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Garner (assuming he signs)
at 10:03 16 Jun 2017

I am quietly confident. Mick's permanent striker signings here can essentially be broken down into two pots:

- players which we've invested a decent amount in (by our standards) either in wages or fees to be in and around the starting 11
- players picked up cheap to pad out the squad

Of the players Mick has signed, I would breakdown as per below. Obviously there is an element of conjecture to this so feel free to disagree:

Key signings: Murphy, McGoldrick, Sears, Pitman
Cheap options: Nouble, Ebanks-Blake, Varney, Bajner, Hunt, Alabi, Best, Moore

Of those we've invested in, only Pitman hasn't really worked out, and even he bagged 14 in his time here. The cheap pickups have been much more of a mixed back, but that's to be expected

Mick has a good track record in this area, and hopefully what he has seen in Garner is something that can fill the glaring hole in our front line since Murphy left
Only just seen the team selection
at 17:14 1 Apr 2017

Haha. Top trolling Mick
Rubbish stat I've seen today
at 13:31 28 Mar 2017

Ipswich are still the last 'Town' team to play in the English top division. Huddersfield could change that if they get promoted

Meaningless but surprised me so thought I'd share...
at 08:01 26 Feb 2017

That is all
Good article on the 00/01 season on Planet Football
at 13:08 19 Jan 2017

Probably already posted but in case not

Who here's tried Kobe steak?
at 11:37 30 Dec 2016

Went to the Salthouse for dinner last night and they have a Kobe Steak on their indulgences menu for the not so cheap sum of £82

Am due to go back there in a couple of weeks for a birthday meal. Obviously £82 for a steak is ridiculous, but I'm now rather curious and feeling tempted to give it a whirl, although can't help but feeling it will seem like a massive let down compared to the price

So TWTD, who's experienced this particular type of steak?
Awful decision making by Sears (n/t)
at 21:36 9 Sep 2016

C*ck it (n/t)
at 20:47 9 Sep 2016

Rather torn on this Murphy news
at 18:07 26 Aug 2016

On one hand he is fundamental to the way we play, and there's no doubt we struggle without him

On the other, he's 33, the goals have seemingly dried up a bit and this is probably the last opportunity we'd get to sell him for anything meaningful. Losing him may also force a change in approach

I think reluctantly, anything north of £3.5m I'd be happy to see him go, subject to some of that money being reinvested in either a replacement, or the wider squad. Difficult ask at this late stage, but really the season be a write off without it

Either way if he does go I certainly wish him well, although hopefully time will show we got rid at exactly the right moment!
Reading Harry's notes
at 11:35 12 Aug 2016

Some of the comments about the last game against them are hilarious. I'd hate to see how the react if they ever face a team who are actually dirty

Biggest overreaction since Brighton fans with bannergate
Anyone else do the Twilight 10k tonight?
at 22:58 5 Aug 2016

Decent well organised event once again. Cracked sub-50 with 48:34 which is my second best 10k, which I was pretty pleased with given the relatively hilly course and warm weather

Anyone else take part, and if so how did you do?
Travel advice
at 19:12 31 May 2016

Hoping for some advice from the collective wisdom of TWTD

Off to France for 9 days for the Euros next Friday. Will be travelling between Paris, Lille, Lyon and St Etienne during this time. Usually when headed abroad I would just exchange a wedge of Euros before travelling, but I don't really fancy carrying a large volume of cash when travelling about so much

Anyone got any tips/advice for getting cash at a cheap rate whilst abroad, as my debit card has hideous withdrawal fees? Have left it a bit late obviously so time is somewhat limited to sort any specialist cards
Arcade Tavern fans
at 13:10 20 May 2016

Anyone able to tell me if there's any food on tonight? Healy is planning a rare Friday sesh and will no doubt be peckish at some point
[Post edited 20 May 2016 13:14]
West Ham signed a teenage Spanish striker today...
at 16:25 22 Apr 2016

...who is quoted on their website as saying "The prospect of playing front of 60,000 people next year really catches my attention, and it is a stadium that has so much history"

So, AMN is the latest to get the lazy, uninterested tag
at 15:17 6 Mar 2016

No surprise there then
Spare QPR ticket available
at 09:15 28 Jan 2016

Lower tier, selling for £27 face value

Can either pickup in Ipswich or meet on the day

PM me if interested

Cheers x
[Post edited 28 Jan 2016 9:18]
Blair Walsh
at 21:08 10 Jan 2016

Freddie Veseli
at 11:02 7 Jan 2016

Truce's post below just prompted me to look at where Veseli is now. Just seen that he's recently been capped by Albania which means there's a chance he may play in this years European Championships

Any frequent US travellers on here?
at 22:42 28 Dec 2015

Off to Boston next month and just wanted to check I don't need to update my ESTA which was approved a few months back

Fairly certain I don't as the website says it's valid for 2 years, but the travel information is different for this trip (obviously) and couldn't find anything conclusive on the website. Google suggests yes but thought best to double-check in the hope someone may have some experience!

Ta in advance x
Question for those that want investment
at 09:46 21 Dec 2015

How much do you realistically think we need to spend to morph from playoff hopefuls to promotion favourites?
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