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NFL Wembley game now starting on BBC2
at 14:36 21 Oct 2018

If anyone is interested.
Cold chill in the air, slow cooker on
at 08:34 19 Oct 2018

I love this time of year. 1000x better than summer will ever be.
Coke Zero Cinnamon
at 12:41 18 Oct 2018

This wont shock anyone but it's bloody awful.
Time to stop all the rumours?
at 17:13 6 Oct 2018

Really surprising result and to be honest I wouldn't have been surprised if we made a change after today's game but the players are clearly fighting for the team/manager. Maybe there were problems but the air has been cleared? To come back from 1-0 down and 2-2 to go on and win it shows real bottle.

Oh god
at 20:02 2 Oct 2018

Please sit back Boro. Could be a cricket score.
Middlesbrough stats
at 20:19 29 Sep 2018

Their defensive ranking in the Championship this season:

Fewest goals conceded - 1st
Most clean sheets - 1st
Fewest shots on target allowed - 1st
Fewest open play goals conceded - 1st

At least our attack is sharp as a tack...
For those who want Hurst out
at 12:47 25 Sep 2018

I don't blame you, but I have a question.

MM was an experienced manager who spent money on mainly experienced players on decent wages and used the loan market very well.

Hurst is an inexperienced manager who sold off most of our assets and spent the money mainly on fees. It's too early to see how these players will turn out but assuming Evans makes a choice soon that he isn't the man he is unlikely to look favourably on many of these signings.

IF Hurst is sacked, are you prepared for a return to what Evans considered highly successful and the appointment of an older manager working mainly in the loan and free agent markets? I guess this question is mainly to those who wanted MM gone and now want Hurst gone.

There's a hell of a lot of smoke coming out of the club and many who have a good record are screaming fire. I can't see where a win is coming from in October. Apart from QPR I can't see where a possible point is coming from. Under MM we knew we could spring a surprise and grind out results in months where it looked difficult on paper. I just can't see it with Hurst and the current situation.

Alright, now i'm worried
at 17:02 22 Sep 2018

Birmingham won away at Leeds. Our only winnable game (on paper) in October is QPR and on current form we won't even be beating them.

Someone to come in mid way through October? Warburton?
Housing Crisis
at 16:59 21 Sep 2018

Sky just said one of the factors in some areas is houses being 'under occupied'. They asked one man (who owned his house) if he felt guilty for living in such a big house when so many people need more space.

Does anyone think he should feel guilty? Would anyone like to see some sort of bedroom tax brought in on private properties? Seems a really unfair question to me and curious how other people see it.
Who are the senior players?
at 13:52 19 Sep 2018

I keep seeing the senior players mentioned but who are they? Give us specific names rather than a collective.

To me the active senior players in the squad are:

Chambers - Passionately celebrated the equaliser. Made a point of criticising the match performances as not being as good as training performances
Skuse - Hurst seems to like him a lot. Skuse has been in the game long enough to know the last five years of stability under MM is not the norm and change is inevitable
Knudsen - Wants a new deal
Bart - MM took the same 'two equal keepers' stance for the majority of his reign.
Gerken - Probably not going to have a problem with Hurst
Spence - He's getting chances and got a vote of confidence when PH sent Emmanuel out on loan.

So lets have it from the increasing number of people in the know who keep mentioning the senior players, who is unhappy?
Do we have a mentality issue?
at 17:31 15 Sep 2018

There are endless examples of teams needing a result in the last few years and we happily give it to them. Four that come to mind straight away:

Forest away - they need a result to stay up. We roll over without a fight and they get a comfortable 3-0 win

Rotherham away - they are predicted to struggle. Their early games will set the tone for their season. We give them three points and a clean sheet.

Derby away - Lampard had a mixed start, early results set the mood again. We give them three points and a clean sheet.

Hull away - Lost 6/6 of their last home games, conceded a goal for 12 games straight. We give them three points and a clean sheet.

We are everyone's dream opponent when they are struggling. It's getting really tedious.
Ryan Gooding - Psychic Medium
at 22:28 13 Sep 2018

First of all...I know, I know...I too am a sceptic.

My mum went to an event this evening where he appeared. She just phoned me and told me everything he told her. Apparently there were roughly 150 people there and he picked about 8 out, of which she was one. The information he gave her was very specific. None of this 'has anyone lost a John?' stuff. It's going to take more than one incident to change my mind on things like this but the information was about things he simply couldn't have known.

Does anyone have any experience of seeing him or able to explain any tricks etc? Apparently he was talking to people and naming their deceased relatives. Where they died etc.

Any info/opinions/outright piss taking is welcome.
UEFA to introduce third European club competition
at 12:32 11 Sep 2018

Seriously, what is the point? Unless this comes with radical reform, which it won't because the top clubs will never accept being in the second tournament, then it's utterly pointless.
at 20:30 31 Aug 2018

Some people going way OTT about our loans. We have five real loans and an unfortunate situation which the club has handled very well.

People seem to think it's somehow out of the ordinary to have five loan players. Lets see how many other clubs in the division have:

Wigan 6
Bolton 5
Villa 5
Middlesbrough 5
Rotherham 5
Leeds 4
Forest 4
Sheff U 4
Stoke 4
Blackburn 3
Derby 3
West Brom 3
Millwall 3
Birmingham 3
Bristol City 2
Sheff Wed 2
Norwich 2
Preston 2
Reading 2
Swansea 1
Hull 1
Brentford 0

Plenty of teams heavily using the loan market. I know people love to complain but lets not switch the goalposts now and make it about keeping the youngsters out etc, this is purely for the people saying we're back to the Jewell days. Swansea fans not happy about not signing more loan players today.

We have a solid squad on paper now. Lets see where we are in January.
Burnley out of the Europa League
at 21:37 30 Aug 2018

They'd be through if they had played Walters
Still a better fight than Haye vs Harrison..
at 19:46 25 Aug 2018

[Post edited 25 Aug 19:49]
I'm going 'nearly vegan'
at 20:54 22 Aug 2018

No idea if there is a label for that and I don't really care. Any tips board vegans?

I'm going to aim for 90% of my calories from vegan friendly foods to begin with and might go further eventually. Going to stick to 2000 calories a day so that gives me only 200 calories from animal foods maximum. Most days I see it being 0%.

Why post this here? This site has plenty of vegans and I can't be bothered to sign up to a new forum.

I'm not doing this for ethical reasons so I won't be preaching at anyone. Please respect the spirit of the thread. If it becomes vegans vs meat eaters I will ask for it to be deleted as that isn't my intention. Please hide the thread if you don't want to see it as I do with cricket, jazz and many other threads without making a drama of it.

If anyone thinks this is attention seeking please take the logical step and ignore the thread!

I really like Chalobah
at 20:36 21 Aug 2018

Not sure how much of that is down to his hair though.

Seems calm and confident.
Red button is live for those waiting to see if theirs will work
at 19:32 21 Aug 2018

Stream begins at 7:40
Now TV not showing the game
at 19:20 21 Aug 2018

According to this, they can't show them:

[Post edited 21 Aug 19:22]
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