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Nice Bontcho piece in The Times today
at 10:59 12 Oct 2019
To be honest, I was more confident this time last season
at 16:36 31 Jul 2019

than I am going into our first game this time.

Please prove me wrong!
Cricket: "Day was better than seeing Ipswich win the play-off final at Wembley!"
at 07:58 12 Jul 2019

Chap interviewed on the BBC news.
Anyone on here?
Best footballer who shares the name of your first pet....
at 14:05 17 May 2019

I'll start.

at 20:51 28 Apr 2019

Emperor's New clothes?
Or is it just me?
Where was Bishop yesterday?
at 09:59 31 Mar 2019

Have we had an answer?
Does anyone remember when Colin Viljoen chipped Gordon Banks?
at 15:56 12 Feb 2019

League Cup tie 1972.
Gordon Banks was a superb goalkeeper.
Ipswich were trying to get something out of this tie at Portman Road and bombarding the opposition goal with shots and headers. The ball eventually came out to Viljoen on the edge of the area who spotted that Banks was slightly off his line. His superb chipped shot crept in under the bar with Banks helplessly trying to reach it with his fingertips.
It wasn't enough though. Stoke won 2-1.
I think it probably stuck in my memory because it was Gordon banks. RIP.
Nice to hear "that Bryan Gunn" goal mentioned on Tim Vine's radio show
at 12:44 19 Dec 2018 Around the 10 minute mark.
Junior Blues Membership is sold out!
at 11:44 18 Dec 2018

I was going to renew the grandkids' memberships for Christmas.
That's not helping to encourage a new generation of Tractorboys and Tractorgirls is it?
My opinion, for what it's worth...
at 10:24 10 Oct 2018 that I have been thinking about these things for a good few years, and I think you'll find that I'm right and you are wrong.
You may come up with arguments to support your point of view, but I will come up with counter arguments that make my case.
This will lead you to make ever more strenuous attempts to make your case and you may well resort to name calling. I might join in, and retaliate in the same vein.
But at the end of the day it will make no difference.
I will be right, and you will be wrong.
My first away match under the new regime..
at 22:13 21 Aug 2018

...and although we lost there was a lot to be positive about. At least we were trying to play football, and I really don't think that Derby created many more chances than we did.
I always said I'd rather be entertained and lose than win playing unattractive football, so for me this is a huge improvement.
A win would be good of course, but it will soon come.
On to Sheffield.

[Post edited 21 Aug 2018 22:14]
at 13:01 16 Aug 2018

...seems to be a word in daily use on here.
I cannot help thinking about those loveable characters from the Beezer comic of my childhood.
Makes "numbskull" a term of endearment rather than an insult!
Pistols at dawn?
at 11:08 17 Mar 2018

"Former Blues academy schoolboy Max Melanson has also been recruited by the Bostik League Premier Division Trawlerboys, on a duel registration with Thetford Town."
Saw Terry Butcher at a "Sporting Memories" thing this morning.
at 13:25 8 Mar 2018

Someone asked him if he'd like to be our manager? He said:
"I'd love to. Why don't you send a letter to Mr Evans!"
"Fancy a flutter..." on the face of it sounds like
at 00:10 24 Feb 2018

a very innocent request doesn't it?
Was that Plug?
at 20:49 19 Feb 2018

Looked like him going into the tunnel at half-time. WIGvMNC
at 13:23 7 Sep 2017

Off to Cambridge for the weekend with the Mrs. Been before obvs, but not for a while. Any must do's and any recommended pubs for good ale and/or decent grub?
Fitzwilliam is on the agenda already.
Please sign the petition calling on Stan Kroenke, owner of Arsenal FC, to cance
at 20:46 1 Aug 2017

Please sign the petition calling on Stan Kroenke, owner of Arsenal FC, to cancel his plans to broadcast his Outdoor TV channel in the UK. Britain is a nature of animal lovers – we don’t want a channel showing horrific videos of animals being killed for ‘fun’.
[Post edited 1 Aug 2017 20:51]
That wasn't a team was it?
at 22:53 17 Jan 2017

More a collection of individuals, many of them only average players, most of whom did not want the ball.
The bad players were noticeable by their mistakes. The truly awful players were not even noticed.
Any positives?

Thought not.
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