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at 16:54 23 Oct 2021

Hope someone had a camera on Brett Johnson when that went in!
MM sacked (n/t)
at 15:35 23 Oct 2021

Anyone watching the NFL?
at 16:06 10 Oct 2021

WTF is this half time show? Have they given a random 12 year old a mic?

No reaction to the equaliser?
at 16:53 25 Sep 2021

Are people that apathetic already?
We have a brilliant squad of individual playera
at 22:11 17 Aug 2021

At the moment they're a pretty average team. Frustrating but I think it will click soon.

A few odd decisions from Cook though. Still back him 100% but taking Dobra off against Burton instead of Fraser was odd IMO. Putting Jackson on tonight was odd.

What now for RB on Saturday? KVY undisputedly our best RB but Donacien hasn't played badly.
That was poor
at 16:51 14 Aug 2021

Woolf has a real battle for his place if we bring in another decent CB.

Some more promising signs though. Once we're full strength with players back I think we'll be fine.
Hugely enjoyable game, god i've missed football
at 17:07 7 Aug 2021

Sadly couldn't be at PR but watching online was enjoyable. A lot to work on but some promising signs.

Evans and Harper were excellent.
Celtic out of CL
at 22:21 28 Jul 2021

Bishop gone to Lincoln
at 12:43 27 Jul 2021

According to Sky it has been completed
Any antepost bets for the new season?
at 23:40 25 Jul 2021


League winners £3 EW @ 3213 (4 places - Sky)

Ipswich top 2
Colchester top 'southern' team (note to self, screenshot of teams in this market saved in Photo Vault app)
Cardiff to finish in the play off places

£3 @ 191.25

Man City to win the league
Wrexham to win the league
Ipswich automatic promotion
Colchester top 7 finish

£5 @ 105

Will add more later. McGoldrich is 66/1 top scorer with Bet Victor...double the price of anywhere else.

[Post edited 31 Jul 0:32]
If anyone is desperate for football...
at 15:29 17 Jul 2021

Wimbledon vs Brentford on Youtube

Boxset recommendations please
at 17:55 12 Jul 2021

Preferably Prime or Sky. Can sign up to Netflix if needed.

Thank you.
Nice goal Ben Folami
at 10:43 28 May 2021

He's playing for Melbourne Victory live on BT Sport 3 if anyone cares. 7 mins until HT where they'll show the goals again.
New Job - Look At Me etc
at 15:18 21 May 2021

Long time J2 watchers will remember me bitching about my last job on a regular basis. Well, after leaving there and somehow falling into betting on sports for a living for three years I have just been offered a new job.

It's working from home in the sports betting industry which as you can imagine is right up my street. With the pandemic causing job losses and having nothing on my CV for the past three years (literally off the radar, no job, not claiming anything etc) it's something that has filled me with literal dread every time i've thought about it. I posted on here a couple of years ago asking for advice from people in payroll as I was going to make something up about working on a self employed basis. The posters who worked in payroll both agreed I wouldn't be asked for any evidence as it has nothing to do with PAYE. I have looked back through my PMs to try and find the names of these posters but I unfortunately I can't (i'm so damn popular it's like finding a needle in a haystack :D). I would like to thank them both for their advice though. Thankfully I did not need to lie in the end and have been one hundred percent honest with my new employer which is much better all around.

Thank you to all those who urged me to just quit my last job as it was having a massive effect on me and I hated it. That wasn't the only reason and my dad having a heart attack (he's fine now) was part of it so I could be there for him as well but really hating it was a big part of it. Sadly I don't remember everyone who told me to just do it but I remember itfcjoe and Bluefish rather bluntly telling me to get on with it or shut up . Thank you.

I also want to thank No9. If anyone is in contact with him please pass on my thanks. He was very kind to me when I was bitching about my job and frequently sent me opportunities he had come across. To be honest I thought most of them were above my level but that may have been a lack of confidence. He never stopped trying though which I appreciate.

I was a bit too mouthy about my last job on here and I intend to be much more private this time. Thankfully I really rate the company i'm joining and think it will be a good place to work so I shouldn't have anything to bitch about!

Oh and finally, this has been dragging on for about 6-7 weeks now and I think the job is perfect for me so i've been really on edge. Apologies if i've been more of a bellend than usual although in fairness it's probably hard to tell.

Cheers all

Liverpool...bloody hell (n/t)
at 18:28 16 May 2021

Drinan - a theory
at 19:06 10 May 2021

Sorry to make a new thread but the message isn't being received in the other threads.

Drinan is probably on peanuts. We've extended his contract by one year. Many seem to think he's going to be one of our main options next season. I'm only speculating but we could have kept him to loan him out for the season.

Why bother?

If he goes out on loan and does really well he will still be our player. While that might be meaningless, it does mean they'll be no fee and we'll be in the driving seat to offer him a new deal. If he does really well in league two we will probably be comfortably able to offer him more money than other clubs and still have him be a low earner here. IF we go up and he gets a new deal here then we could loan him to league one. It's a low risk investment. We've had 14 years bemoaning the lack of business acumen from the club.

Let's wait and see where this is going before losing our minds. Even if he stays I would imagine it's in addition to several new strikers. I'd be amazed if we went with Norwood, new striker, Hawkins and Drinan. Chill out people.
[Post edited 10 May 19:08]
Some humans are scum part 4564323565
at 22:18 5 May 2021

How the hell do you find something like this funny? Scum.
The super league clubs know they will win in the end
at 16:07 20 Apr 2021

Look at the statements from the big broadcasters. All support the current system, all deny any involvement in the plans and none of them say they will have nothing to do with it or won't bid for the rights. I'm just making a point, I understand how business works.

Then we have Carragher asking Neville if he'll be a pundit or commentator on the super league. His answer was "not in its current form". Door left open. No one willing to completely rule themselves out.

Steve Parish, Palace chairman and co-owner on Sky. Started off very angry and firing at these clubs but very soon toned it down and left the impression he could be easily bought. He's taken shots at the bigger clubs for years but seemed to heavily hint he could be bought off with a suitcase of cash for the remaining Prem teams. A man who once asked why they should help lower league teams as supermarkets aren't being asked to help corner shops. The likes of Palace and Burnley forgetting they are bang average clubs who could easily be back in the Championship at any time.

We expect the players to save us? Some will try. The likes of Marcus Rashford will probably try. Most of the rest will be rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of earning even more money.

Then there are the fans too stupid to see their Sky and BT subscriptions were leading to this. Including me. For years I have justified my subscriptions on the basis that I just love football and although it has skewed things it was still pretty much the same. Promotion, relegation, fighting off any mention of the Premier League 2. Now these clubs are going to destroy our game and the clubs will all choose the financial option which will destroy the game forever.

In five years we'll have Carragher and Neville on Sky welcoming us to Super Tuesday as Liverpool face Real Madrid. The rest of the Prem will vote for those clubs to stay in return for a few crumbs. Burnley or Palace will get relegated and immediately complain that it's unfair. It's sickening.
Next season's glamour home friendly might be interesting
at 21:51 14 Apr 2021

Just found this:

Wonder if they have any attacking wonderkids who can fire us to the Prem?
2021 Masters - Your Bets?
at 10:44 8 Apr 2021

For me i've gone for

1.5 pt EW Justin Thomas @ 10
1.5 pt EW Jordan Spieth @ 12
1 pt EW Daniel Berger @ 31
1 pt EW Xander Schauffele @ 21

All Sky Bet, 1/5 for 11 places

GL All
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