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My neighbour has been put in a coma due to corona virus
at 16:46 8 Apr 2020

I think I mentioned an ambulance showed up last week to rush her in. Turns out they sent her home from hospital once, then collected her again and it was that that meant they tested her and she was positive.

Underlying asthma and in her 60's or so, but it doesn't sound good at all. Only 3 doors down so it's tweaking that irrational part of our brains that exposure is therefore likely for us too.

Apparently yesterday's stats for Greater Manchester are the worst yet too, but I've not seen that reported so wonder if that's true.

A big army plane flew over us today as well, it looked like a transporter so it makes me wonder if it was carrying supplies for the NHS/something else. Stay safe TWTD
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Liverpool U-turn allegedly
at 18:45 6 Apr 2020

I'm assuming the PR got too much if true?
How GCSEs and A Levels are going to be awarded
at 11:53 3 Apr 2020

The government have just issued this.

Short of making the students sit the exam, I'm not sure what else they can do. However, it does put people in difficult positions as I anticipated the other week. Hopefully those parents on here that were concerned at least have their answer now.
Never thought there'd ever be cause to praise Brighton
at 15:49 2 Apr 2020

Interesting that the chairman denied their request initially.
For those with Season Tickets
at 15:23 31 Mar 2020

Apologies if this is old news or a surprise to anyone but the club are saying on twitter they're taking debits until further notice. Just in case any of you are in for a shock when you look at your bank account next.

Friday Music thread
at 10:13 27 Mar 2020

Nice and simple what we all listening to then?

This right now for me.
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I wonder if Wetherspoons will ever recover from this?
at 16:12 25 Mar 2020

It's quite feasible their main clientele will happily ignore bar staff going unpaid for a cheap pint (although not all judging by the backlash) but once it ripples out into suppliers and supply chain. That's a hell of a lot more families going to feel a wobble from a bloke worth tens of millions not paying out his dues.

In the main many small businesses might well go to the wall this year, but how many big casualties will go too? Could well be that the truest parallel with this WW2 nostalgia will be the appetite for social change afterward?
Amazon reviews
at 11:47 25 Mar 2020

This made me chuckle.
"You must stay at home"
at 20:40 23 Mar 2020

Who is writing his speeches? He means "you will" doesn't he?

Boris has not been clear enough throughout for me. His choice of language and form goes before him.
Virus avoidance measures just sent to us over the weekend
at 08:42 23 Mar 2020

I'm not posting this up to cause panic, but it was emailed out to us via a senior member of staff and thought some people might want to see it and think about the advice.

Really important for teachers going into work today


This is a message from an NHS anaesthetist.

Just a bit of advice for you teacher hero’s that you may want to pass on to your friends/colleagues/staff.

Latest evidence is you are less likely to catch virus from a child coughing but more from things they touch. They are likely to be entirely asymptomatic. So unfortunately virus likely to be all over surfaces. It can also live on skin/hair/clothes. Those with long hair - Tie it up. Think about taking off engagement rings/other jewellery.

If you are doing a shift at school, as soon as you get in, have a black bin liner ready just inside front door or back door and ensure your washing machine door is open. People can help you get this ready but should stay away during procedure.

Take off your clothes and place them all inside bin liner. Take bin liner straight to washing machine. Scrunch clothes into a ball. Do not touch ANY part of washing machine. Door should already be open. Carefully place clothes inside washing machine making sure you do not touch sides.

Go straight to shower. Do not touch door handles and if you have to, ensure they are wiped down after. Wash your body and HAIR thoroughly with soap/shampoo/shower gel.

You should now be virus free. You can go and shut washing machine and put it on.

Cell membranes of this virus are weak so all it takes is soap and water to kill it.

Advice to staff from Newcastle LA:

Protection of staff is crucial. From tomorrow, if you are working in schools or in any other kind of social interactive space take your RINGS, WATCHES, BRACELETS off. Remove false NAILS. Trim nails short. This will help keep infection at bay and mean you can wash your hands properly.

If you're at risk this might be the best way to adopt some of this.
Anyone else gardening?
at 15:01 22 Mar 2020

We had a mixed year last year, but this place gave lots of great advice.

Spent the day and a bit of yesterday weeding, boarding around the edge of the garden to make raised beds, and built another one from scratch. Planting out tomorrow what I can, and starting stuff under plastic in the dining room for planting later.

