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Charming film of Lavenham, 1942
at 18:51 15 Mar 2021

Mumford & Sons
at 09:04 8 Mar 2021

I kind of always suspected that they were wrong 'uns


And the band name sounds like a provincial removal company
So....Pant's not pants
at 13:57 5 Mar 2021


This QAnon Congresswoman
at 09:14 5 Feb 2021

Marjorie Taylor Greene defies belief

" I was allowed to believe things that weren't true"

Talk about taking zero responsibility for your own lack of critical thinking

Me???....agree with a Tory MP???
at 17:11 16 Jan 2021

It had to happen at some point in my life

Apologies for the link to the Daily Heil

Senate Election, Georgia
at 10:29 5 Jan 2021

Republican candidate....Perdue by name

Doesn't really sound like a winner to me

Sounds more like a LOSER

So.... Laurence Fox
at 12:51 30 Nov 2020

Fearlessly held an Anti-Covid event as his place this weekend

Multiple guests, confined space, plenty of hugging and setting the World to rights....allegedly

To celebrate his courage in fearlessly sitting with his friends, I feel a song coming on

[Post edited 30 Nov 2020 13:24]
at 13:50 13 Nov 2020

Fox, L.....sometime actor and totem for the privileged white male is brother in law to the wonderful Richard Ayoade


And Fox is a complete moron.....deferential racism indeed
Crikey....wot a pair of losers
at 12:59 12 Nov 2020

These are the pair of advisers at the heart of our government

Don't look living examples of positivity and empathy to me

Things that I never knew.....no 2398
at 17:14 8 Nov 2020

Beaches for the Normandy Landings 1944

What I did know

The Americans landed at Utah and Omaha

The British and Commonwealth landed at Gold, Sword and Juno. Mainly Canadians at Juno

What I learned today

These beaches were originally named after fish, as in Goldfish, Swordfish and, until the Canadians objected, Jellyfish

The fish suffix was dropped and Jelly changed to Juno

There was also another beach landing planned, Bandfish, but it didn't go ahead

Top Trumps
at 19:19 14 Oct 2020

Following on from Keno's thread....

Can we rate the First Family of USA....this includes various wives/partners....please show your thinking behind your ratings

For me...

1 Melania. I am a huge admirer of her frozen face inscrutability. What is she really
thinking behind that utterly expressionless face? Is there any brain activity at all? If we
ran an electroencephalogram would there be anything more than a flat line?
A riddle wrapped in an enigma and then given industrial quantities of Botox; it arrives
through a special gate to the rear of the White House in a tanker truck each
Wednesday. She looks stunning in a couture gown.

2 The Donald. He used to be a sweet looking guy, all brash charm and chutzpah. He
should fire his makeup artist/stylist/hairdresser and return to a slightly more "natural"
[as in human] style if he wants the all important top place. Oh...and he needs to stop
being a racist misogynist asshole too; it is never a good look

3 Ivanka. The Ice Maiden. Cool, calm, collected and yet, at the same time, callous and
cruel. Is her husband really the bloke who took over the lead role in 2 and a Half Men
after Charlie Sheen left? Also looks stunning in a couture gown

4 Barron. Crazy name, crazy guy. Founder member of an acapella singing group. Most
kids find their parents a bit embarrassing; I suspect he does too. Rarely seen in a
gown, couture or otherwise

5 Eric. Who knew that someone could have such a harmless and ordinary name and still
be such a bellicose bell-end? Clearly adores his father, an Electra complex that has
gone badly, badly wrong. Looks good in a suit

Your thoughts?
And for supper tonight I'm having....
at 19:12 30 Sep 2020

Marconi Cheese

Tubular shaped pasta, a killer cheese sauce and ground up radio waves

What you havin'?
Gun left on plane
at 14:15 19 Sep 2020

Apparently, Dominic Raab's minder left his loaded handgun on the plane they had been travelling on

The late and rather wonderful citizen of Boxford, Tornado Smith, used to carry a loaded handgun with him when he performed the Wall of Death stunt with his pet lioness "Briton" in the sidecar. He said it was in case the lioness went mad and he had to shoot her

Presumably that is why Raab's minder has to carry a loaded gun, in case the Foreign Sec goes Doolally and has to be put down with a bullet to the brain

Meanwhile, in Finland....
at 18:52 12 Jul 2020

Just talking to a mate of mine who works there

The Government have relaxed the strict 2 metre rule and the Finns are delighted

They can now go back to standing the more comfortable 5 metres apart
Burn Melania, Burn
at 10:19 9 Jul 2020

Vandals set fire to wooden effigy of Flotus...


It's a surprisingly good likeness

Although the effigy has more expressive and mobile facial features
Last Train to Clarkesville
at 18:25 10 Jun 2020

Just a rip off of jangly Beatles sound....

Or an anti Vietnam Protest

Clarksville being a Us Army depot that processed numerous Vietnam draftees

Johnson to take charge
at 09:47 3 Jun 2020

Absolutely unbelievable.....

Somehow I had assumed that the blond idiot already was in charge and our tardy and ineffective response to CV was down to his bumbling incompetence

Turns out that he is only now taking over the reins

So, how come....
at 17:48 25 May 2020

Our Masters and Overlords seem so uninspiring?

Classic Dom just seemed so limp, so uninspiring, just so f**king ordinary

It's like the people who want to lead us to a Glorious New Future are selling a dream they do not embody

I rather suspect that Dom has only one testicle
Rose Garden
at 17:25 25 May 2020

So....f**k all roses that I can see

About the same number of apologies
at 18:08 17 May 2020

I am on an online dating site, trying to kickstart my car-crash love life

Along with the more usual lasses from places nearby, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Hereford....the computer selects a couple of more distant potentials.

This particular one is a bit of a Babe, she says she lives in Espoo

Clearly, there is no such place, she is Aving A Larf

Without consulting google maps or similar...do you reckon Espoo exists? If so, where is it?
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