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Hypothetically I wonder how many tickets would be sold….
at 20:57 4 Mar 2024

If we had unlimited seats. Do you think for the Southampton game we’d sell 40,000?
Most freak game ever?
at 21:30 27 Jan 2024

This could be a unpopular opinion but even considering the opposition we did not play that bad today.

I know people hate xg stats etc but the reality is if the game was played as it was 100 times over again we'd not lose any. We were a lick of paint away a few times, their GK had the game of his life and the ref got a couple of major decisions wrong.
I have never seen momentum stats like this on sofascore....ever. Nor have I seen a rating of 9.4 ever.

Funnily enough if we do reach the promised land without ever knowing so it could be because we went out of the cup early.

at 16:32 18 Dec 2023

I honestly thought they were taking the pi55 celebrating a draw like they did. But it looks like it was genuine. Honestly a part of me feels sorry for them.

[Post edited 18 Dec 2023 16:33]
Their fans = horrible. Their players = worse.
at 18:38 16 Dec 2023

Nothing has not been said how we dominated and were so unlucky not to win. Any other day with the flow of the game like that and it is 3-0 or more.

I was underneath the scummers which is fun if you're winning, not so much when you're not. When they scored the second those heavy duty Carlsberg bottles were raining down on us. They were full and could cause serious harm....the gormless Police were just watching and when I asked if they'll do anything they just shrugged and asked me what I expected him to do? Surely that activity is punishable?

Then at the end 4/5 of their players were constantly doing the w-anchor sign to us and other lewd gestures. I have watched a lot of football and don't recall players doing this so towards this also punishable? One thing is for sure, win, lose or draw our players would never act like this and it is just further evidence that we are so so much better than them in every facet including personality of players and how the team/club conduct themselves.

As KmC say still 21 points ahead of them.
at 14:08 26 Nov 2023

Does anyone know if the £40 memberships can be bought mid season? I see Junior blues can currently be bought but can’t see a option to by the membership…..TIA.
at 14:20 8 Nov 2023

This is how many fouls against us we have had this season. I would say the opposition penalty area takes up about 8% of the pitch.

You hear so often that 'if that was anywhere else on the pitch that would be a foul'. So realistically are refs told a foul needs to be more of a foul to be a pen? Because it seems like this must be the case but that would be breaking the rules.

If a foul is a foul no matter where it is....for us to have had 225 fouls against us this season with none of them occurring in the 8% that is the opposition penalty area that is quite a feet.

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Away the home section.
at 17:06 27 Oct 2023

Is this something people have done before and is it recommended?

I was abroad when Birmingham tickets came out and totally forget to get them. So thinking about going with my son and sitting quietly in the home end somewhere and not getting excited or upset whatever team is scoring.

Not too sure, but with a pleasant non-stop 2 hour train journey seems a shame not to go even in these circumstances.
17 hours non stop 'Heavy Rain'
at 15:37 19 Oct 2023

Every single hour from 3am tomorrow. If that ends up being the case I'd say more likely off than on.

Hopefully either way will be an early decision so supporters don't have to travel if indeed it does get postponed.
at 09:37 22 Sep 2023

I know there are strikes (again) for Saturday 30th. However was thinking of going Friday and coming back Sunday morning but was unsure if action would affect these days. Coming back Sunday it says bus service but looks like only bus from Huddersfield to Brighouse that only takes 15 mins then the rest is train. Anyone else thinking of getting the train and do you think this is correct?
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Ipswich Town v Cardiff City prediction logged
McKenna on EFL podcast
at 12:47 24 Aug 2023

This probably of interest if not seen it.

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