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TWTD Fantasy Premier League Leader
at 10:35 20 Aug 2019

Should anyone that has a Norwich player be allowed in the league, let alone sit top of it???

(note: very good call but I can't have any of their players in my squad)
What's your dream car?
at 10:51 23 Jul 2019

I'm not thinking about Million £ super cars etc but those that you may have lusted after as your first car/when younger and is no longer practical for your life or not worth the money etc.

For me it was the original Renault Cleo Williams. Wanted one all though my 20's but was unable to insure. Had some great fun cars since and now told old to drive it around as I imagined with my stereo up loud and looking like a little pr%ck. Now I'd just look like a pr%ck in his late 30's that should know better.

Close contenders for me also:

Peugeot 205 1.9 Gti
Ford Orion Ghia
Alfa GT (which I did own and thinking of getting another)
Bart - Millwall
at 11:12 25 Jun 2019

I have been speaking to a good friend of mine, the Uncle of Tom Bradshaw (referenced in previous posts from last season when Tom was briefly linked o us).

His understanding of the Bart situation is that he indeed went there, all contracts agreed in principle but there was some late interest from another Champ club which turned his head. He knows no more on the specifics of that but it annoyed Millwall (and the players) a little. Deal not dead by any means (from what a player could know and would have told a relative) but may be some smoothing over to do from Bart if the other club doesn't officially come in
at 21:09 13 Jun 2019

Currently designing a tattoo to honour my grandparents and certain aspects of my life. I know they aren’t to everyone’s taste.

To those that have them, what have you got and what do they mean?

Am also interested in any ITFC ones that aren’t obvious, I.e. badge etc
[Post edited 13 Jun 21:10]
Anyone know of..
at 21:54 30 May 2019

A forum where like minded (or not) people can come and enjoy a conversation about their love for ITFC/Football??

As someone who has been reading/stalking/occasionally posting (check history those who will be looking for something) I have to tip my hats to Phil and Gav (and anyone I’ve missed). Posters like HarryfromBath who see’s Many sites will know how good we have it as a site. It is a shame (IMHO) that at times it is ruined by childish/oppositional/rude/trolling behavior of a few.

For those, I would say go to a budgie site an enjoy the rise you get out of it, or get laid, or do your homework as Mum says. This is written on last day of holiday after many foreign beverages and a sleeping wife/children so ignore my spelling and grammar (please)

Thread to talk morals of horse racing (n/t)
at 14:08 12 Mar 2019

Anyone Travelling from Swindon to Bristol Game/Watching game in Swindon on Tues? (n/t)
at 11:07 11 Mar 2019

Anyone Tried/On 'Football Index'??
at 13:06 4 Feb 2019

I have a little flutter on an Acca most weeks and haven't been very successful this year so have had a quick look into this. I won't be playing big bucks but just another little alternative to throwing my money at the bookies (max £10 per week).

I am interested to hear the views of those that have/do use the site and your experiences.

I am aware that betting etc is not everyone's cup of tea and respect that view but this is of interest to me and many others. Remember, Bet responsibly.

School/College Shooting in Crimea
at 14:26 17 Oct 2018

Tragic!! Interesting at the 3 stories coming out just within the first our

- UK News saying CCTV shows student was responsible
- Local leader stating nothing has happened
- RT quoting multiple shooters with masks and bombs
Ipswich Star - Comments
at 10:16 2 Oct 2018

Before I found TWTD, 6 or so years ago, I used to enjoy the comments on this site under the articles. There were a few clear trolls (Pundit I think being the last reincarnation that I remember) but living away from the town I sometimes found it insightful as to the thoughts and general feeling of some fans

Just signed up to take a general look through the comment as hadnt bothered for years and it appears to have died. Very few comments at all. I did notice that upon signing up is distinctly outlines and make you 'agree' for them to use IP address data etc.

Do you think this has cut down on what people are willing to put up on the site? Is it the same here? Would it make a difference to certain posters and what they put if it was?

Also, did Pundit (and I can't remember some of the others they went under) ever make it onto the forum. They had a very distinctive and repetitive style so not picked up that it is a current regular poster
Marcus Evans
at 10:56 8 Aug 2018

It wasn't too long ago that we appeared to miss out on Jack Ross and there were many disappointed fans. At the time I was 50/50 between him and PH and was slightly down having believed the media coverage.

Sitting here today I have to admit I am a very happy boy (understand at this point in time none of our signings have been formally announced) but have to admit on having the following thoughts:

1) PH must always have been the front runner and ME stuck to his guns and got his man

2) With the sale of MW and AW and the funds released, ME and PH obviously had a plan which has been executed to perfection

3) Early days but some of the lower league players bought in appear to be real prospects and will be missed by their current clubs. Without harking back to previous managers too much, does anyone agree that this is what ME always hoped MM could do but it never really materialised. In his previous jobs he had found some real gems, especially wingers, which just never really materialised in that last few years here

4) With all of the player movement over the past 3 seasons, is it a myth that MM was given no funds given all of the signing on, loan fees and wages that we have spent without really holding any value to them?

This last 3 weeks has just felt different. A plan seems to have been formed and changes made to the approach, style and general feel of the club.

