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Guardians goals of the year
at 15:28 31 Dec 2021

Some crackers here and Celina's gets a mention:
Any artists out there?
at 13:27 19 Nov 2021

Apologies if this seems like shameless self-publication, bit I genuinely am after advice here! If it's inappropriate I will delete.

I discovered during lockdown I had a slight talent for drawing and found it an incredibly relaxing pastime. However I've started to get quite a few enquiries about commissions now, which I find incredible and very flattering but also a bit stressful as I really have no idea what to ask for and I don't want to take the pee.

It would never be more than a hobby for me as I realise I'm not professional level, and the drawings take me 20-30hours minimum...
So your can get an idea here's my most recently finished piece:

If anyone has any experience and doesn't mind sharing with me it would be very much appreciated, and even if you don't feel free to give me an idea of what you'd expect to pay for a commission. Thanks!
Proud to be English
at 20:31 8 Jul 2021

Honestly not something I've ever written before, but in the aftermath of last night I've been feeling quite emotional... I shed a tear or two after the game, this morning after someone posted the Mason Mount video and just now after seeing the video of the Muslim scholars.
Then I saw this post by a random commenter, which summed it up so perfectly, which helped me to understand quite why I'm feeling this way. This is beautiful:

This team of young men: young men who campaign to feed poor children, who kneel against racism, who stand up for lgbtq+ rights, some whose parents or grandparents came to this country as immigrants, some who came from broken homes, some who fought against unfair criticism for their place in the team... this team of young men, who support each other and strive for the success of THEIR TEAM rather than for individual glory... this team of young men, and their strong, supportive, intelligent, compassionate manager, have inspired and impressed and earned the respect of every one of us, and they have unified us at a time of great division.
I am so overwhelmed by their attitude, professionalism and love for the game. This team of young men will go down in history as the pride of England, regardless of Sunday's outcome. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Scary film rec
at 14:06 26 Feb 2021

Watched the Dark and the Wicked last night. Holy hell that was good. I don't often get scared watching films any more but this one put the willies up me good and proper. Beautifully shot as well. Highly recommend it if you like your horror.

The poster is a brilliant piece of design too...
This is a virus so deadly that...
at 14:34 16 Feb 2021

How do you argue with someone who begins a comment like this? Genuine question.
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