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Team? (n/t)
at 14:02 11 May 2024

So what are we all doing on Saturday??
at 11:27 18 Apr 2024

I see there's a mini beer festival on at The Rumburgh Buck, which is a great pub, but there's a bus replacement on the Halesworth train. Normally I'd stick my bike on the train and cycle from Halesworth station.
Any other ideas/plans?
This signed shirt they're giving away.
at 09:53 3 Apr 2024

I've read the email, but I cannot find the "I'm in" graphic that we're supposed to share.
Anybody found it? What does it look like?

I don't particularly want the shirt, but they've set me a task and I need to complete it.

Edit: I found it! Doesn't show up on my phone, but is there if I open the email on a laptop. Back to the phone and I have to click on the three horizontal lines thing to find it!
[Post edited 3 Apr 10:04]
Loads of threads on here now about what other teams'.....
at 10:08 5 Mar 2024 think about us.

Perhaps we should do what Kieron says and not waste our energy? They're gonna think what they think.

(Actually, those that post on fans forums probably don't reflect general opinion do they??)
Cardiff(A) Saturday 9th March
at 20:59 5 Feb 2024

I see Wales are playing France at egg ball on the Sunday. No hotels in Cardiff unless you have unlimited funds!

Yesterday's Hero
at 19:31 28 Jan 2024

Who remembers when that was filmed at Portman Road?
A couple of photo's here of the ground back then.
Anyone watching Brizzle V Wet Spam?
at 21:05 16 Jan 2024

What is the commentator droning on about? Is it a history test or something?
Police presence was a bit OTT though
at 11:04 17 Dec 2023

All those road closures and diversion routes for home supporters.
As usual the police making a mountain out of a molehill and being seen to be doing "something" rather than actually doing anything useful.
I was asked which team I support before they'd let me down one road. What???
Suppose I didn't support anyone?

I know many will disagree and say that the massive police presence was necessary, but really they were promoting and maybe even encouraging dickhead behaviour on both sides of the their thin blue line.

And as I witnessed the escorted exodus up the road to the station, I noticed many budgie fans who were clearly and rightly embarrassed to be treated in such a way. Yes, there were those who were using the police protection to play to the crowd and act hard, but a lot of them just wanted to go home, or like me, go for a pint.

How did we allow ourselves to be treated like this?

What time are we all setting off for Watford?
at 11:26 12 Dec 2023

Our closest match apart from that lot.

We are leaving Lowestoft about 3.00pm. Any traffic problems we should be aware of?
EFL survey
at 10:26 9 Nov 2023

Yesterday EFL sent me a questionnaire. Today ITFC sent me the same one.
I'm not doing it twice!
Hundreds of questions.....and as with many of these surveys the answer I wanted to give to lots of the questions was not possible! Only a choice from their predetermined answers was allowed.

Edit. Now ITFC have sent it to me again. So that's three times in total now.
[Post edited 9 Nov 2023 10:36]
It's always interesting to see....
at 23:09 7 Nov 2023

.....the first post that accuses others of being " cry babies" or "bed wetters"
Or makes a remark about our "fanbase".

I'm just joining in and enjoying the ride.

There were frustrations about our performance tonight. We all know we're not quite firing on all cylinders at the moment, but people feel it in different ways.

We're all on the same side.

So was an album by Peter Gabriel
at 18:48 15 Oct 2023

So just jumping on the starting every thread with "so" bandwagon.....
Celebrity fans
at 09:38 7 Oct 2023

Who heard Dr Adam Rutherford on Saturday Live this morning?
Anyone else ceased receiving emails from the club..
at 10:36 3 Oct 2023

..telling them when away tickets go on sale?

(Or is it just me they don't want going?)
at 14:17 12 Sep 2023

DId they copy and paste the Scottish version by mistake Jimmy?
Reading tickets. Anyone got theirs yet?
at 13:14 21 Aug 2023

Are they e-tickets?
Onto QPR. Points mean tickets.
at 10:57 7 Aug 2023

It's never going to happen, but it would be nice if they told us how many people are at each points level. Like many, I'm wondering whether to hang on so we can all sit together, or purchase separately as each points threshold is reached?

Edit: What's the best guess for the sold-out level.
[Post edited 7 Aug 2023 10:59]
Sunderland (A) travel. Anyone in the Lowestoft vicinity?
at 19:57 30 Jul 2023

Has anyone got any space for one more, or anyone need a lift?
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