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Is Pulisic the best ever American player?
at 13:36 24 Jul 2020

Carter-Vickers on loan.

Josh Emmanuel if FM19 is to be believed.
Is Pulisic the best ever American player?
at 05:12 23 Jul 2020

Always hard to say what the cause of his failed potential was - overhype by the media to revive a dying league? Bad club moves? Unfortunate luck with numerous manager turnovers? Poor player attitude?
Is Pulisic the best ever American player?
at 23:24 22 Jul 2020

Rude of you to misspell Freddy Adu. The man, the legend.
A promising youngster has turned us down to go to university in America
at 16:22 15 Jun 2020

From the news report, the lad is decently intelligent so why shouldn't he go grab a degree for free? He'll play at a decent level, be able to come back to the UK with 4 years NCAA experience and a degree if it doesn't pan out. Especially if he wasn't offered a professional deal.

Think it says more about the options available to players now than in the past.
Obscure signings XI
at 18:49 17 May 2020

Harding is obscure for me mainly because I forget we signed him, then I remember being annoyed at the deal. Admittedly not that obscure!

A few others: Earl Jean, Ryan Stevenson, Guirane N'Daw, Freddie Veseli, James Alabi, Mustapha Carayol
Obscure signings XI
at 03:18 17 May 2020

Bored again. XI of players who people forget signed for us.

GK - Jaroslav Drobný
CD - Amir Karić
CD - Ívar Ingimarsson
DR - Troy Brown
DL - Dan Harding
CM - Lee Bowyer
CM - George O'Callaghan
RW - Martin Brittain
LW - Alex Henshall
ST - Bálint Bajner
ST - Larsen Touré

GK - Nick Colgan
CB - Ibrahima Sonko
LB - Kelly Youga
CM - Paul Digby
CM- Vemund Brekke Skard
LW - Jack Doherty
ST - James Alabi

We haven't half signed some duds.
Hopeful XI
at 02:27 14 May 2020

Got reminiscent about some past players after refusing to let a few current ITFC players go on my FM20 save. Decided to make a "Wish they became a fan favourite/actually decent signing or Academy grad" XI. Obviously not the "Best XI ever", 'cause nearly all of them were awful or became awful. Just those I hoped would turn out well. Curious about what other players people had a secret fondness or hope for.

GK - Scott Loach - Was hoping he'd be Richard Wright reincarnated. Town fan, former Halstead resident like myself. I hoped he'd throw his life on the line for us, instead of waving around in the area or standing still and looking as the ball went sailing by.

RB - Jaime Peters - That Arsenal game aside, and his fat ass, the fact we nabbed him from a number of Premier League teams really gave me hope that he'd be something special. Plus he's Canadian so instant brownie points with me.

LB? - Vemund Brekke Skard - You know how we all like a random lower league signing that goes on to great things? I was hoping this guy would be one. The whole part-time footballer, full-time teacher thing gave me hope that I'd be snapped up by Ipswich one day. Pretty sure he was naff as all hell.

CD - Gerard Nash - Remember a lot of hype about him and then those injuries happened. Glad he's making a good career out of coaching with us.

CD - Ian Miller - From the nonleagues, he'll boss the defense around. That's what I said as a dumb teen. Had to look up how many games he actually played to realize what an idiot I was.

CM - Jimmy Juan - Thought he did pretty good with us. Did he get injured with us or is my memory just bad? I remember thinking he'd be the new, younger Legwinski but seem to recall injuries causing him some serious setbacks.

CM - Ian Westlake - Thought he'd be with us until he retired. Was extremely unhappy he was traded to Leeds. When he hit the U21s with England, thought we hit the jackpot and would be in the Prem with Westlake in the middle. Leeds ruined him, obviously. Not that he was a bit naff.

RM - George O'Callaghan - One of those that I thought "he tried, didn't make it as a teen but stuck with it and will turn out to be a hard working player". Like Walters. Ended up more like Gleeson.

LM - Josh Carson - Caught a few games abroad with him involved. Thought he'd turn out to be something good and then nothing. He had a few really good games with me on FM though so obviously it was our managers fault.

ST - Danny Haynes - That Norwich game. Enough said. Club legend. None of you respect him enough. Ruined as a winger. Could have been the next Defoe. Only against Norwich. Always against Norwich.

ST - Dean Bowditch - Him and Haynes reaching their potential would have been one pacy forward line. Won the Academy Player award right as I was getting serious as a Town fan. Thought he'd go on to play in the Prem based on what coaches/managers were saying about him. Saw him player, realized I'd be lied to.

Apparently I was really hopeful with the 2003-2006 Academy grads and nonleague signings. Probably 'cause I was an idiot teenager.
Barry Cotter
at 15:52 5 Dec 2019

Defensively a bit meh. Tackle timing a bit off and some risky choices with passes and positioning. Some decent offensive movement, always looking for a run. Think it was the second half he blitzed past three players before getting fouled.

Would be okay as a wingback but as a fullback? I don't think he has the skill/experience to be consistent in a strictly defensive role. Given his confidence and comfort on the ball, a change to right mid might suit him better imo.
Late subs
at 21:46 26 Nov 2019

Really dislike how recent trends have been to using subs in the last ten minutes.

Has PL mentioned why he does this, instead of giving a player 30+ minutes to make an impact on a game?
My Football Manager 2020 is broken....any advice?
at 22:22 20 Nov 2019

Liam Gibbs becomes a beast. Get him out on loan for two seasons and enjoy the Bury St. Edmunds Messi.

