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Before each game this season I thought we had a chance of winning
at 21:55 14 Sep 2021

However for Saturday i really cannot see anything but a comfortable defeat. I hold no hope whatsoever.

Tonight was a reasonable line up for the game. The fact it could not beat a youth team shows something is fundamentally wrong. We are still as fragile as ever. Manager has to take responsibility. Time for him to go now. Normally i'd say far to early but it's 25 games of crap and with some very good players available to him.

I hold my hands up...i was very very wrong about Paul Cook.

Cook Out!
at 21:45 14 Sep 2021

It's pathetic Paul.

And to think I gave you all my support for your appointment. I was genuinely delighted.
You and your decisions have been an utter joke.
[Post edited 14 Sep 21:46]
West Ham were 9/1 win this.
at 21:40 14 Sep 2021

That's how poor this result is.

Cook's done for me, i want a change while we can still salvage the season, not when we are too far adrift.
Despite new personnel it really feels like nothing at this club has changed!
at 21:38 14 Sep 2021

New owners, newish manager, new squad but same dross that's been dished up for years now.

I can certainly say the optimism of a new era has well and truly been sucked out of me after just a few months.

This is not our strongest line up clearly but how it is not beating this west ham team is really poor. Most of the Prem U21 line ups in this competition are comfortably neaten by sides supposedly far weaker than our line up.

I wouldn't care one bit about the competition/result except we we are in desperate need of a result and Cook still can't deliver

I fear for Cook now, he seems broken and not the manager we were all hoping for.
That's it I'm done
at 16:12 11 Sep 2021

I've lost my support for Cook.

I'm not going full on vocal Cook out, but I'd be happy if the club are now considering a change.
Feel confident and optimistic today
at 14:32 11 Sep 2021

I think 3-1 Town....have a feeling even Aluko may score so that no one has anything to moan at excpet for the the lack of a clean sheet.

Come on lads, 2 weeks training together, squad finalised...the season starts today!

Go Emma!
at 20:33 4 Sep 2021

Unbelievable set from her! 6-0 in the first
We did a penalty thing! (n/t)
at 16:13 28 Aug 2021

Dear oh dear! Ok so who's beginning to doubt Cook now?
at 21:30 17 Aug 2021

Something is beginning to not feel right.

All too familiar this
Why no change? Come on, show you can change a game
at 21:26 17 Aug 2021

This is really frustrating
Here we go boys and girls!!
at 19:55 17 Aug 2021

lovely jubbly
Forum is going to be unbearable tonight isn't it?
at 16:49 14 Aug 2021

All things said, it's definitely a helluva disappointing start and a real come down from the signings and being linked with Crooks / Celina.

I know it's going to take time but still seems we have as many problems in our team as encouraging signs and promise

Get in
at 15:23 14 Aug 2021

Great response lads. We just have to defend better. At least there is fight in this team compared to previous seasons.
A bit annoyed but actually very encouraged by that
at 17:17 7 Aug 2021

I have no doubt if Woolfenden hadn’t made an awful mistake we would have gone onto to win that game.

We were so on top, terrible momentum killer.

Maybe not bags loads of chances but the way we moved ball from one flank to the other was excellent. Kane will get much better and Fraser really came into the game 2nd half.

Chaplin the disappointment for me. We have to get Bonne starting. Great movement and turn for his goal.

The mistake may do Luke good in the long run, he won’t do that again this season I’m sure.

And the lads showed great character, something missing for a long time.

I’m sure I say it every week but that genuinely was one of the worst referees ever and the most sh*thousery by a team since the Italians!

We will get better, players clearly have ability!
Anyone unsure about what Cook was doing last year should read that interview....
at 12:53 28 Jul 2021

from Luke Woolfenden.

Yes it's not ideal to have had to change so much in a short space of time....but it was needed. The club was fooked, from having old pros sitting around just picking up wages, no staff, incompetence and a general malaise that had set in. We now have young (but experienced) hungry players determined to get to a level above. I don't think the previous squad were ambitious enough to want to be at a higher level. It's telling only Andre Dozzell has moved to a higher level and i think its agreed a new start was needed for all parties there.

Cook will of course be judged on his results very shortly but those who have been critical about how he has handled some players should look at what Woolfenden has to say and how Dobra has reacted to the challenge shown to him.

Cook is a good manager he has proven it at multiple clubs. Those that have doubts based on last seasons results i understand but try have a bit more faith. Last season was a write-off, this is where he should be judged and I'm sure he will get it very right with the occasional bump along the way. I don't think we'll miss or regret many of the players that have left.

Who are the players we are currently linked with or have made a move for?
at 14:27 5 Jul 2021


Anyone else currently? that confirmed interest and if it was still ongoing or have we moved on?
[Post edited 5 Jul 14:27]
Getting boring now ;)
at 21:26 3 Jul 2021

Absolutely loving this!!
Fish & Chips restaurant Ipswich area
at 14:56 19 Jun 2021

Does anyone have recommendations for best fish and chip restaurants in and around Ipswich area?More a sit down restaurant to sit with 3 children than just a takeaway.

Stupidest tweet of the day...didn't realise Lee Hurst was this thick!
at 12:19 17 Jun 2021

I thought it must be some kind of joke until i saw he seems to be anti-mask / anti-vac loon

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