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Alex Henshall on a free anyone? (n/t)
at 13:52 4 May 2023

3rd kit at home - has it happened before?
at 20:00 11 Oct 2022

Has anyone else done this in the English leagues for a league game, or will we be the first? Obviously top teams now have about 7 kits a season and wear different ones in different comps, but has anyone actually just changed to a third kit for a home game?

Only one I could think of is the Manchester derby a few years back when both sides wore memorial kits for the Munich Disaster (which isn’t really the same thing as obviously a special occasion). Admittedly I don’t follow the PL as much now except for FPL purposes so might be more frequent than I thought?
Parking fines #6,348
at 13:31 5 Oct 2021

Last week our 3 year old had an accident at nursery and had to go to A&E, with my wife kindly volunteering to take him as I was on my way to watch us stick 6 past Donny. Fortunately all ok bar some lovely sterile strips being used to pin his head back together

Have had a parking fine through today for the hour and a half in the car park. In the words of my wife ‘I looked at the machine when I went in and it said to pay when you leave if you weren’t sure how long you’d be, then I forgot’, which I certainly won’t be mentioning, but tempted to go with a ‘3 year old had split their head open and was too stressed and in a hurry’ type argument. Chances of appealing successfully?

Charge is from ‘Car Parking Partnership’, if that’s relevant
Ipswich - walk in vaccinations
at 08:31 2 Jul 2021

For anyone unaware and wanting to speed up getting their jab, Ivry Street Medical Practice are doing in walk in vaccinations tomorrow morning for anyone who has either not had their first vaccination, or second one where the first was more than 21 days ago. Pfizer jab

Don’t believe there is any need to book but may be worth giving them a quick call today to check if you were wanting one, believe it’s until 1pm

EDIT: although maybe give this thread a read first!
Don’t get the second jab too early by pointofblue 2 Jul 2021 8:20

So why did a member of the NHS jab team phone me and invite me to have the second does after four weeks? If I’d read this article before the call I’d have asked to wait until my original appointment date - now it seems the approach is more about numbers than health. Feeling slightly annoyed and concerned this morning.

[Post edited 2 Jul 2021 8:32]
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙌🏻🙌🏻 (n/t)
at 11:05 7 Apr 2021

4 points from 5 games...
at 17:22 20 Mar 2021 as bad a return as we’ve had from 5 league games at any point during the season 👀
itfcjoe getting his 3 lines of fame in The Athletic
at 08:04 2 Mar 2021
So if today isn’t the day
at 06:48 1 Feb 2021

He’s going to be here until the end of the season, isn’t he?

18/02 EDIT: rather flippant OP, he’ll go slightly earlier if failing to get promoted triggers a clause or if he agrees to a reduced settlement
[Post edited 18 Feb 2021 9:05]
From The Athletic (apols of already posted)
at 19:10 10 Jun 2020

Re amendment proposals for yesterday’s vote...

‘The third came from League One’s upwardly-mobile but unavoidably mediocre Ipswich Town, who effectively wanted to open the play-offs to anyone keen to take part in them. This was the suggestion described by one EFL club boss as “insane”.’

And then when that was rejected we seemingly voted to end the season rather than play on. Presumably as we knew we had no chance of making the playoffs in reality and were just trying to muscle our way in


EDIT: seemingly it was Portsmouth rather than us that changed their vote so the last paragraph is inaccurate. LOL at the quote though
[Post edited 10 Jun 2020 21:24]
Interesting article on The Athletic
at 09:40 9 Apr 2020

Re the state of Premier League clubs finances and dangers posed by the COVID-19 crisis. Most of it unsurprising - clubs running at large economic losses and heavily reliant on TV income hence necessity of finishing the season etc

However one point that really stood out was that of all clubs that have filed their accounts for last season (all other than Palace and Newcastle), the three promoted sides had by far the highest wage vs turnover ratio at 195% (Sheffield United), 175% (Villa) and 161% (Norwich) respectively. Granted these will have been inflated by promotion bonuses but it really illustrates the ridiculous levels of spending needed to get out of the Championship

For all Evans faults it’s not hard to see why we couldn’t compete (although clearly the extent of the decline is unacceptable)
TWTD WWYD - Nursery Edition
at 01:15 22 Mar 2020

My 2 years olds nursery have confirmed they are closing for all but the children of key workers from this week, in line with government advice. As neither me nor my partner come under the key worker definition, he’ll need to stay home (quite rightly)

Our nursery however have written to us confirming that as they will still be opening and needing to fund running costs, they will need to charge full fees for the duration that the advice is in place. As he goes 2 days a week at a cost of £60+ per day, fees total c£500-600 a month

I am sympathetic as the partial closure is enforced and clearly they have a business to run, however at the same time am loathe to pay a substantial sum of money for a service that won’t be received. I think if it was 1 month I’d be quite happy to suck it up however all signs seem to point to this being 3 months minimum and potentially quite a bit longer

Am I being unfair if I refuse to pay? Me and my partner are both quite fortunate in that we can work from home and currently look to be unaffected work wise (both our employers have been supportive and adopted a ‘do what you can’ approach to him being at home whilst working however there is a chance things could change down the line if this is ongoing for some time. I’m also of a mindset that it would be prudent to be putting away some funds over the next few months in case something changes down the line and obviously that money will go a long way towards that

I guess I have 3 options as I see it:
- suck it up and pay, on the basis that we can afford it, it isn’t really the nursery’s fault and he’ll be able to go back at some point to an environment he enjoys and is developing well in

- refuse to pay, on the basis we’re not getting the service paid for. This will risk his place when they re-open (nursery is very popular so I assume we’ll have to find somewhere else)

- make some sort of counter offer (eg. pay half to maintain his place) on the basis we can’t justify the full cost and need to be prudent. This is quite tempting as it is presumably better for them to receive that than £0, and I don’t believe paying the full fees to be right as they must be saving on costs not having everyone in. They may also be entitled to government support under the new measures

Views? Interested to hear if anyone else is in a similar boat - not really sure what the norm is here so difficult to know if they’re taking the p*ss or not!
Our last 8 games...
at 06:55 4 Mar 2020

...have yielded as many points as the first 8 games of last season did. In the Championship, managed by Paul Hurst

The first half
at 22:02 3 Mar 2020

Worst 45 minutes I’ve ever seen from an ITFC team at Portman Road

Change my mind
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