Ben Morris has become quite the RW for me - 26 games, 7 goals, 6 assists, avg 7.30.

Luc Noble is a solid Championship defender. Picked him up for 325k from Bristol Rovers. Future Captain material.

Nydam sadly hasn't developed at all.
NSW burning
at 06:47 11 Nov 2019

Can't say I know much about the Australian bushfire situation but Canadian resident and have been privy to a few forest fires gone wild.

It's bloody scary. Had family affected and worked a few fires through work. Can't say they're highlights of my life.

Stay safe and wish you, and your family, all the best.
at 06:33 9 Nov 2019

First in League One, won the Leasing, Third Round Carabao, Fourth Round FA Cup.
Funniest thing you have heard shouted at an Ipswich Match
at 06:30 9 Nov 2019

Away against Arsenal in the Carling semi-final after Wenger said we were more rugby than football.

"Swing Low, Sweat Chariot"

Had a few tears in my eyes from laughter and sheer happiness that Ipswich fans would embrace that.
Pick your ITFC team of the decade....
at 22:09 4 Nov 2019

Didn't we just do this?

--------------Chambers - Smith - Berra-----------------
----Edwards -------------------------------Cresswell-----
------------- Leadbitter - Skuse - Bishop----------------

Subs: Gerken, McAuley, Mings, Knudsen, Norris, Hyam, Sears
[Post edited 4 Nov 2019 22:11]
FM20 Beta just been released.
at 17:23 2 Nov 2019

This year's is more focussed on long-term play - so more development of youth, development of club culture and tactics and the board rates you on that. No more just winning to get a contract renewal.

Ipswich is a cake-walk in League 1. Control possession is still cheat mode.
Your Ipswich Town XI of the 2010s
at 01:53 30 Oct 2019

Edwards - Chambers - McAuley - Cresswell
Fraser - Bullard (loan version) - Skuse - Lawrence
D. Murphy - McGoldrick

Subs: R. Wright, Smith, Berra, Downes, Anderson, Sears, Pitman
Player Ratings
at 22:03 8 Oct 2019

Warning: could only see the iFollow feed, so probably missed a few things thanks to the cameraman.

Will Norris - 6/10 - Didn't really have anything to do so nothing to really rate on. Solid enough, happy he's got a clean sheet. Odd pass that was too hard/far for Ipswich to connect on.

Luke Woolfenden - 6.5/10 - Decent performance. Recall one mistake in the first half. I can see where Lambert is coming from with the relaxed attitude *but* it is the EFL cup. Thought he linked well with El Miz and Huws with his passes.

Toto Nsiala - 6.5/10 - First half mistake like with Woolf. Solid defending, nothing too fancy. I recall the odd misplaced pass to midfield/Kenlock but nothing too dangerous. Seemed like a quiet captain on the feed but the warning applies here.

James Wilson - 6.5/10 - Thought he expanded his game a little bit more outside of his usual no-nonsense style. A few long balls that were off, a few that we could control. Nothing really else noted.

Janoi Donacien - 6/10 - Moved forward well. Thought his defending was a bit off in places, not sure if just him or the lack of game time recently. "He was alright." is the best I can come up with.

Miles Kenlock - 6.5/10 - Good attacking runs in the Gills half, the odd misplaced pass. Unlucky with his cross to Roberts. Some intelligent defending. Think he's getting better with the game time in a less skilled environment but not sure he'll be Championship quality.

Idris El Mizouni - 7.5/10 - Thought he did really well in this game. Confident on the ball, decent passes and vision. Might be biased 'cause I love him on FM19 but think he'll be a great player for us in the future. Really good combination with Dobra in the second half. Corners are a bit eh.

Emyr Huws - 8/10 - Controlled the game. Love that he's shooting from outside of the area. Put a great game in for Lambert to consider for the next league game. Forgot how good his passing is.

Danny Rowe - 7.5/10 - Good runs and forward play. His shooting definitely needs work. Really unlucky that Dobra didn't connect to his cross. Think he's a good backup/sub for us in the league. Workrate is a really benefit.

Will Keane - 6/10 - Looks like he's trying to be a targetman but doesn't win balls often. Happy he got his first goal. He's a different option to what we have but think his first touch/heading is awful. Didn't combine too well with Dobra's style of play.

Jordan Roberts - 5.5/10 - Not sure what was up with him. Unnecessary fouls, just seemed angry. Good poachers goal but the rest of his play was eh.

Gwion Edwards - 6.5/10 - Not much to do defensively or that I noticed. Attacking play was decent, good combination with Dobra and El Miz.

Armando Dobra - 7/10 - As Ambrose says "you love to watch him play". First touch and dribbling is amazing. Won things that he had no right to. A bit concerned that Tottenham was watching the game. He's a talent and a half. Just feel he needs to break the goal barrier and he'll be insane to play against.

Thomas Hughes - 5.5/10 - Did decently enough. Seems he was playing DM. A few good passes and linkup with his Academy teammates. Well done to the lad for getting his debut.

Fans - 9/10 - Quiet on the feed in the first half, loud on the second. Kudos to those that attended!
at 22:13 17 Sep 2019

Thought he was decent as well. Good no-nonsense defender.
Team News for Franchise FC it's 352!
at 19:53 17 Sep 2019

adjusted to 4-1-2-1-2 now to counter MK's 5-3-1-1
Macedonian Gerrard
at 00:06 16 Sep 2019

Wasn’t Civelli a Magic purchase? And Gio on loan?
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