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Newcastle goal
at 21:14 15 May 2024

Do you think the “get rid of it” crowd will put that in the goals conceded from launching it column?
Middlesbrough players
at 10:02 14 Apr 2024

Thought Latte Lath was excellent yesterday - not just the goal, but great stamina, pace, leap, strength, attitude

On the other hand, not terribly impressed with Azaz - didn’t think he did a lot all game and wasn’t really doing a lot of running

A game of two halves
at 08:11 23 Jan 2024

We have seen a few times now that the team can start a little slowly, have a quiet first half, and then really come to life after the break. Is this really by accident, or is it a distinct tactic?

In both Leicester games, Sunderland etc we have almost let the opposition press like crazy for the first half, soaked it up and taken our medicine in terms of a goal conceded, and then have the opportunity to go at the opposition with pace, energy and skill twice in the second half, both immediately after half time with the starters, and again when the subs come on.

Of course it might be that the pundits are right and it is down to the opponents mindset, but that just seems so unprofessional…
Wow - I had to check the date…
at 15:36 13 Dec 2023

Car crash

[I hope that link has worked]

Ronnie Edwards
at 08:53 7 Sep 2023

Darragh McAnthony on Hard Talk podcast flagging that a mystery Championship side nearly got him in the last couple of hours of the window having made several bids after West Ham messed them around and Southampton showed a bit of interest - I wonder who that was…. He is suggesting that the move may still happen in January.
Opposition players getting “injured”
at 19:24 13 Feb 2023

Interested in thoughts

There has been more than one instance this year when we were well on top, when an opposition player goes down, there is five to ten minutes of faffing around, the injured player gets up hobbles off, and then comes back on and sprints around as if they have just got on - meantime our momentum is completely gone.

It happened on Saturday immediately after the Connor Chaplin header from the corner on 60 minutes - I have just listened to the Wednesday commentary and even they were saying that he went down tactically so the team could regroup. Arguably that was a bigger factor than our subs in disrupting our flow.

So why didn’t we do that at 1-0 down? I don’t think I have ever seen a town player do that (certainly not in recent seasons)

No red cards so far this season
at 14:23 22 Jan 2023

Apart from the joke card in the pizza trophy for Edwards

Too disciplined? Discuss…..
Added time in the WC
at 18:21 21 Nov 2022

(or should I say FWC...)

Anyone know why there is so much added time in these games? England game in first half, 14 minutes was fair enough - but another 10 minutes for the second half? And 8 minutes in the Holland Senegal game?

Is this a policy on the basis of number of subs? There hasn't been L1 level timewasting that I have noticed. I don't necessarily disagree with them applying them some new guidance, it would just be quite nice to know what that guidance is!
at 17:31 2 Nov 2022

If you are local to Bracknell and can pick up the ticket yourself in advance, it might be worth getting your name on the list here:

Good luck!
“Moment of Truth” on BBC Sounds
at 23:12 21 Jul 2022

Not sure if anyone else is following this - apologies if already posted. It’s sort of Sunderland TID on the radio. Quite enjoying it, despite the painful memories

Dare I say it, I am almost warming to Paul Warne - Karl Robinson is a bit too emotional for my liking and too fond of the big speeches

Biggest revelation for me - that the jingle you hear on Radio Suffolk when the football coverage starts is the same for the Oxford station
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