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Fantasy Fifa 20 team of active ex Ipswich players, including loans.
at 16:04 4 Aug 2020

So far I have.
Maitland-Niles Webster Mings Creswell

Waghorn Dos Santos Fraser
Any ideas for holding/central midfielders?
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Ben Woodburn
at 19:11 1 Aug 2020

I have seen in EADT (Which I cannot load or link to on my PC due to script errors.) that he may fill the role of striker. He's a youngster with good potential but did not light up Oxford this season and is not really a striker. He is TAA's best friend though so maybe if we get him Trent may follow if he gets bored with Liverpool.
Trump aid who orgainised and attendted Tulsa rally dies of coronavirus.
at 16:02 30 Jul 2020
I wonder if this will change Trump's attitude.
at 22:57 22 Jul 2020

The man has turned very good players into world class stars. Salah, Van Dijk, Allison Becker, Mane, Robertson and arguably even Henderson.
Is Pulisic the best ever American player?
at 21:47 22 Jul 2020

He has been superb since he came on and his dragged Chelsea back into the match. He has been excellent since the restart.
What a difference 6 months makes.
at 04:58 8 Jul 2020

Back in January I was disciplined at work for overreacting when a colleague recently returned from Hong Kong threw an apple core at me. He has since retired and my boss today apologised and retracted the warning. If he did that now he could well end up in jail. .
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The Premier League is the summer tournament.
at 21:54 25 Jun 2020

Nothing more to say really.
Upper-mid table Championship to Upper-mid table League One in 3 seasons.
at 21:09 22 Jun 2020

I wanted Mick to go, I regret that now. It's like Stoke under Pulis. Both sets of fans wanted them out, both clubs are in steep decline.
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Photos of medical staff at Ipswich Hospital.
at 15:49 3 May 2020

You need to scroll down to 14.47.
Cressida Dick
at 16:52 24 Apr 2020

It takes a lot to upstage Trump but the woman who lives up to her name might have just done that. Not only did she allow mass gatherings on Westminster Bridge she and her officers join in. She needs to resign now
So much for 20,000
at 17:33 22 Apr 2020

I was horrified when I heard there would be an estimated 20,000 deaths from Covid19, it seems we will reach that number this weekend. I can see it being closer to 50,000.
Finishing the season behind closed doors.
at 16:14 16 Apr 2020

It would probably be safe to finish the season behind closed doors, there are buts though, and one is a very big but. 6 divisions in England alone would play matches, all of them would still include even a minimal police and medical presence, this is the smaller but. The big but is that 163 clubs with at the very minimum 20 players and 5 non playing staff would have to be tested before it could happen. That is over 4000 tests and at the same time front line workers and vulnerable people would still have to go on untested. At this time playing games behind close doors would be downright irresponsible.
[Post edited 16 Apr 16:39]
Chris Sutton proves that a stopped clock is right one right a day.
at 16:38 15 Apr 2020

Chris Sutton:
"We are speculating at the moment, because no-one knows how long this lockdown is going to last.

Richard Bevan [chief executive of the League Managers' Association] says that for games to go ahead, players would have to be tested for coronavirus first. But as Bevan rightly pointed out, the priority for testing has to go to NHS workers and patients first.

Also, if Premier League games do go ahead without fans, which seems to be an idea that has snowballed and is going to happen, then there will still have to be doctors at games, and ambulances.

In two months' time, the deaths from coronavirus are not going to have stopped. They might have reduced, but how can the Premier League justify coming back and using health workers who are would otherwise be on the beat?

Even if the situation does settle down by then, those workers will still need a break if that is at all possible, mentally and physically. Yet because of the money in football, there is a clamour for it to return.

I think the right thing is to wait and see. With all industries and businesses, the urge is to get the economy back on track and going again, and of course I understand why it is the same with the Premier League - but you cannot put that ahead of people's lives, and you cannot give football special treatment either."
[Post edited 15 Apr 16:39]
10,000 + deaths, we are already one of the worst hit in Europe.
at 16:11 12 Apr 2020

If not the World. There does seem to be some light though. 737 people dying is in now way good news and in no way a reason to celebrate but it is a cause for some optimism as it is a 200 drop from the last two days. The end of the beginning perhaps.
[Post edited 12 Apr 16:12]
People flaunting the rules, knowing fine well they are doing but not caring.
at 15:21 12 Apr 2020

Next to my house someone owns a lockup where he sells and repairs old cars for stock car racing. Today, him, 3 mates and 3 vehicles decided it was a good day to open up , sell and move old bangers claiming the motor trade was essential. I hate to play them and us but they all came in from Nottingham and our village is secluded and does not have much contact with the outside world in ordinary circumstances. On confronting them I was told where to go and threatened with physical violence. It is now in the hands of the police.
Watching Ipswich from afar in Fifa 20 career mode.
at 01:03 9 Apr 2020

League position on 31/08/19
League position on 22/10/19

Right now they are going through the draw stage, uncannily familiar to real life.
Mike Ashley amd Sports Direct
at 19:04 26 Mar 2020
I live in the Midlands and a big story here at the moment is the working conditions in The Sports Direct warehouse. The workers are literally standing shoulder to shoulder. Marcus Evans may not be a great owner but is a basically good man. This SOB though.
A very alarming chart.
at 09:52 21 Mar 2020
This chart shows we are on par with Italy just two weeks behind. The answer as why Italy has it so bad is that they have not. They just got it earlier.
[Post edited 21 Mar 9:53]
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