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Evans Read this
at 22:34 26 Jan 2021

Forget sendings off covid and all the other BS.

Facts we are 13 points behind a Lincoln side with one game in hand
If Doncaster win their games in hand we will be the same behind them .
We have the highest paid manager in the division
We have if not the biggest budget them the 2nd biggest due to you .
We finished 11th last season with the same advantages and favourable rules due to relegation.

All of that is massive under performance.

You may have continuity as one of your core principles but you have put your faith in the wrong man , he played you to get a 5 year contract , the results before that contract and since have been the same namely awful .

33% win rate with most of that stewardship in league 1 is an absolute joke for a club of our size and history .

If you want the fans behind you and this club and buying season tickets for next season ..he has to go.... the same happened at Villa and look where they are now they recovered after Lamberts tenure.
Time to be optimistic?
at 23:20 8 Jan 2021

With Accrington winning at Charlton to build on their already great start and now top 6 with games in hand , our win versus them looks a whole lot better ..they have only lost 4.

Add to that the win over Shrewsbury since then they have taken points off lots of the fancied teams..

And we have injured players back or very close to being back .

Is it too soon
at 16:52 20 Dec 2020

To say

Free the Ipswich 9!
What happens first?
at 17:02 12 Dec 2020

Lambert gets sacked?

Judge gets dropped from the whole 18?

Should have been 7
at 16:59 12 Dec 2020

Two hit the bar ,
Marquis free header start of 2nd half
First half, shot from an unmarked Pompey player when the ball went down the left and was cut back to him, and he put it wide..should have done better

2 cracking saves from Cornell tipping shots round away

Would we ever p,any like that under Lambert even with a full strength side ...no way

Get used to league 1 football , under these 2 clowns

Lambert out
And if Marcus won’t Dothan .. then he goes too
Will Brenner
at 16:54 12 Dec 2020

Have the balls to ask why take Jackson off when you’re two down

How have u ended up with 2 big strikers on , and Jackson off
Learn a lesson Evans
at 15:51 12 Dec 2020

Sunderland were just outside top 6 but knew they weren’t playing well or going to get the promotion they want and need ( the same as us)

So they.change the manager and are currently 3 up at the 2nd placed team.

Sort it out.

Lambert out
Spin doctor 1st class
at 23:20 1 Dec 2020

4 points off top spot .. well yes technically at the moment PRP.

2 games in hand for Hull makes that already a potential huge 10 point gap ... whoever the new manager is will have to some to close that gap...

Is Marcus stupid enough to swallow that bs , along with the other bs he was fed in giving Lambert a 5 year contract in the first place ?

The case for Lambert
at 00:51 24 Nov 2020

We are third in the table.

We have a way of playing that runs through every team at the club, an identity is being built, we will get better the more we play it (and see point 4 , below regarding first choice players. )

We were very unlucky with decisions against us away to Lincoln and away to Sunderland , could easily have had 3 more points than we have .

We have a number of injuries , saturday we lost Nolan and bishop injured to add to a not fully fit Norwood , injured top scorer Gwion , injured right back Vincent Young which in turn impacts central defence and Dozzell suspended .. thats 6 players from what is arguably our first choice team.

We have already seen MM hounded out for results football, ( and look where that got us) yet at the moment we ‘fans ‘ seem to want to hound out another manager gettin results ... yes it was a rubbish finish To last season, it does not mean it will be this season.

We outplayed Sunderland from 30 minutes on, including with ten men, and we had a right go at Pompey with our reserves against their 1st team , beaten only by an offside goal.

I am not a happy clapper, and heaven knows I can’t see why Sears is picked .... but let’s be positive, if it goes right , enjoy the ride ...if it goes wrong , we can criticise then and Lambert will be gone , but for now let’s do what it says on the supporters tin..and support.

Is it really that important to be able to say I told you so...if it does go wrong ?
Wouldn’t it be great to say i told you so when we get promoted?
Who would u have back?
at 21:36 10 Nov 2020

Given a choice would you have Hurst , Keane , Jewell, or Magilton back instead of Lambert?


Or are they all wrong uns?

