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VAR poll
at 15:52 18 Jul 2024

It seems to have settled at a 70-30 split in favour of hatred of VAR,I did notice it did go up from 25 to 30 over the last weeks,maybe down to the vote itself taking place and the result being the status quo.
It's funny though I have noticed certainly over here and other countries they bloooooody love a bit of VAR and we seem to have an issue with it more than others.
Belgium or France ?
at 15:33 1 Jul 2024

Who do we want our constant great finals after finals draws to get rid of today ? obvs Slovenia need to sort out Portugal too please.
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Cavendish day ?
at 15:29 1 Jul 2024

Will it be today (if ever) .. how many stages has he a got a realistic chance at on this years tour ?
Rugga buggas
at 17:06 23 Jun 2024

A quick heads up GB play the springboks for the last spot at the olympics in the sevens (mens) in 30 mins.
It would feel wrong not to have us there as we invented the game...grumble grumble...but good too for the spread of the game beyond normal traditional borders.
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RIP Donald Sutherland
at 18:24 20 Jun 2024

That’s a shame ,,, loved him over the decades .
RIP Mark Spencer (Dario G)
at 19:45 17 Jun 2024

Probably top 3 World Cup anthems

Edit PAUL spencer .. sorry Paul and loved ones
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fantasy football
at 16:41 28 May 2024

I haven't played that for it still just in the Telegraph and you make your transfers by POST mail ?
Might have a go now we're back.
NEW Wembley appearance
at 15:22 28 May 2024

I touched on this a little while back but it was before playoffs and other things and of course it's been quite trivial certainly in recent times..i.e the last month or so.
With the playoffs and Pizza cup out of the way for us for a while you'd hope now ...forever and the Champions league there this season (too early for us ;-) ) ,I guess the Carabao or FA cup in a season or two when we are a settled Prem team are our best chance to get this monkey off our back....Unless our Academy team do indeed Pizza cup it.
We are one of only four league clubs now with creepy Crawley making the final of the playoffs this season. Still to play there...Accrington (Who ? ) ,the not noisy neighbours Colchester and grim ooop north Blackburn the others.
Spuds have played the most due to their residence a year or two back,Todd Boehly's FM game team 2nd most....and Bournemouth would be with us except they played Spurs when in a little cheaty in that respect.
[Post edited 28 May 15:41]
at 01:10 26 May 2024

My main concern the longer the "limbo era" goes on is the old recruitment side of things...I'm presuming if he stays we will see more of the usual well targeted and project Ipswich style we have been witness to,but the longer this goes on and he does go whoever we end up with (Which I do believe will be a good'un to be fair,I have faith in MA and all) I feel it's going be a little scattergun and 2nd season Prem Burley which worries more and more as we won't have the team understanding and spirit as loyal servants will be pushed aside and it could get messy.
Dan Poulter
at 20:17 24 May 2024

Just a quick query to those more clued up on such things.
Is he definitely standing down at the election ? I know the majority (Tory) he has is huge but given the state of things if he did stand for labour could he win ? I feel he could for a variety of reasons.
at 15:04 18 May 2024

Games have just kicked off for an exciting end to the season for those with a passing or growing interest that had not realised.

On another note..connected though..FIFA have done something good...I KNOW !
I actually think the Club World Cup for women being set up is a great move for expanding the game.
New Wembley
at 06:37 5 May 2024

Thankfully we've managed to keep our run of not playing there going by doing what we have just done.
Pizza cup and play offs no concern of ours next season,so I am guessing the Carabao is the most likely target next season for that next monkey off our backs.
We must be in a club of 3 or 4 now not to play there,although Bournemouth I think did it in a slightly iffy way.
[Post edited 5 May 6:38]
Be careful what you wish for.
at 19:33 4 May 2024

I wished …. And by Jove it went waaaaay past what i requested.
When are the fixtures out ?
at 19:10 4 May 2024

I took one for the team just now.
at 18:32 4 May 2024

Is it too early to get another one commissioned ? The manner and achievement of what SKM has done in this specific era is quite spectacular.
at 00:57 4 May 2024

Whatever happens tomorrow/today (depending where you are) we have this delight to the senses to enjoy next Saturday….
Just to confirm
at 08:04 30 Apr 2024

Forgive me as I’m sure it’s all been covered, just a yes or no is much appreciated.
Ipswich win , Saturday we need a point to confirm promotion
Ipswich draw, we have to win to confirm promotion
Ipswich lose, we’re in the playoffs
This is all presuming Leeds beat Southampton
[Post edited 30 Apr 8:07]
at 18:16 25 Apr 2024

I don’t think in my amateur political viewing over the decades of my own political awareness have I seen a democratically voted in party that was in such a strong and powerful position in every area fall apart so rapidly.
When you think back to those halcyon days of COVID when they were unashamedly using it as a political weapon to push their agenda to where they are now.
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