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Yengi has scored for VPS
at 16:49 8 Apr 2022

Winning 3-0 away at HT in his first game
Strange old division
at 21:04 5 Apr 2022

Wycombe not having much trouble with Cambridge and giving them a bit of a hiding like Wednesday did recently.

Why did we struggle so badly against them, bit concerning

Yet we doubled Wycombe.

Rotherham who have bene streets ahead in this division for most of the season now in danger of not even getting auto promotion.
That's that then....oh well
at 16:20 2 Apr 2022

Disappointing when all the results look good elsewhere
Nice to see the dic kead fans come out of the woodwork
at 17:08 19 Mar 2022

They've had to wait a while.
Santi --- feckin sign him now Ashton! (n/t)
at 16:33 19 Mar 2022

A12 Gridlock! Anyone know what has happened?
at 22:31 8 Mar 2022

Think it’s a fire but nothing moving.
Great 3 pts - we are back to +1 on my end of season predictions...
at 18:15 5 Mar 2022

and now on track for 75 points.

75 points unfortunately probably won't be enough, however I think we can gain a point or two more.

Currently 6th is predicted as being 77 points ( so we are not far off....we'll be in the shake up right to the final day i think.
[Post edited 5 Mar 18:16]
Tyreece Simpson
at 15:46 28 Feb 2022

A fair few including myself gave him a hard time based on what we were hearing on his return from Swindon with regards to contract and seemingly very unhappy at how things had panned out.

If it is contract relayed i think its a real shame if he's decided his future isn't with us But fair play to him, he's clearly getting his head down and delivering for the U23s with a few goals. He can't really do any more than that.

Obviously a few goals don't give any idea of his performances but on the assumption that he's played well and looking sharp i really hope he he gets a chance with the first team between now and end of season. He is the only striker on our books managing to hit the back of the net currently.
Very disappointing - it's not over but unlikely now
at 17:00 26 Feb 2022

I had today predicted as a draw but the real damage was done Tuesday. We really had to win today to make up for it.

I think we need to win the next two or likely it will be done.

But if we we did go and win the next two we'd still be in it...we are dominating games, just need to find goals, still think we could go on a run of 3 or wins back to back wins but only if our strikers find form and we are running out of games.
[Post edited 26 Feb 17:01]
I hope there isn't a complete meltdown if we fail to win tonight
at 14:04 22 Feb 2022

Fingers crossed we win and i think we will.

However between now and end of season there are going to be some games that everyone expects us to win that that we don't.

I've been spot on for predictions in 7 of 8 last results but i have only predicted a haul of 5 points from the next 9....this still takes us to 75 points as we are +1 currently on my predicted total of 74 points.

So although it would be very disappointing i don't think despair is needed tonight if we don't win, but we'd need to definitely win Saturday.

Burton are a decent team and caused us probelms ...but look what McKenna is
at 16:45 19 Feb 2022

delivering. He's the real deal.

Anyone who had any doubts needs to see this guy knows what he is doing.

I really didn't get the criticism over some performances. What side smashes every game?We've controlled so many games and our defense is almost watertight currently.

7 from 10 ---- fantastic!

Enjoyed that. Thought we did well
at 17:38 12 Feb 2022

If you take out the first 10 mins and the last 5 we were the better team and played the better football. MK didn’t Know what to do after 10 mins and resorted to longer ball than their nice crisp passing only on.

Shame Jackson didn’t score with the chance first half but credit to their keeper and was nearly another Burns goal from the right into left corner. Had we won 1-0 don’t think MK could have any complaints. We played well just missed the final ball and clinical edge but we would have beaten most teams in L1 today.

Thomson was fine, Bakinson and Morsy really good as a pair. I don’t know what half our fans watch or perhaps they are not watching.

Would love to have won but very happy.

A point gained on my predictions so we are now on for 75 points
Great 3 points - See you at MK Dons
at 21:51 8 Feb 2022

Hope the moaners on here aren't any of the 7k we are taking.

I'm 6 out of 6 for results predicted in my sig now! On par for 74 points but that includes losing on Saturday so hopefully we can move ahead by getting at least a point!

[Post edited 8 Feb 21:53]
6 pts off 5th and 6th as it stands
at 20:32 8 Feb 2022

If and a big if it stays like this, its beginning to feel a lot more achievable.

Fully expect Wycombe to beat Shrews though
Oxford losing 1-0
at 20:14 8 Feb 2022

They are the team I feel we have most chance of catching so be nice if that stays that way
The joys of a capitalist world….BP profits for 2021 $12.8 billion
at 08:31 8 Feb 2022

4 billion of that made in the last quarter as energy prices soared and households suffer.

How lovely - of course they’ll justify it and say they’ll reinvest etc etc and it’s to cover losses through Covid.

However analysts predict profits of potentially 40 billion this year. Yet our lovely chancellor doesn’t believe in a windfall tax despite families being crippled by spiralling costs.

Carry on voting Tory girls and boys because it’s so much fun isn’t it.
Predicted 5 out of 5 now!
at 17:08 5 Feb 2022

Still on par for 74 points.

Donny will be a test Tuesdays especially after how we have played today but Jesus Christ we have some miserable fans.

Not great but look at how many teams ahead of us in league have iffy results some weeks - at least we won and are winning more often than not. There is clearly much more to come.

Poor Keanish still yearning for Paul Cook when we have a manager 5 wins from 7. It’s sweet really, hope Cookie finds a job soon so he can go support him and cheer up.
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