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Blah blah blahs on fire....
at 14:12 29 Aug 2019

So what are we doing about songs for our strikers?

Last season Will Keane's on fire
This season we start out with Norwoods on fire?

So now we have Keane back too....

Should we just go the whole 9 yards and start up Jackson's on fire ....

That way our fans won't have to struggle with learning new words .........
Main cause of last night poor start?
at 09:05 21 Aug 2019

1.Was it the formation? We played 451/ 433 a number of times at the at start of Lambos time here( before Jan transfer window) and it hasn't worked .
2. Was it the players? Did we have too many who have yet to show a top performance in the same team or contribute consistently over 90 minutes instead of once or twice a match?
Donacien, Kenlock, Wilson, El Miz, Dozz, Rowe. Most teams have 1 or 2 at most when resting or developing players. Someone said to me before the game, this looks like a cup team and we know what happens then and it did.
When we took 3 of those off and went 442, we looked a different beast.
3. Was it the opposition ... Wimbledon getting everyone behind the ball? If so, we need to do something different whether it be 442 or something else a lot of other teams are going to come here and do exactly the same.
4. Was it the manager ? Did Lambo get some of the above wrong and also underestimate the opposition or overestimate our capabilities?
at 13:29 8 Aug 2019

Last week Burton were favourites to beat us at home, this week Sunderland are favourites to win at our place.

Bookies don't seem to rate our chances
at 12:34 7 Aug 2019

They still have tickets available for the game on Saturday.

If they can't sell out the away allocation , there won't be many in league 1 who do.
Players in
at 22:51 18 Jul 2019

I think we will be lucky to see 1 new incoming player before the season starts , which is going to make it very tough to have a good start given the lack of experienced players especially at the back.

I think I saw that the Premier and championship transfer windows close before league 1, so likely those teams will do their business and will then decide which players they still have that are surplus , not in their plans or young enough to need experience from a loan and because the transfer window is closed for bigger clubs, the loan fees being asked for will be much lower as no team will be able to afford bigger loan fees.

So these injuries have really come at the wrong time.
Tough start , PL better have them ready.
at 10:00 20 Jun 2019

Away to Burton relegated from Championship season before last.
Sunderland at home..according to the bookies our toughest home fixture of the season.
Peterborough away, have brought in several players in early paying fees too, another tough away game.

if we go into these 3 half fit, not ready or without our squad fully in place , we could find ourselves struggling and Lambert under pressure and who knows where that will lead by October.

PL , ME and O'Neill must get the preparation right m get any new players in a sap and not at the end of August ( or you could find players saying thanks but no thanks to a team near the bottom of league 1 at that stage and be ready for this division from the off.

Get these things right and we can be near the top from the off.

Busy weeks ahead!
at 23:04 18 Jun 2019

I have been watching the South American Copa America.... which as a major tournament is using VAR .

From what I have now seen over a number of games VAR is going to ruin football as a fans experience.

Many decisions goals, penalties , offsides are checked causing a stop start stop start game. It's also the length of the pauses , always 2/3 mins , the longest was 6 minutes! These are top class international refs too.

It sometimes seems like every time there's a goal before the fans can celebrate and enjoy the goal, the ref is signalling VAR... Stopping the mass joy in its tracks.

Add to that the new handball rules , and it's not looking like improvement fo me.

Guess we won't have VAR in league 1?
The premier league could turn into a farce if the delays are as long.

What does everyone else think?

African Cup of Nations Finals
at 01:48 9 Jun 2019

The finals of this tournament start in a couple of weeks in Egypt and may now affect ITFC.

Premier league players such as Salah have been named in their countries squads.

There must be a good chance that El Mizouni will be picked as he made his debut for the full Tunisian team yesterday, as yet their squad is not listed anywhere, and if picked this may make him unavailable at the start of the season for us.

Their manager is Alain Giresse , a quality midfield player in his time.

The 24 team tournament will be on Eurosport.
at 22:09 7 May 2019

Back in court tomorrow and the deal to buy them is dead in the water , so apparently are expected to enter administration ( and trigger 12 point penalty for next season) instead of running the risk of extinction.
Lambert..preferred way of playing for next season
at 12:10 3 May 2019

It's occurred to me that we may go back to playing out from the back with the centre halfs splitting.

It didn't work earlier and was rightly disposed of.

However the younger teams play that way, and it's been said we want one way of playing through all ages so players can step up easily.
Add to that the rumour mill being underway with getting a new keeper in during the summer and Harry Wright being second choice ( good with his feet and distribution) , and Bart and Gerks not being great playing that way and it would not be surprising.

What does this mean further forward ? Judge central , so to avoid the full back being left exposed? 1 up top, being a player who can hold play up and bring the attacking midfielders in... If so, we need a couple of forwards as only Keane looks to be able to do that and he may or may not be here.

If we were to play a diamond with Judge at the tip, then the full backs need to be strong players to be able to defend well and also get up and down.

