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Jackson Contract Talks Reportedly Stall
at 15:49:56

All these - not good enough for the Championship comments are amusing.
In case you haven’t noticed we are in the division below the Championship. We are not operating on a Championship budget. We have a Div 1 budget and Div 1 players. Perhaps a few could step up and play in the Championship, perhaps not.
If we manage to get out of this division and into the Championship then our budget would change as would many of the players. Even then with the artificial financing that many of the Championship sides currently have it would be very difficult to compete. Unless the rules on financing clubs are tightened and applied consistently this situation is unlikely to change any time soon.
That’s the reality.
Garbutt Returns as Blues Make Five Changes Against Burton
at 16:31:15

-73 - I think you have lost your case.
Stop whining and support them with positive input
Lambert Signs New Deal
at 14:50:41

To those of you complaining that Evans is rewarding failure I take it that if by say July you are not running the companies that employ you you will expect to get sacked as failures.

As we entered this season I thought that anything less than play off places would be relative failure. So far so good.
Lincoln City 0-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 14:45:53

This is the cup!
In the league we have easily the best defensive record and only four teams have scored more than us, mostly from more games played
Taylor: Really, Really Proud
at 06:39:25

Stuart “really really” Taylor 🤪
Green’Un With Envy
at 13:13:00

Where was home 20 miles north of Ipswich?
My territory 1960 to 1970
Town Set for Mings Windfall
at 21:21:43

Remind me who was manager when we signed Ming’s and also Webster😂
On This Day - Saturday 28th April 1962
at 18:06:14

Great memories.

I was a month short of my twelfth birthday at the time and my dad took me to the match. I still recall the headlines of "little Chelsea holding the mighty Burnley" !!!

U18s Exit Premier Cup at Leiston
at 18:06:08

Blueboy you seem to have a bit of a problem. In the context above it is self evident that when I say that they show quite some promise this refers to the possibility that they make it as professional footballers. The majority of under eighteen players do not make the grade. You just have to look through the Leiston or Woodbridge teams to see that!

As a badged coach I can tell you that it is the pushy parent or angry amateur who needs to win everything. The professional coach looks to take a more intelligent approach with young players.
U18s Exit Premier Cup at Leiston
at 13:52:37

I for one don’t think the under 18s should be about trying to cover themselves in glory.
I am more interested to hear whether they are trying to play good creative football demonstrating skills and ability. From comments above it would seem that in the first half at least they showed quite some promise.
Bristol City Eyeing Webster Move Claim
at 15:48:51

Henryblue. You can’t help yourself can you
“Micks hatred of ball playing center half” FFS who do you think signed him?
But hey don’t let the truth get in the way of a moan.
McCarthy Delighted As Bialkowski Agrees New Deal
at 17:24:28

Will all the moaners who attacked The club, ME and MM because Bart was on his way please now step forward and apologies?

Somehow I doubt it!
Gleeson One of Two Loan Signings
at 09:46:16

Amazing - two “supporters” down marked Totalblue’s post.
Smith Close to Colorado Switch
at 15:40:48

I can’t help but note that his player rating is close to being the lowest on the squad list.

How does that reconcile with the majority of the posts on here. Could it be that there is just a hard core of moaners who use every topic to berate MM and ME!

I simply do not see him as being at the level we need if we are to make progress therefore thanks Tommy and good luck.
McCarthy: Red Card Cost Us
at 08:31:59

Prebbs007 “retarded deluded stubborn idiot”
You and your ilk make me despair for my club that I have supported for 60 years. You react like spoilt children in a hysterical paddy - grow up.
Fulham are a quality side with financial clout. We were a goal up and holding them by virtue of hard work from 11 players, albeit that we were beginning to tire. The comes a dumb sending off, not the managers fault, and with 10 on the pitch the legs go after all the hard work that went before.
Last night I was so flat after the game but this morning the sun rose as usual I didn’t feel the need to berate and insult the club I support. Life goes on
Bishop Out for the Rest of the Season
at 18:03:07

Some of the comments on here such as get rid, waste of space etc. are so depressing. I guess these are the same people who demand bright young players are played every game and pillory the manager when he doesn't flog them to death but tries to protect them and uses them sparingly, and instead uses proven pros as his workhorses. MM has not been afraid to play youngsters and he has tried to use his old pros as the mainstay. of the team. I applaud him for that.
The relentless demands on players today is a serious issue for the sport. Players once injured frequently suffer hamstring type injuries on their return from a long layoff. Not MMs fault just a fact of life in modern football.
I for one would hate to see Town let Bish go only for him to blossom into a Premiership player over the next year or so. If that happened MM would get crucified by the moaners.
Ipswich Town 2-2 Sheffield Wednesday - Match Report
at 09:29:52

Ironic isn’t it that Wednesday grab a draw by hoofing a ball into a lump of a centre forward. Very frustrating but with such a big guy up front there is always a chance of loosing a goal like that. It was a last and desperate throw of the dice by the Wednesday manager.

On the whole I thought we played quite well and certainly deserved a win.
McCarthy: Not Brilliant But Great Result
at 08:51:18

Blue machines - The moaners on here are the ones spouting drivel - Celina isn't his type of player and he only picks his favorites etc.
Well clearly he believes Celina has something to offer - he signed him after all! He held him back in the first half and I agree with his observation that Celina would not have had much impact but offered us an impact option second half.
As for only playing his favourites he has played a number of youngsters but makes the point in interview that if they stop performing he's on their case and they are likely to be out of the side - what's wrong with that?
Our squad has good spirit but in reality are short on creative quality. In fairness they are trying to pass the ball around and are certainly not in hoofball mode, contrary to the comments of some on here. We are exceeding any reasonable expectation at the moment but hey don't let facts get in the way of a good prejudiced moan!
Goldson Loan Deal Runs Out of Time
at 11:15:29

All those who keep spouting the "we should have got this sorted weeks ago line" need to get real. Do you not understand that in this window there is not a pool of available unattached players. For us to sign a decent centre half then another club has to be prepared to let one go and that in turn depends on them having someone coming in. It is a chain reaction, not unlike the chain encountered when buying and selling houses. Inevitably this means it all goes to the wire and if one fails to complete there can be consequences for everyone in the chain.

Thats the real world but I guess its much easier for the simple minded to say MM and ME are crxp!
Goldson Move in Doubt After Brighton's Denswil Deal Collapses
at 14:01:09

I despair - where have you boys been the last couple of months. Our basic transfer business has been completed and in my view, and the view of many posters on here it was done well. It was under the radar and our business with Rangers is to be commended.
Here we have an emergency signing to cover exceptional injuries on a loan arrangement. Why all the bleating about all eggs in one basket, typical Ipswich etc. Most of our business is done and dusted.
The report notes that Town have alternative targets but as with many such loan arrangements they require the linking of ins with outs.

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