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Trump meeting Theresa may
at 19:36 24 May 2019

Is there any point? It’ll be like my recent last meeting with my former HR department

DT: so what do you think about the...
TM : don’t care
DT: oh before you leave could you...
TM : nope
DT : what about your successor, how do you think...
TM : couldn’t give a sh1t

And so on...
Relatives/Friends that have been in famous tv shows
at 09:09 17 May 2019

Inspired by a thread below.

I cant claim anyone direct, but a chap who used to work for me - his Grandad was Michael Gwynn - who played "Lord Melbury" in the opening episode of fawlty towers.

anyone got anything else?
im genuinely lost for words at most daily mail articles
at 15:55 15 Apr 2019

but this is a new low for them, surely
Breaking hereford news
at 13:25 12 Apr 2019

Man thinks its a great idea to pick up a grenade and take it for a walk...

to hereford police station
(i believe the bomb squad are there right now)

Breaking (not hereford) news : Assange Arrested
at 10:46 11 Apr 2019
at 16:08 8 Apr 2019

Anyone been watching?

the last episode is on tonight (already on iplayer)
i wont spoil it, but parts of it are genius, but a bit let down by the ending if im honest (although looking at social media i think im in a minority)

an incredibly clever piece of acting/comedy/writing/drama. one of the best series in a long time .

Fao gav : Stupid popup iPhone advert
at 20:49 6 Apr 2019

Seems to be this url
alan partridge - this time
at 21:52 25 Feb 2019

that toilet miming routine. literally crying.
BBC friend of mine got an email from alan partridge this AM
at 09:48 25 Feb 2019

fair play bbc - this is actually quite funny. ill let you ready

(also like the out of office responce, see the reply tweet from a friend of my friend)

Currently sat in Bristol airport
at 05:40 15 Jan 2019

Bored. Should have bought my drone

I’ve been attacked by 3 people with perfume, and a lady with hand Cream
Pretty sure a stewardess was winking at me (rather than having an ophthalmic issue)

Burger King muffins are nice at 5am

That is all for the moment
Just introduced someone at work to this
at 14:35 14 Jan 2019

literally crying.

(be warned if you at work youll need to put your headphones on - NSFW)

[Post edited 14 Jan 14:35]
Many questions for people that may have travelled
at 14:52 12 Jan 2019

my company are sending me to india in 3 weeks

1) has anyone ever been to Chennai - is there much to do there?
2) ive got a 6 hour stop in dubai - is this enough time to get out of the airport and go see the burj khalifa? (indeed, can i get out of the airport!)
3) anyone ever flow business class emerites? whats should i expect? am i goign to kicked out if i turn up in my town away shirt?

i dont get out of hereford much, so any advice appreciated!

It seems government procurement processes are not quite up to scratch
at 11:20 3 Jan 2019

I’m afraid they can F.R.O.
at 21:44 1 Jan 2019

Tweets like this do tend to lend themselves to trouble
at 19:28 20 Dec 2018

My day
at 16:17 7 Dec 2018

I’ve had quite the day .

I’ve ventured from good old Hereford to London Town

First task was Indian consulate

Not content with getting my passport taken by the Indian government (hopefully to be returned I should add) I decided to head to Kensington to try and buy a present for Wifey

Ultimately a fruitless search(sorry wifey ) I end up wondering in Front of Kensington Palace. All of a sudden a massive burgundy helicopter whirrs up and takes off as I walk past “hmm, someone clearly important in there I think” as I mindlessly cross the road, right in front of a car who had to stop to let me walk across.

The car was being driven by Kate Middleton (flanked by a a plain clothed cop and tailed by another car)

“S**t I’ve just stopped the future queen” I’m now thinking as I walk past the gates and gorp at her.

Approx 60 yards later a dog (on a lead by a policeman) comes out of the gates and barks at me and looked very excited so I clearly tickle it behind its ear “good dog etc”

Turns out upon chatting (to the policeman not the dog) the dog belongs to prince harry

So yeah, Ive been questioned by a foreign nation, pissed off a future queen and been barked at by a royal dog

I think I’m gonna go home now. This London lark is a bit much
[Post edited 7 Dec 2018 16:18]
My only hope
at 17:13 1 Dec 2018

(because this all seems like a bit of a bad dream at the moment) is that some Rich Arabian will come along, and buy us when we're in league one. then in 20 years time we'll be the next Manchester city.

oh well, some new grounds to visit next season.

I think this needs a MS Paint diagram
at 19:45 17 Nov 2018
On the plus side, at least it wont be Redknapp
at 18:43 25 Oct 2018

fooked off to the jungle to play with the spiders.
So where is the line for everyone then?
at 15:47 3 Oct 2018

For me, enough is enough now . i'd have been prepared to give PH until christmas if id have seen 1 or 2 wins, but no, nothing. so im nailing my colours, i think its time to move on quickly.

it just my opinion, but after 40odd years of town support, i think im allowed one.

where does everyone else see the situation right now?
[Post edited 3 Oct 2018 15:48]
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