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Just seen candy cane flavour crisps on the Tesco website
at 12:25 17 Oct 2017

They'd have blown Dolly's mind

Come back Dolly!

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Is there any point closing the EFL window early but still allowing loans?
at 18:55 13 Oct 2017

Really seems to defeat the point. Surely we'll just have teams loaning with a fee agreed for January?
Is it acceptable for people to take an old boiler without asking?
at 18:41 13 Oct 2017

Not sure whether i'm annoyed over nothing or I have a point.

My old boiler was removed earlier, it's completed useless and it was left on the side of the road near my dad's van for about ten minutes. He went back outside and went to pick up the panel at the front of the boiler and a woman appeared shouting "LEAVE THAT ALONE, IT'S MINE!". Thinking it would save him a trip to the dump he let her take it and shortly afterwards a van pulled up and removed it.

Does leaving it on the street mean this is fair enough? I was at work. If someone had politely asked me for it i'd have thought good luck to you and happily let them take it. If someone had shouted that at me i'd have told them to fook off and taken it back out of pure stubbornness.
TWTD Acca Invitational Week 8 -ITFC_Forever, Rommy, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springer
at 13:59 12 Oct 2017

Table to one point level stakes:

TIB: +2.89
SE1: +1.42
Springers: -0.34
ITFC_Forever: -0.9
J2: -1.32
Sitters: -1.95
Rommers: -2.82

Deadline 11am Saturday.
If you could pick the world cup play offs draw and winners...
at 23:11 11 Oct 2017


Seeded: Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Denmark,
Unseeded: Northern Ireland, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Greece.

ITALY vs Greece
Denmark vs Sweden - don't really care, would just like a team from Scandinavia

Rest of the World (ties already set):

AUSTRALIA vs Honduras.

Which ties and winners would you pick?
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People who excessively fold up the new plastic notes
at 15:01 8 Oct 2017

Should be hit in the head with a concrete block on the end of a chain.

That is all.
Proper game on the red button now if anyone is interested
at 12:31 30 Sep 2017

Ashton vs Chorley in an FA Cup qualifier.
TWTD Acca Invitational Week 7 -ITFC_Forever, Rommy, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springers
at 17:06 28 Sep 2017

Table to one point level stakes:

TIB: +2.16
SE1: +0.85
Springers: +0.66
J2: -0.32
Rommers: -1.82
ITFC_Forever: -2
Sitters: -2.95

Deadline Saturday 11am.
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Would you marry yourself?
at 22:18 27 Sep 2017

TWTD Acca Invitational Week 6 -ITFC_Forever, Rommy, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springers
at 16:50 21 Sep 2017

Table to one point level stakes:

TIB: +2.16
J2: +0.68
Rommers: -0.82
ITFC_Forever: -1
Springers: -1.22
SE1: -1.35
Sitters: -1.95

SE1's pick is over 4.5 goals in Man City v Palace

Deadline is 11am Saturday. I'm working so might forget so if any of you can give the thread a bump about 10 if I haven't it would be appreciated.

Where's Badger?
at 11:36 19 Sep 2017

Haven't seen him on here for a while. I've started rewatching Peep Show and he has always said i'm like TWTD's answer to Mark. I've been cracking up watching it at how scaringly accurate that actually is.
TWTD Acca Invitational Week 5 -ITFC_Forever, Rommy, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springers
at 20:57 14 Sep 2017

As we've only had a full house once out of four time I thought i'd invite ITFC_Forever to join us. He was unlucky to miss the cut and will be a good addition if he'd like to join.

Table to one point level stakes:

TIB: +0.91
Rommers: +0.18
Springers: -0.22
J2: -0.27
SE1: -0.35
Sitters: -0.95

SE1 has PM'd me his pick of over 2.5 goals in the Millwall/Leeds game.

Deadline is 9pm Friday...only joking Sitters, deadline is 10am Saturday.
TWTD Acca Invitational Week Four - Rommers, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springers
at 21:35 6 Sep 2017

Table to one point level stakes:

Rommers: +1.18
TIB: +0.91
Sitters: -0.95
J2: -1.07
SE1: -1.26
Springers: -1.27

Deadline: Friday night @ 9pm

While there are no rules lets keep it sensible people.

Tip for the board's vegans
at 12:12 4 Sep 2017

I just got 200% of my daily Vitamin B12 from seaweed.

I picked these up in Waitrose, somehow completely missing the seaweed part and just saw 'Crispy Thins'. Swayed by the fact they were only 22 calories (which should have tipped me off...) I bought them. I have to say, they were oddly satisfying.
Connolly can play anywhere at the back
at 22:07 31 Aug 2017
TWTD Acca Invitational Week Three - Rommers, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springers
at 14:38 24 Aug 2017

Table to one point level stakes:

Rommers: +0.45
Sitters: +0.05
TIB: 0
J2: -0.07
SE1: -0.26
Springers: -0.27

Post your picks people. Saturday 9:45am deadline. If TIB does not tip this time he will be replaced. Already decided who in the event we need a replacement.
TWTD Acca Invitational Week Two - Rommers, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springers
at 21:16 16 Aug 2017

Last week:

Table to one point level stakes:

Springers: +0.73
TIB: 0
Sitters: -1
SE1: -1
Rommers: -1
J2: -1

Overall Acca: -1

Shocking effort. Well done to Springers for our sole winning pick.

Post your picks gentlemen. Friday 8pm final deadline.
(Spoilers) GOT Season 7, Episode 5 (Spoilers) - No trailer discussion
at 20:35 14 Aug 2017


Out of respect for those who avoid all spoilers including the trailer can we please keep all trailer discussion off this thread. Thank you.

A really great episode. A lot slower than the previous battle episodes but I really enjoyed the way it put all the pieces in place for the remaining two episodes.

I am loving seeing some of my favourite characters joining up to fight a common enemy like the hound and Jon and the reunion of Jorah and Tyrion.

A huge reveal about the annulled marriage. Hopefully that scroll is one of the ones Sam left with. I could see Dany and Jon eventually becoming the power couple of Westoros with the Lannisters retaining their Warden of the East status.

Looking forward to seeing Beric's flaming sword fighting the white walkers.

Did anyone see what the scroll Arya found actually said? Was it Sansa urging Robb to bend the knee to Joffrey?

This post has been edited by an administrator
at 11:51 13 Aug 2017

Why is it today? Doesn't seem to be on tv?
TWTD Super Six Acca Invitational - Rommers, TIB, Sitters, SE1, Springers
at 13:23 10 Aug 2017

First of all, blame SE for the name

Can't be bothered to PM you all individually.

Add your picks here. Include guideline odds. I'll post the actual odds from 365 when everyone has posted. No rules on picks.

SE1 - Mansfield Town v Forest Green Rovers over 2.5 goals @ 10/11
J2 - Liverpool to win @ 8/13
Sitters - Southampton v Swansea - BTTS @ 11/10
Rommers - Sheff Wed @ 4/5
Springers - Birmingham vs Bristol City - BTTS @ 8/11

Cut off will be 11am tomorrow morning. If one doesn't post a pick we'll go with a 5 fold etc etc.

[Post edited 10 Aug 14:30]
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