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at 18:51 15 Sep 2021

Been trying to get a plumber to look at a few jobs that we need to get done. Found it almost impossible to talk to one or one to return calls.

Is there any websites out there where plumbers look at and get in touch regarding their availability etc etc.

Traffic Wardens: I know I was technically in the wrong but…
at 14:07 14 Sep 2021

Yesterday, most Mondays, I picked up my youngest at nursery. I parked in a loading bay, which I know is technically against the rules, but I often see the same warden who turns a blind eye to this if it’s only a for a few minutes - which is always the case for me and a few other parents as well.

Anyway, he was with another colleague, and after saying that I would only be a couple or so minutes as usual, the normal warden simply smiled and nodded. When pressing the bell for the nursery I saw his colleague turn around proceed to print off a ticket and put on my car - which annoyed me greatly but I wasn’t really in a position to argue my point.

By chance, the normal warden saw me this morning and apologised for his colleague. Which was nice of him.

I know that I’m technically in the wrong - but as this situation (or something similar) happened to anyone on here? Should I appeal or simply accept it?
Peace and love to everyone on this glorious sunny day.
at 10:41 8 Sep 2021

Hope you all have a change to enjoy the days sun and have a great day.

Peace and love.

Things I’ve learnt since learning to drive.
at 14:17 6 Sep 2021

Around ten months ago I learnt to drive - very late in life compared to most people. Anyway, whilst reflecting on this and being surprised that I haven’t crashed I’ve learnt a few things about which I dislike or tolerant about driving. Things I didn’t think twice about before I passed. I’m no particular order I’ve learnt that….

1. I’ve now developed a strong dislike for people who load their cars up in supermarket car parks but then can’t be bothered to actually wheel the trolley back to the trolley park. But instead simply leave it in an adjacent parking space not caring that that space is needed by others.

2. Anyone who claims that they suffer from road rage is a bell end.

3. There’s no such thing as road rage.

4. A lot of people with massive cars don’t actually know how big their cars are especially at junctions where the front of their car overhangs the adjoining road.

5. Most people are actually quite patient when behind the wheel.

Just wondered what new life skills others have learnt after developing a new skill or maybe even a new change in circumstance?
Your favourite crisp sandwich
at 19:58 4 Sep 2021

It’s been a while since there had been a decent food related thread. So with this in mind - what’s your favourite crisp sandwich or bap?

Mine is a cheese topped bap, bacon crisps with tomato ketchup.

Peace and love.

What’s the point of GCSEs?
at 17:18 1 Sep 2021

Without wishing to belittle anyone’s academic achievement- what exactly is the point of GCSEs?

School age is 18 now so why aren’t exams just sat then? Seems a bit unfair to put kids under so much pressure at 16 for qualifications that not a lot of people really care about.

Think this would allow more emphasis on practical stuff like mental arithmetic, money management and how to chance a plug. Or maybe this doesn’t make sense at all and GCSEs have a role?
When was the last time you were genuinely excited about a new signing?
at 11:48 1 Sep 2021

No doubt this has been discussed before, but in light of all of the new signings the club has made this season, when was the last time you were excited about a new signing? Or thought to yourself ‘How did we manage to sign him? Doesn’t have to be this season.

When we signed Matteo Sereni I thought we were going places as, at the time, Sven-Göran Eriksson described him as one of the best keepers in Europe.

Pablo - one of the best prospects in Spain and again, I thought that we were really going up in the world.

David McGoldrick - always thought he was a gifted player and thought that it was a superb signing.

Anyway, over to you.
[Post edited 1 Sep 16:34]
If guilty, then his team mates must be in a state of absolute disbelief
at 20:42 12 Aug 2021


You’ve think you’ve won an Olympic medal and then you wake-up and discover that it could well be stripped away from you. Not down to you but because of the potential findings of one of your team mates. Must be so heart breaking.

Hopefully, it’s all been some sort of mistake and he hasn’t taken anything - but I really feel for his teammates.
Bye bye Rangers.
at 22:21 10 Aug 2021

Kinda funny that they’ve been eliminated from the Champions League.
The same excuses for managerial failure?
at 22:19 10 Aug 2021

Last season Cook was appalling - both the results and performances were poor - but his reputation was relatively unaffected. And today, I’ve read a number of comments stating that the result didn’t matter and that the match was entertaining.

So, why will questions be asked about Paul Cook’s position? Surly, by mid-September at the latest if the team is ‘still in progress’ then he should be sacked?

Peace and Love: The one about Blubfish.
at 19:30 8 Aug 2021

In the interest of love and peace being dominant on this site I have decided to write a little piece for my fellow posters in the hope that we can all be understanding and supportive of Blubfish. Remember, once you understand his mentality, then hopefully we can all march to the drumbeat of peace and love.

It’s natural for a poster like Blubbers to have meltdowns - never blame him for this, it’s not his fault, it’s the summer holidays, he lacks the attention of his wife who thinks of the children first.

One sweet day in the future, blubbers may calmly post: “I value the opinion of my fellow Town fans and so I seek constructive comments about player X” but …not just yet. Babies, toddlers and blubbers will just cry when they are challenged, act like a tit, and then claim that he is never wrong. This makes for an upset or uncomfortable forum. And never write anything horrid about Mick. That will result in a proper supermarket style tantrum involving laying on the ground shouting ‘Nooooooooo, ITS NOT FAIR’.

But it isn’t his fault because that’s what he does! It’s his way of letting you know that something is wrong. Let’s be understanding of his low self-esteem and very small penis.

Let’s all be nice towards him - peace and love.
Signs you’re getting old without even knowing.
at 13:12 5 Aug 2021

Have any random things happened to you that has made you feel old?

1. Today, a woman at work (early twenties) handed me a landline phone as she didn’t know what the ‘funny noise’ was - it was an engaged tone - apparently she’s hardly ever used a landline before.

2. I overheard two lads talking about their favourite music back in the old days and realised that they were talking about 90s britpop.

Peace and love.
Random question about a random Ipswich player.
at 08:40 31 Jul 2021

A couple seasons ago the club signed a young striker from Robbie Fowler’s football academy- think the young player was from Liverpool and a striker - what was his name and is he still with the club?

Peace and love with good cheese and good entertainment.
at 17:31 30 Jul 2021

In the spirit of peace and love I’ve pasted a couple of images to get everyone in the mood for a good Friday night.

Peace and love.
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