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League 1 SCMP
at 07:05 6 May 2021

We may find it harder to recruit the new players we need than we had hoped.

Mentioned in Phil’s piece on Waggy , The league 1 SCMP means we have to adhere to 60% of turnover for salary costs.
The exceptions are players who signed a contract of longer than 3 seasons before relegation or players aged 20 or under on Jan 1st 2021.

Thanks to Evans and Lambert we blew the opportunity we had as a relegated team with less restrictions.

So with this in mind , it seems unlikely Edwards will be here, he may be offered a new contract but likely to be less than the one he signed when we were in the championship , so will be on his way. Unless Cook has decided he maybe worth keeping and Gwion wants to be part of it on lower pay.

For players coming in, this is going to make it tough to sign any players currently in the championship , that any Championship club has an interest in, as we will be outbid on salary.

No restriction on transfer costs in the rules.
but as far as I can see much more likely to be league 1 players coming in.

Hopefully though Ashton knows a few loopholes from his recruitment with Bristol City , and Cook will be an asset in attracting the right players in.

No subject
at 20:52 20 Apr 2021

Too many players going sideways
Too slow
Cra p set pieces
Cross low when u have big players on the pitch
Play 2 small strikers together and then bring on 2 lumps together
The tallest goalie in the league who doesn’t come for any crosses or corners ..call him Dracula
No goals for nearly 9 hours ... in league 1 ffs

I could go on but like the players I can’t be bothered
Set pieces
at 19:52 20 Apr 2021

Get Dozz off them, corners and free kicks , he has taken dozens if not over a hundred this year , how many goals have we scored from them?

If u always do what u have always done , u will always get what u always got.
Striker tonight
at 07:57 20 Apr 2021

If we are playing 1 up top as seems likely , then Jackson has proved time and time again he cannot do that role . Not good in the air , control like a trampoline and if we play it over the top for his speed he has 3 or 4 defenders to beat and our passing isn’t good enough anyway.

Drinan also out of his depth.

Hawkins if fit would be my answer with the midfielders told to get and support him fast as soon as he has won the header and knocked it down

If Hawkins isn’t fit , what do we think about giving Tyreece Simpson or Cutbush a go?

After all, attacking wise, we can’t do any worse than not scoring or having a shot for game after game.
Always look on the bright side
at 17:03 20 Mar 2021

No team above us at the start of play won today. All of them could only draw, so not a disaster.

Our players will get more used to what Cook wants from them and his way of play the more time goes on. They have hardly had a training session up to now with sat tues sat tues games.

Cook will get to know which players can play his way the best.

Our 11 games left only has one against a top half team.

Other teams will have to play each other and take points off each other.

Keep the faith

Dozz in or out
at 22:00 16 Mar 2021

Out for me ,

Not good enough defensively , doesn’t create enough , not a box to box player or a Souness ,
Which 5 players would u want in the squad next season ?
at 21:59 16 Mar 2021

1. Norwood
2. Downes
3. Edwards

That’s it for me ... if pushed I would add Vincent Young and Dobra

If we don’t go up , ( by some fluke) then we need a mass clear out

That was s h I t e
at 21:42 16 Mar 2021

Bring back our loan players , Pryzbek Ndaba Folami Mcgavin
at 18:37 13 Mar 2021

Played three at the back today..

2 of which are Callum Connolly and Donacien.... is he allowed to play against us ?
What does Gary Roberts do tonight ?
at 17:53 2 Mar 2021

As he will have been involved with Accrington in the run up to this game ...

Dies he sit quietly..not saying a word ?

Or tell on what tactics Accrington are going to use? What weaknesses they think we have that they were going to exploit? Where Accrington’s weaknesses are ?
Feelin much more positive
at 13:21 2 Mar 2021

A new manager with a great record ,

And after tonight we have 16 games left, only 2 against teams in the current top 9 ( one of those at home) and 12 are against the current bottom 11 ...

E I E I E I Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh
Manager candidate
at 17:54 20 Feb 2021

I don’t think I have seen this guy mentioned

Made the playoffs , would Instill professionalism and fighting spirit

Would you have
Joey Barton in charge here?

Spot the odd one out
at 17:29 20 Feb 2021

About 2 months ago, three teams were crying out for a managerial change

Spot the odd one out

Had to rest the players tonight, ...
at 21:27 9 Feb 2021

We have 6 meaningless games at the end of the season , that we need players to be fit for ..
Four changes and a change of formation ....
at 21:17 9 Feb 2021

And this what we got last season

And it’s the same again

The full backs were a step up last weekend ... ohhh but they are tired , need to use the squad .., we have lots of games ... so they get dropped and the same old crap happens again
Sack him now!
at 21:03 9 Feb 2021

For any team his record is rubbish ., for a team with the biggest or 2nfd biggest budget in any division it’s utter c r a p

Any other team he would have gone long ago.
Time to cancel season tickets
at 20:38 30 Jan 2021

Been a season ticket holder for many seasons but the time is coming to cancel my 3 season tickets .

I never thought it would come to this , I have watched every game this season .... but there is no sign of progress just endless excuses, the same lame tactics, hardly any game is enjoyable to watch , fewer shots on goal then even when MM was here and this at league 1 level.

We get deluded rubbish from the manager and an owner who does not listen to his customers...

Next season without promotion we wont be able to afford the squad we have , so many players that are out of contract, it will be a team of kids trying to get out of this division without any of the advantages a big crowd and bigger income gives.

The time for change was at the very latest 3 games ago, since then we have 1 point and have fallen even further behind. Fans knew this would happen. As sure as night follows day with our pitiful haul of points in the last dozen games , it happened.

I will give it to Monday to see if Evans gets a grip but if not I press the button on cancel.

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