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Inflated Expectations??
at 09:05 12 Feb 2020


Am I the only one thinking some Town fans have an inflated sense of entitlement with regard our current position? We are in the third tier of English football for a reason. We were the worst team in the Championship by a long long way last season. There is no way we should expect to bounce back up at the first attempt and walk the league. Our squad wasn't strong enough last season and let's be honest it hasn't changed significantly this season. We were bottom....by a country mile. Why would our players magically become world beaters overnight just because we are the mighty ITFC.

We cannot live on past glories forever. We are a club that has been in decline for years and years and frankly it laughable that people are getting upset because we haven't won the league yet. It's going to take years to get back to some kind of success, if we ever will! The football landscape has changed since the 70's and 80's and it's highly unlikely we will ever get anywhere near past glories.

I think it's time some fans took their heads out of the backsides and stopped bleating on about how we should walk the league etc. We are not too good for this division...we are here because we are currently crap. Marcus has been stung by past manager so obviously won't throw money at the problem. Why would he??!! Until he decides he's had enough we are stuck watching mediocre players in a mediocre league.
What's happened to Rowe
at 22:26 17 Sep 2019

I've probably missed something! Is he injured? I thought he had made a great start to the strain but hadn't been in the last two squads?

I'm probably being daft!
Ballboy Saturday
at 10:45 12 Sep 2019

My youngest son is one of the ball boys for Saturdays match....I think I am more excited than he is! Anyone got any experience of what he should expect other than having to fetch the ball in a timely manner!
Anyone read this Paul Hurst Interview thing?
at 13:33 15 Mar 2019


What a load of noise! Lots of words, but says nothing of note.

I was excited when he came in, but if this is the level of inspirational speech he gives the players I am surprised they managed to stay awake let alone win a match!
Knudsen and Kenlock
at 20:40 13 Feb 2019

Knudsen having a good game in central defence and keeps him away from throw in's....... However Kenlock being shown up. He just not good enough I'm afraid. Yes he is one of our own, but that's no reason to play him.....needs to be replaced in the summer if Knudsen leaves as he just isn't the answer.
Lambert Coming
at 16:44 25 Oct 2018

Is this good news????
at 11:45 8 Jun 2018

Anyone on Untappd? Be good to keep a track of any decent beers we could recommend!

I'm thebaron1974 for anyone who wants to add :)

Grant Holt....the wrestler..........
at 10:54 22 May 2018

Go on....do your thing TWTD'ers!
Squad Numbers
at 16:56 8 May 2017

Anyone know when the squad numbers are announced?....................................
Newbury Park Parking on Saturday's
at 10:34 8 May 2017


Just wondered if anyone had any experience of parking at Newbury Park on Saturday? I am off to see Iron Maiden at the end of the month and was thinking of driving from Colchester and getting the tube in from Newbury park....but didn't want to get to the car park and find it heaving!

Any other suggestions of parking or whether this sounds like a good plan! The car will be there until Monday afternoon.

Problems with Kids Following Separation
at 15:02 28 Apr 2017

Hi. I'm not one to reach out but I am struggling to cope with something and in recent days have seen what a supportive bunch we can be on here so here goes....

I left my wife of 17 years back in Nov 2015. I have a number of children with her who I love dearly. Since splitting I have found a new partner who I love very much and I want to bring both sides of my life together however its more of a struggle than I thought. My eldest daughter is 12 and I have been able to tell she is struggling with 'Daddy's new girlfriend' for a while but last night it blew up into hysterics as myself and my new GF were planning to take the kids swimming tomorrow and the eldest girl doesn't want to come. She says she has no problems with my gf personally but she doesn't want to spend time with her. I have been introducing her slowly to the kids and they have only met her a handful of times, but this occasions have gone OK and when I talk to the kids they seem happy'ish with the situation.

I only get the kids to myself for one Saturday night every other week, but I do go round to my old house and put them all to bed once a week and pop in for a quick hello after football training too....so its not like they don't see me. my ex is not keen on me having the kids at mine during the week as its 'too disruptive' so I literally have two days and one night with them on my own every other week so a part of me can understand that the kids want to maximise the little time I have with them and don't want to share.

I feel like I am having to chose between seeing my kids and moving forward with my new relationship. My gf is getting upset as she feels I will have to chose the kids over her, but I don't want to make a choice...I want my two lives to meld together. My gf and I have been together a year and are planning to move in together towards the end of this year, and I fear if my kids don't get used to the idea I will see hardly anything of them.

Any advise or experiences anyone can share would be appreciated.
Rick Wakeman's New Album (Piano Portraits)
at 11:30 20 Jan 2017

Sitting in my office working with the new Rick Wakeman album in the background. I forgot what an amazing pianist he is....I highly recommend it!
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