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Stupidest tweet of the day...didn't realise Lee Hurst was this thick!
at 12:19 17 Jun 2021

I thought it must be some kind of joke until i saw he seems to be anti-mask / anti-vac loon

Friendly fixtures
at 09:30 15 Jun 2021

Anyone have a definitive list for the friendly fixtures scheduled so far, I can't seem to find anything? Do we have anything London way currently?

*Phil, if it doesn't already exist can we have the friendly fixtures added or do you only do this once the fixtures for 2021/22 are out?
Peter Crouch Euro football show...terrible!
at 23:11 11 Jun 2021

My god it's a painful, uncomfortable watch, just doesn't seem to work. The awkward pauses, don't get them on TV much anymore.

Nice eye candy in his co-host but everything else is dire.

We'll never have a Baddiel and Skinner football type show again will we....?
[Post edited 11 Jun 23:12]
Cheerio guys and gals...the bed wetting on here is unbearable
at 16:54 13 May 2021

Think i'll wait for the close season to pass so i can miss all this BS. Some of our fans and supporters on here are losing the plot....not PC or the club.

In PC we trust...ignore the idiots...the true fans are behind you and will at least give you a chance before flouncing. Roll on August...can't wait!
Just heard we are signing Ched Evans.....
at 18:42 12 May 2021

.....runs away.

Yes I am joking
[Post edited 12 May 18:42]
Derby V Sheff Wed next week is a pretty big game!
at 16:49 1 May 2021

A Wednesday win will Send Derby down as it stands!
Starting to believe the club really is cursed
at 15:00 23 Apr 2021

Folami who had pretty much done nothing on his loan spell in Australia....gets released...and now I noticed he scored twice today.

It's like everything to do with this club is cursed. It seems even the players when escaping the shackles of the 'ITFC curse' can begin to play again!

Not fussed about Folami...and good on him for finally making a mark in the A-league...but coincidence this happens only a few days after his actual release
at 20:46 20 Apr 2021

Can we please remove the league calculator sticky?

it's not really relevant for us and we've been even more crap since it appeared as a sticky. I just find it a horrible reminder that we should be and were in the playoff shake up.
ITFC needs to be put to sleep
at 19:51 20 Apr 2021

and for the misery and suffering to stop. It's not right to prolong the agony any more.

Is it really going to change next season, i think the club is cursed. We just have nothing.

Depressed. The takeover still worries me, Cook was my choice but what is happening is becoming more than concerning now and for the first time I'm having doubts. I know the players have effectively down tools for him , the club and the fans but something is very wrong to be this bad! The club is breaking records...the wrong kind...in League 1. Christ on a bike.

Can't see how we turn around so much to become a genuine promotion challenger next year, i really want to be optimistic but i can't.
This is up there with the 5-0 NYD defeat with Port Vale for embarrassment! (n/t)
at 20:21 13 Apr 2021

I'd be tempted to make 5 subs at half time just to make a point!
at 19:24 13 Apr 2021

Won't happen i know because if we get an injury with 9 men we could end up shipping 6 or more...not that it actually matters!
This is actually so bad its almost funny! I'm done.
at 19:03 13 Apr 2021

I'll watch the ITFC again when we have a new squad because I never want to watch one of these players in a Town shirt again. They an utter disgrace and texters was right, i hate the lot of them.
Feck me Ipswich...lose this and that will be a new low surely?
at 18:59 13 Apr 2021

I mean seriously....how do we struggle to beat teams that at the lower end of L1?

PC has so much work to do it's unreal
If there is one thing I've learnt about our fans
at 12:05 12 Apr 2021

many don't half like to look for issues that aren't there.

Is it through lack of success, everything that could go wrong, going wrong over the last 15-20 years.

Cook comes across really well to me. I don't think the missed press conferences are a big deal and what he has said this morning all sounds fair.

He seem enthused by the new owners and excited by the take over...but clearly wants to give Marcus his best wishes and thanks.

Yes fans read "I wish Marcus well and the new owners success going forwards" on it's own and think it means he's off, not willing to be onboard, doesn't want to be part of it etc etc. I give up with a lot of our fans, it's just annoying now.
Today is kinda must win in terms of this season...
at 13:57 10 Apr 2021

I personally don't think we will make the playoffs but for the hope to still be there and effectively have them be attainable we really have to win today. We'd be too far off the pace with only 7 games left if we don't get 3 points.

I'm already looking forward to next season but it would be nice to keep the remaining games of this season with something to play for....so come on Town 3 points today please and show some effort for our new owners.
Question - If Evans leaves / sells up...
at 17:19 5 Apr 2021

and nothing changes, we continue to perform as a club as we have done over the last 13 years who do we then blame (assuming a vastly different playing squad)? Or what would be the problem then?

There is no guarantee it will change is there...?

Yes we need a change in ownership to happen and the risk is worth taking....but just say nothing improves. Do we just give up, accept the club is broken irreparably. What as fans do we do then?
Yes...Well done lads! Great effort and a hard won point.
at 16:54 5 Apr 2021

Pretty much secured L1 status for next season. Great achievement to have no relegation concerns in early April.
and we still have fans sticking up for these players
at 16:39 5 Apr 2021

So blinkered it's scary.

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