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Sounds like things have kicked off in Harare
at 01:30 15 Nov 2017

Reports of explosions and a military takeover of the state broadcaster.
Wipers Times
at 23:18 13 Nov 2017

Just been to see it (courtesy of McCarthyEra, who organised the tickets). Would highly recommend, very good.
One incident which rather summed up last night
at 10:06 1 Nov 2017

We were mounting an attack. The ball was cut back/cleared out towards the corner of the box. Knudsen came steaming in for one of his trademark ferocious shots ... and missed the ball altogether.

Could have achieved something, but failed in the execution.
Suffolk - Burton connection
at 11:07 24 Oct 2017

In the 19th century, a lot of farm lads from Suffolk (including my great-grandfather, before he joined the police) used to go to Burton in the winter, when things were quiet on the land, to work in the breweries (their busiest time). Then come back with a bit of money and cause trouble in the local pubs.
Sounds like we were robbed
at 13:57 22 Oct 2017

By our own lack of accuracy in front of goal during a high-pressure match.
Effing Norwich effing score
at 13:28 22 Oct 2017

Then the effing online commentary dies. How hard can it be?
All the posturing and bad-mouthing
at 13:29 19 Oct 2017

(especially the stuff by their players) just shows they actually fear us this time.
Raqqa has fallen
at 13:59 17 Oct 2017

According to Kurdish/Syrian forces the last pockets of resistance in the Islamic State's "capital" have been taken. That leaves only a few towns in the middle Euphrates valley under their control (which Assad's Syrian Army are rapidly advancing through).
We didn't play badly
at 18:33 14 Oct 2017

But we also didn't play well enough. Absorbed a lot of pressure.

Probably missed Garner's troublemaking.
There wasn't a vast amount in it
at 23:22 30 Sep 2017

Particularly in the second half.

We were a bit slow out of the blocks and the front unit wasn't functioning very well for the whole game (lack of togetherness led to players with the ball becoming isolated). Some of our build-up play was excellent, but unfortunately the end product did not materialise.

As the game went on, a bit too much backward passing crept in - eventually to the 'keeper, followed by long punt and head tennis (which we often lost).

Bristol were that little bit sharper with getting the second/third ball and intercepting passes. They were at least as physical as ourselves (tho apparently not in the ref's eyes).

Massive deflection for their third. From where I was sat, not in a position to comment on offsidedness. Up to that point, thought we stood a pretty equal chance of scoring a second.
Donald Trump at UN: US may 'have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea'
at 16:15 19 Sep 2017

I'm sorry, but that is a pretty infantile and stupid thing to say. Completely undiplomatic. Of absolutely no benefit in furthering a solution for the situation.

And on the podium of the UN, ffs.
For those who are craving entertainment and goals
at 11:15 19 Sep 2017

I propose a new version of football similar to what they've done to cricket with T20.

Full-size pitch. Eight outfield players. Nine on the bench, with unlimited substitutions (including subbed players going back on). Each half 20 minutes long, plus an extra five each way if drawing, then sudden death goal if still tied after that.

No outfield member of the defending team allowed inside the penalty area, 'keeper must not leave it. All fouls in their own half by a defending player result in a penalty. Offside and back-pass rules to be retained. Goal-line technology, with posts which light up when one is scored.

We can call it "SoccerBlast!", or some such name.
RIP Stanislav Petrov, the man who quite possibly saved the world
at 23:21 18 Sep 2017

Died in May, but only publicly announced today.
[Post edited 18 Sep 23:30]
Things which are different from last season
at 08:07 17 Sep 2017

We're winning games rather than drawing them
We're mostly winning
We aren't drawing at all
We're scoring goals
Our strikers are scoring goals
McGoldrick is scoring goals
We've beaten lower-ranked teams who were scrapping for a win
We've played turgid football and still won
We have a large crop of talented youngsters breaking through
We're at the top end of the table in mid September
Quite an interesting piece
at 09:03 9 Sep 2017

From old George Monbiot. Nice analysis. I'm not a universal fan of his writing (there are things I find questionable in this article), but sometimes he does come out with good stuff.
Well done the Syrian Army
at 07:43 6 Sep 2017

They have reached the city of Deir Ezzor, breaking the two-year siege. A very significant blow against Islamic State.
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