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Self-isolating from red list countries.
at 13:00 3 Mar 2021

Just after Christmas, someone that I know travelled to Mexico and only just returned today (or maybe yesterday). From his Facebook posts he has mixed with a lot of people from America and never wore face masks when in nightclubs etc.

Mexico and America have had a lot of Covid deaths so why aren’t they on the red list of countries which people have to isolate in hotels for? Doesn’t seem logical that those countries aren’t on that list.
The Doncaster match
at 11:10 1 Mar 2021

Was Lambert actually in charge for the Doncaster match in terms of tactics, subs etc during the match?

From reading different accounts, some say that Lambert didn’t have much to do with the game whilst others reckon that Lambert was there in name only.

[Post edited 1 Mar 11:12]
Road Rage.
at 18:21 22 Feb 2021

One thing we can all agree on in these troubling Ipswich times - Road rage is something fictitious which total bell ends use as an excuse to act like impatient bell ends.

A bell end earlier shouted at me earlier for not blocking an entrance to a car park whilst waiting at the lights. For some reason when I laughed at him that kinda made him even more angry.
Marcus Evans takeover.
at 18:26 21 Feb 2021

I know the rumours regarding the US Consortium is total rubbish. But at the time, were there rumours going around regarding Marcus Evans taking over? Or did it come as a total surprise?

Have to admit I remember reading a story on here confirming the takeover but had no idea previous to this.
All this talk of takeovers.
at 20:26 20 Feb 2021

After reading all of the rubbish (sorry rumours) about takeovers I got thinking. If I was a wealthy billionaire and with no real affinity which club would I think about taking over.

In my head kind i shortlisted possible bids for Torquay, Plymouth, Bradford. From non-league football I was thinking Truro City. All relatively bid places, all able to support a club as their catchment area isn’t rich with competition (apart from Bradford).

Anyway, playing an imaginary billionaire come football managers kind of game, which teams would you buy god your egotistical quest for fame and silverware?
Red and yellow card watch.
at 13:25 20 Feb 2021

Anyone like to guess on the possible yellow and red card count today?

I’m going to say three yellow cards and one red.

If Kenlock plays then he’ll be sent off around the 80th minute mark - two yellows.

When did you want Lambert out?
at 20:39 19 Feb 2021

For me, I gave him the benefit of the doubt time after time and I fell for his PR (I’m not the only one). But I think I wanted him gone seven last season was curtailed.

Was wondering when everyone else wanted him gone.

Try not to brag that you saw through him quite early - we have Bluefish for that.
What with the WSL getting more of a profile
at 20:32 17 Feb 2021

Do you think a manager who has achieved a lot in the woman’s game, be it domestically or internationally, will be considered by a mens team as their new manager/head coach?

I know that there are men in the WSL but I suppose I am referring to a woman head coach recruited into men’s football.

I think it’ll happen as I think the traditional merry-go-round of failed managers could well be on the way out. Just wondered what other TWTD posters think.
Rules on signing overseas players.
at 15:45 17 Feb 2021

What with Brexit have the rules on signing overseas players changed? I think UK clubs see only allowed to sign over EU players who are over 18ys. But could we still sign a Wilnes, Petta or Tarricco now? Obviously that’ll require a scouting network and competent staff.

Think I read that the rules have not changed in terms of signing EU nationals except they have to be over 18 (and possibly clubs are restricted to only six EU signings per season?
This is worse than Ipswich v Bury 1998.
at 19:41 16 Feb 2021

Absolute dross.
[Post edited 16 Feb 19:43]
Any sympathy for travellers?
at 18:07 15 Feb 2021


Why is the USA and Mexico not on the ‘red list’?
Another card in football?
at 08:40 14 Feb 2021

The good thing about football is its simplicity. it’s fairly easy to pickup with easy rules to follow. But I was thinking, what with so many yellow cards being shown (compared to say ten years ago) is it time to introduce another card into the game?

For example, Teddy Bishops second yellow, when he was sent off, was quite soft. Do you think if it was deemed to be a ‘green card’ offence, that would be more fitting? Say two yellows equal a red but two ‘greens’ equals a ‘yellow card’?

Just a thought.
Double Jeopardy
at 21:07 10 Feb 2021

A player gets sent off for a professional foul denying a clear goal scoring opportunity- but how can it denying a clear goal scoring opportunity if the foul results in a penalty? Which is clearly a clear goal scoring opportunity?

I thought ‘double jeopardy’ of a red card and a penalty was abolished?
[Post edited 10 Feb 21:34]
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