I don't make it to FPR due to distance and have been quiet (although lurking)on these pages for a few years to to disenchantment and not wanted to get involved with much of the discontent on here.

Really looking forward to seeing what the next 12 months brings. I hope those that pay their hard earned money are entertained and fall back in love with the way we play. I hope we have a few good wins and performances and even a nice little cup run.

Also, looking forward to seeing what the next trend in moans and scapegoats are as at this point in time I can't see anything obvious so that'll be a nice surprise
Is it much different?
at 09:26 3 Aug 2018

I am happy with the new approach to transfers and what appears to be happening. There is a risk but I see no reason why the correct coaching and management can't improve any player and make the competitive at a higher league.

However, many or all of the players we have been linked to have played under PH previously. MM gained a rep for picking up old players and this was often seen as a negative/narrow scouting? If things don't start well, will PH struggle with similar moans and groans?

MM's players had previously played at a higher level and PH's are all going to need to step up. I personally believe the hunger and desire of the new players will be night and days to the previously targeted players but wondered what others thought
There's flying under the radar...
at 11:23 1 Aug 2018

but we don't even get a mention other than Webster's transfer.
Renewed Interest From ITFC - Tom Bradshaw
at 22:04 31 Jul 2018

Have posted elsewhere on this subject but have been told tonight that there has been an interest from us for TB. No concrete offer as far as player is aware but has been told to be on standby for talks if a valuation met.

Uninformed (my) gut feeling is that this may be on the back of sales today and interest In Waghorn but just wanted to share.

Not Def info and, as per my 1st post years ago, melted cheese
Bradshaw and Hurst
at 11:24 20 Jul 2018

Following our link with Tom Bradshaw this morning I have caught up with my mate who is a close family member (Uncle). He has stated that he is unaware of any firm interest other than from Millwall but Tom is desperate to stay in the Championship and has been told by Ryan Giggs he needs to if he is going to push for a return to any Wales Squads.

My mate is also a Shrewsbury Fan and his feedback was ‘I enjoyed watching Paul Hurst’s team last season but it was like all of the planets aligned for him, especially with the signings that he made because they were pretty much from lower leagues and a couple from non-league. Fingers crossed for you though. The wheels started to come off around Feb time because of strength in depth really but we were still picking up points. His first-choice team for Shrews played some lovely football and he seems like a nice bloke and very approachable.

I personally don’t know Tom well but have met him and seems a nice lad. On holiday this year I was watching some world cup games with a Barnsley Fan who said he rated Tom in league One but he was a bit out of his depth in the Championship this year but also the team really wasn’t strong enough to compete, so it may be a bit unfair to judge him.
Attempted Positive Thread
at 19:11 12 Jul 2018

Following last night, it is fair to say there are a lot of disappointed people, including myself, but I don't think this can be classed as a disappointing tournament. Having been reading a lot today and trying not to be too down I thought I would look for the positives bits of the team and GS's management.

1) Choosing Pickford for his distribution to use as part of a positive passing game. It was a tough call between the 3 Keepers and I wouldn't have disagreed with Butland between the sticks. However, I think GS knew how we wanted us to play and chose a player, relatively unproven, to set the tone of playing out from the back

2) Harry Maguire ahead of Cahill. The 'easy' decision was to play Cahill alongside Stones to give some solidity in case of any mistakes. But he had faith in the game plan and also in the two young defenders to play in the system

3) Kyle Walker as CB. He is not natural and will always struggle in the air and possible with positioning. However, his raw pace is there to provide cover for when our two ball playing CBs push. On more than one occasion in the tournament KW recovered either from his own mistake or others.

4) Keiran Trippier. I personally have been a fan for a very long time and when KW left Spurs I have a few worried Spurs friends but I knew he would step up. However, as we all know he was a revelation this last month and his set piece delivery has been the best I have seen since Beckham.

All of the above are interlinked desicions which are both brave and innovative, which is something England have been missing for a long time

5) The Midfield with one holding player. Henderson really showed his class for this WC and the faith to stay with only one DCM I personally think is testimant to our new way of playing. I/you may disagree on the subtitutions at times and whether RLC (or the Ox/Lallana/Wilshire) would have performed better at holding the ball that Lingard/Alli but overall I like that GS is positive and not looking to 'match up with teams'.

Yes it wasn't 100% and there were some out of form/tired/injured players within this system but it is very rare that all your team will do that. But, imagine if we carry on like this and our players do develop to what we wish them to be. 2/4/6 years time we could be in the same position again with Dozzell in a 3 man midfield and picking up a trophy.

I personally think GS will learn from this but I don't fear that he will revert to type for an England manager and see what we have over the last xxx years. You only have to listen to some of the comments from ex/aspiring England managers (BFS for one) to see what this WC could have been with a different system/belief/restrictions on the same set of players, or even Joe Hart/Wayne Rooney.

[Post edited 12 Jul 2018 19:21]
Cookie Settings
at 14:27 3 Jul 2018

Long time lurker, few times poster here.

Anyone else having issues with the Cookie notifications on TWTD. Whether I try to switch off/opt out or just continue to site, every time that I click on a new thread/page/refresh I get the message again?

Getting very annoying but I'm not totally IT literate so may be something to do with my mashine
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