We may need 4 or 5 players in.
Bolton takeover collapses
at 21:18 2 May 2019

Admin or liquidation look the only options now, looks like a points deduction if they survive
Evans and Lambert read this, annoyed and just back from Sheffield
at 22:43 27 Apr 2019

1. Today's game.
Most of their attacking p,any came down the wings.... Yet we wete slow to react , even from throws or corners ,too slow, outnumbered and another cross goes into the box...
2.So is it our players cannot follow simple tactics of is it that they weren't told to?
Even Harry from Bath's report makes it clear that's where there strength is.. Tactically off the pace.
Most managers who come into a club do not get given the time PL has had , and definitely not with the poor results he has produced.
I think we would have got more points with Hurst...would have been hard not to.
Look at what Wilder has done at The Blades... I am sure he had just as many players who weren't up to it but found a system and instilled it quickly , all I have heard is too much BS.
3. Sick and tired of going to away games where the football is the low spot of the day ,had a great day today...until the football..... give us something to support, give the kids that go something to enjoy or we will lose them, the highlight this season has come from the fans , the atmos generated by the fans, the players and manager zilch.
4. Lambert said in an interview a few months ago , that while he was out of work that he went to Germany and spoke to a coach he knew well ( reported on twtd I believe ) and had took away from that to stick to what he believed in and it would work. Well it hasn't worked, it took far too long to ditch the playing out from the back that our players were incapable of doing and we are still persisting with this formation that neither makes us defensively secure nor offers much if any shots or attacking menace. Time to rethink.
5. No thank you to Will Keane either , off injured again, happened far too often in his career, we need a target man who can hold the ball up and who will play 40 games next season.
5. Don't play Jackson up top alone ever again , it's beyond a joke.

at 20:12 24 Apr 2019

Interesting piece on the relative strengths of clubs academy's.

One Prem player if I am reading it correctly.
[Post edited 24 Apr 20:13]
Season ticket numbers sold
at 10:50 23 Apr 2019

Think it would make a lot of sense for the club and supporters to publish a running total of number of season tickets sold and days left to go to the deadline.

I spoke to a couple of supporters yesterday that were undecided but they both said if they knew we were getting close to a further price reduction, that it would swing their decision to get a season ticket for next season.

Both said price was the main reason , so lets hope the club can do this and update every 2 or 3 days, and build the fan base and create desire to be part of the new future.

Anybody know when the direct debit automatic renewals will get added into the total?
Where's the money going?
at 08:40 20 Apr 2019

We were outclassed by a Preston team yesterday that has an average home attendance of 3000 less than us , so if this is a division all about money , then either we are wasting money hand over fist of they are making the very best use of there's.

For the record we are currently 14th on average attendance for this season and of the team's below us in that table , none are receiving parachute payments. So would it not be reasonable in that simplistic view to expect to be around 14th if all things were equal and income being used averagely.

So , if we have an experienced manager on a reasonable mid championship wage, where is the rest of the money going?

I cannot see many players in our squad who would be classed as high earners?
Or are we overpaying some average players?
Or do we have far too many poor players being paid average wages and are a drain when added altogether...
Or is it something else ??
What a shambles
at 15:35 19 Apr 2019

Another goal conceded from a cross from the left hand side.

Kenlock nowhere near it.
Poor defensive header from Nsiala , and an even worse one from Emmanuel.

And 2 down in 25 mins despite playing 2 def mids.

Think this team ( and especially the defence) is good enough for league 1 , think again
Next season.
at 12:03 31 Mar 2019

It more likely to me we will need some new players in the summer.

Currently we are miles adrift of the other 2 relegated teams and yet everyone is optimistic about next season , cos the younguns will do it for us.

How exactly are they going to be 15 points better next season than Rotherham?

It's not practical and I don't think anyone wants to see another summer of ins and outs like last season, so if we had to limit to 4 ins, what position or sorts of player would you go shopping for?

For me, a solid right back , a proven experienced versatile striker , an experienced tough tackling gee em up vocal midfielder, a left footed defender that can play full back or centre half.

This probably means 3/4 players apart from those out of contract also need to go.

Jackson or Harrison

Who would you be prepared to lose?

First goal yesterday
at 11:49 31 Mar 2019

Who or what was the cause of the first goal yesterday?

Was it an excellent defence splitting pass we could do nothing about?
Was Kenlock to blame for standing off the player and simply blocking the run down the line,( both Hull wingers wanted to cut in not go wide) , this cause Nsiala to have to come across and mark the player on Kenlocks right, putting Nsiala out of position.
This in turn meant Chambo had to come across to mark the forward the ball was passed to, before he let it run. Was Chambo to blame for being too slow or not seeing it in time?
When it ran through Bree then had to rush to get to the forward receiving the ball, was it his fault for being out of position?
Chalobah too far up , to close the scorer down? His fault?
Skuse? What was he doing?
Edwards , not close enough to tackle or stop the apparent defence splitting pass in the first instance. His fault?

Or all if the above?

Answers , thoughts and views ?
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