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at 16:38 19 Apr 2019

Travel all this way for this

Season ticket question
at 17:41 17 Apr 2019

By what date do current season ticket holder have to renew before they become available to buy by anyone?
Is it the early bird date or earlier?
If my Name was Marcus Evans
at 15:44 15 Apr 2019

I was 55 years old......
Had a wealth of nearly 900,000,000 tied up in businesses what would i do?

Would i sell off a company and use those monies towards my real passion?
Do i really need 900,000,000 at my time of life?
What would my children want me to do for the club as they are big supporters?
...or am i really not that bothered as i portray i am and blowing smoke

I would have to put my money where my mouth is or find someone who would.
New beginnings ? or beginning of the end?
at 17:19 14 Apr 2019

Evans you must live in your own little bubble or are just deluded if you think most believe a word that comes out of your mouth.

It’s your third statement in 10 years, all read the same and all three as far is I’m concerned are there to blow smoke up supporters and their hard earned money to continue to believe

Either step up with actions or just go, sell us for £1 to somebody who will care and invest because they care about the supporters, staff and club as a whole.

I’m buying 4 season ticket next year, not for you but for the club because as far as I’m concerned we need to put in what you continually dont.

It’s not what you’re going to do it’s wbout what you haven’t for 10+ very long years.
We really are dog poop hey
at 15:39 13 Apr 2019

why o why do we keep playing 4-3-3

We have played 4-4-2 twice against derby and stoke and were unlucky not to win both then it changes back. PL knows more than me but dont get it.
at 10:51 13 Apr 2019

His negligence is the reason why we are where we are.

One of the richest people in the UK and we get treated like this.

Yep woken up 😡 and hurting this morning

I don’t care what anybody says, he’s ruined us!!

Mr Cobbold and Mr Robson will be turning in their graves at the way we have been mismanaged and neglected. Shame on you Evans!!!!!
[Post edited 13 Apr 10:54]
Big Rumours of new owner and Judge deal near on done
at 20:23 1 Apr 2019

An announcement just before season ticket news?
Where’s bishop? 🙁 (n/t)
at 14:27 30 Mar 2019

The tide is turning,
at 17:13 16 Mar 2019

Strangely proud to be a Town fan, Our extended pre-season has already began and although we are not totally sure who will leave in the summer we can be thankful that Evans has done something correct in respect of the academy with so much talent coming through.

If we can sell Bart for £2m+ and keep hold of Will Keane and Alan Judge, Mr Lambert will have a great base to work from. PL has already side a little more experience will be needed to help the young men along the way.

One thing i feel we do need is a fox in the box. Perhaps give Darren Bent a trial and full pre-season?.... Hes just turned 35 and will still be class at L1 level. He's not to old when you look at D.Murpy playing today (36).

The response and football played in the last 3 games has been terrific and a pleasure to watch, my love for the club is back, the missus is @ work next Saturday, i will be there and will be buying a season ticket next season irrespective of the price.

Wages and who will go?
at 18:53 4 Mar 2019

Bart 20k per week = 1 million per year

Same I'd have thought

Skuse I'd imagine 15k = 750k

Knudsen 12k? = £600k
Adeyemi / huws the same?

Lambert has also said the squad is far to big
Roberts, donacian, elder, chalobah, bree, etc will all leave as well

Do you think think this will play a big part with the likes of judge / Keane staying.

Keep sears? In the right position he could score a hatful?

Team next season
at 16:11 3 Mar 2019


New Rb or loan

Skuse / Downe. / Bishop / Edwards / Dozzell / ward / huws / Nolan
Judge wages funded by Bart and Knudsen wages free up

Keane / Morris / Sears / Morris / new signing / Jackson
Take it as it is...
at 21:07 2 Mar 2019

Lambert is our Manager get behind him

Players wearing our shirts get behind

Buy your season tickets and enjoy the experience

We will compete in Div 3

Things will get better

BUT ... Evans must back the manager (£££) and fans (Season ticket prices) this summer
Dear god, a change of luck today pleeeease!!!!!
at 13:40 2 Mar 2019

Can someone please go pee in all four corners of the pitch lol
[Post edited 2 Mar 13:47]
Any truth in these Ed Sheeran rumours? (n/t)
at 19:10 18 Feb 2019

IMO > What we need next season...
at 14:06 17 Feb 2019

> Season Tickets Huddersfield style 2 years back, pack the place the best we can.
This is Key
> Get rid of all dead wood (staff and players)
> 2 of 3 really decent Position Loans (RB and LB for Sure)
> Sell Bart (2m)
> Whats Huws Contract?

Current Players best starting team

GK Gerkin
LB> Loan
RB> Bree if we can get a deal or loan done or Emmanuel
CB> The Wolff
CB> Chambers / Collins

Diamond MD
DM> Huws / Downes
RM & LM> Dozzell / Nolan / Bishop / Edwards / Lankester
AM> Judge / Bishop / Lankester

2 Strikers> Sears / Harrison / Morris / Keane / Jackson

.... all is not lost and doom and gloom

A proper kit > No more fancy dress rubbish
Injury latest plz Phil.....
at 21:52 15 Feb 2019

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