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Gill in, Cook out :) (n/t)
at 14:50 6 Mar 2021

At least we can forget silly talk about automatic now
at 14:23 6 Mar 2021

Lets Cook have a chance to work with players, build some confidence and a way of playing...clearly going to take some time, he can't perform miracles overnight and this game thus far and the Accrington performance show top 2 isn't realistic.

Getting playoff place is the realistic aim

Get in! (n/t)
at 19:52 2 Mar 2021

Wern't Charlton very recentlya taken over club?
at 15:33 26 Feb 2021

How has that workd out?

I'm going to be honest, everything i'm reading about this takeover (whether it happens or not) does not thrill me with confidence.

Now Evans for all his faults has run the club terribly, but from a financial perspective he's been a pretty damn good owner. He's effectively going to write off about 100million. Look how much money he has put into us each year.

This group of investors look like they'd be in no situation to ever do that. i..e if we don't become successful they ain't going to write their money off, especially if they are tapping into investment funds to potentially make this purchase.

ITFC could be hanging by a thread if things go wrong.
Why are some of you watching Town??
at 19:50 16 Feb 2021

Fair enough if you were a ST holder being able to attend games, but i just don't see how you can watch this on ifollow week after week.

I struggle to watch town on TV at the best of times, football is the live experience for me, meeting people, having a drink etc. I'd rather pull my toe nails out than watch the current dross on screen. I know we are in lockdown but there are better things to do, go spend some time with your family or anyone you live with. If you live on your own fair enough...but even then i suggest a good book (or even a bad one) would be much more enjoyable.
FAO Paul Lambert and Stuart Tayler
at 21:50 9 Feb 2021

Please please just f**k off out of our club...you are not wanted. I'm sure you can agree something financially with Marcus...but just GO please.

We weren't very good then? As usual.
at 21:15 9 Feb 2021

So nice not to have an evening ruined by football.

A few weeks ago I made my decision not to follow Town under Lambert anymore. I didn't get the come down after the supposed optimism of last weekend's result and i now don't get emotionally worn out by it all thankfully. I actually feel better for it.

Nothing will change under Lambert. We are a mess. Just look how many players we have on the books. Management and owner don't actually know what to do, throwing more players at it doesn't fix things

Evans has made it clear, PL is his man and he's not going to sack him but I will not return until he does go
Past the point of no return...Evans may as well pull the plug now
at 10:37 27 Jan 2021

We escape him and he stops losing money.

I actually think ITFC as it currently exists is past the point of return. I do not think it can recover to be a club anywhere near the level the period of last success circa late 90s-2001.

Too much is damaged and the game at the same time has outpaced us in moving forward, look at the position Norwich have moved into in those 20 years as one example. They are streets ahead of us, but still not good enough to be a prem club.

I'm not just talking on pitch, but the general infrastructure of the club, facilities etc, it's becoming so dated, in state of poor up keep etc. I love our ground but my god it's been left uncared for and those things don't suddenly recover. Irreparable damage is likely happening through poor upkeep.

I sometimes wonder if we need a complete reset, to effectively go bust and form a phoenix club to rise again and have any kind of success (even if that is several tiers from where we currently stand). We may not get very far or never above the level we currently are but I reckon it would be a lot more enjoyable to be part of. Our club again, a progressive club, and one that feels alive again rather than dead, whatever level that is.

Being a supporter of ITFC is just no fun anymore and hasn't been for years. People keep saying it will change, football is cyclical but I don't see that being the case anymore. The game has changed too much. Unless those that run the game change the rules, it's gone from us in terms of achieving a modicum of success.

I used to be someone that thought despite Evans being an awful owner, at least he's keeping us afloat and saving us from financial disaster. Well now I don't, I'd rather he pulled the plug and walked away. If there is no buyer, sure we go bust and start again at level whatever. I'd rathe that as a football fan that what we have had over the last 15 years and is only getting worse year on year, with a rapid rate of decline.

I doubt many will agree, but i don't enjoy the standard of football any more at this level than National league, and even the level below (north/south)...so i think I'd enjoy being a progressive club at that level than watching the club flounder and die as it currently is.
as many points off relegation as we are off top...in L1!
at 20:43 26 Jan 2021

I wanted us to lose tonight because surely Lambert will be fired this week and i have no longer have any interest in us with him being our manager.
The red card should not detract from this...football is a results game and we had 20 games before this one, so he can't use the excuse of a red card.

10th in L1 after 20 games isn't just unacceptable, it's an utter disgrace.
Only 0-1...not bad. Lambert will be fairly happy not to give the GD a tonking. (n/t)
at 16:56 23 Jan 2021

New signings - I just don't get excited anymore :(
at 16:10 20 Jan 2021

Now these two players could be fantastic...but i really don't know much about them.

There used to be a time whenever we made a signing I wanted to read and find out everything about them and i followed every bit of the transfer up until signing. Now i just can't be bothered and have so little interest.

I've only just realised we've signed two players!!

I wish them well in their Town careers even if it is just for a few months, but i just cannot get excited.

Maybe it's because I'm not going to watch them in the flesh and I've zoned out of the current ITFC regime.

But also...when was the last time we actually signed a player that was actually a long-term success. I don't think anything can enthuse me under the current regime.
[Post edited 20 Jan 16:11]
Just come in from a walk to check the score...0-0 but sounds turgid...
at 15:52 16 Jan 2021

reading the comments on here. So glad I don't care anymore. Wouldn't be against losing this as surely it drives another nail into Lambert's coffin.

Right off to do something more interesting and will return at full time for the score...christ never thought I could be like this on a Saturday afternoon...football used to be my life.
[Post edited 16 Jan 15:54]
I hope they end the season again now...we are no where near good enough
at 19:12 9 Jan 2021

Put us out of our misery. I can't be doing with another 20+ games of this crap. I'm done.

See you again when the fraud is no longer at the club.

My god we are sh it!
at 18:09 9 Jan 2021

Lambert, you are a clueless berk
Shambert OUT! (n/t)
at 17:48 9 Jan 2021

I expect that was our good half....
at 20:36 15 Dec 2020

and we'll be backs to the wall hanging on for a point if we are lucky at home to the mighty Burton.
If any fans that are at PR today are reading this....
at 15:52 12 Dec 2020

Please make your feelings known vocally. Please!! I beg you. Even if you never make noise normally, do it for the sake of our club. The club needs to know this crap week in week out is unacceptable and you are deluding yourselves if you think the current regime is going to move this club forward.
Close the door on the way out Paul
at 15:48 12 Dec 2020

and please take Marcus with you. We'll be fine without him....if we need to start again at level 8, I'm all for it because this is just forever sh it and pointless.
Accrington to be this year's Wycombe?
at 16:23 5 Dec 2020

Quite something that Accrington/Wycombe have become or are promotion challengers over us from the heights of League 1.

Even Wycombe are making a better fight of staying in Champ than we did in our last season.

Didn't watch but sounded like utter gash
at 20:57 1 Dec 2020

Can we just turn out the lights and wind everything down. Football is meant to be entertainment.
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