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Turkey on red list then..
at 17:38 7 May 2021

Portman road .. get those paint brushes out.

changed opening post..... we have the capacity..10,000 limit....not cavernous....safe social distance...mid way between the teams geographicallyish
[Post edited 7 May 20:05]
Which of these 4 would you prefer to have in the Prem next season ?
at 15:47 6 May 2021

Which of these 4 would you prefer to have in the Prem next season ?

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Smoking and vaping during this era
at 20:46 3 May 2021

Not in the UK currently and I loved a smoke in a less offensive way as possible when possible,but before I left the vaping was really kicking off and God knows why but it irritated the hell out of me when someone would release a huge plume of ... vape...I just had this overwhelming feeling of shouting vvanker at them.....anyway my point....smoking and vaping I am guessing has become even more of an unenjoyable unacceptable thing to do....as it must be obvious to almost see the covid billowing out of people...I am guessing only the worst of the worst of society do it in public ?
[Post edited 3 May 20:51]
European super league
at 15:34 18 Apr 2021

It looks like it might finally be happening,

on sky news now
[Post edited 18 Apr 15:34]
Blue passports
at 16:17 23 Jan 2020

With no side to this at all other than interest....Has anyone got one yet ?
I have 2 of those travel documents winging there way over to Peru to replace mine and my daughters expired ones....have read that it could be either colour with the dates applied and being sent......But are the blueys actually out there
Postal voting
at 21:58 25 Nov 2019

I have looked all over but can find any confirmation on this even on official sites.
Anyone who has done this ,do you know if you get confirmation that your vote actually reached it's destination and on time especially coming from countries that have slow and unreliable postal services ? I am guessing the answer is a no as it's well....a secret ballot and there is easily a chance of it becoming not so secret.
Well established express courier services are the way to go i guess to be sure.
Sooooo....Liverpool Vs Huddersfield,hmmmmm
at 22:02 24 Apr 2019

Surely IT has been mentioned in advance of the match
Yates bar
at 17:01 21 Feb 2019

Just came across this delightful little gallery on the Ipswich star website.. (when did it lose the evening moniker? )

It looks like the cast of Fraggle rock on a night out , i presume this is the away pub for our oppo.

Deffo going to visit when i get a chance... looks fun..and safe
Deggsy Hatton the champagne Trotskyite
at 05:57 19 Feb 2019

.....is 71
Viewing the cup draw from outside the UK.
at 18:51 3 Dec 2018

I am normally quite good at finding this kind of thing,but i am struggling to find a free and legal one.
Although i will have to put up with "Chappers" if successful ,can any of you help out ?
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