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If he's not gone by now....
at 13:48 27 Jan 2021

.... I'm guessing that means he'll be here for the Crewe game on Saturday at least. Really not sure why Evans hasn't pulled the trigger already, it's clear to everyone (except that Frank guy) that he's done.
Team tonight
at 08:54 26 Jan 2021

What are we expecting? I have a feeling we might see a bit of Lambingo as he desperately tries to save himself. Will Chambo be dropped for actually pointing out that our performance wasn't good enough and contradicting Lambert in the process? Doubtful as the only real option to replace him now is Woolfie and he's still on the naughty step himself. I think Thomas will start but probably for Edwards with Judge keeping his place.
[Post edited 26 Jan 8:58]
Brexit is a roaring success #84747372
at 09:29 24 Jan 2021

Since our decent start....
at 17:01 23 Jan 2021

..... we've played 15 games, won 6, drawn 1, lost 8. We've scored just 13 goals and conceded 20.

That is lower midtable form, and we're pretty much mirroring last season except we were decent for half as long this time around.

Lambert out. Nothing more needs to be said.
Covidiots part 385858372
at 13:26 22 Jan 2021


Whilst the blame for our world-leading mortality rate sits squarely on the shoulders of the government, it doesn't really help matters that many people seem to be utter jeb-ends.
Post-Brexit diplomacy
at 08:11 21 Jan 2021


Excellent stuff. I like that we're not going half hearted at turning the UK into a banana republic.
Developing the youngsters
at 08:47 19 Jan 2021

It's not really happening is it? We've got a loanee playing ahead of Woolfenden, our best CB prospect in years. We're now looking at bringing in two more loanees to play in positions where some of our talented youngsters play. El Miz comes back and doesn't even get a look in despite clearly having lots of talent and offering something different. Dobra goes from not even being on the bench to being brought into a struggling team, then gets bombed out again at the first opportunity, disappearing from the bench even. Then there's the whole preseason incident.

Does anyone trust Paul Lambert at all to make our talented kids better footballers and to integrate them into the side? In fairness young Dozzer has at least finally been given a run of games this season, but I've not seen much to suggest he's getting lots better in the role he's being asked to play and in the system we're using. If anything it's not doing him many favours.
Harrop and possibly Thomas
at 22:17 18 Jan 2021

They must be costing a pretty penny. Does anyone honestly think that money wouldn't be better spent paying off Lambert and getting a capable manager in instead?
US Capitol on lockdown
at 15:39 18 Jan 2021

More Tory culture war nonsense
at 08:22 17 Jan 2021


This bit in particular is impressive:

"Mr Jenrick added that he had noticed an attempt to set a narrative which seeks to erase part of the nation's history, saying this was "at the hand of the flash mob, or by the decree of a 'cultural committee' of town hall militants and woke worthies"."

Mob, militants, 'woke' people. Not really the kind of language that a cabinet minister should be using about people that he and his party should at least be pretending to govern for and represent. The constant description of BLM protestors as a 'mob' is dog whistle racism at its finest. The notion that those who think slavery was bad are 'woke' and a threat to our history, when actually things like the Colston statue incident actually made more people aware of a portion of our history, is utterly ridiculous. This use of woke as an insult is also pretty pathetic, when generally it's applied mainly to be people who think things like racism and homophobia are bad.

Down with Robert Jenrick (another who manages to stand out as deeply awful and unimpressive amongst the worst cabinet we've ever had), down with the Tory government, and down with anyone who voted for them.
2 shots on target in 90 minutes
at 17:00 16 Jan 2021

Against the worst team in the third division. Absolute scenes.
Another cracker from that presser
at 12:42 15 Jan 2021

"Q: You’ve obviously got your playing principles and philosophy this year – the possession approach centred around the same system every week. Will you keep sticking to what you’ve been trying to do?

A: I learned my lesson about five, six years ago just trying to change systems left, right and centre. It never got me anywhere and I’ll never do that again. I spoke to loads of managers. They asked me ‘why do you keep changing the system?’ and I said ‘I’m just trying to get a win’. They told me ‘you just confuse people’ and they were 100% right. And I'm talking about top managers. I’ll never make that mistake again.

We have our own beliefs in how we want to play. I’ll never make that mistake again of just trying to win at all costs. Yes, you want to win, but my job is also to try and help players become better. I won’t change.

Q: You did change systems a lot last season though didn’t you Paul? So you’ve decided to move on from that?

A: Yeah...The guys coming back from injuries will give us that help. I think that’s important."

Where to even begin with that mess?
League table since......
at 13:02 10 Jan 2021

...... our kind opening 6 games where we managed to pick up 16 points: https://www.twtd.co.uk/league-tables/competition:league-one/daterange/fromdate:2

Makes pretty depressing reading and eerily familiar when you think about how last season panned out too. Worryingly, 8 of our 13 games have been at home and our home form has been better than our away form. I'm not sure how anyone can look at that and feel like Lambert deserves one more day in the job.
Yay capitalism!
at 08:23 31 Dec 2020


Nice to see big companies ensuring that the wealth is trickling down as it should.
Link to donate match pass money to charity
at 10:39 11 Dec 2020

Hi all,

Footers' link has now closed so that the charity can receive the funds. I intend to keep donating my iFollow money to charity until Lambert is gone and/or the club stop being dicks to Phil. Someone mentioned the SBR Foundation as a good choice, below is the link to their Just Giving page.


Please note me posting this on a public fooking forum does not mean that the site owner endorses my actions, in case any of the clown shoes at Portman Road are reading.
FAO Footers
at 10:20 11 Dec 2020

Is your charity link still up buh? I need to stick another tenner in as remarkably Lambert has ended up still being in charge for the Pompey game and somehow Phil is still banned. Can you share the link again please?
Good to see Trump has his priorities straight
at 11:48 10 Dec 2020


Legally kill as many people as possible before getting the boot. What a guy.
We're governed by jeb-ends #226474773
at 15:39 3 Dec 2020

I give you Exhibit Z, Gavin Williamson claiming we have the vaccine first because we are a "better country" than a the other countries: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-55175162

What a knob.
A stat that sums us up
at 09:47 2 Dec 2020

Courtesy of Stuart Watson:

"Oxford United have kept five clean sheets in 30 league games this calendar year. Three of them have been against Ipswich Town."

Lambert out.
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