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Were any other managers interviewed after Hurst was sacked?
at 17:23 17 Nov 2020

I can’t remember if any other managers were in-line for the Town job after PH was sacked - but it happened quite quickly so I may well not be remembering correctly.

Anyone know if PL was the only manager ME wanted?
Excessive speeding.
at 13:08 6 Nov 2020

Earlier today I saw someone driving at least 50mph (at a guess) in a 30mph zone. The couple who were walking their dog were very angry and asked me if I saw his number plate which I didn’t.

The man said he was pretty sure he made a note of it and was going to report the driver.

My question is - can the police actually do anything about it if there is no speed camera to record the speed and no accident happened in which they could ascertain the speed from break marks on the road?
Robin Friday
at 18:37 21 Oct 2020

Until quite recently I’ve never heard of Robin Friday. But having read up on him, a lot of people rated him extremely highly as a footballer who should have won a lot of caps for England - if he had the right mentality.

Does anyone on here remember watching him play? Was he actually really good or has his reputation clouded peoples thoughts on him and he was simply just a good footballer - nothing really special.

Or is he like a 1970s Ravel Morrison - an extremely talented footballers who ultimately wasted away their talent?

Thanks in advance.

Random football question.
at 12:11 6 Oct 2020

After watching the Spurs V Man U match. If a player obviously feigns injury after a slight push on him, can he still be booked whilst still sending the perpetrator off straight for violent conduct?
Is anyone else a complete lightweight when it comes to driving?
at 09:34 28 Sep 2020

I passed my driving test not long ago but the thought of driving by myself still petrifies me. I’ve completed the pass + course which means I’m not actually scared of motorways or traffic in general. But driving by myself is quite a scary thought.

Did anyone else feel the same and did it take a long time for you to actually drive by yourself?
Football book recommendations
at 18:14 22 Sep 2020

Just wondering if the TWTD book club can recommend a couple of humorous football books? Can be autobiographies or any football themed books - but has to be funny.

Thanks in advance.
Feeder on CBeebies
at 17:16 24 Jul 2020

Turned on CBeebies for my boys and Feeder are playing on it. Quite strange to see a band like that on CBeebies. Good to see though.
[Post edited 24 Jul 17:17]
Help needed with naming a film please.
at 19:56 21 Jul 2020

For some time I’ve been thinking of a film but I have absolutely no idea what it is called. Think it might well be a Stephen King adaptation but could be wrong.

If I remember correctly the lead character, when he touches other people’s hands, can see their future. When he shakes hands with a US presidential candidate he sees them at the future president will be absolutely awful and causes WW3. Because of this he tries to assassinate the future president. However he fails.

However in the midsts of the failed assassination the candidate picks-up a baby and uses him as an human shield.

The film concludes with the candidate meeting the dying assassin and, I think, mocking him that he has failed. The dying psychic touches the candidate and can see him committing suicide as a result of newspapers printing photos of the candidate holding the baby up as a human shield.

Think I’ve explained it correctly- does anyone know the film? Thanks in advance.
New kit question.
at 15:19 13 Jul 2020

Does anyone know if it’s possible to buy the new Ipswich shirt with long sleeves? Ta.
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