I have left MM off this list as the thread would get dominated by an MM debate.

at 21:14 10 Nov 2020

I can’t get over the apathy we as fans have allowed to creep into our club.

No one seems the least bit bothered by tonight’s or Saturdays team selection and the results that came from it.

Pick a team to win the game , I don’t think so ... pick a team to lose the games more like.
Has to go
at 21:12 10 Nov 2020

Lambert has thrown all of the cups, all he has left is the league.

Fail to get us promoted now and there are no excuses , he has to go.

Let’s hope he knows what he is doing......
Cup games team selection
at 14:17 7 Nov 2020

Why is it , we always put a weak team out?
Other teams never make as many changes as us... Portsmouth haven’t made any changes at all... no wonder they have good cup runs ...and we’ve don’t.
No matter who the manager is , it’s always the same , it’s gone on so long now , we fans just let them away with it... No one says anything...it isn’t a surprise when we make 9 or 10 changes every time.

If it was so we could see an improved league position I could understand it, but we never do see that either ... every season we go out of the cups at the first or 2nd attempt and we still have a crap season.
The first team won’t play until 21st November , they should be playing today.
Enjoy being top but should PRP make changes
at 17:23 26 Sep 2020

In the centre of defence , scares against poor teams. Wilson’s passing is awful.
Sears has been poor , and if he does keep his place , can someone else take any free kicks we get in dangerous areas.

PRP says players playin well keep the shirt ... so do we keep these players in until we play a better team and it goes wrong and we get beat or do we play our strongest team and make changes now?

Lambert and lack of signings
at 10:55 7 Aug 2020

Coincidence or is his recent record now an inhibiting factor to getting good players to want to play under him?
Wage cap
at 00:05 26 Jul 2020

If I am reading this correctly , any players who sign s contract before August 4th are exempt from any wage cap calculation that comes in as they count as an u der 21.

So therefore should we be buying or at least signing players before that date?
Why is Marcus persevering with PL?
at 10:30 20 Jul 2020

If anyone needs a reminder of how strongly Ipswich fans felt about Lamberts ineptitude , take a look at Alex GRiffin’s video on you tube of the Portsmouth v ipswich game last season, watch the match highlights (such a season they are) , enjoy a team selection with Norris Nsiala Judge etc , and then go to 13mins onwards to be reminded of just how badly Lambert did... made me shudder.

So why is he still here?

At a time when when salary cap is seemingly coming this season or next which means the bigger teams will have no income advantage , we must get out of league 1, before the trapdoor closes and we are stuck here for ever. So why trust that important task to a manager with his record here over a season and a half? There’s not been any green shoots of progress or year on year progress... we are going backwards...too easy to blame Hurst when Lambert has been here 5 or 6 times as long.

His PR skills at getting the crowds back will not work any more. Evans will see crowds and income reduce hugely ( even without a Covid effect) , if more of the same the same is served up next season , and the season after does not bare thinking about.

So why ?

A manager who wants to be sacked for the pay off
at 23:26 3 Mar 2020

And an owner who won't sack him cos he don't want to pay him off .

The only explanation for the crap nearly half a season of results and poor performance with no action taken.
[Post edited 3 Mar 2020 23:47]
Utter pants rant
at 23:23 3 Mar 2020

1. The formation don't matter says PL so why stick to a formation with too many players not in their best positions?
2. Why play Wolf at right back sat in a 4 man defence and Donacien at wing back tonight ? Suits neither of them.
3. Back to bloody squad rotation...it don't work...learn.
4. How many Times did we lump the ball to their giant defender ? If u must lump it , lump it out wide away from the big fella. Learn after the first time.
5. Wilson plays we don't win ...learn.
6. How many goals in this team before kick off? Learn it isnt Suddenly going to change for no reason.
7. Keane up front against huge defender,( he can't win a header against a normal sized defender) ball must be played on ground to give him any chance ...learn.
8. If PL must play the players chosen tonight , then pick the right system, 442 or 4231 both would have had more players in natural positions. We didn't even change when it was apparent it wasnt working... Half time 0 shots 0 on target and 1 down. This is not new, we don't have many shots on target against any of the better league 1 sides . Learn.

QED the manager is clueless
[Post edited 4 Mar 2020 0:04]
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