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A manager who wants to be sacked for the pay off
at 23:26 3 Mar 2020

And an owner who won't sack him cos he don't want to pay him off .

The only explanation for the crap nearly half a season of results and poor performance with no action taken.
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Utter pants rant
at 23:23 3 Mar 2020

1. The formation don't matter says PL so why stick to a formation with too many players not in their best positions?
2. Why play Wolf at right back sat in a 4 man defence and Donacien at wing back tonight ? Suits neither of them.
3. Back to bloody squad don't work...learn.
4. How many Times did we lump the ball to their giant defender ? If u must lump it , lump it out wide away from the big fella. Learn after the first time.
5. Wilson plays we don't win ...learn.
6. How many goals in this team before kick off? Learn it isnt Suddenly going to change for no reason.
7. Keane up front against huge defender,( he can't win a header against a normal sized defender) ball must be played on ground to give him any chance ...learn.
8. If PL must play the players chosen tonight , then pick the right system, 442 or 4231 both would have had more players in natural positions. We didn't even change when it was apparent it wasnt working... Half time 0 shots 0 on target and 1 down. This is not new, we don't have many shots on target against any of the better league 1 sides . Learn.

QED the manager is clueless
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This summer
at 17:21 29 Feb 2020

As well as Wolf and Downes leaving , we best get ready to lose Dobra too.
Already attracted attention in the last window , play him and lose him.

Not going to renew my season ticket
at 13:16 23 Feb 2020

Unless there is a maaive improvement between now and the end of the season, ending with the play offs minimum.

This is the lowest I have ever felt supporting the Town , my team for over 40 years.

We now are struggling in league 1, relegation form for nearly the last half a season with one of the biggest budgets and crowds 4x more than half the division gets.

A manager who is tactically inept and just as stubborn as one recent predecessor . It's either stubbornness or he's just clueless.
Why else would you wait until the 89th minute to change things when we didn't create anything second half.
Was it cos the fans shouted 'sort it out' that he wanted to make a point?

Match after match we are too slow and ponderous ...match after match we have half a good game as the other team's manager adapts and counteracts us, then we do nothing to take control.
What do Taylor and Gill offer? Good blokes to have around, but nothing else.. Or is it Lamberts isn't listening?.

The decision to give Lambert 5 years at the time was stupid , everyone was incredulous at the time and already it seems he and the players are in a comfort zone.its like a millstone around our neck, there's no progress , still can't beat any top side, beaten comfortably by most.

Lambert does not need to do anything, wait to get sacked and take the pay off.

There needs to be big change, Downes and Wolf will be gone in the summer , Garbutt too,, how many of the consistently poor performers with no spine or fight do you want to be here next season.
Holy KVY... Not many more.

Evans has to act and accept he has made a big mistake, we are massively under performing, and the 5 years is no a millstone around our neck .Write the money off for the contract you gave PL or reap what you sow and see a huge drop off.

I am not one to protest while a match is on , but there needs to be pressure put on the manager and players , too long it's been nice and where has it got!

If not buying my season ticket is the only way to make Evans listen then that is what I will do.

This needs action now , by fans , and by Evans.
at 12:00 10 Feb 2020

Had a look at

Halfway down the page is a piece on stats from the Sunderland v Town game,

What struck me is just how many defensive battles their player Willis won against us ..and how he did much better vs us than he did against Tranmere for example. What does this say about our forwards?
There's also a piece on attacking or key passes .We far too often seem to go sideway or backwards with short passes.
It also describes us as a decent side.

I wonder do we as a club use these type of stats or does anyone on here have access to stats for our players?
Wake up Lambert
at 20:45 1 Feb 2020

Norris 4 mistakes in the last 5 weeks at crucial times Lincoln, Wycombe! Rotherham, today more , not interested in seeing him a town shirt again, not interested in a move for him permanently ... Our first choice keeper has to be better than this.

Judge ...over a year here, playing virtually every game allowed pretty much a free role, ... Number of goals and assists is a joke ... If this was a young player , they would have been dropped ages ago..getting by on reputation alone.

Skuse..poor too old , no new contract.

No players in, in Jan, Looks really clever now with Garbutt, Huws, V Young,Bishop etc all out Edwards suspended.

Can't beat or even play well against a top 6 side.
One poor performance after another.

Money talks in football... That's what we are told... Well Sunderland Ipswich and Pompey have massive crowds and income Compared to the others in this division, who at best get half our attendance and income.
Add to that the favourable rules for relegated championship teams in their first season after relegation with wages and we and Rotherham have an advantage there too.