Dunno if it's the fresh air or not, but it's helping pass the time while life lacks so much structure. What are the green fingered pros on here up to this year?
Breaking News from Ofqual on exam grades
at 14:23 20 Mar 2020

This will be very interesting.
Distance Learning for TWTD parents and families
at 12:54 18 Mar 2020

This might be useful for anyone with kids at home or prepping for it. I think a lot of it is Primary based, but you can navigate to whatever you like and adapt or use as you see fit.


go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS (I think there’s a limit to how many you can print)

English (free for computers)


STEM including DT








Physical Activity
(The Body Coach & Little Sports also do Children’s workouts on YouTube)

RE (this is important as most people think it's about reading the bible or whatever but these resources are very different to that) Free resources by Key Stage which help you consider different ideas or make art and creative activities

It's also worth googling famous museums, galleries, zoos etc. as they offer virtual tours which you can sit down with your kids and discuss what you see.

If anyone has more please add them! have just emailed me that they are giving you free teacher access for a few months, make an account and you will loads pre made quizzes across different subjects that can be turned into games and revision too.

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Been sent home, no idea upon returning to work
at 17:54 17 Mar 2020

Essentially the lack of clarity from the government has forced us to shut as the amount of staff who could be or live with someone in the "at risk" group means we can't operate safely tomorrow or beyond.

This isn't totally Boris' fault, but it strikes me that the main priority seems to be he doesn't want any action that could be interpreted negatively pinned to his name. "Boris shut the schools" etc. plays badly and on his mind more than anything.

I'm gutted for the kids who have worked really hard, and fear for the ones who come from crap homes and don't/won't get fed etc. will be easy prey for local scumbags.

Strange and interesting times, I could be back in the classroom soon or off for 12 weeks or more. Never known anything like it. I got home at 5pm in a third of the usual time. What this will do the current generation is anybody's guess.

Hope you all are safe and well.
10th in League One
at 16:59 7 Mar 2020

Every team above us has at least a game in hand on us. Our lowest position since 1952/53. We have not just been relegated but almost dropped a whole division, having been top of this pitiful league 6 weeks ago.

How can Lambert possibly carry on? At best he is surely another caretaker for his own job right now. Coventry have been squatting in other people's stadiums, selling every player that has a half decent spell for years, and look likely to win the league at a stroll right now.

The contrast between us and them is stark. Every mistake Evans makes seem to be fatal. Keeping this going will be just another one.
Goal here
at 15:20 7 Mar 2020

Another team goal, mostly because we don't have one from week to week do we?
Team News
at 14:00 7 Mar 2020

Dozzell needs to start for me today
at 08:47 7 Mar 2020

I see no way back for Lambert, it's been a sad demise. However, if he wants any kind of empathy from fans it has to be Andre that gets the opportunity for 90 mins. I seem to remember in the reverse fixture he had great success finding Keane and Judge, and I though in the direness of Tuesday he played the most intelligently.

If we are going to continue this decline into summer, and the injuries and suspensions force more rotation and frustration, I'd at least like to see one last showing of what AD might be able to do for us.

Given we have the only choices of Simpson and Sears as strikers and possibly Dobra/Bishop as attacking players in a pinch today, that's a lot of energy and little finesse in parts, I think it needs to come from midfield in the form of Andre. Sitting him at the base if we must play 3 CB's ad having two runners ahead of him would be my preference.
Five Point Protest being launched
at 21:24 5 Mar 2020

Seems this is going about now. Objectively it seems a 180 from the noises made in August-October which begs why they weren't concerns then I guess.

I wonder where this will lead.
The one good thing I can say about Lambert
at 21:47 3 Mar 2020

Making everyone walk over and clap the North, and doing it himself takes balls. He could easily have hid behind handshakes in the centre circle and slipped off down the tunnel. As much as he is hurting us, it's hurting him too on some level.

But this was how it was with Jewell, and until Hurst showed up never had we seen such hapless and dark days. There's little to suggest this even comes close, even the positive of Dobra and Simpson seems have had the varnish knocked off it in the space of a couple of days doesn't it?

Thank god we got our club back eh? It's rank and crumbling to dust in a blink of an eye now there's no one left to hold it together. Who the hell is going to look at us and want a go? Apart from the opposition.
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