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Bobby Robson and the ESL
at 13:45 21 Apr 2021

The great man quoted in the Guardian today

“What is a club in any case? Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it. It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes.

It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city. It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love.”

Covers it pretty well
Given our position in the league
at 15:03 9 Apr 2021

Would it be a smart move by the new owners to lob in a significant bonus pool available as an incentive to get into and through the play offs. Some players who reckon they will be dumped whether or not we get promoted this year could at least then be heavily motivated.
Is it scandalous that....
at 14:42 8 Mar 2021

On international women’s day when there is a flood of articles arguing equal pay for all sorts of female sports stars the Australian men’s netball team has to contribute $2,000 each to cover expenses whilst the women can earn up to $150,000 each! :)

Or is it instead a situation where we should only be concerned with equal opportunity. By that I mean equal opportunity to market the men’s or women’s game to an audience and sponsors. The athlete, male or female, should then be free to earn whatever the market will pay.


Equal pay for offering up sport of equal entertainment and marketing value - yes
Equal pay for simply playing the same sport - no.

Vaccine Passports ....
at 15:19 23 Feb 2021

Are they discriminatory against those who don't want a vaccine, and/or those who can't have a vaccine?

Are those who refuse a vaccination right to argue civil liberty defence or are they selfish busteds who ignore their moral responsibility to society?

Would civil liberty vaccine refusers also expect the right to drive through a town centre at 100 mph?
Q. What is the rarest thing in the news this past six weeks?
at 18:27 22 Feb 2021

A. A photo of a syringe, or phial of vaccine, not being held up next to the grinning ass otherwise known as our prime minister.
It would appear that all other Conservative politicians are banned from doing likewise and stealing his limelight in a vain attempt to associate Boris with the vaccine rather than the various “world class” failures that went before.
The man’s a shameless charlatan!
Where do TWTDers stand on the Queens Consent and associate stuff
at 18:07 8 Feb 2021

I am astounded that there is not more of a deluge of demands for the scrapping of the provisions relating to Queens Consent.

Also why should the royal family and their hangers on benefit hugely from the construction of offshore wind farms.

I appreciate that the Royal Family provide something of a comfort blanket for quite a few folk but their position should be limited to the ceremonial. I could accept that - particularly if next up they skip a generation to save us from old plant whisperer.

Where do we stand?
Racist behaviour in football
at 12:01 30 Jan 2021

I am guessing/hoping that Town supporters would be appalled at the recent reports of racist abuse aimed at footballers. We wouldn’t want that at our club would we?


Is the level and tone of abuse thrown at our owner, manager, club captain so very different?

In both cases I suspect the keyboard warriors would adopt a very different tone in a face to face conversation.

Might be worth reflecting on that before joining in the general groupthink that has taken over much of the forum.
[Post edited 30 Jan 12:02]
Should we stop using the term “rights”?
at 16:24 19 Jan 2021

Reading a range of articles recently it strikes me that the use of terms like workers rights, my rights or your rights as an individual, the right for organisations to hire and fire etc. Is socially divisive and by definition confrontational.

Having to claim rights pits the individual person or corporation in possession of rights against some other party. At its crudest this is worker against boss or one political party against another.

What if we were to redefine most of these rights issues as responsibilities both of the individual and of the collective.

Society has a responsibility to look after all its members
A company has responsibilities for and towards all its employees
Employees have responsibilities to the employer
I have responsibilities to my neighbours.
My neighbours have responsibilities to me

We could start teaching social and individual responsibilities in schools as part of a core curriculum.

Would this change the mindset or am I just cracking up in lockdown? Or both!
24 hour vaccine centres
at 16:36 11 Jan 2021

The govt. say the public have not asked for appointments after 8 pm so they have no plans to introduce them.
Ffs. The public haven’t asked for lockdown but it is a necessary and appropriate response to COVID.

If vaccination is the way out of the COVID nightmare why not operate 24 hour centres and just tell people to get their arses in gear. Easy enough to give the elderly and vulnerable the appointments from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm and get ahead with offering others the less convenient hours.

