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iFollow Shrewsbury commentary not Radio Suffolk commentary
at 15:04 9 Oct 2021

Anyone know how I can change this to Radio Suffolk commentary
Cook's interview on Quest does him no credit
at 00:52 30 Sep 2021

Challenging but fair questions asked after Bolton game put Cook on the spot.

His reaction last night to same interviewer was petty and uncalled for. Perhaps it is indicative of the pressure that Cook has been feeling but not impressed. Interviewer doing his job.

I am still supportive of Cook but disappointed by this interview which doesn't put Cook or Town in a good light.
To be fair PC decent interview on iFollow
at 22:00 11 Sep 2021

PC came across better in iFollow club interview.

Took total responsibility and understood fans frustration.

Spoke as well as he could have.

But it is results that matter.
Maybe biggest error was replacing Holy
at 21:25 11 Sep 2021

Holy was on the whole reliable last season with many clean sheets. Very few calamitous errors though sometimes seemed to be flat footed and not to dive.

As I've said before I reckon 2 or 3 wins this season if Holy had been playing. Basically a solid League 1 keeper.

Walton should have done better with a couple of the goals today.
If Holy had been in goal probably would have won at least 2 games
at 13:02 22 Aug 2021

Hladky not as good as Holy with one on one's where Holy's bigger size is an advantage. Few diving saves required where some people criticise Holy. Hladky definitely at fault with free kick yesterday and has made few positive contributions to the team.

Looking at goals conceded I think Holy May have saved half of them. I am not writing him off or saying Hladky won't eventually prove himself to be a better goalie (I remember how poor Paul Cooper was in his first game) but Hladky has made a very unimpressive start to his Town career. You would hope that a top goalie would make saves to help you win games. Poor stats re goals conceded compared to attempts on goal. So Hladky is the most disappointing of the new signings to date.

Holy is not a top class goalkeeper but is a better than average League 1 goalkeeper who has been overly criticised. Last year with Holy in goal Town had roughly 3rd best defensive record and one of the highest number of clean sheets proving he is nit a poor League 1 goalkeeper. Certainly Hood enough to be Town's no. 2 goalkeeper.
Is Alistair Bruce-Ball a Town fan?
at 09:31 8 Aug 2021

Listening to Radio 5 yesterday and some one mentioned 1978 cup final and other presenter said he was a Town fan and what a great day it was - I think it was Alistair Bruce-Ball but not sure as was only half listening until then.
Bishop only scored 1 less goal than Fraser last season
at 13:20 15 Jul 2021

from open play. 9 of Fraser's 14 goals were penalties.
Matt Crooks - good move if it happens
at 12:36 8 Jun 2021

I have liked Matt Crooks for a while and hoped Town might buy him one day.

Big physical presence but can play and can score goals from midfield. Also versatile and play several positions.

Always played well when I saw him play.
[Post edited 8 Jun 12:53]
If Norwood, Downe and KVY had been fit all season would we have got in Play Offs
at 16:04 13 May 2021

I think the answer is yes. Whether we woukd have got promoted through Play Offs is another question.

Ridiculously, given our poor season, we were only 5 points from Play Offs. Even in our poor team attacking wise, Norwood would have scored enough goals to gain 5 points and KVYs attacking threat from right back woukd have made a big difference.

Downes would have added bite and energy in midfield.

If Onlys and What Ifs eh?

Totally irrelevant now and apparently onward to a completely different ITFC dimension in space and time.
Lambert & Cook and other thoughts
at 11:10 14 Apr 2021

One thing Lambert was able to do was get Ipswich to beat teams in bottom half of table. I reckon Lambert would have gained more points than Cook over last 10 games if he had stayed as manager ironically meaning we would have had better chance of making play offs if he hadn't been sacked.

However Lambert had to go his relationship with fans had deteriorated too much and some of his post match interviews were ludicrous.

I like Cook, I like his honesty in interviews and feel that he understands fans. He wants his teams to attack and score goals but hasn't been able to achieve it with the current squad. He is probably a manager who needs a pre season to school players in his way of playing and a transfer window to get players who fit his system. I am disappointed that there has been no new manager bounce indeed the opposite (so typical of Ipswich).

There are good players in the current squad but I reckon the negativity of last 3 years has permeated the squad and as most fans agree the squad needs a big overhaul.

Of players who have played in first team this season I would keep Holy (who I think generally has done well and is unfairly criticised, easily best goalkeeper since Bart), Woolfenden, Kenlock, Dozzell, Bishop, Downes, Nydam, Lancaster, Dobra, Norwood (if club thinks he can stay fit), Edwards. Players like Bishop, Dozzell and Edwards I think could do well with the right players around them especially some real winners/competitors.

Cost of Sacking Lambert
at 13:06 10 Feb 2021

Obviously ITFC have been significantly impacted by Covid etc.
Whatever the view on Evans no question he has put millions into ITFC over the years but there is a limit to what he can/wants to invest in ITFC. So currently a tough time financially.
It was stupid of Evans to give Lambert 5 year contract.
If cost is an issue that is delaying sacking Lambert then sack Lambert and put Dyer as caretaker manager for rest of season. Dyer is a totally unknown quantity as a manager but surely can't do much worse than Lambert but wouldn't cost anywhere near as much as a high profile manager. Then re-assess at the end of the season.
Who would have thought it - Kenlock Man of the Match (n/t)
at 17:06 30 Jan 2021

Is iFollow video working for other people? (n/t)
at 19:00 3 Nov 2020

Anyone else having no sound for ifollow radio commentary ? (n/t)
at 19:56 8 Sep 2020

Need 1 or max 2 under 21 quality loanees
at 21:59 13 Aug 2020

Assume under 21 loanees do not count towards salary cap.

Someone like a Jonny Williams, Ryan Fraser or Tom Lawrence type loanee(s) to add a bit of flair and ability to turn a tight game though understandably may not be that consistent or why would they be playing in League 1.
Judge v Dozzell question
at 19:09 7 Feb 2020

If Dozzell had played instead of Judge in all the consecutive games recently would Dozzell have produced more end product than Judge??

My issue with Judge is how many assists, goals or key passes leading to goals has he had playing regularly in his favoured No 10 position. I tend to think if Dozzell had had the same opportunity he would have had more impact.

Dozzell has been coming back from long term I jury and been in and mainly out of team and not given a run of games.

Just a thought
Self destruct ! Penalty and terrible mistake! (n/t)
at 16:08 1 Feb 2020

Play Downes and Dozzell in next 3 league games
at 12:46 29 Dec 2019

Best understanding of of our midfield players. Dozzell was starting to play well and then not played. Complfnent each other well.

First half Coventry was best we played, Dozzell was actually decent in second half.

Need Norwood also as he may miss chances but gets in position to have chances.

Let's hope PL plays 2 up front tomorrow
at 19:31 6 Dec 2019

We play better with 2 up top. Keane is improving and will play better playing with another striker.
Edward's played well tonight (n/t)
at 22:03 5 Nov 2019

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