Look at the team's that have been relegated from the championship in the past few seasons who have bounced straight back.... Wigan,twice Bolton, Rotherham, Barnsley, Blackburn that's teams with a lot less attendance than us and less income. They all managed it at the first time of asking.

We are underachieving big time, and that lies either at Evans feet for again not investing in a crucial window ( think you are going to get 20k next season? I don't think so! Or at Lamberts for not getting the best out of a expensive at this level squad.

Looks a great deal to sign PL to 5 years now !

The time for talk is over, no more PR , hard work , the right decisions and results are all that matters now.
A little something to see what you know
at 14:54 22 Jan 2020

So Spence is now at Den Haag , this got me thinking as to where other ex Town players were now or what they did after leaving us.

Below are 11 clues to former players ( 10 town and an odd one out who never played for us ..but was heavily linked) . How many can u get? And which clue leads to the odd one out?

1. Became a youth team coach at Cardiff City.
2. Currently a scout at Marseille
3. Became head of International football at a La Liga top division side in 2010.
4. Nearing the end of his career became top goalscorr in the Qatari league.
5. Became manager of a non league team , a team whose ground we have already or will be visiting this season.
6. Dynamo Bucharest was the last team this player played for ,this was in 2019 , currently a free agent.
7. This Hartlepool born player is now a carpenter.
8. Became academy manager at Grimsby Town.
9. Became Asst caretaker manager at Leeds United.
10. Last team this player signed for was FC Haka.
11. Ended his career scoring 1 goal ( the same as he got for us ) in 1996 at Stromgodset in Norway, now owns restaurants in London and Leeds.

How many can you get ?
We've beaten a top 6 side !
at 22:12 14 Jan 2020

Burton away
Statistically speaking
at 13:43 30 Dec 2019

Our recent firm has been poor everyone agrees , so I thought I would look back and see which players were involved in our better performances this season.

For me those were the opening day 1-0 at Burton, the Sunderkand first half especially . The second had wasn't quite as good and the defensive Rick meant it ended level , Shrewsbury at home comfortable early on Fleetwood away , MK Dins away ( when they were mid table) and Gillingham away.
Tranmere , Bolton and Southend I left out as they looked at the time and still look like being involved in a relegation scrap.

Anyway Loki g at this group of results , the players involved the most are Holy all 6 games Skuse 6 Norwood 6 Jackson 6 Downes 6 Chambers 5 Wolf 5 Huws 4 judge 4 V Young 4 Nolan 4 Garbutt 4

Yesterday's woeful performance had Norris , Dozz, Edwards, Wilson, Sears( not fully match fit) Donacien , Keane all involved who do not appear in our most successful players.

A few notes on this, Norris run of games has coincided with a poor run of form and results . Edwards playing has also been poor , only starts against Bolton and Southend helping his average points total upwards .
On the other side Huws has been largely ignored lately no starts and no sub appearances yet earlier in the season he was involved either a start or sub in many of those games.his average points per appearance will be one Of the highest in the squad.
Another player playing in most if the better start to the campaign was Kenlock.

So back to basics means Holy in goal , Skuse and Downes in front of a back 3 or 4 that includes Chambers Wolf or Vincent Young , Garbutt in midfiel in front of Kenlock ,Huws involved , Norwood up top Jackson also playing ( maybe wide right as we have no other player for that role who has been successful)

Right back is the problem position right now ,
Rb wolf Chambers Kenlock
Downes Skuse
Jackson. Huws/Judge. Garbutt
What's gone wrong and what do we need to do?
at 16:06 22 Dec 2019

Let me start by saying I think we have been unfortunate in some games recently , I am not interested in the stat of games without a win, a number of these were cup games were we played weakened teams.
Of the others , Blackpool were given a penalty for a blatant dive that cost us a win.
Against Wycombe the imbecile in the middle ruled out a perfectly good goal which again would have won us the game .
The ref yesterday made ludicrous decisions and lost control , many of those decisions that did go our way, being those where he stopped play to give us a free kick it or throw in our own half allowing Pompey to get back and reorganise, this same ref did exactly the same at Luton.

But we are not playing well, there have been halves of games such as Sunderland And Coventry where we should have been out of site by half time but others where we have struggled to create anything yesterday.

