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Rui Hotel Obzor
at 11:17 2 Aug 2022

Just having my lunch and noticed two young lads representing the Towen with their shirts. Had a very quick chat but wondered if Mum or Dad frequent these parts?
Risk? Yes! But exciting
at 18:09 16 Dec 2021

- worked with 2 top academies
- promoted by Mourinho to assistant
- retained by Ole
- wanted by current set up at Utd
- has worked with some top players in the game
- must have confidence in the package and backing he is going to get to come here
- must have confidence in himself that this is the right opportunity
- will have had the best coaching training at the highest level
- will have many up and coming connections in the game and not the same ‘old boys’

I know we have taken risks before that haven’t worked and this may also come back to bite us. I think his contacts, experience of egos, exposure to training and technology sets him out as different to Paul Hurst for one.

I had no idea out of the other candidates mentioned who I would prefer and none really excited me. This does but that could be because the last decade has sent me delusional.

Either way, I will support him and however he decides to bring in and hope that his confidence in himself to drop down and leave a role at one of the largest clubs culminates in success and his own little legacy
Only Just realised…
at 19:14 20 Nov 2021

When not dwelling in League 1, albeit trying his best, Morsy gets to go and play for his country alongside Mo Salah. Not sure how it hadn’t clicked with me before. Must be an experience
Too earlier to predict 100 points and 100 goals? 😁 (n/t)
at 22:17 9 Jun 2021

Jewell passing the buck at Swindon
at 16:20 2 Jun 2021
Phil - New Owners Q+A
at 13:25 7 Apr 2021

Hi Phil,

Given some of the recent interest, via your banning, being quoted on twitter etc, do you think you would be in a position to utilise that to get a Q and A with any of the new owners.

They may be looking to do some positive fan facing bits and the Americans tend to be better with this kind of engagement when you look at US sports. Could be a nice bit profile raising for yourself/TWTD too.

Just a thought as we at least need confirmation that it's 'American Imitation Cheese'.
Delusions of Respect
at 11:02 19 Feb 2021

Reading Lambert’s comments about Nolan what strikes me is how much he talks about the past. There is no doubt that he played at a very good level and had a good time at Norwich.

However, if he speaks to the players as he speaks to the press and constantly harps back to his personal achievement whilst failing at everything currently how can any player in the squad respect him?

It is the same in any walk of life. If a new manager started at your company and continuously told you how good they were at their last company, how much higher/bigger/better they’ve experienced whilst adding little to their current role then they certainly wouldn’t get my respect or buy in as I would feel as though they believed they were better than me and dismissing all of the work required to improve the current situation.

The more I hear at the moment the more I see delusions of grandeur from PL and it comes across that he truly believes that he is not the issue (he isn’t the only issue granted) but that it’s everyone else that’s the problem
Forest sign Murray
at 09:53 1 Feb 2021

Is that the first move to confirm Jackson out and Swan on loan to us?
Elbows vs Sunderland
at 16:56 4 Nov 2020

I was unable to watch the game yesterday but having seen the footage I'm on the fence of for Dozzell's challenge as the angle isn't concrete for me. The Penalty is a joke.

Having lurked on a Sunderland site for a bit there are a few comments of at least one other Red that we were lucky to get away with. I believe they are referring to a Hawkins Elbow in the first half but can't see mention/footage anywhere.

Can any one shed any light on this?
ITFC Players you have met and thoughts
at 11:20 23 Oct 2020

I just wondered with the vast amount of long term supporters here which ITFC players people have met throughout their time and how they came across.

I played youth football with John Wark's son for a few years and he used to come and watch. Apart from struggling to understand what he said sometimes he was a top bloke.

I used to coach kids with David Barnes who was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. At a time of my life when I was in need of help he took me under his wing and was a real help.

I met Keiron Dyer a few times around Ipswich as he was breaking into the team and he was always a bit of a berk but I think he has changed a lot now from what I see and hear.
QAnon - Congress
at 07:43 6 Oct 2020

I know the QAnon stuff has been done and Tbf it wouldn’t surprise me if there is something underhand in Trump catching it given the timings of elections/his taxes etc. However, of this article this is really scary....

“‘Does it really matter what some disturbed QAnon supporters on the internet believe? I’m afraid it does. QAnon isn’t just a niche movement any more; it’s tiptoeing its way into the American mainstream – and Trump’s Twitter feed. It’s also creeping into the halls of power: there are 24 candidates running for Congress in November who have endorsed or promoted QAnon content according to Media Matters, a disinformation watchdog. Only two of these are fringe independents – the other 22 are running as Republicans’
[Post edited 6 Oct 2020 8:39]
Marvellous - Film
at 10:43 12 Sep 2020

Saw someone mention this relatively recently and had never heard of it.

