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Lamberts contract
at 12:46 2 Feb 2020

I know this has been done to death but something that doesn’t add up to me is why I’m out financial state are we dishing out 5 year contracts to a very highly paid league one manager?

He didn’t even hand MM a 5 year deal after finished 5th???

All you hear is lambert saying we cannot afford loans etc well maybe our coaching budget is too high then? After all what coaching is actually being done? Very little according to what I see on the pitch.

We are not fitter than anybody else
We are not technically better than anybody else

I fail to see the logic in the 5 year contract plan!!!

Everybody is culpable for the mess we are in.

The fans were asked to support in numbers and stay with them this season and I am afraid once again the club have fell desperately short of their side of the bargain.
Even if we by luck got promoted this season
at 10:04 2 Feb 2020

We have conceded 5s and 4s now In a division which Luton regularly hit teams for 5,6 and even 7 and they are coming back down. What fun is next season going to be seeing Skuse and Chambers get torn a new one by every team we play.

We are miles behind now even teams like Millwall, Birmingham, QPR and the one that makes me sick Reading!!!
They’ve had it too easy for far too long
at 17:47 1 Feb 2020

They’ve had it too easy far too long with managers that constantly wax lyrical about them and do not pick them up on their mistakes.

I want a manager who says it as we all see it for once.

The leaders of this so called football team Chambers and Skuse are not strong enough leaders and do not inspire on the pitch enough.

Look at what Wilder did when he went into Sheff Utd made everybody culpable and even 5th in the premier league if a player plays bad or makes a mistake he isn’t scared of telling it how it is.
All of this Accrington’s fault in the first place
at 09:03 11 Jan 2020

They embarrassed us live on tv for the whole division to see and remove any fear factor that had been generated.

COYB let’s take care of business today
Ins and outs
at 10:10 8 Jan 2020

Players I’d ship out this month:-

El mizouni (loan)
Dobra (loan)
Nsiala transfer or loan whatever
Judge if we can get a fee for him
Bart as think his stock is as high as it will now get

A right back (loan to cover KVY)
A center back (someone like smith)
A striker (a lump of a striker so we actually retain the ball in opposition half for more than 10 seconds)

Leaves a squad of


Donacien/KVY/New Player
Chambers/wolf/ Wilson/ new player


Norwood/Jackson/Sears/ New Striker

Leaves a squad of around 21 players which should have more than enough quality. Play with a diamond or 5-3-2. We haven’t had success with wingers for years so bin them and play to our strengths through the middle.

Lamberts new contract
at 10:21 6 Jan 2020

I am led to believe if we fail to get promoted this season Evans has some sort of clause which will mean Lambert can be moved on for a fraction of his 4/5 years remaining on his deal
Bolton Roll Call
at 14:43 21 Aug 2019

Despite the uncertainty of the fixture even going ahead, there’s 3 of us that have taken the plunge. Professional 2-0 away win (if it goes ahead)

Country Roads Take me Home, Portman Road
at 07:47 24 Apr 2019

For as long as I can remember now the whole anthem discussion has gone on and on but I’ve always felt this country/folk classic could very easily be adopted with just a few slight changes.

Anybody else in agreement?
at 16:33 4 Mar 2019

I see people keep mentioning him as part of the “core” players that they want starting next season. Is it just me that does not get this? Take the homegrown love In aside and his a pretty poor player, with poor positional sense, no strength in the tackle whatsoever and average distribution at best. I have said for sometime those full back positions need sorting and even when we go down they will need sorting.
at 21:55 16 Feb 2019

Anybody else heard that the club are expecting big things from this young man next season. Once relegation has been sorted he may even feature between now and end of season. Not seen any u23 games to pass comment.
Anybody else so sick of the club
at 06:47 3 Feb 2019

That actually blames pretty much everybody, the owner as he is exactly that and anyone that owns a business that is failing has to take huge responsibility.

The managers both Hurst and Lambert:- the former for bringing in mediocre players and failing to get a tune out off them, the latter for failing to improve us a single jot despite being in comfortable winning positions Time and time again.

