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"Let's Get Going. Check. Change. Go." FFS who comes up with nonsense?
at 13:47 13 Jul 2020

What the hell does any of that even mean? Why do we have these ridiculous phrases that are completely meaningless? It's even worse than the, "See it. Say it. Sorted." one.

It's all a crock of sh*te
[Post edited 13 Jul 13:48]
Has anyone got any good ideas for games for a Zoom team meeting
at 12:21 17 Jun 2020

Need to arrange something for a Zoom team meeting. We've done a few quizzes, bingo and guess who, so need something a bit different as really don't want to do another quiz.

Only needs to be short 10-15 mins or so.

Think you are not at risk? This is worth watching and showing to your family....
at 16:54 20 Mar 2020

especially if you have younger members who think they are not at risk.

Very sobering

We are so bad and have been for so long it doesn't hurt anymore!
at 20:57 3 Mar 2020

ITFC have killed my passion for my favourite sport, it's just not fun anymore.
Supporting a football club isn't just about winning or being successful as countless clubs each season cannot of course be either but they have identity, ideas, hope, optimism each new season....but we are just a car crash and have been pretty much for 20 years and gradually heading through the leagues. L2 is not far away, in a full division of 24 and based on form for most part of the season that's were we would be heading so what's to say next year is not a relegation.

Nothing is going to change under Evans, we are in terminal decline. However I don't see a new owner helping unless they invest millions and i don't see that happening, so its either continual decline or the end of ITFC full stop as we fold. I don't know which would be more painful.
I love Ipswich!
at 17:07 8 Feb 2020

It's only a game, lets try win the next one, or the one after that. We've won more than we've lost so it's not too bad.
Good start then...
at 15:13 8 Feb 2020

We really are a woeful football team and club. Thee isn't even any hope is there?
That post match interview totally shows PL is lost and has no idea currently
at 20:44 29 Dec 2019

The worst thing about Lambert's post match interview is that he doesn't seem to indicate anything is wrong or suggest there are things that need to be changed to get out of this slump. Just a load of cliches and saying we just have to stick together...WTF. Sorry Paul that is not good enough.

Based on his comments I can see why we keep losing each week, there is nothing to suggest he can change it.

It's like we are just going to head to Wycombe and hope we get a result, same as the last few games. Hope is not enough, we need to address the problems...but he does not know how to and for this reason he needs to be sacked now.

He's gone, lost, totally clueless with regards to this team.
Look at the last 5 form Table
at 17:04 29 Dec 2019

Bottom...below, Southend, Bolton et al.

We are dead.

Lambert being sacked or walking is the only way this season can be saved from spiralling into nothing
Cancelling those games for international breaks....another Lambert masterstroke
at 16:51 29 Dec 2019

Not looking too cleaver postponing games when we had a little bit of form. No doubt Oxford will smash us when we play them. Think we'd have beaten Wycombe on the original date too

Lambert has to go, out of touch, tactically lost, doesn't know his best 11 and clueless as to how to even put it right.

Lambert please go now!
That didn't take long, we are a poor poor team
at 15:09 29 Dec 2019

Time to go now Paul
a struggle today already...
at 15:31 26 Dec 2019

Gillingham 7 shots and 4 corners to our zero after half an hour
Following this club is so depressing
at 16:59 21 Dec 2019

This season should be one that ends a steady decline of 17 or 18 seasons. We find ourselves in 3rd place in the league but it doesn't feel like anything has changed and is still fairly depressing to watch. Home perfoemaces in front of our fans continue to be dull and uninspiring and some lucky 1-0 away wins have been papering over cracks. Now the underserved wins have stopped the wheels are falling off agian. Have we actually stopped the decline at all, i think outside the top 6 is more likely that the top 2 based on form and performances.

I like Lambert, he had my support and i could see him genuinely trying to get the feel good factor back, but sorry he is a useful football manager that really doesn't know what he is doing. The constant chopping and changing is indicative of a man that is not really sure.
I'm done with the UK electorate, they'll get what they deserve
at 02:26 13 Dec 2019

I've voted left of centre all my life, I voted Labour this election, not for Corbyn but for a party that would generally be better for the average person

I grew up working class in a single parent family, received an assisted place for my education and and my families principles were always to look out for others.

Very fortunately I now feel quite preivelged earning a decent wage, my wife earns a fantastic wage and we own our own house in London. Tory governments would generally see us better off, but I've always remembered my roots and will always want to see the best for everyone.

I now give up, if the electorate wants a hard right government they can have it, theyve got it. I don't care anymore. I've tried to do my bit by voting with my heart and on the back of a good education rather than for myself but when you see these tradional working class areas vote for this government, good luck to them, they're going to need it. They'll get their Brexit but they've t their eyes to everything else and its going to hurt a lot of people, well sorry be careful what you wish for (heard that somewhere before)!

I await retirement, a decent pension and I'll probably emmigrate somewhere warm and watch from far afield because this country is going to be messy for a long time.

I actually struggle with my commute in London everyday as I walk past 10s of homeless people on the street every day. It's sickening but seemingly no one cares anymore. I don't want to see it anymore but seemingly this country doesn;t care.
Crime is through the roof, my ward has 3 police officers for over 10,000 people. I know victims of crime who don't even get a visit from a police offider, a crime number for insureance and then immediately shut. Its shockiing

I don't think i like most humans anymore, and actually I'm comfortable with that now.

Over and out
Good set of half-time scores
at 15:50 2 Nov 2019

No one winning in the top 6 as it currently stands, be great if it stayed that way.

Kate Andrews on QT
at 23:19 24 Oct 2019

jeeze who is this Kate Andrews woman....can someone shut her up please!? She is so deluded it's painful.
So right-wing and these poor northeastern souls are lapping it up. They really are screwed in these regions, they don't know what to do, they think Brexit will be their friend, they are in for a rude awakening!
Quick question...Where have all the Ellis Harrison flouncers gone?
at 22:14 31 Aug 2019

The ones who were bleating after he had scored 2 goals in a league cup game. How many has he scored in the league?

Lambert clearly fancied Jackson over Harrison and that's looking a decent call. With Keane, Sears, Morris, Folami and Lankaster all on the books and some of those coming back from injury before the year is out I'm happy with what we have.

Never thought much of Harrison so wasn't bothered but certainly pleasantly surprised by the form of Jackson, him and Norwood could be our Bent/Kuqi (admittedly a slightly different level, but lets enjoy it).

Edit: How could I forget Keane!? If he can stay fit what a strike force we have with Sears to return.
[Post edited 31 Aug 2019 23:02]
Anyone know the line up for the U23s? (n/t)
at 13:09 23 Aug 2019

when the hell did Blackpool sign Kaikai??
at 20:55 20 Aug 2019

He is a quality player :(

Blackpool back to 2-2 after being 2 down. Looks like they could be a team battling for the top 2 this season. Looks a very decent squad and started very well
Big half for Lambert to show some tactical nous
at 20:40 20 Aug 2019

Time for Paul to show he is manager who can take us forward and make some decisions and turn around this game.

Even if we lose i'm not going to flounce and starting saying we need to change manager but i expect to see some serious change in style of play, formation and effective substitutions this half.

If there is no change in tempo and we don't create anything doubts will begin to creep in which is disappointing as I so want Lambert to be the manager we crave. But this has not been good enough so far. It's only a half of football but we've not been exactly great this season although encouraging to be unbeaten at least. Tonight i was expecting to assert some authority on a limited L1 team and its really not happening...thus far anyway.
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