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Brexit doing the country proud again.
at 18:24 13 May 2021

[Post edited 13 May 18:29]
Root Beer
at 17:34 13 May 2021

I really like Root beer but have only tasted the brands which you get in supermarkets- Waitrose and Sainsburys.

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a brand which isn’t necessarily on the shops but which can be ordered online?

Thanks for any advice in advance.
What will Scott Barron exactly do?
at 13:17 11 May 2021

Cook by the sounds of it knows the sort of player he wants and has identified them.

Ashton will be tasked with negotiating their contracts etc?

Will Scott Barron be like a scout who will identify players who the management may not be aware of?
Which squad number would you ask for?
at 10:57 10 May 2021

Imagine you’ve signed for Ipswich and most of the squad numbers would be available- which number would you request?

I would request number 13.

I’m asking this as I’m putting off going through hundreds of work emails and deleting the ones which I told my colleagues I never received and never actioned.
[Post edited 10 May 10:58]
I thought we were supposed to be fighting them not giving them contracts.
at 20:40 6 May 2021


I can’t keep up.
Childish fact of the day.
at 14:25 6 May 2021

The wigeons or widgeons are a group of birds, dabbling ducks. The collective noun for the Wigeon can be a company, knob or trip.

If you’re unable to picture what a knob of Wigeons look like please allow me to be of assistance.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your days.

A question for the more mature Town fans.
at 19:13 22 Apr 2021

When we signed both Frans Thijssen and Arnold Mühren what was the initial reaction? I’m guessing signing two foreign players back then was unusual. But was a lot know of them and did people get quite excited about them signing straight away? Ta.
If you have an Alexa and watch ‘Line of Duty’.
at 13:50 16 Apr 2021

Ask her who ‘H’ is. Quite a funny reply.
It’s awful but...
at 19:52 13 Apr 2021

At least we have new owners who seem to have a plan and who seem to be ambitious in building the club up. We have an experienced manager who hopefully will bring in some good players in the summer and make promotion an actual reality.

More importantly, the majority of this squad will be dismantled and told that they are no longer required.

I’m hoping that the club has to take a short-term hit and stay in this division in order to rebuild on mass.

Here’s hoping anyway.
Out of contract players.
at 22:57 5 Apr 2021

Theoretically, when can our out of contract players start talking to other clubs? Or, when can other clubs offer contracts to players whose contracts are running down?

Obviously I’m not expecting a mad dash by other clubs to poach our players. But surly the club will want to tie down any players Cook wants to stay before rival clubs can step in?
Appalling display.
at 19:26 5 Apr 2021

At the moment I feel that Paul Cook is Dr. Frankenstein ,trying to kickstart live into a rotten corpse, but only to find that Evans hasn’t given him enough pound coins to put into the meter. Each week, only able to get this deceased carcass to stroll around aimlessly for ten minutes before it breaks down yet again.

Zombie like, it seats quietly during team talks, dribbling its energy drinks whilst the manager ponders ‘what the f**k am I supposed to do with this?

Fresh younger bodies bang on the door, but they look as pathetic and battered down, as the previous generation.

It’s all utter depressing.
Cyberpunk on PS4
at 18:15 1 Apr 2021

Has anyone on here played Cyberpunk on the PS4? If so, is it worth buying? Thanks in advance
Question for Rugby Union fans
at 08:08 24 Mar 2021

Is playing for the Lions seen as a greater honour for Union players than playing for their countries? Can players say no to the Lions if they want to recuperate in the summer?

Also, why don’t England pick players who play in France?

By all accounts Tom Hunt promised to fight to protect leaseholders...
at 09:04 23 Mar 2021

....and then voted against the amendment. Shameful.

What I like about Paul Cook
at 13:45 19 Mar 2021

Early days but there’s a few things about Paul Cook which I like.

He doesn’t t call players by their nicknames.
Doesn’t make excuses for a poor performance but is considered in his criticism.
Thinks that all professional teams, regardless of leagues, should be able to play in a modern attacking way.

I fully realise, that this post could well age horribly but can only judge on what I’ve seen and read so defat.
It’s Friday, anyone like to play a game of ‘Guess the idiot’?
at 12:20 19 Mar 2021

Shouldn’t be hard to guess the idiot.

"I am glad that we have increased the punishment for those who desecrate and damage our war memorials and statues, but we saw how the Labour party sought to ridicule that. It has ceased to be a patriotic party. Quite frankly, we are more likely to see its leader on his knees apologising for our country’s past and heritage than proudly standing up for it as the greatest country in the world, as my hon. Friend the Member for Orpington has wonderfully done. I will keep my comments at that: short, punchy and, hopefully, patriotic."
Just what is it that you want Boris?
at 14:34 16 Mar 2021

Well, we wanna be free, we wanna be free to do what we wanna do...but we want a shed load more nukes so other less freer countries will fear us.



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