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at 17:52 1 Jun 2024

I have a friend who is a keen cyclist

I have another friend who is a talented pianist

And then this is this fella who combines both of these hobbies, accompanied by his ladyfriend who plays bass

How wonderful..... I think he posts on here sometimes

Anyone thinking of voting for Kier Starmer
at 20:03 28 May 2024

Anyone thinking of voting Labour in the forthcoming election....

Please take note of this salutory message

For all you fans of Misery....
at 18:37 25 Mar 2024

A charming documentary of C&W performer extraordinaire

The one, the only Hank Wangford

Filmed in 1993

Summer bbq 2024
at 12:06 11 Mar 2024

Hi All

Usual warm welcome extended to everyone

Summer fun and shenanigans in the stunning North Gloucestershire countryside at the Summer bbq and Promotion Party (tbc)

Last weekend in June, Saturday 29th June for the hot coals and pizza

Sunday 30th for nursing hangover with hot coffee and bacon roll or veg/vegan equivalent

All welcome, please feel free to bring family/partners whatever for fine food, top notch conversation and maybe the odd drop of drink

Camping available and plenty of space for a camper van if you wish. Local b and b nearby

Please pm me for further details


* edited to correct dates ( Thanks Hoppy)

[Post edited 11 Mar 15:11]
MI5 / IRA Double Agent Stakeknife
at 14:07 8 Mar 2024

One thing has always left me wondering about this fella and his place in the history of that troubled Province

Why is his name not spelled "Steak Knife" ?

Or possible "Steaknife" ?

Banksy, Edward Colston, Nick Park.....
at 10:19 6 Mar 2024

....Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Stephen Marchant

Your boys to a helluva beating
Free Pasties at Home Park
at 17:06 29 Feb 2024

David Norris has arranged free pasties for fans attending Home Park on Saturday

PAFC have arranged a free prostate check on Saturday

I'm just wondering the correct/best order to enjoy these free treats.....

It is like the whole jam before cream/cream before jam debate all over again
Hinkley C
at 09:24 24 Jan 2024

Given the go ahead in 2016, estimated cost £18 billion

Todays revised estimate £35 billion.....maybe more

That uplift in cost is a whole bunch of wave generators/windmills and pv panels, no?

As the cost of alternative sustainable generation plummets, the chimera of cheap nuclear power seems ever more distant

"Too Cheap to Meter" ???

Too Expensive to Contemplate" would be nearer the mark

[Post edited 24 Jan 9:25]
Interesting film from early 1970s
at 09:35 11 Dec 2023

This following film popped into my YouTube feed this morning

Old footage from Sudbury, poor quality but it bought back a fond wave of nostalgia

Of particular interest is the footage from inside CAV factory at 9 min 45

There are the workers doing deburr on the injector nozzles before heat treatment and sat next to them is a quality control Inspector worker checking that the nozzles are fit to go onto the next process

I worked as a QCI in this very role, 1977 - 1979


Edited for clarity about my actual job and corrected dates
[Post edited 11 Dec 2023 10:59]
Eddy's Word of the Day
at 17:20 21 Nov 2023

Slighty less scatalogical today


The word means the shortest line between 2 points, although is more usually used as a shorthand for the pattern created on a shape by a series of lines or panels.

The effect can be seen on the classic black and white 32 panel, 2 tone football which is made from a series of hexagons and pentagons arranged just so to create a sphere..... it is a work of genius.

Hippies were utterly enchanted by the work of renegade American architect Buckminster Fuller who mapped out the design for a dome made of a very lightweight but strong frame of sticks under tension that could cover huge areas in clear span, again by using pentagons and hexagons.... any survivor of the Albion Fairs might fondly remember the big dome they had as their main stage. Hippies and alternative folk galore have built their own interpretation of the frame utilising all sorts of materials from plastic water pipes, hedgerow sticks and aluminium tubing . The finished frame is usually draped in some dispiriting surplus tarpaulin that manages to make the resultant structure dark, slightly damp and somewhat depressing.

The esteemed designer Sir Barnes Wallis used a geodetic frame for his seminal Wellington bomber.... a skeleton of slender metal bars that gave the plane huge strength coupled with low unladen weight. It went on to be the most numerous British bomber of WW2.

