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Sod it! ST in the more added to the target
at 13:38 30 Apr 2019

I'm a lapsed ST ticket having not renewed since 2016 as I couldn't warrant doing 200 mile round trip to watch McCarthy's turgid football.

Now I haven't seen much to suggest anything is going to change next season in terms of being able to challenge for promotion and I probably won't be able to make at least 6 or 7 games but I love our club and I'm back on board.
This back 4 cannot be our defence next season!!
at 16:41 19 Apr 2019

If we play with this back 4 next season (a distinct possibility as all our own players) we will be no where near top half in L1.

We can't score, we can't defend and everyone says we'll keep most of our squad. Alarm bells are ringing big time!
[Post edited 19 Apr 16:41]
that lot up the road are annoyingly good aren't they
at 12:46 6 Apr 2019

Got to say they've had an amazing season when you see where they were last season.
Not even a glimpse of a wobble at the business end. Fair play to them.....sigh
Eng u20s score?? (n/t)
at 14:55 21 Mar 2019

Rebuilding...but without Chambers please
at 21:13 1 Jan 2019

I see all these posts about rebuilding for L1 and i agree this is the right thing to do now as we are as good as relegated. However so many posters seem to have Chambers in a team for next season.

I like Chambers and his passion but the guy is just a liability. He costs us so many goals, is a weakness in defense and now i also doubt his ability to galvanize a team down in the dumps. Is he really a good captain? Can he organise? i'm not sure anymore
His constant rallying cries never deliver. I think he'a a good guy but our defence has been shambolic for so long now and i think we need a complete re-build at the back and keeping him in it would be a mistake.
Teddy has scored a couple....hope he can really kick on now (n/t)
at 14:47 10 Dec 2018

Think we'll do well to get more than 25 points this season.
at 15:54 8 Dec 2018

Very worrying. Relegation is a given, but we can't go down with a whimper. We need some fight and momentum to take into next season otherwise next season could be a long tough one too.
We really are a mess. Lambert has zero chance of keeping us up
at 16:18 27 Oct 2018

We just have zero creativity. Our only creative players in recent years have been loans, Fraser, Lawence, Celina.

We need to address this with a permanent player and build for future around this player
Disappointed by the reaction of many to Lambert...I'm Happy if it is him
at 22:35 25 Oct 2018

Fair enough if you have concerns over his managerial failures, but remember just about any experienced manager has failures on their CV. Any that hasn't won't be managing in the Championship, and one thing is clear we couldn't risk a young rookie manager again.

However the Norwich connection is irrelevant and people getting their knickers in a twist because he managed them need some perspective. This is a man with no Norfolk connection other than being there for a short time. He is not a budgie, and not like it was his last job and he's moving directly to us. Yes he was successful with them but he also left on a pretty sour note. Think how much it will upset them if he achieves success with us.

Remember Hurst appointment was met with overwhelming support of our fan base and look how that turned out. Don't see many criticizing Evans when he was appointed.

Please can we just give the guy a chance, our club is at it's lowest point possibly in its history, the fan base needs to help Lambert and hopefully he can revisit his past success's with us!

I wouldn't be unhappy if Hurst was sacked next week.
at 18:44 22 Sep 2018

No idea what his best team is.
I've said it for a few weeks now but he is overwhelmed and out of his depth...most of his signings are struggling or don't look like the required standard for this level.
I thought this season would be a struggle whoever the manager was but this is unacceptable. The team selections are bordering on farcical now and i'd say 90% of my support for Hurst has already evaporated, which is so disappointing because I was happy with the appointment although admittedly didn't know a huge amount other than his time with Shrewsbury.
Everything he has done is pretty uninspiring and think we are in big trouble with him as our manager, especially if rumours of unrest behind the scenes are true.

Probably as depressed i've been about Town since Jewell/Keane
Well that line up/formation worked well
at 20:23 18 Sep 2018

How the hell do we find two goals set up like this.

I so wanted this to work but we have appointed someone way out of their depth. This is not going to work, too much has changed, too much is wrong for this to be turned around. We are L1 bound. Sad.
Goals? Just don't see any goals in this side at all...major problem!
at 15:08 2 Sep 2018

I see a lot of posters stating that things will improve once players gel and we need to give it time. In part I agree but I just think we are going to be woefully short of goals and i think that's what could lead to us looking nervously over our shoulder at L1

Harrison and Jackson just look out of their depth. Jackson was hardly prolific in L2 last season a reasonable return sure but I should think 50% of his goals were just down to pace and not a lot else. That alone won't be enough in this division.

Look at Kiefer Moore, out of his depth in this division but scores for fun in L1, that shows the difference. We have sold goals, yes we may have had to sell those players but to not have bought a player who has scored goals at this level is very risky! Buying a lower league punt is usually a good plan when you have at least one proven striker on your books.

At least the signing of Walters may help, but relaying on a loan player of 34 years of age is all a bit depressing and smacks of...'oh crap this isn't going right, what can we do at the last minute to try fix this?'
[Post edited 2 Sep 2018 17:18]
Brentford....what a terrific club...where we should be!?
at 20:30 22 Aug 2018

Love what Brentford have done over the last 5 years. This is what we should be but are so far off them. It's sad because we shouldn't be behind clubs like Brentford, a side that has never been in the premier league. Have just consistently built themselves up.

