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at 20:05 15 Dec 2018

Stephen Burton from Ipswich is on now.
Football continues to lose its mind
at 17:47 10 Dec 2018

Why even report this? Total BS.
No one should be resigned or giving up
at 18:15 8 Dec 2018

I know it looks extremely bleak but the next six league games are vital. We have:

Wigan H
Sheff U H
Middlesbrough A
Millwall H
Rotherham H

I know the concept of a winnable game currently seems like an oxymoron but people who are attending these games are seeing the improvements. The next six games will likely decide our season IMO. They will probably even have an impact on the amount of money Lambert has to spend. Lets not give up yet. A scrappy win against Wigan would do wonders for our confidence. If we could build on that with a draw against Sheff U we could really start to turn this around.

I know a win against Wigan looks unlikely but we can't afford to give up. Going down would be a total disaster.
Bets tonight then people?
at 17:53 23 Nov 2018

I'm convinced we win and win well.

£5 Town to win by 2 or more @ 10.0

£4 Over 1.5 goals, 3+ Ipswich corners, 5+ West Brom corners and 10+ booking points each team @ 3.5

£0.65 Sears to score, Ipswich to win, 6+ corners each team and Chalobah to be carded @ 251

£0.35 Rodriguez & Phillips 3+ shots on target each and Jackson 2+ shots on target @ 451

GL all
Does anyone work in payroll that I could PM please?
at 15:09 20 Nov 2018

Quick question if anyone can spare me two minutes. Thank you.
So the cabinet rolls over
at 19:27 14 Nov 2018

Who would have guessed?
Deal reached with EU
at 16:45 13 Nov 2018

Let the real fireworks begin!
I don't care how many man points it loses me
at 15:37 13 Nov 2018

I bloody love that Heathrow Christmas advert
Car contents theft
at 18:00 12 Nov 2018

If you don't already you might want to start keeping your car locked at all times when you're not using it.

A year or so ago I had my kindle stolen out of my car. It was hidden so must have been a random target.

Last night, my mum, who lives on Broke Hall, had her sunglasses and sat nav stolen while the car was on her driveway.

A lot to like about that performance
at 17:01 10 Nov 2018

Lambert has been here 5 minutes and is changing things. Two weeks on the training pitch and big home game under the lights coming up.

Disappointing to concede but we're building something.
Self identification - legal battle to change age
at 00:42 8 Nov 2018

I'm going to watch this with interest. If he wins, i'm going to identify as 'King J2, Lord and Emperor of the Universe' and demand taxes from you all.
A genuine hero of our time
at 17:00 7 Nov 2018

The 21-year-old says she's since been swamped with messages of support - with people calling her a "hero".

"I've had marriage proposals too, which my boyfriend definitely isn't too happy about," Harriet tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Is this higher or lower on the hero scale than Danny Dyer calling Cameron a tw@t? How is this news? Yes I know i'm linking to it...
What's your average scrabble score? (n/t)
at 20:32 2 Nov 2018

WWE really outdoing themselves (no Crown Jewel spoilers)
at 18:39 2 Nov 2018

Currently putting an event on in Saudi Arabia

> Ignoring the premeditated killing of Jamal Khashoggi
> Ignoring Saudi Arabia's treatment of homosexuals and women despite being in the middle of an alleged 'women's revolution' that they are cashing in on - women aren't allowed to wrestle and their female commentator has had to have 'special security arrangements' to attend
> Ignored the fact Syrian wrestle Sami Zayn wasn't allowed at the last event (he's injured this time)
> Ignoring the concerns of their own wrestlers and fans. Two of their top stars pulled out of the event, one for his own career and one in protest at how homosexuals and Sami Zayn were treated
> WWE scripted the last show to be pure propaganda including scripting a segment where Saudi wrestlers beat up Iranian wrestlers
> Brought back racist piece of garbage Hulk Hogan to host the event. This is a man who when he returned to the company recently, called everyone together and apologised for embarrassing the company and said he didn't know he was being recorded. No apology for his racist comments and then he said those who didn't forgive him didn't understand how wrestling works and that you need to forgive each other whatever happens.

I hope their decision not to cancel comes back to haunt them. They refused to cancel because they are being paid so much by the Saudis. I only subscribe to the network when the Undertaker wrestles as he's my autistic brother's hero but I will be giving them the bare minimum of money in future.
Fifa considering ruining the world cup four years early
at 17:34 31 Oct 2018

16 groups of 3 teams, top 2 go through. The group stages I love so much will be all but dead. I despise three team groups. Feels utterly pointless.
I bet we'd all love a Nouble/Sammon/John/Fallon/Best type signing right now
at 17:28 27 Oct 2018

So depressing it's almost amusing.
Based on results, Lambert might be the most successful manager in their history
at 12:53 27 Oct 2018

No wonder they are triggered.

Lambert's win percentage for them is 49.3%, the third best in their history. He took 1.73 points per game.

Their second best based on win percentage is George Swindin with 50% but he was only manager for 20 games. 1.75 PPG.

Their best was Norman Low, also with 50% but over far more games. 1.71 PPG. He left the club in 1955 so Lambert is certainly the best in living memory.

Disclaimer: The PPG is slightly inaccurate as it doesn't break down into cup games/league games but it gives a rough example.
Derby's front three today - Waghorn, Marriott and Lawrence
at 12:29 27 Oct 2018

Should be interesting
If anyone at the club is reading this
at 18:06 25 Oct 2018

Get SSN on and listen to Gary Neville explain why we need a proper DOF.
I want McCarthy back
at 21:13 24 Oct 2018

I know he won't come and I know some won't agree but I hope Evans asks him.

Sorry Mick
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