So what do we need to do? A more settled team would help but players in their strongest positions is also a must.
Skuse is not a right back , weak there in the last home again and caught out between trying to be right back and def mid For the goal at Pompey.
He started the season well , but has been nothing like that recently , if he is to play this leads me to my next point. At the start of the season we often played with Skuse and Downes shielding our defence , this led to a long run of games without conceding. Our defence is not top class and needs this protection.
The reason we have moved away from it is to try and play 3 central midd or 4 if the diamond is in use . Nolan for all his neat and tidiness is playing further forward than those 2 but is offering little goal threat , See number of goals assists or passes into the strikers ... Yesterday he had a great chance to shoot but instead chose to pass. Not sure he is strong enough as an attacking player to play there , nor is he good enough defensively to dislodge Skuse and Downes if they are playing well.

Keane does not look to have the killer goal instinct , he is strong with the ball at his feet and often moves far more than anyone else to get the ball under control from throws , his passing and control may mean he could play the role Nolan is playin now IF we persist with a formation that has 3 central mids.

Jackson looks lively out wide , should be tried as a winger instead of the other misfiring option we keep going to in the wide positions, that again set up little in goal chances. I would have Jackson one side and Garbutt on the left , we were much more attack minded with him in a left sided midfield role , fans of the Oxfird team he was on loan at last season also rated him much more there. If this means Kenlock has to come back in, or we get a left back in in Jan.

So a 442 would seem to suit us best with Sears and Norwood up top.

I also think we should try to play to Norwoods strengths , watch some games of him at Tranmere , the ball was played into spaces for him to make runs into , we are not using him to his maximum potential

This means there are some players that we should look to move on, or send back... Judge Georgiou, Roberts , Huws is not getting game time or a chance , Edwards although he fills a slot on the right , is again not creating goals or many chances, nor is he strong enough defensively.
Rowe I would let go, his runs at defences are all too few and far between , lucky to see more than 1 in a game.

There are question marks over others , Bishop now has to prove himself and quickly , Dozz and El Miz likewise, Wilson a no nonsense defender but his passing is atrocious , so why give it to him if we are trying to create. If Kenlock isn't good enough for a league 1 starter , should he be here ? Opposition teams targeted him at the start of the season as he was often out of position , if given another chance he has to sort that out or be allowed to leave.

Currently we have failed to beat any of the other teams in the top 8 , if you include Portsmouth and Sunderland who have been underachieving but will surely end the season in the top 8 , that's the top 10 and we still havent beaten any of them .

Some thought And a plan is needed, our strongest team needs to play together more often , hard work on the training ground, stop the goals going in and create more chances.

I am sure that most fans don't give a monkeys whether the players that are not first choice are happy or not , if it's a choice between promotion and keeping substitute players happy and content , then we know what the fans answer and ultimately Marcus Evans answer will be.

I believe Lambert is the right man , we do need to get back to basics.
Pubs for today
at 06:44 7 Dec 2019

The web site has a guide to Coventry playing at Birmingham and says that most of the pubs near to the ground are open to both home and away fans , the Cricketers near Morrisons ( away end of ground) or George behind what would usually be the home end both let in all fans of either team. Much less of a hike than the ones in Eigburth , that will do for me!
Which positions would you like to see signings in Jan?
at 21:56 23 Nov 2019

I don't think we will see many imcoming signings in Jan and it may be it has to be 1 in 1 out.

Let's say there are 2 positions we could have incoming players...

Which areas of the team would you strengthen and why?

I would go for a striker , we look as toothless as last season with just one up front especially when that one isn't Norwood.We can't rely on Norwood to play every match and Keane hasn't shown enough and Sears is yet to return and may end up playing winger again.

Secondly I would like a left back, this would allow Garbutt to play left mid , where he started the season so well and where he was well thought of and effective fir Oxford last season.
Micky mouse cup next round
at 21:30 12 Nov 2019

If I have understood the rules correctly then we have 4 possible opponents in the next round away from home.

These are
MK Dons
Chelsea U21 .. No idea if they are allowed to play at Stamford Bridge , but are probably playing Charlie Brown

FA Cup
at 15:43 19 Oct 2019

The might of Maldon and Tiptree from close to Col U are 2 up away from home in the last qualifying round of the FA Cup.

That will do for us in Round 1!
Leasing cup v Col U
at 07:05 9 Oct 2019

As we are now through to knockout , would u play your weakest team possible to give players a rest and potentially lose the match and group top spot.. Or would u pick a team to win the group?

From googling, if we win the group, we look to be at home to a 2nd placed team from groups E to H, if we come 2nd we have to travel away to a group winner from E to H.

Teams in groups E to H include Exeter, Plymouth, Bristol Rovers, Newport and Cheltenham and closer to home Peterborough and Northampton.
One of our own
at 21:14 24 Sep 2019

Chelsea u21 drawing 1-1 at Bristol Rov

Goal scorer Charlie Brown
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