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Swansea 22/1 (with William Hill price boost)
at 15:10 22 Apr 2018

Anyone think this is worth a bet? City's season is over, their fans will be in party mode regardless of the result and Swansea need the points. I did think similar about Wolves yesterday and couldn't have been more wrong but Swansea have five games remaining and their last four after City are:

Saturday 28th April 2018
Chelsea (H)

Saturday 5th May 2018
Bournemouth (A)

Tuesday 8th May 2018
Southampton (A)

Sunday 13th May 2018
Stoke (H)

If they don't get it done by the time they play Southampton they could be in real trouble. It could be two 'six pointers'. A win today would almost guarantee their safety by putting them 7 points clear of Southampton and Stoke with just four games remaining for Southampton and three for Stoke. I'm sure that won't be lost on Carvalhal and he will make sure Swansea believe they can actually get the win here.

Worth a small bet IMO
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Blackburn all but up now
at 17:09 21 Apr 2018

Could be confirmed Tuesday night.
RIP Avicii
at 18:38 20 Apr 2018

Dead at age 28. Far too young.
How much is Bradley Dack worth now?
at 18:29 20 Apr 2018

Apparently he was signed by Blackburn for £750k and add ons. He's only 24. I wish we would take a few more chances. Not every player is going to come good but if we took a few gambles on younger players we would only need one to come good and it would pay for itself. With the new tv deal being a slight improvement on the current one the bubble is unlikely to burst any time soon.

It really makes no sense for Evans to continue his current 'investment strategy'.
TWTD Acca Invitational Week 35 -ITFC_Forever, Rommy, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springer
at 19:24 19 Apr 2018

Deadline 11am Saturday.

GL all.
TWTD Acca Invitational Week 34 -ITFC_Forever, Rommy, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springer
at 20:07 12 Apr 2018

Deadline Sat 11am
I know the numbskullians will slate me for this
at 22:29 10 Apr 2018

but in the past we've had the opportunity to pass messages on. Any chance we could do something similar? He's been frustrating and at times utterly infuriating but any balanced person can see he has done a good job overall in difficult circumstances and has spent about minus ten million overall. Would be nice to end it amicably and show some appreciation.
TWTD Acca Invitational Week 33 -ITFC_Forever, Rommy, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springer
at 22:01 5 Apr 2018

Deadline Saturday 11am.

Cooking tip for you all
at 20:15 5 Apr 2018

This is a J2BLUE certified game changer.

Who knew such a marvellous invention existed? Bloody hate washing my slow cooker up.

No need to thank me.
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Public Service Announcement: It's McClaren, not McLaren.
at 18:21 2 Apr 2018

This needs to be nipped in the bud before we go back to the dark days of 'McCauley'

You're welcome.
Masters Bets?
at 17:47 31 Mar 2018

I don't really follow golf throughout the year but I love watching the Masters.

What are you on?

I've gone for:

Sky Bet, 10 places

1 pt E/W Justin Rose @ 12/1
0.5 pts E/W Phil Mickelson @ 16/1
0.5 pts E/W Danny Willett @ 200/1

Grosvenor, 6 places

Free Bet - equivalent to 0.5 pts E/W Poulter @ 60/1
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We are an absolute gift for teams like Birmingham
at 16:49 31 Mar 2018

From BBC:

Posted at 67 mins
Birmingham 1-0 Ipswich

Remember when I said Ipswich hadn't registered a shot on target in this game, earlier?

They still haven't shot on target and we're approaching the final 20 minutes, here.

Mick McCarthy's side haven't scored in their past three matches. Could that be four matches in a matter of minutes?

I really don't know why anyone is bothered that MM is off. He's a good manager and he'll do well somewhere with more quality but his approach is completely wrong for us.
[Post edited 31 Mar 16:49]
Have we had the 'letter of intent' yet?
at 14:01 30 Mar 2018

I wasn't sure it was a literal thing or Milne's way of saying people will see the direction we're going but i've seen Phil mention it a couple of times.

Was it sent to ST holders? I'm guessing not as i've not seen anyone talking about it.

Just to be clear this isn't a dig at Milne or anyone else. I think they were put in a very difficult situation and handled it quite well in the end.
Now he's going, can we please try and end it amicably?
at 13:42 29 Mar 2018

History will likely judge him well here. It would be nice if we didn't completely sour the relationship for no reason.
TWTD Acca Invitational Week 32 -ITFC_Forever, Rommy, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springer
at 22:26 28 Mar 2018

Deadline 11am Saturday. GL.
Milne's reply when asked if the squad is strong enough to play attractive
at 18:48 27 Mar 2018


"regrettably there has been some is a very, very tough league as you would understand and sometimes it doesn't come together, sometimes you play teams that is there to block us, uh, and block the play and that makes it very unattractive"

Thoughts? Everything i've read from ST holders would suggest that isn't true. Is he right?
Wales vs Uruguay on S4C now
at 12:34 26 Mar 2018

English commentary on red button.
Is there a better piece of music than this?
at 23:21 23 Mar 2018

TWTD Acca Invitational Week 31 -ITFC_Forever, Rommy, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springer
at 12:07 20 Mar 2018

Getting this up early as I keep forgetting to do it on Thursdays.

Deadline Sat 11am. GL all.

Edit: International break

Picks can be from any time from Saturday 3pm- the last day of the international break. Deadline the same.
[Post edited 20 Mar 12:09]
Gambling Commission - FOBT Maximum Stake £30
at 14:49 19 Mar 2018

The Gambling Commission has recommended the max stake on FOBTs be £30 with the limit set to £2 per spin on slots etc. Doesn't go far enough in my opinion, should have everything set to £2 stakes but it's a start.

Highlighting this so all of you who have expressed major concern can send your local MP an email to put pressure on them to vote in favour of this once it comes to parliament.

Edit: Added link
[Post edited 19 Mar 14:49]
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