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at 01:02 14 Apr 2024

Not the best results this week but top of the league with 3 to play.

Keep doing the calculator with all the different results but I just cannot see Ipswich finishing below 2nd. 96 points and we will be champions I reckon. I cannot get away from the fact that Southampton won't pick up at least one result against Leeds or Leicester.
Ok, I have found a reasonable solution
at 23:18 7 Apr 2024

Win the next two games this week and then Saturday's poor performance, the ticket farce and every other bit of negativity will just float away.

Easily done and I am sure that's a fair compromise ?

3 games left and sitting in the autos. I probably would have taken that back in August....
Good news is we are very good after a loss
at 14:37 6 Apr 2024

As disappointed as we are, we were never going to win every game (and I hate the fact it's against those nobs) but KMc has never lost two league games in a row and we normally put together a great run.

5 finals left. Let's get back to it and cheer them home and see what happens.
Ali al-trampoline at the minute.
at 19:14 29 Mar 2024

Subs have been awful. Not even putting a shift in apart from KJ
I'm glad the referee got the result he wanted
at 14:40 9 Mar 2024

He was just as useless as we was in that final period.

Sick of decisions going against us, sick of being unlucky and violently sick of the biased pundits and commentators.

at 17:53 23 Feb 2024

With the Euros coming up in the summer, does Leif get an England call up if he puts another 5 assists up and we finish 2nd?

There is only Luke Shaw of note currently. Trippier has been out of form, quite a few injuries to Chilwell, Henry etc. Surely he must be getting looked at?

Any other players who seem destined for England call ups in future?
With McKenna being Palace's original 1st choice
at 23:24 19 Feb 2024

And a Europa League winner now taking over at Palace, does that mean McKenna is viewed as a manager who can potential better those sort of achievements? Like a manager who can take a team to the Champions League?

Man, I hope we get promoted this year just to see what the maestro can really do.
TownTV radio show doesn't seem to be working for me
at 15:05 17 Feb 2024

Anyone experiencing the same? Anyone got any tips?
Jesus, what did I miss?
at 07:40 13 Feb 2024

Left mid way through the Millwall game to go on me holidays and all I see is carnage.

On a slightly brighter note, I was on a flight with the Scotland U19 teams and fairly certain that Woody Williamson was with them. I still quite can't understand jock speak but pretty sure he was getting bantered hard on his skills.

Unfortunately also shared a plane with around 50 private school children and ignorant teachers. One of them offered the other some of his dried mango. Oh how the world has changed....
Premier League Ref
at 13:14 10 Feb 2024

Still stealing a living. Time wasting to the absolute maximum
Another drab atmosphere
at 13:00 10 Feb 2024

I am sure the early kick off plays it's part.
at 11:00 5 Feb 2024

Do you need a hug?
Crystal Palace
at 23:42 3 Feb 2024

Just watched MOTD and Woy is a dead man walking. Should we be concerned that Palace might look at McKenna but more importantly, should we be concerned he may want to go?

I think two months ago I would have said not a chance but I'm not so sure now.
Looking forward to the break in games
at 15:07 2 Jan 2024

It's just been relentless but Town have done well to remain in 2nd.

Now with a bit more time between games, Kieran can get back to what he does best - ramping up the training, fully preparing for each game, implementing game plans and picking up 3 points.

It must be exhausting for a football and frustrating for a manager over this xmas period of non-stop football. Auto-pilot probably activated at certain points.
Half way point in the season
at 14:07 23 Dec 2023

I'll still take the position we are in. Rubbish day, but it's the championship, these games are going to happen.

Merry Christmas all, I'm off to get pissed
Sky Xmas Football Screen
at 10:29 22 Dec 2023

Anyone notice that when you go to the sport section on Sky you are greeted with a large picture of our captain looking like an absolute boss.

Got me excited, just saying.
Away Game
at 09:40 11 Dec 2023

Boro was my first ever away game in my life and it was one of the best football experiences I have ever had. Just an absolute blast from 2:45 onward and when I posted about it when I bought tickets, all of the responses were right - so much fun.

On my 4 hour trek back across the border, I was thinking about doing an incredibly long post about my thoughts and feelings etc but I would rather just lay out some cold hard facts from a mostly sofa based fan.

The fans that follow Town up and down the country every other week and even mid-week are just incredible.
The dedication, cost (time, money, travel and leave from work etc) and relentless support is to be admired. And what surprised me was it wasn't just groups of pals; it was families, older couples, single troopers, younger couples, kids with their dads. It felt like at times there was 10,000 of us there and watching it back, it sounded like it too.

I got home, I had a blister on my hand, my feet were swollen but I wouldn't change it for the world. Amazing experience so thanks guys. If not done before, would highly recommend.
[Post edited 11 Dec 2023 9:42]
Someone inform George
at 19:02 25 Nov 2023

That playing football strapped to a trampoline is not ideal...

West Brom have just dominated us. It's been a while since it's happened but fair play to them.
Next Block of 10
at 16:58 23 Nov 2023

Critical - takes us beyond half way....

And at the end of it, I envisage we will be top. We just have a top manager who is really good at rotating, keeping on top of match prep and we are back at full strength - I can see us steamrolling teams now.

Other teams in the league will be looking up at us with envy late on NYD. Bookmark it.
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