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Having to support the new league sponsors tonight
at 14:36 30 Apr 2024

Now I know why Jameson are sponsoring the league. It's for nights like tonight. Just one for medecimal purposes then full focus.
Excessive ClareBlue Posts
at 00:26 18 Mar 2024

Sorry friends. I'm in the West Coast of Ireand and it's St Patrick's Day. I have an opinion on everything. Cold flight to Liverpool on 29th and train to blackburn. See you there.
Those Arriving at Wimbledom Stadium Who Scored the First Every Goal Here
at 11:30 6 Jan 2024

Without googling. Who scored the first ever goal in a competitive match at the stadium. Obviously it has a Town connection.
FA Cup v Wimbledon 6th Jan 12.30
at 11:07 27 Dec 2023

Does anyone know if this is going to be changed. Wimbledon are saying subject to change but if they have put it at 12.30 then that looks like a change for TV anyway. But the FA cup games seem to be spread right across the weekend so might it be changed even from this?

Just looking for flights,

Prediction Logged by at 14:46:02
Ipswich Town v Swansea City prediction logged
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Ipswich Town v Swansea City prediction logged
Southampton Looking a bit Shabby
at 15:13 19 Sep 2023

Haven't been here for 30 years but used to have family on IoW so was regular visitor in my young days.
To be honest it's not looking great today. Some development mixed with post war brutalism. The train station is completely disconnected with an industrial shopping estate and acces to the marina area is all closed off for a boat show. You can pay 36 pounds to have a look around if you want. The high street is suffering from a new shopping center taking the customers away. I've never seen a lap dancing club on the main shopping street before, but there's a not discrete one right in the middle. The old town is being marketed but doesn't seem to be anything but a wall and a church. Kraków, it isn't.
Hope the game makes up for this. I'm trying out the free art museum to try and redeem the situation.
A day in Ipswich is paradise compared to this.
Jameson Partnership with EFL
at 22:57 16 Jul 2023

The best selling Irish whiskey brand has spent its budget on partnership with EFL. To say its support of Irish sport is limited, would be an exaggeration. This has not gone down well at all over here.
Is it going to increase sales. The aim is to appeal to younger people. As I already consume far too much of it, it won't be increasing sales to me. If it does there will probably be no sales to me in 2 years time.
Is everyone having a Jamesons pre match this year
Shannon Airport Full of Man U Fans
at 20:45 13 Jan 2023

Tried to persuade them that Portman Road is where the real quality football will be played this weekend but they are not having it.
Wondering if they will be so cocky on the flight back on Sunday. We will see.
What is our record for live televised games in a season
at 23:39 19 Oct 2022

We seem to be doing well so far this year for the live televised income but it would be interesting to know our record in a season
Anyone Remember Billy Clarke
at 13:10 15 Oct 2022

Sat next to his dad on the Cork Manchester plane on Thursday. Full of fans going to match in Manchester and he asked if I was going. Said I was an Ipswich fan and on my way to see Beverley Craven in Nanthwich, which would be much more fun than going to old Trafford, but would be going over next Friday from Stansted for Derby game. He told me his son came up through Ipswich Academy and played under Royale but Keane let him go. I think I vaguely remember him in the Youth Cup scoring goals but can not really remember him in first team.

Anyway, his dad spoke highly of Town. He went there at 15 year old from Cork and the club paid for regular family visits and he said the Academy really looked after him.
He had a decent career with a season in Premiership with Blackpool and other clubs in lower leagues. Only retired last year after seasons with Bradford at 34. Now got a job assistant coaching youth team in Hull.

Married a women from Ipswich and still leaves there and brought his family up there.

It's a good story of someone who left Ireland for the Ipswich academy at 15 and had a good 19 year career. Though ironic that it was Keane who let him go.

Told me some stories about Jim Magilton which I can not write here too.
Plymouth Away 25th September Ticket Demand
at 20:46 29 Aug 2022

Just booking some travel plans for Plymouth and was wondering if the Sunday 12.30 is going to make it easier or harder to get the tickets.