The captain and well paid senior professionals:- all I keep hearing is Skuse and Chambers have kept this club together. That would be believable if we weren’t about to be relegated with the lowest points total ever in this league. The owner said is in his recent interview we are 13th or thereabouts in the wage budget for our division so by my reckoning we have a load of overpaid (yes all footballers are overpaid) players from the top earner in Bart right down to the likes of Nydam on 3/4K a week. So it wouldn’t bother me one bit if we had a massive cull in the summer, these players got us relegated so are clearly not up to bringing us back to this division. We already know there is nothing between the bottom of our league and the top of league 1 as Sunderland are showing us. Get rid clear the decks and start the very long journey to coming back.
What has Lambert done to inspire confidence with you?
at 12:16 20 Jan 2019

Now his had the same amount of games as Hurst and similar return in points I wonder why he has so much more goodwill with us than the previous manager? Even with the same players we have had no upturn in results and barring one or two first half’s performances so what is that he has done to inspire you??

For me it’s the way he has connected with the fans, that’s pretty much it! I wish it had been instant results etc

Not a dig in anyway and I for one think we will be better once his has two windows to work his magic albeit we will be in League 1.
No leadership at the back whatsoever
at 18:50 1 Jan 2019

All looks last ditch desperate stuff. No one talking and leading from the back. Chambers should of been let go with Mick instead we’re left with a shambles of a back line led by a clown who couldn’t lead a duck to water.
Worse championship side I’ve ever seen
at 22:19 28 Nov 2018

Again no lack of effort just miles short of ability and quality. Would ban the players from speaking to the media if I hear one more player come out and say that we’ve turned the corner and we’re playing so well I am going to scream. The players are rubbish pure and simple and we are down and will get relegated with one of the lowest points totals the league has ever seen.
No lack of effort or desire for me
at 22:50 23 Nov 2018

Just quite plain to see a dreadful lack of quality. Not sure what splitting the centre halves was all about at goal kicks as if they have become ball playing defenders all off a sudden, looked more likely to concede from that than anything else.

Both full backs as have already been done to death on here were atrocious both defensively and going forward offered v little.

Not a creative bone in that midfield 3 until teddy came on and even he you could see is dreadfully short of fitness so can’t be expected to be our shining light just yet.

Sears Roberts and Edwards isn’t the answer and long term I’d be shocked if any of those three are starters beyond January.

Either way Marcus must spend some dough.

My prediction is we will go down but if we keep lambert I already also predict we will somehow be better for it and come back. If we don’t get keep Lambert then we’re screwed.
Chambers, Skuse, Knudsen and Bart
at 06:46 3 Oct 2018

Let’s start with chambers and Skuse:-

I have never been their biggest fans and both are now well past their best days I think we would all agree.

The problem I have is we have continued to build a team around these two players when they were vocally two of Micks strongest supporters and not the right players for any new manager to build the team around let alone a manger who requires pace from every player to get up and down the park to make his high press game effective.

In short I think they are the root of the problem and failure to replace the only two I would have looked to replace at the start of Hursts regime are pretty much the only players left from Micks.

Knudsen :-

Again another staunch mick fan who should have come back from the World Cup playing with all the confidence in the world not a frightened 10 year old who is in the school team for the first time. Another coincidence that one of micks “men” has been one of our poorer players (admittedly there’s been plenty to pick from)


I said two weeks into the season not replacing Malcolm Webster could be the biggest mistake we make and I was abused all over the shop for it, the fact remains our best player for the past 3 seasons and now highest paid player is a sub gk!! How we have allowed that to be the case is criminal. Again another player who should of come back from the World Cup on a high instead has looked unrecognisable.
Things that must happen
at 07:43 22 Aug 2018

Must replace Malcolm Webster, Bart has gone from our standout player to possibly one of the worst (his not even made a save yet this season has he)

Must bring in another centre half and at least one striker

Donacien looks solid enough as does Nsiala, Nolan you can see signs that when his up to the right level of fitness will be a player, Edwards is going to be fine, however huge question marks over the two strikers so far.
New players Song initiation
at 20:07 8 Aug 2018

Will take a while on Friday at the hotel, happens before the players first league away game. 9 songs so far and counting!!!
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