I fear this will be another case of dithering until the programme is behind schedule then introducing it too late in the day.
Why not restructure the school year
at 12:51 3 Jan 2021

Since the school year totals 39 weeks and includes breaks of at least a week between six week blocks couldn't the current problem around Covid be dealt with by rethinking term dates. Schools could be kept closed for four weeks to provide a covid lockdown. Term times through the year could then be in blocks of 6,7,7,6,6,7 weeks (total 39 weeks). With breaks between of 4 (now before starting) then 2,1,2,2,2 (total 13 weeks) Grand total 52 weeks.

So kids would get a full academic years worth of teaching plus the important lockdown of schools could take place now.

There are frequent reports that the long summer break for schools is detrimental to learning. Is this the perfect opportunity to test the idea of shorter, but more frequent breaks.

Be interested to hear from teachers out there.
[Post edited 3 Jan 13:19]
Can any half decent keeper explain.
at 20:35 29 Nov 2020

Why, when a free kick is on an angle, do keepers stand near to the furthest post leaving the near post (the shortest distance to goal) unguarded.

Time and again we see free kicks beating the keeper at the near post, the latest being De Gea today. I have the impression that we rarely see a free kick scored at the far post but perhaps that’s not true and just my unconscious bias.
England women’s team new manager
at 15:42 11 May 2020

I see that the lobbying has started for the new manager to be paid the same as Gareth Southgate.

1. Football is entertainment.
2. No one argues that singer a (male unknown) should be paid the same as singer b (female star).
3. It’s down to unit sales - bums on seats - record sales/downloads or tv and marketing right values.

So men’s football is in a totally different place to women’s.

Equal pay throughout the women’s game would bankrupt the sport.

Would they argue that the manager of the England men’s Netball team (yes there is one) should be paid the same as the manager of the women’s team?

The world has gone mad

There I feel better now... end of rant
Football finances
at 18:15 8 May 2020

In recent days there has been a number of interesting articles on football finances and the huge impact that the fallout from the Corona horror story is likely to have on clubs.

“In 2018, the Premier League earned £3 billion from TV money and £2.9 billion went out in wages. Meanwhile, the EFL spent £1 billion in wages despite receiving just £100 million from TV. Parry, formerly Liverpool’s chief executive, described it as a crazy model that requires a “reset.”

The extract above comes from an article in the athletic. It makes very clear that the “throw money at it and hope” financial model in the Championship is unsustainable in the long term, and is only sustainable in the short term with very rich benefactors.

If we add in to this mix the impact of closed grounds, games behind closed doors and possibly loss of TV money it is clear that there are likely to be a number of casualties and clubs failing. This set me thinking that actually I am happy to have an owner who ,though supportive, has run ITFC on a prudent financial basis such that hopefully we will be able to survive as a football club.

That in turn feeds my despair at the negative whiners who complain that we only have loan signings, that all our players are sh** just because they are By and large Div 1 players. Surprise surprise we are in Div 1 and have a Div 1 budget.

The next six months to a year will see clubs fold. We need to hope that our owner keeps the faith and that we do not join them
Club Finances
at 13:02 25 Feb 2020

Interesting article in the Athletic re the divide between Championship and Div 1 finances


This season Championship signings total £200 million but in Div 1 only £5 million.
Championship clubs get 80% of central funding but Div 1 just 12%.

The big gap in English leagues is between Championship and Div 1.

We need to pray we get back soon.
[Post edited 25 Feb 2020 13:03]
Coronavirus - v - the motor car
at 10:25 26 Jan 2020

In view of the mass press coverage of the coronavirus I would just like to throw out there a couple of facts

To date 56 deaths have been attributed to the virus and a number of major Chinese cities are in lockdown.

Every day in China 700 people lose their lives in road accidents.

That’s worth repeating!


Should Govt. advice be - don’t travel to China you might get killed on their roads
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