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Long read: Kiwi pioneer and the greatest player Norwich missed out on?
at 11:02 25 Jun 2017

Have to confess he's not someone who I remember at all. Was he that memorable or good older fans?
This Ronaldo case
at 20:55 18 Jun 2017

When put into such a bitesize chunk it's astounding. He's basically operating like a corporation. Maybe post-Brexit he's the answer, for the country and Arsene Wenger.
Play Our Guys Or Take on Loan?
at 10:52 17 Jun 2017

I first noticed Bersant Celina a couple of seasons ago, he is one of a handful of names which get mentioned regularly by various fan and sportswriter accounts on Twitter and in the Manchester Evening News. He is the sort of talent that locals up here hold in high regard but haven’t seen too much of.
JUst spoke to blues at work who are st holders
at 10:31 16 Jun 2017

Very surprised he picked us. Says they saw him play left wing. Greedy, a bit cocky, but more than good enough for this league. Seemed a similar appraisal to my mate who works at citeh

Think we might see him across the three behind garner et al and is very much like Lawrence.
Mayweather vs McGregor Aug 26th
at 22:00 14 Jun 2017

Will there ever be a more expensive/overhyped fight? Maybe. Not for ages though.
Tommy Robinson has organised a "protest" in Manchester today
at 18:34 11 Jun 2017

Seems trouble just follows him around.

The police whatever you think of them do not deserve this. Nor do the people who are just doing their jobs trying to drive trams and buses. If we want a crackdown on extremism, does that apply to the actions of these people too?

They've just come to assault police officers, disrupt our way of life and disrespect the British public.
You Little... Garner?
at 16:56 11 Jun 2017

The slow crystallisation of next year’s squad began with first the departures of several key figures spanning the reign of McCarthy, to make way for the securing of fresh faces. Typically, it was the familiar look of Jordan Spence which came first and unsurprisingly as Town look to bounce back from a dismal season.
Chris Wood for £15m
at 10:43 10 Jun 2017

Also Norwood is someone I've been suggesting since he was a kid. Would love to think we could get someone in the middle like that next season. Even if he's never going to drop down to us.
Have the Tories of TWTD been defending their new friends?
at 07:07 10 Jun 2017

Are the DUP terrorists or not then?
Does their links to creationism, homophobia, anti-abortion ignorance etc. not sound at all familiar? If a little uncomfortable?

Blair was a Christian after all and that was the reason he lead us down such a bad road wasn't it?

So wot won it for no one?
at 06:16 9 Jun 2017

Was it the turnout?
Mobilisation of the youth?
The constant lies from the tory party?
The constant lies from the tory press?
The rejection of UKIP?
The cult of Corbyn?
The realisation May had nothing to offer?
Everyday people realising just what they'd lose to the cuts?
Are we getting our country back then? (n/t)
at 22:04 8 Jun 2017

Celina would be a cracking signing
at 20:56 8 Jun 2017

Was someone I suggested to a fellow Manc based Town fan the other month. He's not good enough to make it [at Citeh] according to a mate who works at the club but a decent winger and a little greedy so he reckons.

He likes to beat his man several times and doesn't pass enough, and the Mancs would be looking to loan him out to sell him and get him off the books seems to be the gist of the text he just sent me.

Would be ideal for us given he's also played at Twente and scored 5 in 30 from the flank. So you'd assume no issue playing at this level. A shame the article makes it look like he'd want to stay local with Notlob.
I've just been playing hide and seek with a cockatoo
at 13:38 4 Jun 2017

Saw this little white thing peering at me through the French doors, then it's crest went up and a weird screech noise.

Went outside and it was a white bird parading around my patio. Turns out "chalky" likes men and this explains why he was happy to make swiss cheese of my hand and let me carry him back around the estate to his rightful owner.

All after several attempts to tease him out of my big bush as I attempted to improvise whatever the cockatoo noise is for "come here you daft sod".

Anyone else ever had an exotic escapee in their yard?
I think the ads are broken again
at 22:32 2 Jun 2017

I've had so far today:

Mitsubishi man truck
Fishing hats at a huge discount

I'm not sure how a combo of TWTD, BBC sport and JOE's weekly football quiz produced that lot Gav. Have the Russians got their hands on your biscuits?
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