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Guess it was only a matter of time.
at 12:55 7 Feb 2019
Film recommended - in light of Holocaust Memorial Day
at 20:11 28 Jan 2019

I always meant to post this but for some reason or another I never have but seeing as yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day I thought that I will do so now.

Ages ago I watched a film called Comspiracy which deals with the Final Soloution. It’s stars Kenneth Branagh who, in my opinion is puts in a very good performance.

On YouTube if you put in ‘conspiracy Kenneth Branagh film’ then the whole film is available free. I would have posted the link but we’re talking sure how legal it is and I didn’t want to get this site in trouble. The wiki link is below as is the IMDb link. It’s only 90 mins as well.

WTO rules.
at 14:43 21 Jan 2019

I’ll probably come across as daft but what exactly do people mean by WTO terms regarding Brexit. I understand what ‘World Trade Organisation’ but that’s about it.

If they are so good how come countries form trade blocs and not stick to WTO terms?

Road rage Islington style
at 20:41 18 Jan 2019

Walking home along Liverpool Road

Car A screeches to a halt and driver gets out gesturing to the car behind but not going anywhere near it. Car B screeches to a halt. Driver stays in.

Car A driver : what the f**k
Car B driver: it’s 30 you c**t
A: it’s 20
B: f**k you it’s 30mph along here
A: 20 you muppet
B: cmon then
A: you cmon then.
B: you come here then.
A: f**k you.

Both drivers seem up for a fight whilst going nowhere near one one another.

Both cars dive off bleeping at each other. Oh and the speed limit is 20mph.
First day back at work and I really can’t stand a lot of people today.
at 16:21 7 Jan 2019

First day back at work today and I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of people that I’ve encountered today can simply f**k right off.

The c**t who couldn’t be bothered to fold-up his fold-up bike on a packed tube and then carried it up the stairs of the tube station and nearly decapitating those around - well he can ride his bike and f**k off and stay f***ed off.

The bloke who cycled through a red light and almost collided with me and a few others can f**k right off. I hope that he’s involved in a freak accident ending with his bicycle pump being inserted right up his a*se.

The person who has been using my computer whilst I’ve been off and in the process changed a lot of the settings on it can f**k right off. The impatient sod who barged in front of the photocopier queue because he only had ‘one thing to do’ and promptly copied 150 copies of his document can definitely f**k right off.

The two in the office who are (for reasons unknown) boasting about doing Dry January can also f**k right off. In fact any of those month off things like that are for f**kin morons who can all stick their smug comments down their pointless throats. Oh, and they can all f**k right off as well.

The greedy and selfish a rse who picked out all of the white chocolates from the office - hope they poison whoever it was - and they can f**k right off.

Feeling a bit better now. Happy new year folks.
Hopefully staring isn’t sexuall harassment or I might end up in trouble.
at 11:30 19 Dec 2018

The cow of a secretary who hates the team I work in has tried to stitch me up. Shes ‘arranged’ the seating plan for the team Christmas lunch and quiz by putting me with two of the managers who have a reputation for only talking about work. However both of them have just turned-up by wearing very low cut dresses - actually I should say very very low cut dresses.

Can staring be classified as sexual harassment? If so, this could well end up awkward for all concerned.
At the risk of over sharing...
at 21:13 30 Nov 2018

My little two month boy was admitted into hospital last weekend. His condition so worried the doctors that a specialised ambulance was made ready to transfer him over to Great Ormand Streets ITU. It was a truly scary and really worryingly experience especially as we were told that the cardiac unit at GOSH were discussing the ‘case’.

Fortunately the little boys condition improved and the army of doctors who were all over him were stood down and gradually over the next few days things got back to normal. I don’t mind admitting that I found it hard not to cry when we were told that we were to be discharged today.

The point of this post is to highlight just how great the care we received was. Absolutely wonderful - all the docs and nurses and the admin staff were exceptional. I know it’s easy to moan about how slow the NHS can be and I know that it isn’t perfect. But the fact that it exists honours the country.

Finally if you’re having a silly argument with a loved one or a friend - for God’s sake makeup. Life is far far too short.

I wonder if some of the parents regret not vaccinating their child.
at 15:47 20 Nov 2018
Oh dear. It’s all a bit comical
at 21:07 8 Nov 2018
The most upset man in Plymouth.
at 20:14 3 Nov 2018

It's an absolute disgrace
Another reason why Piers Morgan is a knob.....
at 13:06 16 Oct 2018

But he’s probably loving all of the attention.
Been nice knowing you all. This might well be my last post in a long long while.
at 15:41 12 Oct 2018

According to the recorded phone message I just received, the police have a warrant out for my arrest and unless I call HMRC on the number they gave (and handover all my bank details...) I will be immediately thrown into prison. Apparently I’m not to call any other number as it won’t be the relevant department.

So if I don’t post in a while the fuzz have taken me away.
Tusk has a point.
at 16:19 4 Oct 2018

I don’t think anyone had died has a result of the EU trying to impose itself upon a country who wants to leave.

I wonder how many people have died from resisting being part of the British Empire
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