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Am I the only one who can see their goal was offside?
at 18:15 27 Apr 2019

No mention of it on Sky or on here that I could see. Both Sheff Utd strikers in the middle were offside when the ball was played, so while we don't deserve anything from the game based on the first half, the goal shouldn't have counted.
Another one for craft beer fans
at 21:52 7 Nov 2017

A mate told me about this new place called Hopsters today, recently opened on St Nicholas Street opposite Zizzi.

It's just a small craft beer bottle shop, but they've got a great selection in there. Definitely worth a look if you're a fan of Cloudwater, Northern Monk, Beavertown etc etc.
Anyone see the Chris Packham aspergers documentary last night?
at 13:36 18 Oct 2017

I've mentioned on here before that my son has autism, of which aspergers syndrome is a variant, and so my wife and I made sure we watched the programme as I had no idea that Chris Packham was autistic.

Since our son was diagnosed 3 years ago (he's now 6) we have tried to help him as much as we can by learning as much as possible about autism, techniques to deal with him when he's struggling, but at the same time trying to be consistent and disciplining him appropriately when required, because lets face it a 6 year old boy is going to misbehave whether he's autistic or not.

But most of the stuff that we've seen on TV, either drama type programmes or other documentaries, haven't necessarily been as accurate or as helpful as they maybe intended. Until last night. Hearing Chris talk about his struggles growing up, how he has learned to deal with his condition and the way he needs to live his life to not cause undue stress to himself really struck a chord with my wife and I. So many of the things he said, you could say about our son and it was good to see how he has found ways of managing his emotions in order to appear on TV as frequently as he does.

I know it's a long way off, but I do have concerns over how my son will make the transition into adulthood in the future, so to see how Chris managed to do it, while at the time not actually having been diagnosed (which didn't happen till he was in his 40's), gives me hope that it may not be as hard for my son as I fear.

I know we have a few parents of autistic kids on here so just thought I'd mention this and to see what others thought.

And if you haven't seen it, it's well worth a watch on iPlayer, if anything just to learn more about how an autistic person sees the world.
So according to the BBC sport website reports and stats
at 06:54 16 Aug 2017

In our 3 league wins we've had 8 shots on target, 7 of which have been goals.

So is this the result of good finishing, luck, or the law of averages catching up from last season?
Bunn fun fact
at 13:09 1 Aug 2017

About his dad actually, but when Frankie Bunn was with Luton in the early 80's I was collecting the Panini footy stickers and got 3 Frankie Bunn's in a single pack. Plus I already had him in my album anyway.

Strange the things your remember from your childhood....
Recommendations for a DVD box set
at 13:25 17 May 2017

Got my birthday coming up shortly and the wife keeps asking for gift ideas.

Other than beer-related stuff (which tbh I've probably already got enough) the only idea I can come up with is some DVD box sets of stuff that I always wanted to watch but never got round to it.

I'm thinking of maybe The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad, or perhaps The Wire? Are those any good or would the good folk here have any other suggestions?
Craft beer fans - where do you buy yours?
at 21:20 11 May 2017

Other than mainstream stuff I find it difficult to find much decent craft beer in the shops so tend to buy quite a lot online. I've tried a number of websites, but wondered if anyone here had any other recommendations?

IMO Beer Hawk have the best deals and lowest delivery charge, but don't always have the best selection and sell out of less common beer pretty quickly.

Hop Burns & Black have by far the best selection of fresh beer that I've seen, but have the highest delivery charge.

I've also tried Beer Ritz, Ales by Mail and Beers of Europe.

Any other suggestions?
Bialkowski shouldn't have been dropped
at 20:36 7 Jan 2017

Other than Emmanuel the back 4 as a whole were pretty much awful all game, but I'm not going to lay the blame solely on them - Bialkowski has a much better command of his box and seems to communicate better with his defenders, while Gerken just looked like a rabbit in the headlights. Plus his distribution was absolutely shocking.

I was expecting our defence to be our strongest point today, but they were by far the worst area of the team and IMO a lot of that is down to a lack of confidence / understanding between the keeper and back 4.

But what's the betting Mick puts Gerken back in for the replay?
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