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"but they are determined to turn those frustrations into celebrations"
at 20:38 24 Jan 2021

Oh my F#&%1*£ god...someone end this nightmare.
Does anyone have a contact number for uber eats? My account has been hacked
at 18:13 23 Jan 2021

I've blocked my card. They got three orders in. The restaurant basically told me to f off.
Make the change Evans
at 17:35 23 Jan 2021

There is clearly the makings of a solid defence here. We have players returning from injury and we have signed a couple of players to help the attack.

Make the change while we still have a chance. If you need to save costs sell someone to fund the pay off. This season is critical.
We just lost to a team who didn't have a single shot on target
at 17:02 23 Jan 2021

Crowds @ Euros/Super Bowl/Wrestlemania/Portman Road
at 16:32 22 Jan 2021

The NFL have announced that 22,000 fans will be allowed into Raymond James Stadium for the Super Bowl. One third capacity at the standard 66,000 non expanded capacity. 7500 will be vaccinated health care workers which could be a brilliant idea if they are spaced out between the non vaccinated fans. I know there's no data on whether they can still transmit the virus but it's worth a go if they're protected.

Apparently UEFA have three options. Tournament behind closed doors, 20-30% and 50-100% so will probably be watching with interest.

WWE are said to be watching how things go with plans for 25,000 at Wrestlemania (again one third capacity as the stadium can hold 75,000 for 'special events')

Could we see something like this next season? 10,000 at PR with a proportion being set aside for the vaccinated?
Dr John Campbell interviews David Davis on Covid
at 00:53 19 Jan 2021

Great interview this if anyone is interested:

Also what to expect when you get the vaccine and how you can contribute to data about the vaccine/Covid on the symptom tracker app:

The next few months
at 17:24 13 Jan 2021

January - Covid/"We need some help"
February - Time to gel
March - We still believe
April - Season over. STs launched with the only marketing option left: 'The Young Ones' (or similar) promising our competitive advantage is now the academy
May - Lambert sacked and ST deadline extended

How fans react at this point is crucial. If fans get bought off with a new manager and some renewed optimism then the cycle will just continue. Evans is the problem. Our decline has been virtually constant since he gambled with our club for a quick profit. His delusional 'strategies' clearly don't work and we can all see it while he continues to pretend otherwise.

How many people are willing to stop putting money into the club and make a stand? This isn't said with any glee so super fans can stand down. No one wants to harm the club in any way but we did nothing as we slid down the Championship. We have to do something now or we'll be seeing threads like this when we're in league two.
Sounds like the Ipswich vaccine roll out is going to be good
at 22:11 5 Jan 2021

Although the source is Tom Hunt so caution advised...

Been sent a screenshot of a post on Facebook he's made. He says:

Two Rivers Medical Centre, Ivry Street Medical Practice and Aqua Pharmacy (Duke Street) all going to give the vaccine.

Trinity Park Conference Centre will be a vaccine hub

Gainsborough Sports Centre will be a 'key vaccination centre' from the middle of January

Ipswich hospital can now store the Pfizer vaccine and are giving it out.

Care homes now being visited

'It is hoped' that within 2-3 weeks all Ipswich over 80s will have been 'offered the vaccine'

Local NHS working flat out to get these vaccines out ASAP

Hopefully we're going to get decent numbers with all those sites and really get the ball rolling.
[Post edited 5 Jan 22:12]
EDIT: Elite sport can continue - Sky incorrectly said it couldn't
at 20:14 4 Jan 2021

Edited. Cheers Ace High.
[Post edited 4 Jan 20:22]
Eze's goal for Palace
at 17:08 2 Jan 2021

Gets better with every view. Made it look so easy. Pure quality.
I hope West Brom go down
at 17:34 27 Dec 2020

for bringing back this blight on the Premier League.

Who forgot to tell Wycombe, Luton, Rotherham etc that the pyramid has
at 17:59 12 Dec 2020

screwed them so they should just give up?
That red card might cost us our season
at 16:35 5 Dec 2020

What happened to Evans 'having his finger on the trigger'?
at 22:18 3 Dec 2020

Some of the self proclaimed ITK people said this was the case in the summer. It's now much worse and he's putting out garbage like that.

Clearly it wasn't the case at all was it?
at 20:54 1 Dec 2020

Good point
Something to build on
Did the basics
Young team
Gave me everything
Tough league
League table
If Evans wants to sack me he can
I know pressure - Celtic Park reference
We go again
Boxing fans - Dubois vs Joyce about to start on BT Sport 1
at 22:32 28 Nov 2020

All British heavyweight fight.
That both boxes quote really winds me up
at 00:57 25 Nov 2020

It's not the first time he has used it. For me it's up there with 2-0 is a dangerous lead for utter stupidity.

When playing football, if you're crap in both boxes it really says something about your chances.

It's the sort of thing i'd expect if David Brent was our manager.
Glenn Hoddle on commentary earlier - "possession stats shouldn't count
at 21:33 24 Nov 2020

unless it is in the opposition's half".

Can someone write this down and give it to Lambert please?
[Post edited 24 Nov 2020 21:36]
I watched that match for free on Sky but still feel like I overpaid
at 21:02 24 Nov 2020

Absolutely dire.

New contract Huws? It won't be here mate.

This club...it's just all so predictable. An endless carousel of total sh1t.
I reckon Hurst forgot to take his notes and Lambert is using them
at 16:25 21 Nov 2020

He's waiting for us to go 2-0 down and then it's such a dangerous score that we'll mount a comeback the likes of which has never been seen.
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