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Ipswich town song
at 11:03 22 Jun 2024

Hi all

A very talented family member has put this ITFC song together.i think it’s quite cool - take a listen

If anyone has any fan footage,please you could reply to this post with a link - he’d like to set it to the music

Thanks MJ
Heading to Dubai in a couple of weeks
at 22:57 14 Jun 2024

In the name of “work”

I’ll be out there for 11 days to so, I’ll have the weekend and evenings

can the twtd collective suggest things to do out there ?
(Obviously not p1ss off the Middle East and get myself jailed)

Tia - mj
Dupe thread
at 21:20 26 May 2024

Ignore nt
[Post edited 26 May 21:21]
Well here’s another club he can be linked with…
at 21:17 26 May 2024

He really is trying his hardest not to win the election isn’t he
at 22:17 25 May 2024

Down In walesshire at the coast today
at 12:45 25 May 2024

Drove past a house which has a Man City AND Man Utd flag on the same

They are strange down here
Oh god now I’m really conflicted
at 09:15 19 May 2024

All the time I’ve been saying “anyone but Leeds or Norwich” to To go up in playoffs
(My preferred team was WBA) - but it was either them or Southampton

Then I saw this

I just realised it’s the play offs 2nd leg this evening
at 18:43 16 May 2024

I’ll fetch the popcorn
The EPL is a bit nuts isn’t it
at 08:08 10 May 2024

Having not paid much attention to it , I thought I’d start having a quick look around at what’s generally happening, since we’re in it. This is just the top few news things

Everton - basket case owner. Looks like they’re about to be taken over by a company with less money than Katie price and that’s been going on months. They could well end up with another points deduction

man Utd - manager who seemingly can’t be arsed and a new owner who’d rather they tuck their shirts in. over a billion in debt despite just being bought

leicester - about to get smacked with a points deduction for breach of financial rules

Man City - 116 breaches. Enough said

Liverpool - wetting themselves because klopp is off

Have I missed anything?

So Leicester are due to to be docked points
at 12:48 5 May 2024

Man City should be relegated a few hundred divisions or docked points
Everton are due to get docked again (I think)
Forest are living dangerously

We could end up with a bit of an advantage- or is that wishful thinking?
I know we shouldn’t laugh at other clubs situations (much)
at 22:53 4 May 2024

But this video has made me smile

So.. who do we want up in play offs
at 22:28 4 May 2024

Scum vs Leeds - that’s like choosing which testicle you’d like to be stabbed in.
But Leeds for me out of the two

West Brom vs Southampton - I would have actually preferred this to be the final . I’m
Ambivalent about both

Overall - it’s gotta be West Brom for me - mainly because it’s another midlands game , but also a decent bunch of fans

I was careful what I wished for
at 14:43 4 May 2024

And I got it . Promotion baby!
[Post edited 4 May 14:57]
Whilst there’s a lull in play I’mJust popping over to the Leeds Utd forum
at 13:57 4 May 2024

No reason 😂
[Post edited 4 May 13:58]
So as it stands
at 13:21 4 May 2024

Huddersfield have to score at least 2 AND so do Leeds . In the next 45 mins

Keep your focus lads . Just keep your focus
So Huddersfield
at 07:26 1 May 2024

Are they going to come at us?
Coventry had sod all to play for and made that last 20 mins or so hellish.

Some of those udders players (already relegated let’s be fair) will
Be keen to show what they’re made of prior to the summer sales.

Shouldn’t be nervous but this is Ipswich…
Properly class fan here
at 23:21 30 Apr 2024

I hope the club can do something for him

at 22:11 30 Apr 2024

Utterly speechless .That last 20 mins or so.

I need a lay down.

It’s been a funny old day
at 17:15 30 Apr 2024

Resigned from my job
Got a pay off
Got a new job (paying more)
Brother and sister in law produced my first neice
Mrs Mjs birthday

I need a pint . Wonder if there’s any football matches on tonight. That’ll calm me
Down 😳😳😳

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