priority.
Time for simpson
at 23:15 26 Feb 2022

I get the argument that we need to pick one of the strikers and stick with him until he plays himself into form but i don't think we have time for that if we're going to make the playoffs. We have 3 players at the club who have been consistently good at taking chances this season - burns, chaplin and tyreece simpson. Watching norwood, bonne and pigott in the last few games has been painful. All good players but confidence is completely shot. Jackson is looking like the best option but as we've discussed a billion times and clearly mckenna has picked up on, he's good inthis system in certain games only. Of the three i mentioned, you don't really want to move burns because he's been so good at wing-back and he hasn't been a striker for a long time, and chaplin is too small to compete physically with big centre-backs and would have to drop very deep to get on the ball. Which leaves simpson.

Contract issues or no contract issues, i don't really care. We used to be, and still claim to be, a club that believes in its youth system. And mckenna seems to be arguing that now is not the time for experimenting. Well it's only an experiment if everyone else in his position is playing OK.

George burley was trying to keep us in the premier league when he started darren ambrose away to arsenal. We believed in our youth back then. Ambrose hadn't even had a loan spell to prive what he can do. Gamechanger talk a lot about culture but i fear that this is a big part of this club's culture that is going to be lost if we're not careful.
Thompson - i think i've figured it out
at 19:57 23 Feb 2022

He's right-footed. It's the only possible explanation to explain the lack of willingness to get to the byline.

He's reminding me more and more of knudsen every game.
What i learned from the last 3.5 years of watching ipswich
at 00:23 9 Feb 2022

Winning is more fun than playing gorgeous football and losing.

It blows me away that some on here still feel otherwise.
Reckon tyreece simpson enjoyed the game yesterday?
at 00:18 6 Feb 2022

Norwood hopeless, pigott neat and tidy but ineffective. Surely simpson's worth a place on the bench at doncaster? Play him while he's hot, don't wait for him to lose his confidence in the reserves.
Tyreece simpson & liam gibbs
at 08:55 1 Feb 2022

Gibbs' hesitation over signing here was about the lack of game time, wasn't it? I'd bet simpson's hesitation is about the same thing.

In the window we signed bakinson to replace harper, who himself has only had six games to show what he can do, and thompson to replace coulson, who apparently is fit again. This club used to be about youth development but i can't see any pathways any more. Only reason el miz got a game at the weekend is because literally everyone else was out.
at 23:35 29 Jan 2022

That black kit is sexy.

It's still only january.

Woolfenden was excellent in possession.

El Mizouni good again. Very consistent for a young player. Give him a run of games.

Fraser might get a go in central midfield next week if he's fit.
Listened to burley talk about signing matt holland on the BM pod
at 21:26 20 Jan 2022

Woke up this morning to read bakinson's manager and bristol city fans say he's got a bad attitude and is lazy.

Hope our new recruitment room is taking into account character and not just looking at passing accuracy and successful tackles etc.
Is this tiki-taka?
at 15:53 8 Jan 2022

1. Two-touch maximum
2. No dribbling
3. Never stand still
4. Go wherever you want to find space
Cook's got a god complex
at 21:50 6 Jan 2022

That mirror behind him creates a bit of a halo.

It's all in the subliminal messaging.
Like we said at cambridge...
at 21:32 29 Dec 2021

...can we get toto on now please?
Any Tool fans out there?
at 10:55 24 Dec 2021

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