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Last night's winner here - sound required
at 08:44 21 Aug 2019

Woooo! (wrong wrestler but whatever) Perfect set piece from Judge that
at 21:48 20 Aug 2019

If only games last 94 minutes every week eh? Totally got away with that and on the balance of play Wimbledon probably deserve little more than a draw at best, but we showed what quality does when you take your eye off the ball.

Hard to gauge how good Georgiou is given the absolute shower out there ahead of him ,but Kenlock came out for the 2nd half and played like he fancies him. Really good work between those two probably wore them down enough to make that victory possible. The Spurs lad was unlucky not to find Norwood more than once for a tap in.

Lambert arguably set us up wrong in the first half, but you can't argue with the result. Jackson deserves to be the hero tonight, I thought he was fouled by the keeper and would have got a penalty off a lot of refs. The ball from Skuse to put him in for the goal was a ten yard Koeman though.

Seeing Holy run the length of the pitch to celebrate was brilliant. We got a lot wrong in terms of shape and decisions all game, but it felt like Lambert went much simpler with his subs and it worked better than the keep ball of the first half Villa fans warned us about last season.

Feel for Donacien though, Holy totally sold him for that booking and was lucky not to concede from Skuse's backpass, but ultimately he's probably a CB in a back 3 at a club that doesn't play that way. Lots of new faces to work in and creases to iron out, but maybe we needed that scare collectively as we got away with it on Saturday too.
Hard to argue with those boos
at 20:39 20 Aug 2019

Thought we looked great value in the opening exchanges, but taking about 30 mins to get anything on goal from a Dozzell corner nodded at the keeper is really poor. Had Norwood hit that volley sweetly we'd have had a goal of the season contender with all those flicks over a very rigid defence.

Wimbledon are the epitome of ten men behind the ball and we can't seem to pick them apart. Wilson seems to be able to nod and volley everything away and that's fine but you can see the lack of shape in the back four from the goal. Donacien nowhere near his position or the man, they had half the pitch open down flank there.

I'm not sure why we have wonky wingers and then wonky CMs who rotate onto their natural sides every 15 mins. Dozzell has hit 3 or 4 sweet passes that people have missed and sent Norwood clean through, the keeper got lucky there by guessing on the chip but I expected Norwood to blast it given he was clean through.

Holy looks far more composed tonight I'm not sure he could have made the one save he needed to. But overall there's a lot of work to do here. I'm concerned that we have little space to run into and that seems to be the best weapon of our wingers and Downes when attacking to support the striker.
Wonder if the takeover is back on - rich VIP in at FPR
at 19:33 20 Aug 2019

Team /Chambers News
at 18:46 20 Aug 2019

Will Keane's iFollow interview
at 15:24 20 Aug 2019

Interesting he's done his rehab on his operation, but not playing any games means he won't play for a while then I guess.

Between this, KVY and Downes today our players are coming across much better right now. There should be a big bounce around the place with these sorts of characters around.
Looks like Bolton might go now
at 16:13 19 Aug 2019

Game's been suspended apparently
The ITFC Double-barrel XI is now complete thanks to KVY
at 12:03 19 Aug 2019

2. Vincent-Young
3. Sito-Castro
4. Carter-Vickers
5. FXXXXng-Chambers
6. Reo-Coker
7. El-Mizouni
8. Bart-Williams
9. Ebanks-Blake
10. Emmanuel-Thomas
11. Maitland-Niles
5 from 9 or simply 4 points dropped?
at 17:09 17 Aug 2019

Is it more of a concern we're not the finished article yet and our play shows it, or is it positive we've cancelled out two potential rivals whilst still finding our feet?

Seems we're going to have a few changes to the line up in the next few games and that will allow Lambert to prove his worth. The youngsters coming through might be a bonus in many ways, if he can show he can coach Flynn, El Mizouni even Dobra as well putting the senior pros into a settled side we'll probably relax a lot more.