I have been known to register as an away supporter when we sell out (I think they think I am going to set up an Irish branch of their supporter clubs) and wondering if might be the case here.

Doing a Google search I find this quite astounding fact - 2nd division and not even a local derby...

'The highest attendance recorded at Home Park is 43,596 for a Football League Second Division match between Plymouth Argyle and Aston Villa on 10 October 1936'

But I'm presuming those days are gone. Doesn't seem to sell out the 17 to 18K so assuming it will not for us.

Any advice or comments welcome.

Still trying to get my head around 43K going to that game. I wonder if they anticipated it and why it was such a big draw.
Kylian Mbappe offered 799000 per week by Paris S-G
at 00:54 3 Mar 2022

Good luck to him. If someone wants to pay him 40 million a year then that's not his issue.

I am actually admiring the salary cap of keeping it under 800K per week by PSG. After all the club has to be sustainable, but what does it actually mean to be earning 100K a day at 23.

So you have a good 8 hours sleep and wake up 32K richer every day...

Duvet day costs the club 100K whilst you snuggle under with your sherbet lemons (or is that just me)

I like getting my salary whilst on holiday, but having a week away and your bank getting credited with 800K in your absence...

Buying a sports car.. Couple of days pay for what most boys dream of for their lifetime

I think this is a bit crazy, but then I remember Bono has earned over 700 million - or the same as him playing for the next 20 years, which he can not do.

and to tell you the truth I'd rather see Kylian kick some leather around than hear Bono sing.
Ipswich Horse Racing Track
at 23:43 17 Feb 2022

So have been doing some research into the what the original prize money for top horse races was and what it would be today. For example the 1000 guineas is actually 2 to 3 times more valuable today than when it was originally run in 1814.

Anyway, whilst doing this I came across the queen's plate that was run at Ipswich from 1727 to 1884 and was quite a big deal. I checked the Wiki page and there is a bit of background but not that much. The course closed in 1911, The racecourse pub closed in 2009 and the area is known as the racecourse recreation ground.

Just asking if there are any people on the board who know a bit about this or can point me in a direction to find out more. Are there local historic societies that might be able to help?

Thanks for any help
How do you get a loan for 50 million when you are 1.5 Billion in Debt
at 00:59 30 Dec 2021

Barcelona have managed to get a bank loan to buy Ferran Torres for 50 million with addons

despite being 1.5 billion in debt and insolvent

Football finance, you've got to love it
Bolton was bad but since is not so bad
at 02:28 30 Sep 2021

It would have been easy to go into a spiral of defeatism after Bolton and I think we have done that previously. But not this time, we have actually learned and improved.

This is good. Sneaking behind goalies was never going to be a long term strategy, so glad to see we have something else to other. Saying that, nothing wrong with a good sneak.

Are like every Goalie in every league now looking behind them before they drop the ball?

So onwards and upwards
Away Wycombe there are officially two tickets left to buy
at 23:05 14 Sep 2021

not together mind, but two is two
20 years Ago this month - Premiership Table
at 19:46 15 May 2021

Town 5th Leicester 13th

next season both relegated

Then took very different paths

forgot to add man City relegated

Times certainly did change

[Post edited 15 May 2021 19:48]
Woke up to Phil on my local Irish station this am
at 19:51 24 Mar 2021

Thought I was dreaming when Clare EM were discussing Ipswich when I woke up. Had an interview running with Phil about Barry Cotter who is from my local town

Fair analysis saying he had some talent but hadn't had the presence required when given some game time, but:

a) Ipswich had struggled whilst he has been with them and that isn't the best situation for a young player
b) Has some talent and didn't fit Ipswich at this time

This has run locally on the radio and Barry will be back in Ennis and he will be able to come back with some encouragement and without his confidence completely destroyed.

Not a great time for him has been made a bit easier by Phil adding a bit of positivity, so thanks from County Clare.
'We will progress through skilful team management.....'
at 19:30 3 Dec 2020

so says our Leader

good luck on that one...
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