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Royal Mail a shining light of Privatisation.
at 19:40 8 Apr 2024

Interesting article on the above.

An asset owned by you and me flogged off like plenty of other things and being destroyed in front of our eyes.
Jack Taylor
at 18:35 2 Apr 2024

He’s had his critics on here. And tbh I wasn’t sure whether it was going to work out but he was excellent last night. He made a big difference at both ends of the field and his first time through ball to Broadhead cut them in two.

Should he start Saturday instead of Luongo?
Leeds Manager Interview
at 22:33 29 Mar 2024

Dear oh dear. Poor Leeds, brilliant point gained in adversity. They were the only club to lose players to the International break, only a day to train, travel, blah blah blah.

Ok, he looks like the bloke executed in the Green Mile and set fire to in Con Air with that weird thatch hairdo, but jeez. How many players do they have? How much did their forward line cost?

Trying to play victim when you’ve had the run they’ve had and all the money, all the advantages smacks of arrogant entitlement. Tool.
[Post edited 29 Mar 22:39]
Right to Buy Insanity
at 09:08 26 Mar 2024

Attached is an article on the above.

It summarises the above. The disastrous consequences, like flogging off water, gas and leccy (that we already owned) were obvious at the time.
The Last 20 Minutes
at 07:43 6 Mar 2024

Including the eight minutes extra time the 20 mins after BC made it 2-1 were extraordinary. We’d struggled to get anywhere against a good Bristol City side then all hell broke loose. The thing that impressed me most though was after Davis made it 3-2.

Instead of shutting the door as is normal, we set about trying to bury them like a bone in the back yard in additional time. I can’t recall seeing a team do that in those circumstances.

What a team.
Scale of Achievement
at 13:04 4 Mar 2024

Shamelessly stolen from the Leeds forum:

‘Between 2004-05 and 2022-23, only eight teams have had 72 or more points after 34 matches in a Championship season and never more than one in any season. All of those eight teams won the league.

This season, there are three: Leicester (78), Leeds (72) and Ipswich (72). Obviously, at least two of them won’t be winning the title’

Given we were in L1 last year, wow.

I wonder what the stat for 75 points from 35 matches is?
Plymouth don’t like us much.
at 17:47 2 Mar 2024

According to one of the Pasoti forum faithfull:

‘We didn't punish them when we were on top, and they score a fluke goal that knocks the stuffing out of us. There's not an awful lot that can be done about the second.

Ipswich have done it all season - been second best for large spells and come out on top with fluke goals, own goals, penalties, missed pens, offside goals, legitimate opposition goals disallowed. Sunderland, Coventry, us (twice), but the list goes on. Good luck to them, if they get what they want this year, they'll finish 20th next season and be playing us again 👍’’

Others feel the ref was in our pocket and our disgraceful intimidatory play went unpunished.

Phil: I think you need to rewrite your report and the club buy 14000 tissues for their meagre support to wipe away the tears.

Plymouth begin to irritate me now. They’re in trouble too, looking at the table.

Oh dear, never mind, as Windsor Davis would say.
[Post edited 2 Mar 17:48]
Kieran McKenna Post Match
at 23:05 20 Feb 2024

He never puts a foot wrong in those interviews. After the ups and downs of a game it would have been easy for him to say to much, to bury the ref (deserved), go OTT Cook-style but no, He emphasised what went right while recognising how difficult the last week has been and what went wrong.

He also made the point it wasn’t for lack of effort and that human beings will make mistakes. Basically, if you are a player and you see that you know McKenna has your back, even if he does give you the hairdryer treatment in his office.

He really appears to have the skill set to become a top top manager.
[Post edited 20 Feb 23:06]
Post Office Who to Believe
at 23:22 19 Feb 2024

The ex Post Office Chair or Business Secretary Badenoch?

Well given only 33 claims have been fully settled and the government has only been poked into any action thanks to a tv programme and what I’ve seen of what they do in the past, I think my money is on the ex Post Office Chair.

For them, the truth is for mugs, plebs and nobodies. Politics and their view of the world (an opportunity to fill their boots) is the only game in town.

The Post Office scandal is one of the worst ever and the victims of this appalling miscarriage of justice are still being treated like dirt.
Ground Capacity
at 07:22 19 Feb 2024

There are some interesting stats on attendances in the attached.

Most noticeable is the percentage of the ground filled. Ours is the highest at 97%. That as much as anything else to me shows how good the work is by the ticketing people to re-sell unsold blocks of away section allocation. It all makes a difference.

As for our average attendance: remarkable. I wonder what it’d be if the capacity was greater. I’ve always thought approx 33k was enough. But is it?
[Post edited 19 Feb 13:49]
Post Office Scandal
at 08:46 13 Feb 2024

Attached is the latest link on this.

This scandal is beyond belief. Everything I read on it disgusts me. Fujitsu, that rubbish company who have tied up politicians in a neat little bow while raking in millions of yours and my money repeated their apology. Oh, that’s ok then. Thanks for the apology. All better now.

Apart from the many people who’ve had their lives ruined.

If ever a person deserved to be facing a criminal trial after the Public Enquiry, it’s Paula Vennells. But it won’t happen. There are too many bigger fish up the food chain, all the way to number 10, that’d be in the spotlight.

It’s easier to cover up than expose when you have weak laws. Ford’s ecoboost engines are a good example. Fords are getting hammered by legal cases in America because of failure of these. They don’t even make the parts to repair them, as my mate’s daughter recently found out when her five year old car took four months to repair at a cost of over £2k.

All Ford’s energy is in dealing with America and what’s being thrown at them there. The U.K.? Who cares. Here they are legally untouchable. A bit like their rotten engines should be.
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