Their manager was speaking so well on Talksport this moring, said they go into every game trying to win it, where as he knows many managers play not to get beaten especially away from home...hmm that sounds familiar!

Play such great attacking football too. Put Rotherhams to the sword opening day, a side we failed to even score against.
I f players aren't giving 100% when a new manager has taken over...
at 22:18 14 Aug 2018

we are screwed. That is when players usually try their most and why a new manager often has such an impact when struggling teams sack a manger.

Also what happens if Hurst can't judge a player. We've let him bring 9 players who are lower league or unproven at this level. Not sure this was overly wise.
Sigh....not much changes
at 21:52 14 Aug 2018

Early days but can't say the signs look to encouraging. All our goals have been sold and i can't honestly say our team is better than last year....but we had a manager who would make us damn hard to beat.

We needed change, I favoured change, but it may take a few steps backwards to go forwards, i think its going to be a painful season and some of the overly excitable need to have a reality check
If Waggy goes, i feel this season is over before it even started
at 21:48 24 Jul 2018

Our squad is wafer thin and we are making it weaker. Yes i know we'll bring in a replacement but i can bet it will not be anyone who has as much impact as Waggy has had on our team. Some players fit in, Waggy did, some don't, Parkin, Chopra, etc it's always risk,...why take the risk when we have a good player here already. Selling Webster should be enough, we shouldn't need to sell more...

We are fast tracking ourselves to L1, that's nothing to do with Hurts, that's the reflection of the squad.
Our fans get more embarrassing by the day....
at 13:45 23 May 2018

Jeeze, can our fans get a grip.

Treating Ross like he's the messiah, he could be anything, and if he wants to go to Sunderland, let him, it shows he doesn't see our club as his first choice and the fact he has spoken to them without his own's club's permission show's plenty about his character.

The same character that was fairly dubious as a player and had bouts of home sickness.

Personally i think it may not be a bad thing missing out on this guy as if it was a choice between us and Sunderland then he didn't want us enough to be our manager!
ITFC feels dead
at 22:18 5 Jan 2018

So depressing. Yet we are not wven
Bersant Celina...can people stop the bashing and saying he won't do it.
at 13:02 23 Aug 2017

Some of our fans seem to be thinking he'll fail or stating he isn't a McCarthy character or will go back in January. Why?

The guy has played a game and half of football for us and at times showed plenty of good stuff. He's been ill and combined with an unbelievable start to our season he has not been involved as much as he would have thought.

The assist versus Luton was exceptional. Last night not everything came off but he showed plenty of potential got a well deserved goal. As well as we played it still couldn't have been easy for him in such an inexperienced side with no seniors helping guide him telling them what they wanted helping his decision making. He gave it away a couple of times but not in dangerous areas of the pitch.

Two great things:
Look at his reaction when he scores. This may have been his first professional goal, no celebration and it being about him, he immediately gets the ball and wants to go back to the half way line. He wanted to go get the equaliser!

Final whistle - he applauded our fans for at least a minute and bet he was encouraged by our support. He looked like he enjoyed himself.

Sure he's probably unhappy at not starting in the league, but I would be worried if he was happy to sit on the bench. It will be down to McCarthy to mange and for him to show right attitude but i don't think he's put a foot wrong...he's just keen and wants to play. He tracks back and isn't as selfish as Lawrence...i think he'll be an asset this season, with a mixture of starts and as impact sub, but he'll be hungry, he wants to impress.

Get behind the lad, we'll need's a long season!

Edit: to change plenty of fans to some of our fans
[Post edited 23 Aug 2017 22:31]
So proud of the lads tonight!!
at 22:45 22 Aug 2017

Wow can't believe how much I enjoyed that performance and how well such a young inexperienced side did. Some brilliant performances. Is wolfenden a full back or CB? I think he could be closer to the first team than Mick originally thought. Webber looks like a CB, stong with all the physical attributes for someone so young. Downes is a player...really can see why Mick is so enthused about him.

We passed the ball like I haven't seen our first team play in years. Composed accomplished I genuinely couldn't believe it. Some of these players will no doubt fade into obscurity like the winning youth cup team....but surely more willl become excellent professional footballers and hopefully for ITFC. It's just one game but they had a chance and they seriously took it.

One point, don't know much about our striker we played, was suprised not to see more of Morris and Patterson especially. Perhaps Joe knows as a close follower of our youth teams and set up.

Delighted Celina got a goal at the end, nothing short of what the team deserved but will do his own morale the world of good. There is a player in there but probably more for an impact player from 70 mins rather than a starter yet. Great to see him applauding fans so enthusiastically at the end. Our support was brilliant tonight and every player will have loved a taste of it!

We are getting our club back on every front it much to be enthused by. I wouldn't be worried about any single one of those players being thrust into the first team on tonight's effort. Well done every single one of you.

A very proud blue!
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