Marcus might feel he's more than backed him with KVY, so it's quite possible we don't see anyone come in without offloading Emmanuel/Donacien etc. which seems a difficult ask. Give Sunderland beat Pompey does that give us any better perspective on what looks like a middling start?
Norwood tap in and awful miss - Gif and goals now included
at 15:04 17 Aug 2019

He's off the mark in front of 4k. Headline stuff innit!

Poor that from us.

This is worse

Bosh! What a guy
[Post edited 17 Aug 16:52]
Team News 442 again
at 14:00 17 Aug 2019

Posh look very attacking there to me. Gonna be goals in this one.
[Post edited 17 Aug 14:02]
What is a club?
at 09:05 16 Aug 2019

A Level results - good luck to anyone getting them, parents and teachers
at 08:30 15 Aug 2019

There's usually free Nandos available around the country too, y'know if you want to celebrate and maybe bump into Norwood and friends.
Hopefully this isn't someone having a tantrum
at 08:50 14 Aug 2019

But at least someone else can go now.
Dobra goal here
at 21:23 13 Aug 2019

He might be the glimmer of light out of all this. Suddenly in the first team picture?
Losing already Goal here
at 19:56 13 Aug 2019


[Post edited 13 Aug 19:57]
Bury staff have hijacked their social media to announce an offer
at 19:07 12 Aug 2019

I'd heard last week (2nd hand from staff) someone in the local media had put up £1.6m, but I can't imagine that would be enough to buy anything or have substance beyond it being the figure needed to get them playing again.

This would be massive if it's accepted though. I can see there being challenges at the end of the season as teams play different amounts of games, and against different strength opposition as players come and go from Bury and Bolton.

The whole scenario is crazy and the EFL don't seem to have a handle on any of it, especially when you've got two different basket case clubs in spitting distance in this league.
Norris confirms he's starting tomorrow
at 16:53 12 Aug 2019

Wonder how many appearances he will make this season?
No defending Chambers
at 18:30 10 Aug 2019

Apart from the first 65 minutes or so. What a horrible error that was, but it shows what happens when you remove Bart, and drop him back in after a game out. I’m still not convinced by Holy but he definitely injured his hand when he collected bravely after the goal. However, we look like a team lacking those key partnerships in some places and solid in others. Had they talked Holy would have swept that away early or told Chambers to boot it, both looked at each other before during and after Gooch having a tap in.

Chambers was a big difference in the beginning, you could see his arm up pointing and controlling the back line much better than last week. It gave the full backs much more confidence I thought, Kenlock let the ball drop a bit too often for my taste but he and Donacien looked way more confident.

Woolfenden next to Chambers and Downes next to Skuse are getting great educations. I can see Downes being sold sooner than most at this rate. They were outnumbered in the middle a lot and still held the ball or stemmed attacks.

We were really unlucky not to get one of three penalties in the first half. Jackson beat his man and the shove was clear so why the ref booked him I’ll never know. Garbutt’s was a clearer dive if it was one.

Skuse and Norwood were great in the first half from set pieces, both could have scored, but Judge seemed to try to do way too much today. Was it the 90th minute when he got his shot saved? Up until then they all seemed overhit passes and runs that forced others to get hemmed in or isolated. When you’ve got two strikers running the channels like that we somehow end up with no one in the middle. It’s no coincidence Garbutt was out of position when he took his goal, albeit it looked like brilliant improvisation to get the ball under control and stick it in from the near post.

I don’t understand 442, Judge and Andre out wide really messed us up and Sunderland had matched us by then. We were so dominant when they had wingbacks and really I think we should have took Jackson off and gone 4231 - I’m surprised we didn’t start with it.

It’s gutting that we should have six points, £ for £. Sunderland are one of the worst sides I’ve seen. They should walk this league twice over, but they look like a Redknapp side in terms of the spread of wages and ability. Ross is either out of his depth there or would have seen us struggling in the Championship and been marginally better than Hurst/Lambert combined last season I think.

The place feels like the ghost of Hurst is all but exorcised, but if we are to have that romantic “bounce” season, we need to see more from the big characters in the squad and better understanding across the thirds. Peterborough could be the pivot where we see just what direction we are travelling.

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