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So This Season
at 00:12 8 Apr 2021

Is there any chance the takeover can have an impact on this season?

We can't change the playing squad and players coming to the end of their contracts may now be feeling even more insecure

If PC wants Leam Richardson as his assistant, that's more likely to happen in the summer

So aside from getting some things behind the scenes sorted (which will be a major plus point) are we expecting anything to change during what's left of the season?
Do you support the action taken by Blue Action yesterday?
at 09:54 3 Apr 2021

Do you support the action taken by Blue Action yesterday?

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Blub Action - Enjoy Your Afternoon?
at 17:21 5 Dec 2020

I find it hard not to get excited when my team wins, especially after being 1 down for so long

I must be doing football all wrong I guess
Sheff Utd
at 22:03 28 Nov 2020

Away from the nonsense that currently surrounds ourselves

Sheff Utd? They are gonna do an Ipswich circa 2000 - 2002, first season up and it's all giddy heights dreaming of Euro qualification. Second season and it's relegation and goodnight.
Curtis Tilt
at 01:24 29 Oct 2020

Remember how we really wanted to sign him? He left Blackpool near the end of his contract, made 1 appearance at Rotherham and is now on loan at Wigan.

So was he not as good as everyone thought? I know we wanted him in the summer of madness that PH presided over, but he did seem to actually be one of his better targets.
All Together Now
at 16:44 5 Sep 2020

Paul Lambert is a Blue........
TWTD Commuters
at 08:47 27 Aug 2020

I've not had the pleasure of using the Abellio Greater Anglia facilities twice daily for a few years now, but one thing I was wondering is how did Covid affect season ticket holders? I used to buy an annual ticket at the end of the year, so if i'd still been doing that I would be coming up to 5 months without getting any usage from it. Have Abellio offered some kind of money back on season tickets?
6 Little Fingers
at 23:30 14 Jul 2020

Norfolk's only Stiff Little Fingers tribute band - surely some deep irony there

Pausing Sky Sports
at 18:24 1 Apr 2020

Has anyone here paused Sky Sports? I have, and just confirmed it when I tried to pause it again. The thing is i'm still getting Sky Sports. Hence why i didn't think i'd done it correctly first time around
Ipswich Takeaways
at 18:23 24 Mar 2020

OK folks, seeing as i've not been out for a few days now. Does anyone know whether there are any takeaway places still open in and around Ipswich?

I'd always assumed that if I couldn't buy food to make a decent evening meal I would rely on a delivery, but then I heard McDonald's were closing (not that they count as a decent evening meal substitute) and wasn't so sure.

Ipswich Supermarket Shopping Recommendations
at 21:54 19 Mar 2020

As in i'm hoping for some for the weekend

Nipped into the Sainsbury's in the Town Centre after work, so just before 6pm. Shelves very bare, so obviously shopping after work on Friday is unlikely to be fruitful

So when are where is what i'm wondering? Do I sacrifice the Saturday lie in and hit the supermarket queues at 5.30am - seems really drastic. Or do i go at a still early, but more sensible time of about 9am? I feel Saturday's shopping is going to be more busy than ever.

Will the shelves be threadbare even at 9am?

I'm basically looking for fresh goods for the week ahead
Retro Clasico
at 06:03 21 Jan 2020

Anyone ever order anything from these guys? They did a Facebook advertising campaign before Christmas advertising retro Ceefax merchandise.

I ordered in November and have not received anything.

Looked online and many others in the same position

Don't order anything from this firm
Postal Vote
at 08:50 12 Dec 2019

Wondering why more people don't do this. If the postal vote was pushed more then i imagine the percentage of people not voting would drop.

It has to be the simplest way to vote - posted mine about 2 weeks ago - and you really don't even have to justify becoming a postal voter
at 13:17 20 Sep 2019

Is there such a thing as an outing not being an outing in these millenial days?

At work yesterday I approached a small work bench where a female and male were talking. The female then said to the male 'i saw your boyfriend the other day'.

I thought, wow she's completely outed him in front of me.

It was no surprise, and maybe the guy often attends pub gatherings with said boyfriend and it's no secret.

So was this an outing or not? It was news to me, but i've not worked there that long. She could quite easily have said 'I saw Mike the other day', or do millenials not care about such trivialities?

As a footnote, the guy didn't say anything and the two moved on.
Old Ipswich VHS
at 09:17 14 Sep 2019

I finally got round to converting some of my Ipswich VHS tapes to DVD.

The full 78 Cup Final
Boys of 81
Match of the 70s

I was then going to throw out the VHS tapes now i've transferred them. But if anyone wants them then PM me. I'm Ipswich based

The VHS conversion works quite well, watched Match of the 70s last night and it's really interesting to see the team evolve. 90 minutes that starts with Beattie's debut in 72 up to the 6-0 against Man U in 1980
Who is Hotter?
at 16:40 25 Jul 2019

Who is Hotter?

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Squad Size
at 00:15 3 Jul 2019

By my reckoning, not including youth players with no first team experience, we have the second biggest squad in League 1. The numbers obviously change every day and it's subjective in who i've included - so for us I didn't include Wright, Webber or Cotter. But did include Ndaba, el Mizouni, Folami and Morris

Coventry 32
Ipswich 27
Shrewsbury 26
Southend 25
Sunderland 25
Gillingham 24
Portsmouth 24
Fleetwood 23
MK Dons 23
Peterboro 23
Blackpool 22
Bristol R 22
Doncaster 21
Oxford 21
Bury 20
Tranmere 20
Rotherham 19
Accrington 18
Burton 18
Lincoln 18
Rochdale 18
Bolton 17
Wimbledon 17
Wycombe 15

Pop Up Appearing Again
at 13:20 24 Jun 2019

Is it just me, but after a decent period of having the pop up stopped it's started appearing with unerring regularity again today?
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