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Ipswich Town v Bolton Wanderers prediction logged
Probably daft Silver Membership question
at 08:52 25 Jun 2022

...but do they renew automatically, or at least send me an expiry/renewal reminder?

Got one last year for the first time and they're showing on the website but with no option to buy atm.
Paul Mariner book
at 13:42 28 Dec 2021

Started reading Boxing Day (Thanks, Secret Santa) and finished yesterday.

A fascinating read and some brilliant anecdotes in there as well as eye-opening on-the-pitch stories from games I was actually in the crowd for.

But the last few pages were a difficult read, knowing what was coming.

Paul's home debut was also my first time at PR and so I've always felt a particular affinity for him. Suffice to say that I felt a bit rattled when I closed it for the last time.
In the cold light of day, I was wrong...
at 13:54 6 Dec 2021

...about PC.

Keep the faith, I thought. Hang on in there.

But, over the past week, in the light of recent results and performances, I was starting to think the unthinkable and accept that he had to go. Then the board moved and fired him.

He'll go on to do well somewhere, is a decent man and it simply didn't happen for him here: sometimes it doesn't and that's true in all jobs.

So, to all the people I downvoted in the last couple of weeks, muttering about you being bellends, I'm sorry.

Unless you were actually behaving like bellends, of course.
[Post edited 6 Dec 2021 13:55]
Oxford at PR was my first home game in nearly a decade...
at 10:22 16 Nov 2021

...and it was football in a library, to coin a phrase.

I sat in Churchman's (SAR) as I always have. When I went regularly in the 70s-80s it was a hotbed of singing and cheering but at the weekend it was bloody awful and I wished I was in the North Stand - the silence was embarrassing, especially for a 21K+ crowd.

What's happened to everyone?
Vax checks on the gate: foreign vax proof?
at 18:35 10 Nov 2021

For our family reunion at the Oxford game my sister and brother-in-law have vaccination proof but were done in Canada, where they were then living. Any problems with that on the gate, do we think?

I'll try calling the club anyway but everyone on here knows everything :-)
Vlado Bozinoski
at 21:45 3 Nov 2021

Looking at RetroITFC on Twitter and he popped up. I'd never heard of him (this was in the 'Just got married and touring as a professional musician' years when my attention drifted away from the Towen). By heck, the lad got around a bit!
Plymouth forum starting to discuss Saturday
at 23:48 26 Oct 2021

Not that enlightening so far but it will build as the week goes on:
The career progress of former town players is...
at 14:18 21 Oct 2021

The career progress of former town players is...

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Buying match tickets online - am I losing my mind?
at 23:27 20 Oct 2021

Okay, bear with me here.

We're planning a family reunion at PR for the Oxford game, which went on sale to silver members yesterday. Trying to get 5 together in the SAR and plenty free.

So far so good, especially as I get to use my freebie.

All the family are registered...

So why will it only let me buy one ticket for me? No matter if I assign or don't assign the others, it doesn't make a difference. Do I have to wait for general sale to get everyone else's? That seems a bit mad. I get the message:

You are unable to purchase tickets for this event. It may be that you already have too many tickets and therefore need to assign owners. Alternatively you may not qualify to purchase at this sales priority stage. Please check sales dates appropriately in order to see when you are eligible to purchase. If you continue to experience issues then please call the Ticket Office on 03330 050 503.
Sorry, you cannot buy any more tickets to event Ipswich Town Vs Oxford United 13/11/2021 15:00.
Sales to this event are limited to 0 tickets per event per history per item owner.
YouTube ITFC shows - the good and the bad
at 10:32 11 Oct 2021

A side track from the Hladky pronunciation thread set me thinking about ones I like and dislike...

Good: KOA and Blue Monday: generally thoughtful content with knowlegdgeable contributors and some genuine insight.
Bad Home Dressing Room and Alex Griffin. HDR's just a bit OTT for my liking and I can't be doing with all the video 'stings'. Alex Griffin is, well, odd. I know it's a fan doing it for fans so a bit different in that regard and maybe it's just not meant for 54-year-old gimmers like me but he does my head in. And why the cover shots of him gurning each time?

YMMV and each to his own. Any other recommendations?

Funnily enough I caught Phil's 'My ITFC' on KOA last night... I also went to uni in Hull :-)
"Haladaky or however you pronounce it"
at 11:29 9 Oct 2021

Is it just me? This is really starting to get on my udders now when I hear it in a podcast (for example). It's a regular feature now on KOA with Ross's 'hilarious' pronunciation app on his phone but it's happened elsewhere tooo.

He's one of our players, has been here long enough for people to have made the effort and it's not that bloody hard.

I just find it a bit, well, disrespectful, I guess to be doing that with one of our own players.
Cookie's Comedy Quotes
at 11:42 8 Oct 2021

"...On Aluko, who would have started at Gillingham on Tuesday night had he not been taken ill, Cook said: “He’s back in the squad. He had a little virus for a day or two, which knocked him back. There’s little bit of that around...He trains really well and is an infectious footballer."
[Post edited 8 Oct 2021 11:43]
Mac/Chrome experts? NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID
at 11:03 6 Oct 2021

In the last few days I've been getting NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID when I try to access this site and a couple of others from my home computer, a Mac. It works on my work computer, also running Chrome and works at home on Firefox, so it must be a 'Mac/Chrome at home' issue.

I've cleared the cache and SSL, deleted invalid/expired certificates and deleted/reinstalled Chrome... any other tips, oh techy TWTDers?
Football League World
at 23:13 29 Sep 2021

Never really noticed it before.

Christ, it's bad, isn't it? This latest piece is a corker: essentially the same paragraph three times with the names changed, no information and a healthy dollop of the bleedin' obvious.
Shirts in the shop
at 16:49 29 Sep 2021

Online they're still saying to preorder for September! They only have 3XL home shirts in stock!

Anyone know any more?
Jobs after football
at 21:49 23 Aug 2021

The Clive Woods thread got me thinking. Aside from those who stayed in the game in one role or another (pundits, presenters, coaches etc), there've been a lot of players passing through Portman Road over the years and most, I imagine, ended up in real jobs. I once met an ex-Swindon keeper from the sixties and asked him how it felt to be a hero to thousands and then a nobody just a year later. He laughed and said, 'it was only bloody Swindon...'.

On a Town note, I can only remember three off the top of my head: Larry Carberry (Class of '62) was a stevedore on the docks, Pat Sharkey (Class of... well, mid-70s reserves mostly) became a teacher and, as noted recently, Nicky Forster is a motivational speaker/life coach.

Bum, make that five: Paul Cooper's golf things and Eric Gates' farm.

Anyone got any more?

And apologies if this has been done before: I'm new round these parts.
[Post edited 23 Aug 2021 21:49]
Ticket frustration for Chelters?
at 10:40 11 Aug 2021

Is anyone else having trouble with the ticketing website this sunny silver membership morning? The red bit to choose other areas has disappeared so not surprisingly H1 is sold out...

And the phones aren't working either :-/
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