Had a quiet night and a nice bottle of Melbac last night so gave it a go as wanted something not too heavy.

What a cracking story and beautifully made film. Thanks for the recommendation 👍👍
Internal Management Candidates
at 13:12 3 Sep 2020

Having read some of the 'inside info' posted on here recently and given it appears to be down to squad unrest again I pose the following question.

If the issues with the current incumbent and the previous were down to the squad and senior players being happy with the approach, would we be open to Chambers and/or Skuse taking over.

I will start by saying that I don't necessarily feel that it would be but it appears that the senior squad members appear to have quite a bit of influence, have the ear of ME and also agree/disagreeing with certain training and playing methods that they have been asked to perform on the last few years. With that in mind why not give Chambers and/or Skuse a run at the management role.

If they truly know what is good for the squad and what would make us tick, as apposed to just 'being unhappy' then maybe they could build the bond we need to perform.

If they fail then maybe some humility for the entire squad would be learnt for when the replacements come in.

Just a thought
[Post edited 3 Sep 2020 13:13]
Palace Fans on Downes
at 15:07 1 Sep 2020

Just popped onto their Forum to see what the chat is like on there I tend to read a lot of forums during pre season where there are links/friendlies etc and this seems quite a well used one.

Have to say my highlight on the Downes thread is someone (who has since been piled on so assume may be a board regular 'Def Info' guy) stating "I am told he has been referred to as "Flynedine Zidownes"

If there is anyone on here that has ever muttered those words then please take a long hard look at yourselves
Kieron Dyer - Rather Win Prem with Ipswich than WC with England
at 09:54 27 Aug 2020

Apologies is already posted, and being late in posting, but was listening to TalkSport last week and apparently Dyer stated that he would rather win the Prem with Ipswich than the WC with England but would rather Wc with England than Prem with Newcastle.

Proper home town boy who appears to want to get into management. I knew him as a youngster and must admit I though he was a tool but with his book and recent interviews I think he has genuine potential and in League 1 would this be this best time to give him a chance?
Harry Maguire
at 14:46 21 Aug 2020

I appreciate that the (restarted) season has only just finished for them and the football is only a job so players are due time off etc. However, with not long to go until next season starts and with the ever changing quarantine rules, would you have thought that Man Utd would have put some ground rules in place to protect their reduced pre season?

All aside from the point that he shouldn't have punched the plod (allegedly)
Have we signed a 30+ goal a season striker yet?
at 09:59 27 Jul 2020

No? Evans out!!
[Post edited 27 Jul 2020 10:25]
Ipswich 6th Healthiest High Street
at 13:45 25 Jun 2020

My current home, unsurprisingly, is near the bottom
Was the Expulsion thread pulled??? (n/t)
at 12:15 19 Jun 2020

Sending Kids Back to School - What have you done
at 10:39 1 Jun 2020

Hi, I am interested in whether people have sent their children back to school today or not.

Both of my young boys where due to go back to childminder/preschool and primary school but we have decided to keep them away. We spoke to the school who contacted us and they appeared to be quite relieved due to the extra pressure the new guidelines was going to put on them.

My wife has been in seclusion for 10 weeks now and our thoughts are based on a few small factors. Firstly I will say that I am not 'scared' of the virus or the way that the schools will be treating it. I believe that possibly introducing it to schools may increase tolerances and assist immune systems against it.

However, our kids and I have not seen parents/Grandparents since the beginning of this lockdown (as others haven't) and the last thing that we want is for one of our kids and our household to have to be quarantined and set this possible meeting time back even further. A good friend of ours works at an old peoples home where 4 workers tested positive last week and she has to send her daughter in for her to be able to work. She is struggling with this knowing that potentially she could pick it up and pass it to her daughter before any positive test results are received. I appreciate that Gparents could visit in the garden from today but (the choice of the grandparents) is that they won't visit as they think it will make it harder to see the boys but not be able to hold/play/be natural with them.

It has been a long thought process for both of us and our children aren't missing out academically. I am revelling in the extra time with them at this age as I usually work away a lot and this has given us time that we wouldn't usually get.

I am genuinely interested in what other parents and grandparents are doing about school and seeing wider family under the new guideline
[Post edited 1 Jun 2020 10:50]
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