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Milkshake thrower: £350 fine and 150 hours unpaid work
at 16:19 18 Jun 2019

That ended up costing him pretty dearly!
Channel 4 debate
at 19:11 16 Jun 2019

Christ Raab is a bellend. Smug, arrogant and a complete moron.
VAR is a shambles part 2038476728908769
at 17:13 14 Jun 2019

What the hell was that in Italy game? The rule about keepers and penalties is ridiculously harsh. A retake is pretty much guaranteed to go in as the keeper will be worried about getting a red.
Public Service Announcement: Euro 2020 Tickets
at 12:49 12 Jun 2019

Applications open in 10 minutes.

No need to rush though, it's open for a month and everyone has an equal chance in the ballot.
Why is there so little actual news now?
at 15:36 6 Jun 2019

It seems that in my lifetime we have gone from actual news in newspapers to utter garbage. At least 3/5 stories on the news widget on my iphone are about Love Island, things that someone said on Twitter or total rubbish like 'Woman rolls her eyes at Farage and gets called a hero' and 'Camilla winks behind Trump and the internet loses its mind'. What the hell? I tried changing the settings so I only got actual news or interesting stuff about science and technology. I took the time to actually opt out of Love Island news and the trash websites. Today I look and I have a news feed with Heat Magazine articles on Love Island etc. I have now deleted the news app entirely as i'm sick of it.

What is wrong with people that we need 24 hour updates on something so tedious and mind rotting? Why do we need to see actual articles on something some attention seeking div said on Twitter?

Rant over
For anyone missing football, as per a few posts in recent days
at 19:35 3 Jun 2019

Get Senegal vs Nigeria U20s on. FreeSports channel, 422 on Sky.

This tournament has been a good standard.
SSN presenter just asked 2 Chelsea and 2 Arsenal fans if they would be happy to
at 15:15 29 May 2019

lose if it meant Spurs didn't win the CL. I sat here thinking what a stupid question then one by one they all said yes.

People who look away when their team are in a penalty shootout
at 22:28 17 May 2019

Absolute morons. It's just attention seeking. It's all part of the highs and lows of being a supporter.

That is all.
WWE: Ashley Massaro dead at 39
at 13:42 17 May 2019

Bloody hell. RIP. Always loved her entrance music.

Did anyone watch that pensions programme? (ITV 19:30 9/5)
at 19:51 12 May 2019

I thought it was a good watch. Some of those numbers were pretty scary. I felt sorry for the older man who 'only' had £75,000 saved and was a renter.

The pensions dashboard sounds good. It would be motivating to see the difference saving some extra money would make.

Some big priced bets tonight
at 16:29 27 Apr 2019

All Paddy Power #whatoddspaddy

David McGoldrick & Will Keane both score 2+ goals 400/1 (McG bound to score a couple. Maybe we'll lose 6-2 intead of 4-0...)

John Fleck scores 1st; Aristote Nsiala & Luke Chambers carded 175/1

David McGoldrick to score 1st & Aristote Nsiala to be sent off 175/1

Sheff Utd to win to nil; John Fleck to score & Cole Skuse to be carded 40/1

Sheff Utd to win to nil; Oliver Norwood to score & Luke Chambers to be carded 33/1

I'm getting a ST
at 10:21 19 Apr 2019

Two of us, possibly three are returning after a long break.

We got our first STs in our first season back in the Championship and are returning for the first season in league one.

What's the opposite of glory hunting?
(spoilers) GOT Season 8, Episode 1 (spoilers)
at 16:19 16 Apr 2019


What did we think then? I thought it was great. We need episodes like that to set things up and I expect we have one more episode like that and it will end with the Night King arriving at Winterfell with his army.

My only criticisms, if i'm nit picking:

1) Jon being told about his parents alone with Sam. I know Sam is an honourably guy and was giving him some privacy but it feels like it will drag on a bit now. Dany will need to be told and convinced. Then Arya and Sansa need to be told and convinced. Then the northerners...I was hoping his would be resolved before the battle but it seems fairly obvious Jon will deal with the imminent threat first.

2) Bran saying we don't have time for this, they've turned a dragon and the wall has fallen to a rather indifferent reaction from Dany and Jon. They've turned a bloody dragon and the wall which has stood for 8000 years has fallen. Some surprise would have been nice.

Great to see some of the reunions. Theon and Arya/Northerners will be good. Jamie and Tyrion. Jamie and Brienne. Jamie and Brann. Jamie and Arya. Jamie and Varys. Lots of good stuff coming.
Major conspiracy theory
at 16:00 12 Apr 2019

I'm absolutely convinced this goes right to the very top.

I have recently rediscovered the joy of Fruit Pastilles. However I can no longer hide my anger and disappointment with how few red and black ones are in each tube. Everyone knows he black ones are the best flavour by a mile. I am now wondering if the mix has been changed to deprive us of these flavours in order to sell more of these:

I want TWTD's opinion before I go to the papers and expose this shocking scandal.
Game of Thrones spoilers (no spoilers in this thread)
at 21:27 9 Apr 2019

For anyone planning to watch season 8 episodes before the main UK showing (9pm Mondays) can you please make sure you don't post spoilers on here? If you do can you please use spoiler tags and 'xxxxxxxxxxx' out the first line for the benefit of people viewing the forum in table mode?

I know this might seem a little sad but the Battle of the Bastards episode was spoiled on here by the idiot known as 'Rentaghost' who posted what happened way before the main UK showing of the episode. Thankfully I had the sense not to come on here that day and will try not to again but can we please have some basic consideration for people who may not be able to/don't want to watch it early.

Thank you!
The Masters 2019 Bets
at 20:57 8 Apr 2019

Who are we on then people?

I love a bet on the Masters but haven't decided who to back yet.

Are we just going to forget this story about Germany in pre season?
at 19:25 30 Mar 2019

Sounds very much like he is expecting to be the one taking the squad there. Do we really think that this was planned before the discussion about the plans for next season? Evans has already had one manager come in and want to change the plans so it would be a bit odd.
Lambert criticism
at 19:22 30 Mar 2019

I don't get it. From lots of posters I consider quite sensible as well. Lambert came into the club to a poor squad, a losing mentality, a complete disconnect with the supporters and a seemingly thankless task of saving us with a few loanee mercenaries.

Since then he has repaired the relationship with the fans, changed the style of football, tied players down for next season and produced a long term plan for the club. Who knows if Evans has agreed to it but it really shows some ambition.

Are people really forgetting that our number one striker before he got injured was last season's number 4 striker? If we lose Lambert before he has had a real crack at league one with his own squad then frankly we deserve nothing anyway.
Yanis Varoufakis on Question Time tonight
at 22:06 28 Mar 2019

This is going to be good.
May will stand down when Brexit is delivered...
at 17:30 27 Mar 2019

According to Sky News
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