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If you were PL, What would you focus on in training this week?
at 17:31 19 Jan 2019

Some ideas.

Fitness... Amount of time we struggle in second half
Half time team talks
Defending set pieces
Gelling in new players
Attacking set pieces
Goalkeeping distribution to defenders

Or something else.........???
Norwich beer ban
at 14:32 19 Jan 2019

I am struggling to understand this.

The majority of ITFC bans had nothing to do with the idiots or the incident , so why are we being punished?

A ban in the stadium will just mean more fans drinking outside of the ground, potentially causing more widespread issues all over the place.

Other derbies have had far worse incidents, arrests, violence it what u will and do not have an alcohol ban.

Sort it out Evans... Fast!
at 17:00 31 Dec 2018

Everyone has known for weeks we would be adrift at the bottom as the Jan transfer window opened. Was just a matter of how many points behind we were.

This is not new news , nor a surprise.

For weeks PL has been saying we need help.

For weeks it has been clear we need those players at the start of the window , so we can gel them and more importantly so the piss our bunch we have at the moment don't lose more games and become more adrift...meaning we need an even greater points per game for the ones left.

I can recall saying in November that we should be doing those deals now and it would mean we will have to pay over the odds to get clubs, players and agents to commit .. That is the cost of the policy in the summer and of the results this season. Selling clubs don't need to do the deal now, they can happily wait till the end of Jan, put simply, we can't wait, we have to put our hands in our pockets and bite the billet now.

So, today on the eve of the window opening, I am seriously underwhelmed. PL is not his normal self, Sky sports news are continually running headlines of players signing for this and that club... Can La Parra to Boro, Motherwell signing Ross McCormack.qpr recall Manning from Rotherham. Doncaster agree deal for Sheffield Utd reserve striker etc etc.

Where's the news on imminent transfers in and the help we need? A young Leicester full back and an unfit winger on trial.
What the hell is going on at PR?

Evans sort it out and fast , OK new players can't play tomorrow , but there's every chance we will lose at Accrington , confidence will be rock bottom despite PL's best efforts at positivity if that does happen.

Players need to be in for that next game v Rotherham or things could turn very negative against ME IMO.

What to do in Jan? So many questions
at 11:55 30 Dec 2018

Would you sell players that are not good enough for what we need this season... If so who?

Or would you keep them in the hope they are good enough for league 1?

If making players available , who would you actively look to push out ( via agents) to free up wage space and transfer fees?

How many players would you bring in, are we looking at a complete change like Hursts in the summer?

I recall Mick bringing in 7 or 8 the year Huws joined when We weren't safe.( I can see this happening again) . That season I think we brought in Rowe and Moore as cheap punts tho, not what we need now. we sit on our hands and do nothing...and/or play the kids?

Ref tomorrow
at 16:11 28 Dec 2018

Geez , it's that plonker who sent Nsiala off at Wednesday and was also the idiot who gave 3 penalties at Reading a couple of years back including the one in the last minute ...for pulling in the box!

Wow just wow
Is PL better than PH?
at 17:24 26 Dec 2018

That performance today together with Lamberts comments about seeing a different ITFC side to the one outplayed at home got me thinking.

Same players, similar performance and result.

So is Lambert any better than Hurst.

Playing poorly, creating nothing, defence a shambles, individual errors.

All those can be levelled at both.

We say see a future improvement the longer we play the PL system. Maybe.

Yes, Lambert is bringing positivity but its making little difference on the pitch.

Hurst brought in poor players , this seems to be where PL can show he can make a big difference.
PH was pony at bringing in players , so if PL is going to show he is better...then tbe time is now.

Positive responses welcomed!
[Post edited 26 Dec 2018 17:25]
Half Time subs and formation change
at 15:45 26 Dec 2018

Like to see us go 442 with Lankester and Harrison up top. Sears and Lankester could interchange as needed.

Dozz for Downes cos we need someone to create a chance too.

If we get back in with one then Gwion for Ward later in game.

That is all.
Kayden and Donacien going back
at 19:57 3 Dec 2018

They should be able to tell us what to expect!

After match thoughts
at 11:02 2 Dec 2018

First up I think Forest are the best team I have seen this season. Ahead of Boro who much like Forest took their foot off the gas when 2 up. Wba third best from the games against us.

So with that in mind giving them a goal start was effectively shooting ourselves in the foot again.

Anyway, the main point of this thread was to say I was chatting with Forest fans after the game as we walked across the bridge going over the Trent. I asked them what they thought of us.
They were surprised that we hadn't set up with ten behind the ball as every other team at the bottom gas this season in games against them.
They also thought we were the poorest side they had seen, and thirdly that our heads dropped and there was no belief in the team, no one with flair to make things happen.
They said you could see we were beaten early on , to my mind, this was also evident when the third goal went vs Bristol City in midweek, we never looked like coming back from it.

