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What If?
at 12:36 15 May 2024

This KmC to Man Utd talk is 2 +2 =5?

What if McKenna met with Southgate on Monday along the lines of 'Im taking over at Man U after the Euros, do you fancy the England job?'

Whats more perfect for that job than a master tactician and man manager adept at bringing on young talent?

The throwing two balls on the pitch s housery
at 14:28 6 Apr 2024

Is the thing that has irritated me the most out of lots of things that have irritated me.

Five times at least we were slowed down by two balls coming on the pitch, and nothing is done about it.
Question for the more enlightened
at 18:15 22 Mar 2024

Does the new investment give us more ffp room, in the same way going up does with tv money? Or does it just count as ownership money moving about?
The worst allez song yet
at 09:34 17 Mar 2024

Whilst all you fine people were enjoying the best game of the season, I decided to do a 92 club weekender. Im currently breakfasting in advance of being incognito at Elland Road today, but yesterday was at Pride Park.

I know everyone has the same chants but this has got to be the worst Allez yet:

"They docked us 21 points, and we dont give a Duck (word replaced). Cos we are Derby County, and we are going up..."

Theyve got history, cant they put it in the song like we do?!?!

Wish me luck today, in the belly of the beast...
Spotted a Jonny Williams in the wild last night
at 10:34 13 Mar 2024

Plying his trade at Gillingham and sporting a vikingesque beard and shaved head combo. One of those footballers whose career passed him by through constant injuries, sad really.

First trip to Plough Lane yesterday, really cool ground. Felt clean and shiny, lots of smart innovations, and the in stadium pub was great. We sampled a Crazy Gang IPA, but about 8 local beers on offer. Couldnt then believe the couple behind me went for two pints of Stella. Philistines.

Just a shame such a pain to get to!
Blackburn Tickets
at 08:53 8 Mar 2024

Did I miss them? Seems really late coming out
Nothing changed for us last night
at 08:48 24 Feb 2024

The mission remains the same - handle our business, and what will be will be.

If we play anywhere close to our best, we win the majority of our remaining games. If that happens, we get 90 odd points and its still not enough for top two, we tip our hats accordingly. Whoever finishes ahead will have deserved it.

Let's focus on what we can control, which is to make FPR rock today. Maybe even get a song from the Churchmans, this isnt lawn bowls you are watching

The Halo Curse...
at 16:26 27 Jan 2024

A number of posts have covered quite well all the things I am choking with rage about right now, so time for something completely different.

First time we had the Halo sleeve sponsorship? Norwich at home, the start of the blip...

The Halo logo is our grey kit
Hamza Choudhury charged with drink-driving
at 13:15 24 Jan 2024

Don't think this is a great look for Leicester. Incident was Friday, so they must have been aware and played him Monday, simply as their shortage of midfielders was more important to them.
Captain when Chappers went off?
at 20:21 13 Jan 2024

Couldnt see on tele...
Morsy/She's Electric Chant
at 19:19 6 Jan 2024

Meant to post about this last week, just remembered.

What are the lyrics to the chant? I swear at Stoke there was a line about Gordon Ramsays kitchen?!
Am I missing something?
at 21:28 1 Jan 2024

To quote the late great Bill Hicks "You are do as we tell you"
[Post edited 1 Jan 21:30]
Little funny story from today to lighten the mood
at 18:07 1 Jan 2024

Four of us went to Stoke today. We couldnt get four in a row, best we could do was two blocks of two with a stranger in the middle. No matter we thought, I am sure they will move so we can sit together.

Get to the ground, and the one in the middle is... my cousin, who lives in Manchester! I knew he was going but not where he was sitting.

Honestly, what are the odds?!

Also, not won since the new sleeve sponsor. Is this our grey kit curse??
[Post edited 1 Jan 18:07]
QPR 4 sets of subs?
at 22:23 29 Dec 2023

Correct me if wrong, but I thought you could make 5 subs in total in a max of three stops. QPR had four sets of subs. Unless half time doesnt count?
Heard in the family section last night...
at 09:16 27 Dec 2023

Gaggle of ten year olds behind me with their dads, in the aftermath of Mavididi's goal, one of the boys shouted "go back to your home you black c**t". Didnt report it as not sure who owned the pre-pubescent voice, but honestly couldn't believe it. So sad and ashamed to hear from our own fans.

If you are the owner of said child, please choose another team to support, thanks.
Tell you what would be great...
at 13:52 23 Dec 2023

Firstly, given the massive financial advantages the promoted teams have over the rest, they should be embarrassed everytime they drop a point in this league. £100m in free money, double it by selling two players each, and keep the rest of your prem squad. Ridiculous.

But... what Id love is when McKenna inevitably trots out the same old "the goals are disappointing to concede", could he not just fix it? Be good to get some kind of proper answer as to what is being done to address the weekly turd soft goals.
Unsportsmanlike Conduct in Football?
at 14:38 17 Dec 2023

Having watched the EFL highlights, and now two games today, I am struck with just how often scorers deliberately go over to the away fans to goad them/shush them etc. The West Ham guy has just done it twice in a row when his own fans are all around. Do you think this should be legislated against? Obviously, very rarely does it cause an incident, but it would be very easy for something to happen (Grealish in the Brum derby for example), and it's just asking for it really. Plus it is totally classless.

In american football they have a lot of rules about how you can and can't celebrate. From playing in Britain, it was anything choreographed or towards an opponent got you a flag and a 15yrd penalty. Should there be yellow cards for this in football?
Little thing I enjoyed today
at 16:46 16 Dec 2023

Break in play, Harry Clarke wanders over to cobbold side to get a drink. Norwich number 7 comes over and motions "I'll have a sip after you". Harry finishes, screws on the lid, and just huzzes it back to the sideline and silently death stares the guy.

He really is one of our own
What is going on Re: Williams?
at 17:53 11 Nov 2023

Any danger of a sensible answer on this? Weird Brenner didnt ask KMc about it? Really hope this isnt another Hirst "We've been told to say quiet" situ and he has been recalled...
A trip to The Orient
at 18:37 21 Oct 2023

First ever trip to Brisbane Road today, Orient vs Barnsley. Orient should have won, toothless upfront (pigott).

Main point of interest was El Mizouni. Very impressed. Looks muscular, calm, intelligent, imposing. Ran the midfield and didnt put a foot wrong. Nothing spectacular but just consistent smart choices with the ball.

I think we will be ok if he ends up being the next Morsy. Cos he's The Miz, and he's awesome!!

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