Its successor, the Vickers Windsor, had an even lighter frame made of steel ribbon under tension, although the plane never got beyond prototype stage.

The shortest straight line on a curved or spherical surface also gives rise to the mind bending topic of spheroidal geometry.....maybe more of that on another day
Eddy's Word of the Day
at 20:41 20 Nov 2023


Is it a)

You know when you are having a mad weekend away, out with mates and having a bit too much to drink. Maybe football weekend or Army/college reunion.....something like that

And you are on it, really on it. An early start in the battle cruiser, too much beer, not enough good food .... XXL super spicy kebab at 5 pm, more beer and then a late night curry washed down with more beer.

At some point in the day there is a regrettable shart or maybe a follow through, but you valiantly soldier on regardless.

That night, tired and pizzled, you don't change out of your clothes or have a shower; the following morning you have the breakfast of champions, a 'Spoons Full English washed down with a couple of pints of Abott and then you are back on it again, the conversation, beer and laughter are flowing and then......disaster as another fart goes badly awry. You have refoulment.

Or is it b)

The forcible return of an Asylum Seeker to their country of origin if their application is rejected.

This Superblues Membership is a racket
at 14:16 25 Oct 2023

I can't get tickets to see some of the away matches because I don't have sufficient points

I can't gather sufficient points because I can't buy tickets to get the points I need.

And I paid £35 for the privilege of joining this scheme.
A Few Thoughts on Tonights Match
at 08:02 20 Oct 2023

Mi God!!
We have such a squad

Won't bother 'em
WW 2 History Buffs
at 18:47 1 Oct 2023

Might be interested in this home movie filmed by an Officer from 486th Bomb Group, Sudbury in 1944/5

I found it fascinating
Addiction Issues
at 08:07 30 Aug 2023

Of the last few years I have become hopelessly addicted to eating left-over Christmas dinner

It has severely impacted my life, my health and my well-being.

I have finally decided I must quit

Wish me luck as today I'm going Cold Turkey
[Post edited 30 Aug 2023 8:15]
Summer Bbq, 24 June
at 09:51 8 Jun 2023

Not long now, so please drop me a pm if you are thinking of coming along

Set in beautiful North Gloucestershire countryside, a perfect place to meet up, relax and talk all things Town

Plenty of space for weekend camping, please feel free to bring partner/ kids

A warm welcome to all
at 19:54 2 May 2023

The flag of Estonia is known as Sinimustvalge

I didn't realise quite how many Estonians we had supporting Town

Section 5 NSL was positively awash with Estonian flags on Saturday....and the greeting for the team bus even more so
Broadhead's Missed Penalty
at 11:52 26 Apr 2023

Even though some were disappointed he didn't score, I was quite happy that their keeper made the save

It gave Barnsley a scintilla of hope on an otherwise gloomy night for them.... hope that turned out to be very misplaced

Cheery Chappie Connor Chaplin's Cheeky Chip actually fully deflated the Tykes and made the match beyond them

It reminded me of a cat playing with a mouse...prolonging the chance of salvation only to go for the kill at a later time
Summer BBQ 2023
at 10:19 6 Apr 2023


Clear your diaries

Date for this summer's BBQ is Saturday 24th June

Raise a glass to our Promotion....or drown your tears and heartbreak

Usual venue in North Gloucestershire, usual selection of fine food, plentiful beverages and wonderful company

Nigella's Dad
at 08:39 4 Apr 2023

Nigel Lawson has expired

The man who was so badly wrong about almost everything

Fiercely Pro Brexit

Climate Change denier

Architect of the privatisation programme to sell off services that weren't his to sell for a fraction of their true value

Proponent of the "Greed is Good" philosophy that has wreaked chaos on fabric of our wonderful Nation

On the plus side.... he did gift Nigella a wonderfully funny given name and she remains a fine looking lass with a certain allure

A fitting legacy of his time is our grossly polluted beaches and rivers

I am just going to our nearby river to pour in a few buckets of raw sewage ..... it is what he would have wanted
[Post edited 4 Apr 2023 9:02]
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