So, is there a time when we should go to ten behind the ball, like MM , and grind out a point or two? Or are we too far behind?

It's a difficult time indeed, everyone can see we need players , but where are they going to come from?
Journeymen pros from the championship?
Apparent Star young loanees from the Premier league ....errrr... like Chalobah and Edun?
More players stepping up from league 1?
Expensive quality players lured by Labert and Evans chequebook?

And are they going to want to join a team likely ten points from safety at the start of Jan?

I hope PL has is better at evaluating and attracting players than PH was, he needs to be a genius!

Keep the faith , support the team, that's our part in this!
What next?
at 00:16 29 Nov 2018

Bart...what's happened to you? Drop
Spence. Nothing needs saying . Drop.
Chambo, only still in the team due to lack of options.
Pennington. Average. No rtf foot but playing on the left side. Could have stopped goal at hull and against WBA and 3rd one tonight he decided he was keeper alongside Bart. Drop.
Jonas. Oh god. Drop or try him at left sided centre back.
Skuse. Played well within his own limitations.
Chalobah. Absolute pony. Not our player not up for the fight. Drop and send back.
Downes. Not good enough yet, poor set pieces yet he's taking them. May have to play due to lack of options but otherwise drop.
Edwards. Flatters to deceive, not enough end product at this level. Drop.
Sears. Played well.
Roberts, tried his best looks indecisive, not up to it. Drop.

Best team I can muster in the current formation

Crowe/Cotter Chambo Jonas kenlock
Skuse Downes Dozzell/bishop
Lankester Harrison / Sears

I can't say it looks great, but pretty much any combination is going to struggle.

Could recall Nydam as he's not playing and put him straight in the team
If Harrison sent fit replace with Folani.

Trying to be positive but these are sad times.

Well done Dusseldorf
at 18:12 24 Nov 2018

Played away at Bayern Munich today and scored 2 late goals to draw 3-3 including a hat trick.
Bart. Something to work on.
at 14:55 24 Nov 2018

Weakness at near post , especially down to his left.

Seen it a few times, scum away is another one that springs to mind .

Hope the new goalie coach can help him there.
Reading view
at 08:32 11 Nov 2018

Checked out the Reading fans forum, Hob nob anyone , and they are complimentary about us.

Best team they had seen all season based on how strong our first half was especially. Also ' fair play to Ipswich, they came in their numbers today'

I think the changes we have seen in two weeks are immense, still things to work on, but a huge improvement on what was being served up game after game.

What a difference a manager makes.
Last international break to this one
at 18:08 20 Oct 2018

Last international break we were in the bottom 3 if not last... however we chose not to work hard during that break and give the players (and coaching staff) time off.

We returned with a woeful performance at Hull, by far the worst of the season..( until today) and got beaten easily by the other worst team in the league

Today, we return after an international break and are terrible, and PH says in his pre match interview that the players worked less than in the last break.

We are not top of the league, we should be using the time we have the players together to work on set pieces defending , team work as well as the apparent fitness that we are all now so good at.

Why didnt we?

Why didnt we spot any weaknesses that we xould exploit in a bang average QPR team?
Bring back Klug
at 17:33 20 Oct 2018

No direction, no progress , saw more of both of those in Klugs 4 games in charge than in Hursts 14.

No hope with PH in charge.
Second half subs blind optimism
at 16:01 20 Oct 2018

At the start of the game , the only changes i would have made were knudsen for pennington and bart for gerken.

Where we are now, donacien needs to be right back or nit play simple as that. Pennington offers nothing,as a full back..has been sent off and skinned in the last 2 away games...he may or may not be better thab nsiala or chambo theres nothing in it.

Ward has offered not a lot on the wibg, but neither has anyone else save possibly sears with his 2 assists for 2 edwards goals.

So its pennington off for knudsen , ward off for jackson. Sears to the left , maybe MM got sears right after all.

Keep the last sub back u may want to have a look at lankester later
Swansea Pubs
at 10:36 5 Oct 2018

Off to Swansea tomorrow, setting off today for the mammoth trip.

Never been before, any recommendations on where the hardy few ITFC fans making the trip will head for?
Had enough
at 22:35 2 Oct 2018

Time to go now Hurst.

11 league games without a win does not happen by chance..
Out of the cup
Where are our academy players?
Where is Bart one of tbe top keepers in the division?
Our system is rubbish , goals conceded most games , lack of shots or threat up front.
New Players brought in , poor at best , certainly no better than what we had

Give the job back to klug short term and then give it to Holloway. Attacking football , keeps poor teams up , played and developed youngsters at QPR last season

Act now ME , i know u have done a lot of work to get PH ...but its not working, simple as that
Team tonight
at 13:12 2 Oct 2018

Outsiders view of what our team should be tonight.

See whose missing ?
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