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I'm just going to leave this here...
at 15:37 10 Dec 2018 it's an interesting and honest read from David Mitchell:
In order of uselessness....
at 12:59 10 Dec 2018

....with 1 being the most useless, rate the following:

Paul Hurst
Roy Keane
Paul Jewell
David Cameron
Theresa May

I'll start us off:

1. Hurst
2. Cameron
3. May
4. Keane
5. Jewell
I'm going to try and enjoy watching the kids....
at 16:00 8 Dec 2018

.....progress this season and I'll be giving 100% support, but it has to be said that we are relegation certs. Everything about us says a side going down. Sounds like a decent enough first half display but we can't score and can't keep a clean sheet and too often we concede at crucial times. Hurst really, really fcked us. The side we had this time last season would tan our current squad and that is purely down to the poison dwarf.

Lankester is going to be a baller though and if we can keep most of the kids and add some experience around them I think we'll at least go down with dignity and have a decent shot at bouncing back. It's not what I want and is fraught with risk but I don't see any saving us this season.
Officials in the Championship
at 21:53 7 Dec 2018

Utter clowns.

Well that was....
at 21:46 28 Nov 2018

.....dreadful. We're heading for League 1. Our two goals were purely down to brilliance from Freddie but we somehow were bad enough to concede three to one of the worst sides I've seen at PR in the last 3 years. We are depressingly terrible.
Crowd tonight?
at 18:35 28 Nov 2018

If the Tavern is anything to go by it's not looking like it'll be very good. I'd have hoped 18k but reckon it could be nearer to 16k.
at 18:18 27 Nov 2018

I'd be interested to know what those who are won over by Lambert but who consistently slate Knudsen make of the fact that Lambert is keen to get him offered a contract? Do you put it down to a rare misjudgement from him or are you prepared to entertain the idea that you might have got it wrong?
William Sitwell vegan-gate
at 22:06 26 Nov 2018

A good article from the journalist at the eye of the storm:

It's rather tragic and deplorable the abuse and threats they've both endured but it seems that they've made the best of it and some good may come from it.
I see May....
at 13:02 25 Nov 2018 going for the whole control of our borders, sovereign island nation rhetoric to try and sell the public a pup. What a load of shameful, populist tosh.
That bench....
at 19:03 23 Nov 2018

....has got me pitching a tent. COYB!
[Post edited 23 Nov 19:19]
Raab absolutely typifies....
at 12:08 18 Nov 2018

....both the arrogance and ignorance that characterises Tory Brexiteers. Not only did he not realise that the Dover-Calais crossing is vital to the UK economy, today he has come out and said that what was lacking in negotiations was simply political will, suggesting that if we'd just tried a bit harder we'd have walked away with a cracking bespoke deal that delivers on the Brexit pipedream. Then there's this chestnut:

"I do think there is a point at which - we probably should have done it before - were we just to say 'I'm sorry this is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, we cannot accept those dictated terms'."

It seems he never has and still doesn't grasp what a complex thing Brexit is. The fact that many Brexiteers think May simply hasn't tried hard enough, whilst totally failing to offer anything themselves when given the chance, is quite staggering. They still don't get it. They still believe in the pipedream even when they've been intimately involved in the process and had to run away because it got too hard.

The whole thing is a total, total shambles.
Town players as geographical features
at 17:00 17 Nov 2018

Clive Woods
Gus Uhlenbeach
Ulrich Le Fen
New car recommendations
at 18:17 13 Nov 2018

Tapping into the TWTD hive mind for some recommendations. My insurance company have paid out in under a week after my car got written off last week and their settlement was actually pretty generous (genuine retail value I'd say). I want to pocket some of it for home improvements so I'm looking for something under £2500 that will be reliable and economical for a couple of years until I've completed my PhD. I'm thinking a Golf, took one for a test drive today and liked it, but would be interested in other suggestions.
at 09:38 11 Nov 2018

The one thing Hurst was meant to be good at was getting his players extremely fit, which leads me to question why it is that for most of this season we've seemed to hit the wall at 60 minutes. It's a measure of how poor he was here that he's seemingly failed to even get us as fit as comparable Championship sides when he constantly banged on about the importance of fitness. Utterly ridiculous, you have to question what was actually going on in training.
Car got written off this morning
at 13:39 6 Nov 2018

Where Did It All Go Wrong for Paul Hurst?
at 11:34 27 Oct 2018

The dust has not yet settled on the reign of Town's shortest-serving permanent manager, a reign the significance and memorability of which is likely to be more dependent on our post-Paul Hurst fate than on his mere 14 league games in charge.
The nasty party
at 14:18 22 Oct 2018

Certainly living up to their name here:

And whilst they're all at each other's throats whilst grimly clinging to power the country is going to ruin and sleepwalking towards a damaging Brexit.

at 17:13 20 Oct 2018

....we were, for me, the worst side I've ever seen play in the Championship. Utterly, utterly dreadful in every single way. The back 4 was unbalanced, the full backs gave us no outlet, the midfield was constantly outfought and lacked quality on the ball. Sears tried hard but was completely isolated. No changes at half time? Wtf? Abject.
Hate crime on the rise
at 14:45 16 Oct 2018

We live in dark times, friends.
This Tory government
at 08:12 15 Oct 2018

Got to be the worst in living memory, surely?

I know May wasn't dealt a good hand but her attempted power grab last year has effectively left her a hostage to the lunatic fringe of her own party and the DUP. This means that delivering Brexit has gone from bloody difficult to virtually impossible. There was never going to be a way of delivering a Brexit that made most happy but it's looking like the options left on the table aren't palatable to anyone.

Domestically, homelessness and deaths amongst the homeless are massively on the rise. Public services are stretched close to breaking point after 8 years of austerity. Knife crime is on the rise. Child poverty and use of food banks is rife. Universal credit is making life intolerable for the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. The rail network is a bigger sh!t show than ever. The country is horribly divided and the far right are rising. Economic growth is largely based on another credit bubble (that worked well last time) rather than increased productivity.

Tell me again about strong and stable government....
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