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Keeping it in the corner
at 08:28 23 Nov 2017

Why do we always be so negative etc etc?

Not saying that some on here are overreacting, but that is literally the first time this season we have lost a result in the last minute, and we’ve won 4 games by a goal

It happens occasionally, get over it
Some strange scrabbling for things to criticise on here again today
at 20:26 4 Nov 2017

Seems as if some people are almost disappointed we won. Regardless of your thoughts on Mick, surely for as long as he’s in charge any Town supporter should want us to pick up as many points as possible - even if that means he continues to earn the right to manage the club

Seems to me that anyone that thinks otherwise is more interested in being right than the clubs fortunes
At least there’s a reason for some toy throwing tonight
at 21:51 31 Oct 2017

Saturday is a must win now - realistically this was always going to be a tough game but we need to show we can get a result against a decent side at some point. A good performance would be nice too - but I fear a slow start and the atmosphere could turn sour very quickly
at 18:18 28 Oct 2017

The forum really is hilarious tonight

Are certain posters really using us winning a game as an opportunity to criticise McCarthy for a lineup and changes that won us the game?

There’s plenty of sticks to beat McCarthy with without having to invent ones
[Post edited 28 Oct 18:18]
Any ideas on what the attendance will be on Sunday? (n/t)
at 08:09 18 Oct 2017

I'm not disappointed with the result last night
at 07:41 23 Aug 2017

I don't blame MM for playing the kids given the injury situation, and in any case losing 2-1 away to a Premier League team is hardly a disgrace. I'm also very much glad we didn't get humped as it likely would have knocked some of the youngsters confidence

Reading the forum this morning though, you'd think we won the game. Talk about going overboard - it's like listening to Labour supporters after they lost the last election
Twilight W*nkers
at 08:07 19 Aug 2017

Think a few people on here said they were running this, how did we all get on?

Actually turned out that I had forgotten to enter, however a mate tweaked his hamstring midweek meaning I could take his place. Finished in 47:01 which was my quickest 10k for a while, but annoying that I missed sub-47 by a second and got beaten in a sprint finish by another mate!

Everyone else?
Hate to be that guy but...
at 19:06 17 Aug 2017

...what happened to the McGoldrick thread earlier? Assume it must have kicked off, as can't have been deleted on subject matter alone surely?
Waiting for the train to leave Liv St
at 22:57 15 Aug 2017

What the f*ck have I just idea how we won that but I'm certainly not going to complain! Still buzzing, COYFB
Being a dopey melt...
at 18:16 12 Aug 2017

...I've only just realised Millwall is Tuesday and not Saturday, which means I can feasibly go

Anyone know how much tickets are? (no longer available online)
A few thoughts on last night
at 07:53 9 Aug 2017

Quick hit thoughts on a very good win and performance last night, with the obvious caveat that it was League Two opposition...

- First half very scrapped, with the difference being the one true moment of quality from Celina. How we managed to get in at 1-0 with Luton missing practically an open goal on half time I've no idea, but will take the breaks
- Speaking of that Luton chance, felt Gerken could have done better than parry straight to the Luton players feet, and some issues remain with crosses into the box. He'll be pleased with a clean sheet but didn't think it was his best night
- 2nd half was much, much, much better. For 20 minutes we absolutely dominated Luton and looked likely to score with every attack. Don't really know how it took until injury time to make it 2
- Where on earth did we magic up Flynn Downes from? Everything Luke Hyatt gives us and so much more. He was everywhere, with drive and distribution to boot
- Not far behind was Celina. Took a little while to get going in the scrappy early stages but once we got the ball into his feet his class was clear. Made the first and caused panic on numerous occasions - his willingness to run at the defence is something we've been sorely lacking. Player
- Controversial view but I didn't actually think McGoldrick was that great. Overplayed at times and slowed down several promising attacks. Also bemusing to hear chants of Oh David McGoldrick go up when he f*cked up, or was offside. Probably being harsh - goals were well taken, the 2nd in particular
- Waghorn looked lively, unlucky not to score with a curling effort after he came on
- Nydam was anonymous 1st half but came alive 2nd half, with a couple of outstanding pieces of skill as he grew in confidence. Shame to see him go off, which I assume was precautionary having taken a knock a couple of mins before
- Thought Iorfa and Kenlock both struggled. One area of concern was how isolated they looked - at times getting the ball and driving forward but there being little option ahead or inside, something to work on. The latter improved a bit late when we had 3 up top and more natural width ahead
- No idea who Wolfenden is, but didn't really notice him which is a good sign I guess!
- Good, positive support for the team tonight, hopefully that keeps up. Performances like that and I'm sure it will
- Kenilworth Road is a hole. I liked it
- A cup win! Away! Hurrah!!
- Here's hoping for a nice easy 2nd round tie, then Spurs away and a trip to Wembley in the 3rd... 🙂
Following on from itfcjoe's thread...
at 13:26 3 Aug 2017

What does everyone think constitutes an acceptable season this time around for Mick to have his contract extended?

For me - if we finish top 10, having flirted with the playoffs for part of the season with a more clearly defined style than last (not expecting Barcelona but back similar to when we were good a couple of years ago would be fine) and the likes of Dozzell getting more minutes and I'd think it is warranted. That may be setting the bar a bit low for some, but given the budget I think that would constitute a very reasonable effort

A win over that lot from up the A140 would be nice too (I won't ask for a cup run as accept this won't happen!)
Garner (assuming he signs)
at 10:03 16 Jun 2017

I am quietly confident. Mick's permanent striker signings here can essentially be broken down into two pots:

- players which we've invested a decent amount in (by our standards) either in wages or fees to be in and around the starting 11
- players picked up cheap to pad out the squad

Of the players Mick has signed, I would breakdown as per below. Obviously there is an element of conjecture to this so feel free to disagree:

Key signings: Murphy, McGoldrick, Sears, Pitman
Cheap options: Nouble, Ebanks-Blake, Varney, Bajner, Hunt, Alabi, Best, Moore

Of those we've invested in, only Pitman hasn't really worked out, and even he bagged 14 in his time here. The cheap pickups have been much more of a mixed back, but that's to be expected

Mick has a good track record in this area, and hopefully what he has seen in Garner is something that can fill the glaring hole in our front line since Murphy left
Only just seen the team selection
at 17:14 1 Apr 2017

Haha. Top trolling Mick
Rubbish stat I've seen today
at 13:31 28 Mar 2017

Ipswich are still the last 'Town' team to play in the English top division. Huddersfield could change that if they get promoted

Meaningless but surprised me so thought I'd share...
at 08:01 26 Feb 2017

That is all
Good article on the 00/01 season on Planet Football
at 13:08 19 Jan 2017

Probably already posted but in case not

Who here's tried Kobe steak?
at 11:37 30 Dec 2016

Went to the Salthouse for dinner last night and they have a Kobe Steak on their indulgences menu for the not so cheap sum of £82

Am due to go back there in a couple of weeks for a birthday meal. Obviously £82 for a steak is ridiculous, but I'm now rather curious and feeling tempted to give it a whirl, although can't help but feeling it will seem like a massive let down compared to the price

So TWTD, who's experienced this particular type of steak?
Awful decision making by Sears (n/t)
at 21:36 9 Sep 2016

C*ck it (n/t)
at 20:47 9 Sep 2016

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